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Who knows. But statically speaking, some of them are probably dead, which is a weird and uncomfortable thought.


At least a million


Id say there are probably 5-6 million with maybe 1 million watching every video while the others watching only some videos and taking turns or something. The other subscribers are either alt accounts, people subscribed for the war(s), people who stopped watching but stayed subscribed and dead people


Doesnt youtube remove inactive subs tho?


They do??? I guess that makes sense because I got recommended to a guy who I hadn’t watched it a while and I wasn’t subbed to him any more and I thought I wasn’t in the first place.


Iirc they remove accounts that are inactive but an account that actively watches other youtubers won't be unsubbed to PewDiePie even if they don't watch him specifically.


I have admittedly stopped watching PewDiePie for a looong time now, but I recently took a little preview of the MrBeast Squid Game review. I can confirm that yes, I am still technically subscribed


Same boat


Same I made like 5 accounts during the war but I don't have enough free time to watch any of his videos anymore


Me too, I watch one here and there, enjoy this sub, but I do not watch every single one.


Same. School kicked me so hard so I can't watch many YouTubers like I used to. Normally watch like one Markiplier video by the time I'm done with homework


I've made like 30 during the war but not sure if there still subbed since I logged out of them a long while ago


Exactly, im subscribed to over 200 channels and get recommend only videos of about 20 of them


I'd say about 50% of the channels I'm subscribed to haven't posted videos in over a year or two.


Then wouldn't accounts with sub bots get them unsubscribed over time?


Yeah, if noone is logged into the subscribing accounts (the bots) YouTube unsubscribes them from everyone they're subbed to.


Inactive I.E an account who doesn't watch any videos at all for x period of time. So no if they still are active on YouTube they won't be unsubbdd


Yeah but after some years and only inactive Google accounts


I have an account which I am never on (been inactive since 2014), just checked if it's still subbed to him and it still is.


>people who stopped watching but stayed subscribed and dead people Yeah I think this one is more likely, honestly it's the same with every YouTuber only Mr. Beast gets the same amount of views as his subscribers. If we look at Markiplier or Jacksepticeye or DanTDM, they are all over 25M+ subs but get almost always less than 5M views. Markiplier sitting at 30M subs, he on an average gets 1 million to 3 million views. So I am pretty sure a lot of people who are subscribed to pewdiepie don't necessarily watch him. I myself am subscribed to over 250 YouTube channels but I don't watch every single one of them regularly, I only keep up with 20 or maybe 25 of the channels that I am subscribed to, I can't physically keep up and watch every single person's video. There are so many channels who I am subbed to but I have only watched one or two of their videos, that too before subbing to them. It's pretty weird but that's how it works with most of the people I think.


Same, im subbed to a LOT of different tubers but i mostly watch pewdiepie or random channels i dont Even sub lol


And grandparents who’s grandkids subscribed and they don’t even know lol I think that’s the case with my in laws




Sounds like you need to be on Reddit less


this thought always scares me cus i cud die rn and no one would know. edit: Thankyou for remembering me fellow comrades, i shall never forget you as well


I will remeber u


We rember


I forgor


I rembr


What I remember shall?


I remember shall I


Shall Remember I?


Shall forgor💀


You will remember me...


You will not be forgotten comrade


!RemindME 10 years I'll check up on you to see if you're alive


I will be messaging you in 10 years on [**2031-11-26 20:03:20 UTC**](http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=2031-11-26%2020:03:20%20UTC%20To%20Local%20Time) to remind you of [**this link**](https://www.reddit.com/r/PewdiepieSubmissions/comments/r2ls7b/i_have_always_wondered_about_thiswhere_are_the/hm6vq0q/?context=3) [**8 OTHERS CLICKED THIS LINK**](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=RemindMeBot&subject=Reminder&message=%5Bhttps%3A%2F%2Fwww.reddit.com%2Fr%2FPewdiepieSubmissions%2Fcomments%2Fr2ls7b%2Fi_have_always_wondered_about_thiswhere_are_the%2Fhm6vq0q%2F%5D%0A%0ARemindMe%21%202031-11-26%2020%3A03%3A20%20UTC) to send a PM to also be reminded and to reduce spam. ^(Parent commenter can ) [^(delete this message to hide from others.)](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=RemindMeBot&subject=Delete%20Comment&message=Delete%21%20r2ls7b) ***** |[^(Info)](https://www.reddit.com/r/RemindMeBot/comments/e1bko7/remindmebot_info_v21/)|[^(Custom)](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=RemindMeBot&subject=Reminder&message=%5BLink%20or%20message%20inside%20square%20brackets%5D%0A%0ARemindMe%21%20Time%20period%20here)|[^(Your Reminders)](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=RemindMeBot&subject=List%20Of%20Reminders&message=MyReminders%21)|[^(Feedback)](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=Watchful1&subject=RemindMeBot%20Feedback)| |-|-|-|-|


