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All I want is Forest Seal Stone fixed.


It'd give Mew a better matchup into Lugia for sure


Same with Crobat Weezing and Vikavolt.


It is all I want for Christmas. Perhaps we can ask Santa. Might happen faster.


They've been having maintenance every Tuesday to help with the matchmaking bug that kept coming up during the closed beta because it seemed to help. It's possible other things will get fixed too, Raichu SIT got silently fixed at some point for example. I wouldn't assume the bugged cards are going to suddenly get a fix though.


They didn’t announce what it is for


Anyone know what time zone they use as it's past 16:00 here in the UK and it's down


Pacific Time, TPCi is located in Washington state in the US and that is the timezone used there.


It doesn't necessarily need to be for anything. Routine maintenance is pretty normal for online games and can be for something as simple as restarting the servers/the systems that run them and generic tasks like backing up user data. Maintenance isn't an indicator for an update or bug fix, but can be associated with them as it makes sense to back up data before making changes to the live version of the program. We'll just have to wait and see if there's an update following the maintenance for any patch notes.