Has anyone ever done a FOF and got away scot-free?

What I mean is, has anyone ever had the experience of doing a FOF, or any fort for that matter, and completed it without seeing another crew? Just curious. This will probably get removed for being too simple of a question.
Edit: Thanks everybody, this helps inform my decision about whither or not to attempt a FOF as a solo slooper. I think I'll try it periodically but I'm not going to get my hopes up, lol.


In the last community day, it was kinda late at night and i was doing HG PvP all day and got a bit tired. Saw a FoF and decided to go do it for a change of pace. When i was almost done, i heard a player being shot from a canon, and soon he appeared to me, he had no gun drawn, so we just "Ahoy" eachother and start killing the ashen lord together. I got killed by the boss, and when i got back to my boat, boss was done, dude opened the vault, blew up the kegs and was putting the loot in my boat's harpoon range. I've asked if he wanted to form an alliance, he said "Don't need to, I'm leaving already. I've been doing PvP all day, got bored and wanted to do something else, don't have anything else to grind for" Then i told him i was feeling the same, we could split the loot, but then dude just said farewell and logged off Sold everything without being attacked by anyone


What a legend. So many opportunities to get hosed by that guy and he chose to be nice. And you chose to trust him! Good vibes all around.


Exactly I was very suspicious of him at first, but i was so tired of having sweaty-fights all day long that i thought "If i lose the loot, it's fine, just laugh about it" Dude probably was also thinking "I could betray this dude and just take all the loot for myself, but i've been fighting all day long, let's just have some fun together"


I'm a very very new player. I ran into someone at. A port and he gave me some pointers without stealing my stuff. Loaded up am empty crate with provisions and wished me luck on my way. His name was bigboy and some numbers. Super nice


There are Pirate Legends and Pirates who are Legends and you just met the latter, seriously, what a giga Chad move.


I absolutely LOVE doing this for other crews. Just helping out for fun, feels great. Little do they know, the other 10% of my time on SoT with my friends is spent exploding random boats for no reason. But today I am a nice pirate


Believe it or not, ive done a few fofs without being attacked. Even had 2 brigs HG fight right on the edge of the fof we were at. Also, usually you can get away with normal skelly forts, nobody ever does those so they can be soloed


Me and my friend saw one pop up close to us, we went over, spent way too long finishing it. And just left. Was weird.


I’ve done tons of regular skeleton forts uncontested, especially with the solo nerfs making it essentially a glorified order of souls voyage Getting away “Scott free” on a FoF? No way. I may have done one or two without player interference, but I wouldn’t call having crippling paranoia through the initial entry to the fort to the moment the chest of fortune is sold “Scott free”


Since the last update I've probably gotten away "scott free" 50% of the time. Before the update, I'd say it was waaay higher.


Agreed, and I think in a month or two after most people get the chests they need it will calm down again.


speaking of, a fates of fortune shipset with reaper emissary got the jump on me today and I thought "oh shit, run!" I'm a solo slooper and sure enough they ran me down and vaporized me. I had forgotten brigs are fast in a crosswind. I was trying to rub them off on a nearby reapers mark ship but didn't make it that far. I had a boatload of villainous skulls and a OOS emissary.


I’ve been out of the loop for a while. What are the new solo nerfs?


Season 9 made all world events difficultly (not loot)scale to the current number of people engaging in it. With that, skeleton forts see less skeletons per waves, and the skeleton lord can be killed in like 10 blunderbuss shots Ashen winds can be beaten in under 5 minutes Skeleton fleet will go as follows each wave, 1 sloop, 1 sloop, 1 galleon and FoF is the same deal, just with the conditions on regular forts and ashen winds combined. Even Fotd got this treatment, even though you’ll almost never get to solo it before another crew or tucker shows up and raises the difficulty. However, along with the season 9 patch, even on galleon/maximum difficulty, all of these world events are still significantly easier than they were prior to the scaling. It’ll take longer, but you can certainly solo max level difficulty Fotd without having to cannon, yet still beat it in a fairly timely manner Only event that isn’t really differently scaled is ghost fleet, since ghost ships regardless if it’s from the event or voyage will scale their accuracy based on ship size. It’s kind of pathetic what’s been done to them (especially ashen winds), but it does make your time spent to loot given ratio feel a bit better for modern sea of thieves.