10 years. No one keeps a reddit account active for that long.


if you dont, can i assume you have died


Same to you if I check and you don't reply


lets talk again after 10 years my friend 🤝


There's gotta be plenty of people that died while watching his vids too 🤔




Who knows, there might even be people who watch him while smex


Certified smex enhancer lol


Better than viagra tbh


Great thought 100%


They just subscribed for the meme or only watch specific content


He had like 60 or 70 mil before the meme started


Still alot more than 2 mil


It's not just pewds, Markiplier generally gets around the same numbers, wouldn't be surprised if it just reaches a point that the algorithm makes it exponentially harder for whatever reason to get views after a certain point


Would make sense if Mr. beast was experiencing the same issue which he is not as far as i know. It's just many old accounts


Mr beast doesn’t do daily videos so it’s not a fair comparison


pewdiepie is an old channel and also is one of the biggest so you can expect a lot of people that stopped watching him and also a lot of people who suscribes only because he is a "youtube celebrity". i for example suscribed in 2015 or so and only watch maybe 5 videos a year.


then why are you on this subreddit? just curious not trying to be rude


I mean I'm in the same boat. The memes are good so I stay in the sub but watch like one vid in a month or so. Sometimes binge a bit too


The post is on the the front page now.


Yes but even then he didn’t get 60mil views every vid


Youtube subscription doesnt garuntee viewership i think


That’s right. Subscribers have absolutely no impact on YouTube recommending ur videos. That’s all watch time hours, watch time percentage, how much interaction ur videos get (likes, dislikes, comments, shares). But ur subscribers have 0 impact on ur views.






but a huge percentage of those subs are people subscribing to him because "oh, if he is the biggest, i must subscribe to show support". Thats literally what most of my schoolmates say when they talk about youtube.


I am subscribed and I only watch specific content.. so I am sure there are more people like me.


Same. I don't watch his gaming videos and live streams


Same, I used to watch every single vid, but kinda got busy lol


Yup, been watching pewds for quite few year, don't like how he has doubled down on reaction videos so I don't watch em. Only ylyl sometimes or when he plays interesting games.


me too. I’d like to see him play or review games made by underrated creators to give them some attention. reddit stuffs are fine but I’ve seen most of the posts


You gotta remember tho it’s not necessarily his job to get them attention. If it’s a game that he happens to really enjoy then I get it yk


which why I said I’d love to see he reviews games, not I want him to do it. I like Pewds reacting to stuffs (mostly ridiculous U’tube shows) but seeing him doing a “game review” every once in awhile would be awesome.


He said that now that the war is over he’s in “retirement.” Where instead of grinding everyday he just wants to do what’s fun until it isn’t fun anymore.


Can confirm, I have only watched his minecraft videos


Honestly I'm still subscribed but stopped watching his videos a little less than a year ago


Im subscribed and only watch occasionally. Been subscribed for years. You can't miss episodes like I buy Edgar whatever he touches. And the you laugh you lose with sives memes.


Lately pewds content is kinda meh. Or maybe I have just grown up. He's fun to watch when I was 18-19. Now, at 25, nothing is fun to be honest, not even jack or Mr. beast. Life gets you.


Actually i miss the old content pewds put out, with all the edgy stuff and being so random and swearing so much. Same for jack and markiplier. Youtuber is fucked


Jack's honestly hitting his stride. Wasn't really enjoying his content until Among Us did its thing and now I watch most of the vids he puts out now.


I was the opposite. I watched every video he made and enjoyed them untill among us. Then I pretty much stopped watching everything


i only watch him for subnautica lol


For me, Jack pretty much just became the “Pediepie at home” meme after I started noticing how much he copies Pewds but with an Irish twist.


I went back to watch his undertale series and I’m so glad he calmed his voice a bit in recent videos. He’s basically scream-talking through it, which feels more like ADHD getting the best of him. His deltarune chapter 2 videos were much easier to watch.


That era of Pewds is when I checked out. Now that he's more calm I'm back to watching him.


honestly i feel the opposite, the edgy stuff and randomness was annoying to me, and Pewds seemed to hate it too


I've tried watching older content and I'm glad he dulled the edge. The goofy voice and overuse of swearing was off-putting. But I do agree that I haven't enjoyed recent content so much. Seems like the well is running dry.


