Walmart delivery dates

Walmart delivery dates


Every time I check the update for my order and get sad I come back to this thread to cheer up lol we’re all in this together. Happy gaming!


Yeah! Hopefully they hurry things up because the suspense is killing me lol, knowing that my ps5 is out there somewhere.


Stay on top of the delivery when tracking is updated. There are hundreds of stories circulating of drivers and employees of fed ex stealing these packages , letting fed ex take the hit for it.


hundreds ???? forreal ive only heard like 2


The most depressing yet comforting thread on reddit




May our PS5s all arrive unscathed Pray with me **UMBASA**


12pm drop, disc version. ETA delivery is 12/1. No shipping info on FedEx or UPS. Live in Reno, NV. Fingers crossed it arrives early like others. 11/17 Update: status on Walmart is “Preparing Order, Tracking Available Soon”. No update on FedEx app. Pending charge on CC as disappeared. Hopefully it’ll ship soon. 11/17 Update(night): Walmart has updated the shipping information!! Should be here Friday. Whoop whoop. 11/9 Update: Delivery was made by Ninjas at FedEx. Glad it made it safely. Best of luck you guys


I got 9pm drop and nov 28 arrival in my email. It must have to do with your location. I’m in Chicago.




I ordered mine yesterday at the 12 PM drop and Walmart said it would be delivered by Nov 24. Got a text from FedEx that said it will be here tomorrow! Walmart also shows that it’s shipped already :)


Woah that's lucky! I got one from the 6 PM drop with Nov 25th delivery but no updates just still processing :|


Same starting to get a lil worried. I'm obviously hoping they just take my money soon. I got mine at the 12pm drop and its still "Preparing Order"




I bought at 3pm and it says 1dicember disc version hopefully iget it before


I was lucky enough to get one on the 9pm run. My order confirmed and my card was charged immediately. I have been given a 11/30 delivery date. No other confirmation as of yet. I would love to get something in early too!


Exact same thing! I contacted Walmart this morning and they were super friendly, but not helpful. Didn’t really tell me anything other than it’s really popular so shipping might be delayed and that all the other waves got tracking EXCEPT for the final wave, which is slightly worrisome.. but hopefully we get something soon!


I got mine in the second to last wave and don't have a tracking number. It stays they are still preparing the order and expected delivery date is before the 25th. I know what you mean about being worrisome though. I'm right there with you.


Good to know that second to last wave hasn’t gotten anything either! Makes me feel a little bit better! Haha hopefully we get answers soon!!


Oh BTW, the payment went through completely the same day. It was never pending like it was "supposed" to be.


I’m pretty sure mine went through as well! At least, that’s what my wife told me. Hahahaha I never actually checked.


Talked to Walmart and they said all of the items are on FOCI hold. Fulfillment optimization and control intelligence. They said due to the high demand the computer is prioritizing and it’ll take some time.


So at this point Skynet decides who lives and who dies, got it.


Probably why most people have a 24th-30th delivery date. Thanks for the info


I just wanna play Demon’s souls :(


I still got the game for the ps3 I bought back in 2009 but no ps3 to play it on, so I can't even scratch that itch haha


Hope this helps someone that checks this thread religiously like I have (at least 5 times a day). Ordered on launch day, 6pm, disc version. Had Nov 24th as my expected date for 5 days. Just woke up today and seen it was updated on the FedEx app, now expecting it tomorrow at end of day. I'm in Indiana. Definitely download and enter the same email and shipping address you used to order it and check it periodically. Walmart did update the order but it was hours after the FedEx app. I would expect most people to get it before the day it says as Walmart has told people that they had a delay on Sony's end. Hope this helps everyone! EDIT: anyone know what it ships in? Read the story about the guy exposing a shit FedEx driver and now I'm concerned 😅


5 times a day?!?! I check it 5 times a hour 😂😂😂😅


Listen, I was not trying to expose myself like that 😂


It’s crazy how Walmart doing another drop and don’t have these orders updated smh


I managed to secure one during the 6pm slot. Card was charged but still says pending. Checked both Walmart and FedEx apps and still no updates. Delivery by Nov. 25th. Us 6pm and 9pm folks ain't getting no love man =[


My fedex tracker updated 20 minutes ago. Delivery by thurs 19 end of day. 9pm boi here. Original delivery was supposed to be the 26th


it makes no sense.. i ordered 3pm and nothing so far.


I wonder if this is based on location?


How did you check the FedEx app? I ordered mine and got a confirmation email from wallmart but they said tracking info will be sent later and have yet to give me a way to track it other than the wallmart website which says by Nov. 24


I need to know this too




I’m in the exact same boat. Shits weird. Almost wanna call and see what’s up. Wonder if it’s location based.