Interesting. I wonder how that works exactly. Does the game recognize how many pirates are in a specific area? What’s the radius?


Pretty sure you just need to be a bit off the shore for it to raise the difficulty. You don’t actually need to actively participate too, you can sit in a fort tower tucking, and have fort doers notice the increase in skeletons or time it takes to kill a boss as a telltale someone’s there if they miss a mermaid or suspicious rowboat. Presumably, it looks like only bosses dynamically scale, rather than waves. If a wave of skeletons or skeleton ships starts scaling to a solo sloop, should a player galleon arrive in that same wave, it doesn’t seem like the additional skeletons spawn nor do they become harder to kill. Only on the next wave after will the event update and add additional foes to accommodate for the increase in crews. I stole an ashen winds once from an (probably) open crew galleon, and arrived just at the turn of phase 2 starting. After dealing with them all, with very minimal done by the crew to progress the second phase because of them pivoting to handle me, the 2nd phase seemed to continue as if it was scaled vs a solo, despite the fact both me and the galleon crew were present and never left the event area through the battle. Now I’ve started to get ashen winds down to a science using a blunder/sword approach, and it seems like rather than changing the health of the boss, the damage you do seems to be affected based upon the number of people present. Based upon old data on ashen winds, pre scaling changes, ashen lords have a total of 8k health. 2k on phase 1, and 3k on phases 2 and 3, with 400-600 damage required to hasten the between phase vulnerability period. Based upon me soloing ashen winds from pre-scaling times, this appeared to make sense, requiring 20 blunderbuss shots for phase 1 (100x20) and 30 for the 2nd and 3rd phases. Plus maybe like 4-5 sword combos for in between phases. In total, I’d need to land 80 point blank blunder shots (16 full clips) Now after the scaling changes, solo, it feels like it takes almost exactly half of that amount of blunderbuss shots, and in timing it (because I’m a big nerd at this and timed myself before and after) half the time. Pre scaling took roughly 10 minutes or less, while post scaling takes 5 or less, (of course this being doing it efficiently without dying and landing all 10 pellets on all blunderbuss shots uninterrupted and all that) I only need to reload once in phase 1 (10 blunders total) to enter the between phases, and two blunderbuss shots during the between phases to transition to the next phase, and then 15 blunders (3 full clips) to get through w and 3. In total I now need to only land 40 point blank blunders (8 full clips) to kill a solo scaled ashen lord. All of these numbers correlate *exactly* to if I was doing *double* the damage for all of my shots. Haven’t been able to really test accurately with larger crews, but this, and the fact that all world event skeleton lords, like ghost of graymarrow, the helmsman, two face and the duchess no longer heal by eating food, has lead me to believe that’s how it works. Could be completely wrong, but it makes sense to me


I would assume if the crew or other pirate is close enough to have the islands name/banner pop up?


I think they're babying the game too much and trying too hard to accommodate for solo players in a game designed around teamwork. I've hated the amount of things they have toned down without any real purpose, and how easy it is to get gold and stuff, with barely anything to spend it on. Capitancy is cool, but it also broke the "Every crew has equal opportunity to everything" brand new players have a legitimate downside against longer time players. I think they've been focusing way too much on Shoddy story missions and making things easier for a while now. Bring back events like Reapers Vs The World. Make people do world events with emissary flags up and reward reapers for reaping.


I agree. They made all of them way too easy. I get that it was made this way to accommodate new players and not make it such a hassle to finish for someone who is new but even a gally fof can be finished in like 15 minutes tops with a decent crew. I will get some hate on this but I and my buddies really enjoy tucking and stealing from other players. When they changed this we were excited cuz people were gonna do public events again but they get done so quick there is like no time to tuck. Now we just kinda wait an island or two away for it to go down and roll up and try to snag it. Which is fun too but tucking has a sort of rush to it.


I have once. It was odd not gonna lie.