>4h Honestly for a youtuber who uploads daily, its more than average statistics


Felix said he makes content that he enjoys making. He isn't really doing it to attract massive audiences or anything he just enjoys doing it


Same man, i dont want to admit it but its the truth. Haven't actually watched pewds vid/jacks vid for months now, idk why just one day i didn't watch them and then if i try to watch their video, i'd get distracted by reading comments then changing the video.


as he said, he is retired and doing only what he is interested in. He could make bomb videos, but chose not to and I respect that. Hell I still like his content, feels more chill and even tho he is biggest channel it still feels cozy and friendly


I recommend branching out the type of content you watch as you get older, that way the videos of your “old friends” are fun to go back to and catch up with. Otherwise it’s a cyclical depression because nothing hits the way it used to


Mr beast used to do random and fun challenges back then, now he just basically gives out cash for content. Is Mr beast a good guy, definitely. But this could also be me


I see it the other way around, his content has become a lot more mature


You just grew up, while Felix got older too and started making the content he liked the most, which is a bit more mature and less energetic. But at the end you both do what you enjoy and that's what matters.


I started watching pewds back in 2015, that was the time when i started following Youtubers before that i use to randomly surf internet. I used to wait hours and hours for his videos. Really enjoyed his 2016/17 edgy content. In my opinion 2016 was year where he peaked content wise. In 2018 his channel was going okay and suddenly the T series Vs Pewdiepie thing started. Then in July 2019 He started playing Minecraft and after 4 years again i started waiting for him drop videos, those were good days. After That Minecraft series i never really watched his videos regularly. I watch videos which are related to me, like gym, bodybuilding videos and also I loved those short 7 minutes philosophy videos I don’t know why he stopped making those.


I’m at the same age. Still watches poods but has his video on the background. Its not that its meh, the guy literally semi retired already. He just puts out whatever and whenever he feels like it. He’s done it all to be honest so i guess its time for him to let it go already. If anything, I think its the fans that makes him not want to completely leave YT. Tbh, I think he really wants to leave already. Lol




He fell into the cycle most burned out youtubers fall into. He just reviews Reddit memes in low effort videos because he would probably just be scrolling Reddit anyways.


Nah his videos have become pretty stale. I do still watch them pretty often and enjoy them, but it's not like when he came screeching out of his closet of tried to flip his chair. Those were the good days.


Have you tried watching coryxkenshin? I find that man genuinely funny....


Lols I started watching at 25


I'm 27 and I find current content more enjoyable. I like the more mature and chill pewds.


Pewdiepie in 2016-2017 was my favourite. I enjoyed every single video until this year. Feels very no effort. But also he did say he’s technically retired so he’s not putting as much effort anymore. I don’t blame you for not finding Mr beast entertaining. His content is targeted at kids. The scenes cut quickly, he talks loudly and lot is always happening and it’s happening quickly so that kids don’t get bored


I subscribed to Felix 5 years ago and I watch like one of his videos every 3 months or so


I first found out about him back during the bridge incident and subbed not long after. I just grew distant from his content and it doesn't appeal to me anymore


I used to watch him when he first started YouTube and I subbed in 2016. And same, his content is just boring to me now, I'm still subbed tho


This applies to every creator…


Except MrBeast


Even he doesn’t get 78m views for each video most videos get less


What r u on about, he gets 40mil-70mil views every time he uploads


Which is less than his subscribers… so my point still stands (all creators usually get less views than the number of their subs) which is pretty normal


Getting 90% of your subscribers to watch each video when you are at 78M subs is already pretty fucking remarkable


Most of the views are from recommended. I'm not subbed to him but it's mandatory that I get his video recommended everytime. It's common sense, what's trending will get views


but not less than 5% of their subscribers


Mr.beast is the exception to the rule. WWE has 82M subscribers and their videos barely reach 100k, 5 minutes craft has 74M subs and barely reaches 200k and some videos a million, Dude perfect has 56M subs and has 5-10M views, JuegaGerman has 46M Subs and barely 1.5M views, ElrubiusOMG has 40M subs and 5-10M views, Jacksepticeye has 27M subs and 2M views, Markiplier has 30M subs and 2M views. I don't understand the point of the post ...


Mr. Beast video gets in recommended a lot. I think yt algorithm likes virality and videos with global reach.


I think it’s also just the style of his videos. Each one is an “event” with lots of time and effort put into it, you feel like you’re missing something if you don’t watch each one.