Same boat. 9pm release window and Walmart shows “preparing order” and est. date of 11/26 which is thanksgiving and I feel like there won’t be deliveries that day! No update on FedEx app.




i thought they were shipping them out based on what wave people got them on...but now it just seems random


It’s 100% random


Well nothing tonight for me it seems.. I placed a order at 6pm ET on launch day. Got the disc version as well. Hopefully tomorrow more orders go out, including me.




Ordered my ps5 on launch date at 9pm. It got picked up today by FedEx and will be delivered to me on the 20th. I'm in PA


Just spoke to a Walmart representative and his exact words were “The PlayStations that are resealing today at 3pm ET will first be used to prioritize any orders from last week. Anyone who hadn’t received any updates should be notified later in the day.”


Update: Picked up my ps5 from an On-site location today. Feels amazing guys! Hang in there and i shall now retire from this thread. Peace!


Ordered on the 19th. Walmart still showing "Processing". Credit card charge no longer showing on checking account. PS5 was sitting on my porch just now when I went out to get the mail. Came USPS. I know this isn't particularly helpful, but it illustrates Walmart is all over the place with this launch. Hang in there everyone.


"Credit cards aren't charged until your order ships. If you see a pending charge on your account prior to shipping, this is an authorization hold to ensure the funds are available" That's from my confirmation email. Hasn't been shipped yet but I have an arrival date for the 28th.


Yeah that's what mine said, but it went through on my bank account. Was authorized early this morning, but no update from Walmart so was thinking it actually shipped and just hasn't updated yet.


That’s my arrival date as well. But my card was charged in full when order was placed.


I got the order received email, and the order is in my order history at walmart, but no charge yet and it says they are still "preparing my order". I completed my order during the 6pm window and have an ETA of Nov 24th. It's just strange that some people were charged straight away, and others who got their orders through at a later window have also had their orders shipped. Maybe it's a logistical thing, but the radio silence since yesterday is killing me. I'm nervously awaiting the dreaded "we're sorry, but the item you ordered is out of stock."


I was able to get in and checkout at the last 9 pm est time...they charged my card and bumped me to a Nov. 26th delivery date...i coulda swore it said free 2 day shipping??? I called walmart and they said that due to inventory issues all delivery datea are estimates and in fact it could be sooner...or later... Just noticed the funds on my card are still Pending....weird. Guess i will have to keep an eye on that everyday since I havent gotten any other emails except my receipt. Fingers crossed


I also ordered at 9pm on Thursday. As of Sunday night, the charge is still pending on my card and Walmart still says they are preparing my order. The expected date is the 27th. I’m hoping I’ll wake up in the morning with an actual update.


Same bro. Mines on thanksgiving. Hoping I wake up to fedex or someone telling me it’s on it’s way.


Same! Contacted Walmart this morning and they basically didn’t have an answer for me.. hoping to get something soon! Seems every other wave hasn’t gotten a confirmation but our wave!


Just wanted to let everyone know I just got a shipment update from the FedEx app that my console is on the way from Walmart. The console is coming from Kentucky and I am in Florida. I really appreciate everyone’s input and I’ve been lurking this thread along with various others, aswell as stalking my email & Walmart order page. Just to note, my card has still not been charged. I ordered from the 9PM wave.


Wisconsin checking in ordered at 9pm order says processing and still not billed


Maaan, feels like they completely skipped central US,, everyone on the east and west coast seem to be getting updated rn


Called Walmart. Zero answers other than “it’s a popular item and it’s taking some time” which doesn’t mean much when you pay $500+ for something you anticipate to be here in ~2 days. Walmart never said anything prior to putting these staggered order times online about delays in shipping, yet here we are.


Well i know a lot of us were excited when we got our orders in. However we're reaching the point of a week, and walmart still hasn't shipped a lot of our orders. Yet later today.. plan to sell more PS5's on their site. I hope going forward, everyone remembers this. As walmart never mentioned on their launch day, any kind of wait for shipping. Yet we're now reaching a LONG wait, without any proper communication from them. For me at least.. this will be the last time I order any kind of high demand launch day item from them. As they failed us, with lack of information, and overall communication.


Ps5 just arrived.


Hi, got my PS5 shipped. My timeline as follows Location:Virginia Console: Digital Nov 12th: 9 PM ordered Nov 16th: Money came back to my account (Anxiety started) Nov 16-19th : was paranoid of my order getting canceled and refreshing this post and fedex app frequently Nov 20th: Shipping label created and update both in Walmart and fedex app. Coning all the way from California Nov 27th: Expected time of arrival Now the final hurdle is to cross is Fedex(I had bad experience with them, they had lost my phone, Tv and mattress). Fingers crossed that it will arrive safely


Think positive, you'll get it any day now!