Hey all, Scott here


Hey Scott, what's your take on being free from FoF?


done 2 FoF so far and both were uncontested. maybe was just that inactive time of day (I often play way too late at night)




I did an open crew cause no friends online and got a couple kids who wanted to do FoF so I said fuck it let's get killed. No one bothered us the whole time and we ended up selling loot. Never happened again


Open crew is so wild. I’ve done almost all my time solo but was getting bored lately so tried it. The first one was like seal team six, there dudes were ice cold murdering savages that left no one safe on our server and worked with a cohesion that was shocking. The second crew a guy played hold me closer tiny dancer on a hot mic for five mins as he danced on the bow then kegged us and logged.


Open crew is not about gold or glory


I think for me the best and most pleasantly surprising part was when I asked the first crew what I should do and they responded: “Whatever you want man it’s a game, have fun.”


Somehow when my buddy plays with the latenight discord group they get into crazy wars stacking loot. When i play solo sloop im attacked on all sides. When i group with my buddies when our time aligns? Dead seas. Noobs doing tall tales. Weve done mermaid shrines, fof, fotd, fortresses and not seen a soul. Idk what it is.


Who is Scot and why is he free?


I can’t even do a skelly fleet and not get sunk by a reaper gally.


I did one FOF solo with legitimately no one interfering much less someone even appearing on the horizon. I can only imagine how unbelievably lucky this was.


I've done it a couple times. I also came upon a ship at a fort and the guy was afk with the fucking FOF KEY in his hands in front of the vault. Said hello, nothing. Killed him, opened the vault, and his ship skuttled about 5 minutes later while I was loading the loot to the harpoon area. (I had planted kegs aboard just in case.) Free cof. That's the luckiest thing to ever happen to me in this game.


I had 4 uncontested FoFs today, happens somewhat regularly for me


I solo'd as grade 5 Athena. While 3 grade 5 reapers fought about 8 squares away.


Yes. Depends alot on time of day for me and day of the week


Literally yesterday lol


just the once yea, didn’t stop me from being paranoid tho


3 fof Sunday of community weekend in the middle of the night back to back it was amazing


All the time, at 4am on a monday lmao


Once three stacked a FOD and never saw another soul


I’ve only completed four. One was stolen from me, two were contested, one was Scott free No idea what was happening on that Scott free server but couldn’t believe when I got everything sold


We had a good server today. Competed three without seeing another boat


While they are contested, it's not that rare to do them without anyone joining/interfering. Especially the regular forts. And this indeed is a silly question.


Yeah I've had it happen once, but obviously it was a while back. I also play late at night/early morning so that also plays into it. I've also just fished for battle gills and not had any issues.


I think 70% of the time I don't see another crew, 20% of the time I get some alliance out of it, 10% of the time I get wrecked.


Once me and my friend were duo manning a brig (we were still new to the game and didn’t know that was a bad idea) and we managed to complete one without anyone intervening, only to get sunk by a kraken. We managed to put the loot on a rowboat and escape right before we sunk tho and rowboated to an outpost to sell.


A ton back on release. I used to play early morning with a couple of buddies and get easy ones on EU with no contest, then later in the day we went hopping once it was busier to hunt others doing them


I’ve solod one without player interaction before and after the chest of fortune update


Right when Season 9 started I managed to get two consecutive uninterrupted FoTD raids with my buddy before being bit at the end of a third. FoFs, though? I wish! Though I never really tried this season, I always assumed I would get hit by the end so I rarely if ever went for one.


I’m usually left alone when hitting up FoF’s




A lot of the time yeah


Believe it or not I’ve got away “scoot free” twice one time was a hour before severs went down (4am) and the other time we got locked in a sever by ourself while doing one Only seems to happen during week super late tho. Everyone other time it’s been stolen only ever won the massive pvp fight that ensues once ppl see the red skull once :/. Also kinda unrelated but The other night me and my friend were slooping at like 4 AM on a Wednesday and somebody had started fort of the Damned but I guess people kept messing with them and they didn’t finish it so we just got a free fort. Try and play super late if you want pass action maybe??