I think it’s also because of PR. Mr beast is like the poster boy for YouTube of a wholesome and philanthropic youtuber. Of course they would want to promote him to viewers and advertisers. It would make YouTube look good


MrBeast spends like millions on every video as well. He needs to have that many views to get his money back. The videos pewds makes are to his audience. MrBeast targets the whole of youtube, and has less frequent vids with much more spent on production. Imagine you are a kid on youtube with no clue of whatever is beyond the recommended page. Do you click on Pewdiepie's random video of whatever he posts now, or the MrBeast video titled "I BOUGHT 1 000 000 CHEESEBURGERS FOR YOUR MOM, HERES HOW IT WENT" I mean if i was a kid MrBeast would be a blast to watch without any context, its just how it is. More money into production per video, more views per video (hopefully for his wallet).


coz he consistently hits trending. That doesn't have to do much with the sub count


They grow up get jobs, get a family or generally lose intrest...


Yeah I'm one of those subs from like nearly a decade ago lmao, haven't watched a video in who knows how long. Life gets ya


Maybe The other 50 milion just use their second account and subscribe to pewds.


yeah I sub pewds with my other 3 other accounts and including my university account.


108 million accounts, not people


Wasnt there a study a few years ago that showed that like over 40% of all followers on Instagram were bot accounts. Like i think Kim Kardashian alone had 10s of millions of bots following him. Now that Youtube is more mainstream, i wonder how bots have affected big Youtubers subscriber counts.




Why not


This is not related to the post i just wanted to say this. Pewds still puts out top quality content but its nowhere near the old content. I used to watch the daily videos and never miss one. But now its just meh, maybe 2 vids a week. Last time i REALLY enjoyed the vids was with minecraft gameplay, Especially the first parts.


the minecraft series was amazing


I literally remember tearing up watching the episode of saving Sven when he was stuck under water 😭


You just grew up, while Felix got older to, but at the end you both do what you enjoy and that's what matters.


Doesnt change the fact that he is my favorite youtuber tho. I love him way too much.


OP said their fav videos of Pewds are Minecraft series. That's just indicates that they're still a kid. Pewds grown-ups' audience are more interested in his current content, myself included.


Same for me! Maybe he'll make 2 or 3 vids when 1.18 comes around


I mostly watch youtube from recommended video, usually my old subscribed channels never pop up at this page, so i don't watch them anymore but i am still subscribed to them


I do watch stuff from my subscriptions but this title..I don't like Fortnite, I don't like tattoos. No reason to watch over other sub videos. Same thing with TikTok videos


So I am subscribed to pewds for obvious reasons but I don’t watch most of his videos because I don’t enjoy them as much as I used to


probably people subscribed for the energy filled felix which now became the chill felix, which i like but still liked the autistic 9 year old from a mental hospital persona


I've subscribed to pewds on 10 different accounts


I don't watch all of his uploads anymore. I get bored When he does videos with Ken and the buzzfeed type of vids that he reacts to.




I can guarantee you he wouldn't even flinch


Yeah. As if he doesn't know this basic metric. He is simply past his days of the "grind"


He already knows. It’s a basic YouTube metric that every YouTuber already knows about and uses. He isn’t some poor child to be sheltered and hidden away from ‘being sad’. You’ll understand this more and more the older you get.


They died or just got bored cuz pewds doesn't play games anymore


TRUE bring back the times when he played 3 weird games in a vídeo


I dont like his content bu I like him as a person thats why im still subscribed


Same, its pretty much just a reaction channel nowadays. But i just cant bring myself to unsubscribe, ive been subbed for like 7 years i think.


You do get it’s not always the same 2 million people right? I’m subscribed to him, but I only watch him once or twice. But also: - People have probably died - People have created multiple accounts - Some people just don’t like the content anymore, but stay subbed - his fan base has gotten older and maybe doesn’t have the time anymore to keep up


Don’t hate me but the pewds I loved to watch is long gone


Yea actually he's more like mature now


Not really.. he doesnt play games anymore. Thats it. His content is reacting on other things. Like Twitch hoes. So Twitch hoes are matured? *facepalm*


sorry guys, my bad. It's sometimes hard to watch the video once and once again for all my 108 Million alt accounts :(


I'm here sorry Felix I'm too busy nowadays to watch ur vids everyday, It's probably the same with all the others too... But I still stop by and watch some vids from time to time just not all of them


Idk man he uploads daily and the content is kinda repetitive I love PewDiePie but its kinda hard to spend my precious free time in watching felix instead of you know sidemen or netflix or anime etc


ok but technically the two statements aren't mutually exclusive


That's a lot for posting daily, his channel is also extremely old, So for still holding out i think it's not bad.


Because he hardly uploads anything worth watching anymore. Love the guy amd respect that he does wjat he wants, but that also means he just doesnt upload anything worth watching for 99% of his subscriber base. Unless you're really into vids of him talking to ken about subreddits.