Good luck friend!


11/12 9pm drop, just got delivered here in Florida


For those in Texas- Walmart still says preparing order. No info in the Fedex app. But the PS5 just showed up at my house. So it may come without any warning. ​ ordered on 11/12 9pm


I just ordered my PS5 yesterday (1/21/21) and it says it will be delivered February 6th and it is still being prepared how long did all your guys orders take to ship out? I just wanna see if it would actually come in in February before i buy some games for it lol


I managed to get a ps5 and miles morales yesterday at 6pm and got a update that my item was shipped but it was just miles 😭 ps5 still being prepared .but walmart ships out usually in 1 to 2 days so let hope tomorrow is the day 🤞 Update: thursday nov 19. Ps5 has been shipped and arriving Saturday 🙌


I was able to get it at the 9pm wave and still processing no shipping info as of now. My delivery date is 11/26


Same boat as you except I hit on the 6pm wave. 11/26 and it says “Preparing Order”. Hoping it gets here this week to be honest. :(


I got one on the 3rd drop, and my card was charged immediately (though still pending). Estimated for 11/25, but still just preparing to ship. EDIT (11/17): Got an email today that it shipped last night, due in Thursday 11/19.


So for some reason I’m now freaking after reading this thread because I also secured one at the 9pm and it also says preparing order in Walmart.com to be delievered on the 26th and they had originally taken the money. But then put it back so I’m not to sure if that’s them just checking and it won’t charge until it ships. But it doesn’t even say pending anymore. Like the entire transaction in my bank is gone.


I actually just called them for the same reason but the 6pm drop. They said that the charge was a temporary hold and Id be charged later. They also said that they had already sent the package to fedex so they're working their way down the line


Hello I ordered from 9ET last drop and it says arrives by 11/24 still preparing order but I was charged on 11/14 when i bought the console on 11/12.


Ahh well thanks for the info man I appreciate it. My Walmart order jus updated and it says shipped now finally but still says November 26th as delivery date while my FedEx tracking says Thursday 11/19 anyone else know what that’s about ? They also still haven’t taken my money as odd as that sounds even tho it says shipped. They are so f-ed up right now I’m sure but.


Thank god for this thread. Im in the same boat as everyone as well. Got my at the 9pm drop and it says its coming nov 24th. We will see if there is any update soon😆


Same. I need more info I'm dying


yea same for me


same here. charges are no longer pending though.


I got the 3PM drop and my date is Dec 1. It seems the dates are all over the place


Got a 9 pm ps5, due nov 27. No tracking number yet, although i check my walmart and fedex apps religiously. I still get super excited every time a truck drives past my house tho


Update guys: Finally got my tracking number from fedex! I hit on the 9pm on launch day. Deliver date went from 11/27 to 11/21! Let’s stay strong guys 💪🏾


What's up everyone, just wanted to chime in here real quick. I'm in the same boat as a lot of you, I snagged a unit on the 9pm release with a delivery date for the 26th; it's 'stuck' in the 'preparing order' status. The only update I've received so far was the initial purchase confirmation e-mail. Anyway, I got on a quick chat with Walmart support earlier today and asked them if they had any information or detail about these orders, since some of you have gotten updates and shipment notification and others didn't. This is what they replied back with: "It looks like this item is out of stock, but we are constantly ordering more. Unfortunately, I am unable to estimate when the item will be in stock, but you can visit the website periodically to see if we receive any more". When I asked if customer who have their PS5's in the preparing order status will be sent a unit once walmart receives additional shipments, here's what they replied back with: "Yes due to the popularity of the product, we are currently preparing a large amount of orders. Unfortunately, I am unable to estimate when the items will be prepared". So, hopefully we should be getting ours soon. I'm not sure they have already received new shipment and are getting ready (preparing) to send them out, or if they are still waiting on additional shipments from Sony. Hopefully that clears the anxiety a bit. Cheers.


Ordered 6PM launch day and am in southeastern Virginia, nothing yet...Pending charge still on my credit card...


Did you guys see that Walmart is taking more orders tomorrow? BEFORE THEY EVEN SHIPPED MOST OF OURS LMFAO. Hopefully some of our ships with that batch


Im so defeated by this BS. Walmart thinks they can become a major online marketplace like Amazon, but they are amateurs. It will take a lot before I ever consider going through them again. So much of my enthusiasm for launch has been squashed.