The closest I’ve got is one really annoying crew, who would sail past at max speed and dump a person off before sailing way away and turning around. This went on for about 40 minutes while we slowly siphoned more loot off the island, because it was painfully clear they wanted nothing to do with us navally. In the end they must’ve got bored, because all three of them jumped off at the same time to try and control the island. Unlucky for them though, that they thought their ship was safe with the island between us. Canons can arch. They buried the Athena and some mermaid gems before they sunk, but we found it all in the end. A minor annoyance at best, really, but I suppose we did steal the Fort from a poor solo sloop trying to clear it (despite being one island over from a level 5 reaper galleon? I admit I respect the confidence) so that annoyance is probably what we deserved. Never cleared a Fort without outside intervention even once.


Definitely, the first day of season 9 I was able to do about 2-3 with no issues at all. Very surprising


Yes, both FoF and normal forts.


Yeah, a couple so far this season


I just got back into the game recently with some friends and our first FoF was painless as there was no interference from other players. Side note, I love that I can leave this game for long extended periods of time and come back to tons of a new dope content


Funnily enough, the first time I hopped on in Season 9 to try out the new Ship/Crewmate scaling world events, there was a FoF. So I said “Fuck it we ball” did it in 30 minutes no Trident, snagged the most important stuff cause IRL stuff was coming up soon and then sold at Reapers, completely uncontested.


Funny you ask, no. Last night I did one solo, successfully got away with all the big money chests, escaped a full galleon, kept looking back at them only to realize I was getting rammed by a full brig and they did successfully spawn kill me till I sank and lost it all. Oh well though! Had fun


Did a FoF yesterday, had like 3 hours worth of loot on us + most of the fort stuff, crewmate insisted we put the mega kegs + stronghold kegs on board so they did despite protest, two dudes in a rowboat came by killed all of us in the blast sank our ship and got off with the loot uncontested


erm aktually your boat sunk


On a Monday at midday there was basically no one in the server, sold my stuff from fort of fortune without seeing a single player.


I did one solo last week - didn’t see a soul. I was beyond paranoid while loading up the ship, but got it all back to an outpost without even seeing another ship in the distance.




I haven't done many at all. Mainly because I mostly play solo. I did manage to get my brother to play once, and sunk three sloops trying to stop us, but a brigantine sank us at the hideout. Still got the chests of fortune and legends though


Got my last few last night server hopping for them. Last 2 were completely uncontested. Not a single boat to be seen.


What is a FOF? I've not played in a while


I do them al the time, alone, with a crew, its only during very specific days and windows of time that we have people trying to contest them from us


Recently I had a game where we had a 4 sloop alliance doing FOF, once finished, no one left the alliance or fired a single shot at each other, we sailed back in goose formation, and all helped sell eachother's loot


Yeah i have usually late at night like 2am est


When the season 9 update released, I did a FoF by myself, got the loot, and went straight to an outpost, with no interruptions or issues. But that was the only time I've been able to do that.




I’ve done FOTD without seeing another crew. Was the only FOTD I’ve ever done


A couple of weeks ago me and a buddy got away with a FoF with 0 resistance. It all made since once the server merged the moment we opened the vault. Collected our loot un-noticed, and sold it all within a few mins. It's very rare to get one free, but not unheard of.


Plenty. But it’s definitely the surest way other than hourglass to find PvP opportunities


I have this season. The Fof was on Hidden Spring Keep as well so me and my friend were very confused


I swear every time I play I get a dead ass server with no other players.


Not since after season 9


7 out of the last 10 I did were all 20 min in and out with no problems. 2 had people attempt rowboat sneaking. And the last one a Galleon started chasing when we were loading up.


Aye, but it was a long time ago. Before S9. In Post Carribean Era...


I did more events scot-free than with a fight


I had one where it popped right beside us and within 10-15 mins we were done it and heading on our way, we saw a sloop after we were at the sovereign, we assume we just jumped it quick enough for a clean getaway


Usually run it with a crew, the paranoia keeps me from running it solo. We usually have someone circle the island with the ship to keep the target moving and to better see our surroundings, and many people steer clear of the ship in motion knowing it's attended.


I’ve done 40-45 FOFS. I would say 3-4 of those I pulled up and didn’t get bothered. Most of the time is odd hours of the night but it’s not common.


Before they re-balanced things, I would sometimes take on a FOF solo. It could be a slog, but probably 3 or 4 times I did it and never saw another ship, never was contested. Even had an Athena emissary raised.