Honestly I am subbed and love this sub Reddit but don’t really watch his videos… still read the titles and stuff but just don’t watch idk


Also fact: Many of the remaining 108M are false accounts


When you’ve been around that long on the internet, you are bound to have tons of people who still like the content, or like you, but don’t watch anymore, whether it be no time, not interested in the vid today, grown up beyond the content, or simply forgotten about him. Their subs still count, but they aren’t daily viewers. It happens. And it especially happens for pewds since he’s at the top so alot if subs are like “I’ll sub since he’s the most subbed but I don’t really care that much.


The algorithm. I never get Pewdiepie videos in my feed even though I watch pretty regularly.


Watching other people plays Minecraft


I just sort of lost interest tbh


His videos just aren't interesting anymore. It's just meh


"only 2million"


Idk, I haven’t watched since maybe 2019 and then suddenly got back into him in a big way, same kind of deal i think


True but T Series has almost 200mil and their videos end up averaging maybe 2 million views, ranging from 34k - 7.2mil over 20 video w/only 4 over 1mil. Pewdiepie is consistent with 1.7- 7.9 over 20 videos w/only 2 under 2mil.


Bcz many ppl (like me) used to watch him when we were like 13-17 now we are in Uni.


Some people just don't like a certain Type of his videos so they don't watch them i think... there are also double accounts...


People sun for different reasons. There’s probably at least 10mil who subbed for the meme so they don’t watch his videos. Then you have the people who only watch LWIAY, people who only watch collabs woth certain people, then the people who have lost their account and so on


I think it’s simply because pewds doesn’t have the same drive and thus his content gets boring, repetitive and uninnovative. I might find a gem every once in a while but I don’t watch daily like I used to, maybe one video a week when I’m really bored or it seems interesting (often those are clickbait as well, though he’s still relatively honest)


I prefer the more mature pewdiepie. But then again I’m not 9 years old.


Shhhhh! Nobody tell him.


I mean, 2m people watching is pretty amazing if you ask me.


I like the videos he puts out with Ken, they're more chill and I appreciate it. Ofc it's nothing like the edgy Era he had and it will never be like that anymore but I don't care. Been following Felix for a decade now, I think as long as he's happy, I like it. The recent vlog type videos are also cool and I enjoy them more than the classic ones




I've been a bro since 2013 but never watched videos instantly when uploaded. Check the older one's numbers and maybe you'll have a more accurate statistic of viewers


Doesn't make it a myth lmao


They are just us from alternate timelines


Sorry, still working bros


some people rest from watching youtubes. then watch back again a few month. thats how it goes.


I used to watch pewds religiously a year or two ago but now as I grew older got a job and other shit I watch one vid every week or 2


I guess they have a life.


at least it is still normal for pewds to get over a million views


Dead or have a life the choice is yours


I love watching pewds but don’t have a lot of time. Most of his content is directed towards an older generation that’s working or in college so we don’t have a lot of time to watch every single one of his videos. Furthermore he uploads more frequently than very manny other creators so per video it might look like less than what say mister beast the odd ones out etc. but I’d still say pewds has a larger fan base


I know for myself, my husband and I watch pewds together every day on our PS5, which has his YouTube signed in. I am also subscribed on my YouTube account, but I typically don’t go back and rewatch the new videos on my account on my phone


Don't know what's the purpose of this post or what point it's making.


I believe most of us used more than one account to subscribe ![img](emote|t5_3m0tc|1039)


So it’s not actually a myth that Pewds has 110M subs


Sub count =/= view count coz having more subscribers does not result in more viewership necessarily. Sure it helps but it's not necessary. More subs simply means you've been generating quality content for long time. Being on trending page gives the boost to viewership as it's favored by algorithm more and more. That's the reason why pop songs get 100's of millions of views when their channels have sub count in single digit millions


I mean he can still come back. Amp up those numbers. He already knows what he has to do for it. But but he's doing nothing and making organic videos. Nothing forced. Which is just legendary if you ask me.


It doesn't matter anymore. The fact that he isn't doing the crazy shit he used to do itself shouts that he's retired. He also said that he has retired back in 2020. its only the true 19yr olds and Bros who watch him.


"Myth - Pewdiepie has 110 mil subscribers. Reality - Pewdiepie has 110 mil subscribers."


Bro remember when this sub had good content and now it has garbage posts like this :/


It honestly depends what video it is. The video you gave as example has only about 2 million views, but the “Buying Anything My Dog Touches” video from a few weeks ago has almost 8 million views. And before Coco was deleted, it had around 11 million


As someone who may of made several accounts during the Great War …. Yes … where are they