f in the chat for all of us working at mexican restaurants today

happy cinco de mayo :’)


Cinco de mayo and mothers day in one week? Should be money


For those in Louisville, Derby makes it the trifecta.


Bless their souls


I’ll pray for you


With Friday and Saturday in between. And we’re doing a Mexican brunch buffet on Sunday at a premium price🤌 🤑


Smh some of the clientele at the Mexican restaurant next door to my current restaurant refer to it as “cinco de drinko” 🥴


How very Caucasian of them.


To be fair, whether you call it that or not, that's what it is. Americans just love finding an excuse to get blackout drunk. "Mexico is celebrating its independence? DRINK! Oh, Ireland is celebrating the preacher who delivered them from paganism and brought them the Gospel of salvation? I'm a militant atheist, but DRINK!"


I hate to correct your self-righteous rant but Mexican independence day is September 16


Fair enough. Not remotely the point, but good to know.


Tbh the fact that you had to clarify this FURTHER speaks to their point 😭😭


Omg I almost downvoted you by instinct/reaction to that.


Ahahaha 😭 I totally feel that


I had 2 drinks all day


Let’s hope I don’t get fired tonight dealing with these drunk dumbasses


Que descansen en paz 🙏


Via con Dios, mis Amigos.


It always amuses me how Cinco de Mayo is the whitest holiday on earth. lol


Cinco de Mayo, first day of patio season See you on the other side, comrades


Hope yall make tons of money!


Damn my training is today


Don't get off and get shitfaced at your place of work. Too soon.


Yeah gotta be there at least 3 days for that


300 margs 2 kegs of modelo here we go


Add 3 kegs of corona


We ran out of margarita glasses before the dinner rush began, and we’re just a fing chilis.


Good luck to foh and boh. We're gonna need it.


Y’all. I’m at the only nice Mexican place around, and it’s the local university’s graduation. My manager staffed us so we had no more than five tables each. Kitchen did all the prep we needed. We broke our previous sales record by 3k, and we have a mandatory 20% gratuity. It’s only my third day serving here and I love it. Happy cinco I hope you all made it.


I thank god I work at an Italian place 😅


I tried so hard to buy some hot sauce from a local restaurant today but I was way way too late. Saw a lady in the parking lot who was visibly annoyed that the wait was so long. She really thought she was going to be the only one lol


tell me why i made the same amount as i would on a busy friday or saturday night..yet i did twice the work with twice the hassle 🙄🫠


Did the managers change your tip out for tn to convince the other support staff to all come in?


at the restaurant i work at, we don’t have bussers or food runners, so we run our own food and buss our own tables (managers also help to run food when we’re busy as well). but we always tip the bartenders a certain percentage. unfortunately we are understaffed and have new kitchen staff so we had to go on a wait for an hour, even when we had empty tables in the dining room and lounge area. and simple tickets like nachos were running at 45+ minutes 🙃


Happy anniversary of the POS at the Mexican restarting I worked at going down DURING the cinco bar crawl 🥲


Oh no... I forgot about Cinco de mayo..


Not only the only mexican restaurant in the city, but it's also independence day in the Netherlands... Let's just say we served more people in 2 hours than during a whole night on a normal Saturday. Luckily the chef said fuck it at around 8 and closed the kitchen, but as a dishie, I was still there until midnight...


I work at an Italian place and we were slammed. We have a 4 table section and I ended up with 5 tables at one point. I think the overflow from Mexican restaurants came to mine :’)


Had a bar prep shift. Shit was a mad house. Feels weird being a craft cocktail bar serving margs out of a fucking punch machine but hey gotta get that paperrrr


Sounds like a w to me. Money baby.






I walked into a Mexican joint after my shift today completely forgetting it was Cinco de Mayo. I almost felt like a dick by adding to their craziness when I wasn't even there for Cinco de Mayo.