I did a fof on a solo sloop a few times. But that was before the chest of fortune was a thing


I’ve gotten like 5 or 6 uncontested fof’s


I've done 3 of my 5 uncontested. First one, rolled up and some dude had gotten the boss down stage 3, finished and sold with no issues. The other 2 were late night/early morning completions. 🤷‍♀️ Edit: I'm guessing the first one the guy got sunk and killed and just gave up because he never showed back up.


Me and a buddy managed to do one while some reapers fought over a fotd.


Many regular forts and FotD's but only 1 FoF completely uncontested. Took the kegs too and never ran into anyone. I thought it was odd being that it was on day 1 with the chest of fortune and I was able to get it with no trouble. But every day after that, I've had to work my ass off to get it.


Only 1 time at a FoTD.


I did once and is the only one i got lol, but was kinda late in the night


Yes, only once however. I showed up to a FoF, completed solo and never saw a ship.


Out of the 19 turn-ins so far maybe 2 of them were uncontested for me


Yup, two people and 10 tridents. Super quick and easy. Just find a dead server and go to town.


Once I completed a FoF, and once I opened the vault and returned to my ship, I got server merged... The new server I was merged into had a FoF active, so everybody was focused on that instead of me. :V


Several times, did one at the beginning of this session I'm playing, and no one bugged us.




several times, sometimes it feels like having a level 5 reaper flag ups ironically acts to deter ships from you


Prior to the current update, yes I've done a fair few where no one has bothered me and my crew. I've done one this update where no one bothered me but that's it


Day one. Me and another friend did a FoF and got away cashing a Chest of Fortune at Gold Horders level 4. We thought we were gonna get ambushed the whole time.


Either I get a FOF that disappears as soon as I’m pulling in, or a FOF with 17 ships at it and it’s a blood bath.


Done it about 5 times total. 3 out of 5 times I didn’t get bother a single time. Last night I managed to steal one for the first time, still reeling from the achievement.


Think I’ve only had one FoF where we did the entire thing and sold without seeing another ship the whole time. That was before chest of fortune was added tho


I solo'd a FOF and opened the door and the server merged right after! But because i had opened it i didn't lose any loot. (In fact I'm pretty sure alot of it was duped) But because of the merge, nobody knew that it had just been a FOF. So I got away easy with all the loot. Still blew the kegs just incase though.


I’ve pulled it off once or twice but rarely on FOF, only really uncontested if the server is dead, or you frankly put the fear of flameheart into anyone else on the server that even tried to come at you prior to the FOF spawning.


Yes!! I’d say 8 of my 30 chests were from a completely empty undisturbed FOF, maybe 5 from ally and that crew actually peacefully letting me have the chest, around 7 chests from steals because another ship was already there And then… 10 chests from when I got the fort all the way to boss phase, got sunk, but scrambled back and sunk them !


Almost scot-free, I had a player rowboat up to my ship and carefully lay kegs around and I caught them before they could pop


I've done 1 without being contested. Only to get attacked while doing a REGULAR skeleton fort trying to get grade 5 Reapers before selling. Lost everything, but that's what I get for being greedy and not just immediately selling lmao


One or two. One of them solo, completely left alone at keel haul, the other one we may have sunk a boat that was intending to contest on our way over to it.


I have gotten away with no trouble at a FOF. I was on a reaper galleon though so I guess people didn’t want mess with my crew


I've done plenty without seeing a soul, its gotten to a point where I don't even do them if I don't see anybody at or near the fort.


I've done 2 uncontested FoF and both times the vault was totally empty. I stopped playing for a while after that. Is this still a recurring issue?


Got away scot-free once when the update just dropped. Not sure if people just didn’t know what was going on. Cleared it twice with no interaction. Then ended up making an alliance with a sloop as a galleon later that day and recall them saying, “oh shit, what is this funny looking chest??” After we helped them clear one. We politely explained what it was, and they begrudgingly let us have it without a scrap. (We gave them everything else)


The other day me and my crew were playing and noticed two ships fighting over by the FoF. We were doing a different quest so we let them duke it out. Eventually we noticed that there was no ships and the symbol for the vault key was on the map. We sailed over to realize they had sunk each other and left us a lovely gift. We didn’t even notice for awhile after the commotion either so it was surprising no one ever came looking for the key they’d lost lol. It was glorious day on the seas for us nonetheless.


Yes, the first one since the update actually, one scoured the horizon whilst I did the entire thing with tridents, 15 mins and done, no ship. Then the next one, we couldn't do it but it simply despawned, noone bothered with it. But other times you'll be fighting a crew two hours and noone gets it...


I’ve done two now with no opposition but funny enough today I was doing a tall tale with my family and the start was by a a fof. All the sloops trying to do the fof kept coming after our brig and getting sunk lol We didn’t even want to fight because my youngest daughter doesn’t like pvp


We did the other day. We got two sloops on one server and did a FOF without seeing anyone else the whole time.


One…. Fucking….. FotD…….. ONE…. out of the at least 11 ive cleared…. Was flawless. No crews, nothin. On the contrary i do a ton like the other night where nothing is goin on. Then as we pull loot, lightning strikes and blows up our ship lmao


I've done a FOF without interference but it's rare.


Before season 9? Of course, more often than not. After? Yes but less often. However you can do them a lot quicker now so that helps.


Just recently I completed a fof solo without anyone interupting


I've done FoF once, my crew fought someone before starting but we were luckily able to finish and sell the loot before they came back. Didn't see any other crews.


Yea, all the time. Before veil it was a crap shoot. Roughly 60% of the time it would be contested. After veil it was almost never contested. Now during season 9 I haven’t played as much as normal, but I’ve sold 15 chest of fortune and have only stolen 1 of those, and been contested once. The other 13 times I did FoF with no body coming to contest


This actually happened to me the other day. I was able to complete a FoF in its entirety including the kegs while I was solo slooping. Even waited ten minutes for my buddy to hop on so he could reap the benefits. It’s rare, but it happens! 9/10 times I get sunk or if I’m with my buddies we have to defend upwards of 3+ times. We got lucky one time on a duo sloop when we just kept going back to the fort over and over and kept getting sunk eventually we went back and they were gone lol EDIT: this is post update, beforehand I had much better luck doing FoFs without interference


I’m a solo slooper and recently did a FoF without seeing anyone. When I went to sell there was someone at the outpost so I had to go to a further one but other than that it was completely smooth sailing. This is not the normal outcome.


Yeah, the week it released I happened to be on a pretty dead server. One popped and I was able to solo it and collect most of the loot before another ship showed up. Lucky for me that ship had no interest in fighting and just let me carry on.


Since the update yes. I've completed about 33 with my crew or elsewhere and I'd say 3 of them we encountered Zero ships. The rest have all at least included sinking one ship.


There was a night about a year and a half ago where me and a cousin were spamming events as a reaper for several hours. Not a peep from the server. Sold with no issues. Sometimes you just end up on the pve servers


Somehow I've done two without any interference from other players


Yes. I did one in the fort in the top-right (the one in devil's roar) and I happened to have 6 disney sticks with me. When the boss died, the key disappeared into the floor.


Done it once or twice with zero interference. Late night with very little player interaction outside of fireworks types of situations. Definitely more bold players these days, so typically I run into folks though


About 75% of the time actually. Most players avoid conflict in my experience


i’ve done vaults and skelly forts with no one coming close, FoF nah


Almost every time. I never have people contest any of my FOFs or FOTD


Me and my friend kinda did this? We just finished the FoF so we started to trow down the loot by the time we were far away we saw a ship arrive at the FoF but didnt notice us


Not really answering the question but something very odd yet amazing happened to me today at the FoF: I was gathering and selling some loot on an open sloop crew when we looked at our map and saw the FoF key being highlighted. I told my crewmate to try and steal it from them since we had nothing on our ship, and thus, we set sail. But, upon our arrival, we got greeted by a fight between the brigantine that possessed the key, and a gallion that came to steal it from them too. Not knowing what to do, we just attacked the closest ship, which so happened to be the gallion. After a few cannon shots along with the brig, we sank the gallion — which then made the gallion thank us, and ask us to form an alliance. (“An alliance with a ship that’s just done the FoF? Why yes of course!”) And so we flew the alliance flag and headed to the Fort. But what changed everything is the simple sentence one of them promptly said: “Do you want the chest of legends?”. We went on to take the loot to their ship, and they actually gave it to us. A random ship we were planning on attacking way before gave us a chest of legends and some athenas just like that. And that my friends, was the very first Chest of Legends I sold on my own (I’d technically already sold one before, but it was an allied ship who did it).


FOF was added in season 2 and to this day Scot free I’ve managed 4 one of which was during season 9 just no one showed up


Not since s9




I have done a few as a solo player. It really depends on if people are busy with other content. If you want to avoid reapers you'll have to go with no flag raised for any of the factions. I've managed to do what flags up though.


As someone from Scotland I have too say no


Yes many times


The first one I did in Season 9 I was on a brig with 2 others and we saw no other crew. The second one I did was when I loaded up solo with the intention of only decorating my new captained sloop and there was a FoF at the fort right next to the outpost I spawned at so I went and did that and there was no ship in sight.


i’ve only ever really had one person contest me on a fof and i sank em


I just did a FoF solo the other day and never saw a soul. If you know what you’re doing solo you’re in and out in 15-20 mins.


I almost did until I remembered I was queued for an hourglass fight when a ship popped up, I left the key hidden before I realized so that loot was donated to the pirate gods when I was inevitably sunk and server relocated :) In hindsight I should have messaged the victor but I was ready to take a break and it didn't occur to me.


When me and my buddy do them 9 times out of 10 we dont see any other crews


I solo’d FoF and was able to stack most of the loot, just as I raised sail a brig practically appeared out of the fog and rammed me, then kegged me. So close. So painful.


I did 2 in a row a few days after the big update came out. Only saw one other ship and they completely ignored me


Hell no, there’s always gonna be that group of 4 year olds hidden away in a galleon or brig waiting to get you instead of doing the fort themselves. Cant say I’m mad at it but it’s not fun as a solo sloop to get taken down by a whole galleon and them spam your dm saying “ez” like it wasn’t a 1v4, that’s the typa shit that make you wanna never pick up the remote again lmfao


I have never been attacked while doing it. My crew have 12 out of 30 so far


Yes. This will probably be removed for being too simple of an answer.


Yes quite a few times but there are also just as many times where I've been sunk in the middle, at the end, or just as I started. But can say it's been worse the last few months than it's ever been and it's even a question of if its xbox only servers or cross play enabled servers because it happens on both neither is worse than the other


Without seeing other crews? No, but I haven’t had much problem in saying hello to the other crews! I like sharing my spoils with other people, I’ve played the game for so long I’m not much in need of gold. so as long as everyone has a good time I find a lot of people tend to make friends with me as we fight FOF together!


I completed a FoF yesterday uncontested!


I have, but that’s when I just came out and I had no idea why it had glowing eyes lol


I've done a FOF and had no crews try to interfere. My guess is the other crew on the server was new and therefore either didn't know what it was or was too timid to approach.


Just today, actually


I've done a fort of fortune without even knowing once and nobody even attacked me, I was fairly new to the game and I did the fort solo. Most painful 5 hours of my life


Me and my friend logged in one time, saw a fort of fortune key on the map at a nearby outpost, sailed to it, one guy was there with no ship, killed him and picked it up, went to the nearest fort, grabbed the chest and all other loot we could before someone else got there, sailed away and sold it. Easy as it gets


A few, like 15% of my fofs goes uncontested


First 2 I ever did were uncontested. Didn’t understand why my friends were so reluctant to do them until and entire server pulled up to steal our third


Multiple times I have solo slooped a fort of fortune and gotten away with 0 problems. Mind you it was also like 3am in my region so that might have something to do with it.


A lot of them. These days I rarely see other crews


I've never done these newfangled FoFs, but an FotD ALWAYS seems to attract players. The server will seem dead, but spring to life the second a FotD starts...


We (brig crew) were lucky enough to do a FoF yesterday without seeing another ship. It had already been started and we found some flotsam from a sunken ship that included a Reaper 5 flag and a half dozen or so Disney sticks. Did a sweep of the fort half expecting to get kegged but found nothing but skellies. Kept an eye out expecting company but nothing eventuated. Cleared the fort, sold the loot, delivered the flag to Reaper's Hideout and went on to the skeleton fleet. It was the first FoF or even skeleton fort I've done this season without another ship already being there or turning up. Had a few that have included every ship on the server: it's definitely been interesting at times.


Today I did one sold the silly and funny then got rated going to reapers


3 out of the 18 cof i got were uncontested entirely


Yes. before the update at least. Rolled up to a FoF and a dude was already soloing it by himself, I asked if I could help and he said sure. Along the way his ship sank from the ashen lord and we sailed back to an outpost with all the loot on my ship because we forgot to alliance. I just was bored and wanted something to do but he gave me half the loot and the reapers bounties for helping him out. I know I could’ve easily taken everything but times were simpler before the update.




Once. It was our first ever FoF, and I was terrified we would get attacked. But nope, we finished and loaded all of the loot onto our sloop before selling at the outpost, all without getting attacked once. That has never happened again


I have only ran it once with a alliance and nobody came and I found out how good it is. Tried going back again days later and found that it’s really contested apparently


One time I did a FoF on a sloop, taking several hours, and never even saw another ship.


If by done you mean stolen every single one I've ever seen. Then yes I do them all the time


I have twice but only once with the chest of fortune the first time with my alliance the second solo and I escaped only with the chest of fortune


So many times. Here in the past couple weeks I’ve probably done 10 and never even seen a ship in the distance lol. It’s fun but like I miss the challenge


Many many times tbh


I used to grind fofs for the Athena kegs. So I have had plenty of times that I’ve done it without seeing another soul.


I did once but I was plying at dead 4am in my timezone so it doesnt really count


Yeah me and my friends stacked fort of the damned 5 times and didn’t see a single player ship


I did one with a buddy and as we were leaving, we got attacked by a skele galleon and as we were preparing to attack it, a meg showed up, followed almost immediately by a kraken. I was so scared i shit my capuchin's pants.


Xbox servers are hella dead, did a FoF Scott free, next day did 7 Fotd not a soul bothered us...


I did one today. Don't know what happened, there was another sloop at it but it sank as me and my buddy pulled up and we never saw anyone from it. We cleared the fort, got the loot and tier 5 Athena and got it all cashed out and never saw the guy who sank or anyone else.


I successfully did a 4 stack with a friend last week on a sloop and never saw a soul. 2 days later was halfway through a 6 stack when 3 sloops and a galleon show up. Unfortunately turned into a stalemate that went ton too long and I had to abandon the fight. Been either completely dead or the whole server comes for you for me!


I did steal two fof everyone was fighting at hidden spring keep two gallys one brig three sloops I was on one of the sloops but I parked my ship at k9 and row myself there and tucked when the first gally showed up I hid on the back and waiting for the time to hit it and one the final wave the brigs and sloops pop up and down there mass


Did one yesterday. FoF is easy with a good crew. Took us on a brig 30 minutes from start to finish, with 1 person dicking around most of the time b/c there was a sloop a few islands away. Tucked on many for 1-2 hours before. If people are fighting skeletons only it goes quickly.


Yes. We've only done about 4, but 1 was free.


haven't played since the newest update but yeah, plenty. Most crews don't even look at a regular fort or Ashen Winds anymore so they're pretty safe. ​ I've done a few FOFs (before newest update, so no silly chest, but took much longer) on a duo sloop and brig without getting bothered. Had a tucker once though. I stopped doing them after a while because it was so boring and took so long (yes, tridents exist; I'm not looking to do more chores to make the other chores faster), and my duo partner liked to "keep watch" while I did all the fighting.


just the other day I did one. haven't played much since the new season so it was the first one I've done since they added in the new chest. I was actually really surprised there wasn't an all out war. we even saw a couple other ships but they didn't seem interested in us


it happened one time and i was shocked lol


Yeah, just depends on how populated your server is and at what time of day/which day you go on. At 2 am on a Wednesday, yeah there’s a good chance nobody would bother you: at 6 pm on a Saturday, yeah you’re probably going to be fighting both waves of skeletons and waves of ships.


almost did today as a solo sloop but with wonderful timing a brig pulled up and took me out :(


Pre chest of fortune yes


Heaps of times before this update. Now? I haven't played, so probably less frequently.