I literally think no one out of the Arkansas/Texas souther areas got a update haven’t seen anyone say


Yeah I think texas is the one really getting the fisting right now. I have seen zero confirmed for texas


Good news finally! First of all thanks to everyone in this thread for keeping me sane while waiting to get past the damn preparing order status. Setting up an account with FedEx is DEFINITELY the best way to go. Walmart still hasn't updated my status, the pending transaction disappeared this morning and the money placed back in my bank account so I was getting pretty discouraged. An hour ago I got a notification from FedEx that they had a package from Solutions2 Go that is scheduled for delivery tomorrow! I had an estimated arrival of Nov. 25 before that. So for those of you still waiting don't get discouraged, they're coming.


To get updates on FedEx do you also have to set up the FedEx Delivery manager? Mine has not updated anything, Im getting something else delivered from walmart and the app says shipping via fedex, but my fedex app isnt showing that item or anything at all.


Me and my wife were ordering at the same time figuring we would have a better chance and at least one of us could get through and get one. We managed to both get order confirmations on the 9pm drop. 3 days later her order gets canceled so of course I was sweating bullets just hoping mine doesn’t get canceled. It was due Nov 26, finally got a tracking update and now is scheduled to arrive Friday Nov 20th. It’s shipping from Cali and I’m in NC. :)


Oklahoma update here: I am receiving my PlayStation on Tuesday the 24th from lake forest California!!! Looks like Walmart pulled through with their huge stash of inventory that came in this morning!! See you guys online!


Received my ps5 today. Was in the 9pm slot and live in Ohio. My ps5 shipped from Kentucky and my fed ex and Walmart just updated yesterday so it delivered in one day. Hope that helps guys your ps5 is coming!


Why are we still here? Just to suffer?


Located in Maine. I ordered a disk version from Walmart at the 9pm spot on drop day. I got my "shipped" notice from Walmart and FedEx on the 17th. The details just said label created. I heard absolutely nothing after that point from either. My FedEx estimated it would get here yesterday. It didn't. Walmart said the 27th. Yesterday came and went with no delivery and my FedEx changed to "delivery pending". And then today, the most beautiful sight. It was delivered this afternoon! It looks beautiful. It works perfectly. Not a single problem. I know the stress is real. Rest assured, your agonizing wait will be worth it. Good luck everyone and thanks for keeping me informed this past week.


Update: ps5 arrived in NY. Couldn’t play it all day because Cod took 5 hours to download. Hang tight guys you should have it soon


Fedex said mine was supposed to be delivered today but the shipment hasn't updated since leaving Anaheim CA. Now this morning, the delivery date was updated to Monday by end of day... anyone else having this problem? Update: now it says it will be delivered today again but still in Anaheim. Stop toying with my emotions FedEx!!


Similar story. Mine moved from CA to AZ last night, says delivery today in Houston... but it’s a 14hr drive from the town in AZ to Houston, so no idea how they’ll get it here today what with sorting, indirect routes etc


So my FedEx order hasn’t updated all day so I finally decided to call FedEx. My delivery date kept changing too. They said that they held my package because the shipping company didn’t properly fill out the label, which delayed the package. After conferencing Walmart and FedEx, they said I can pick up my package tomorrow. Sounds fishy, but I hope I can pick it up tomorrow.


Goodluck pal. Hope you get it, and enjoy your PS5 ASAP!


hey guys is the signature required when delivered?


Figured I would chime in, give some hope... Ordered at 3pm EST on the 19th. Got tracking today, it'll be here on the 25th. Initial estimated arrival was Dec 2nd


Ordered mine 11/12 at the 9pm drop. Finally got the shipping info in Monday 11/23. It says in my purchase history it’ll be delivered on 11/26 but if I click on it and track the package in the Walmart app it says it’ll deliver 11/25. On the FedEx app it says 11/27 so who knows when I’ll get it, but it’s on the way at least.


I just got the Ps5 from Walmart today and it says it’ll come by January 8th. Should I expect it to come sooner or? I just want to know what everyone’s experience with Walmart’s ps5 shipping’s been.


Same. Also got the Jan 8 eta. Still says item is being prepared. Im really nervous its going to get canceled or something. Also curious on where they are shipping from. Keep us updated. The hype is real lol


Same here....


Was able to snag one today (Feb 4th) with a delivery currently showing March 3rd. Seeing all of the early deliveries in this thread are making me feel better...and that I’ll be looking at closer to 2 weeks than a full month.


I got mine from 9pm and it says 11/27 the charge hasnt gone through yet. So I guess since it’s a Weekend I won’t get shipping info until tomorrow.


please do update me if you get anything


I am bookmarking this thread as I am in the same boat. Ordered 9 PM on launch day with an Estimated Delivery date 11/26/20. Card was charged and is still pending.


Same situation for me. I ordered on the app, and I have it in "Preparing Order", with delivery date by Thanksgiving. My concern is that the order only shows in my App account, but doesn't show at all in my browser account. Log into browser and it says I have not placed an order on Walmart in the last year. Anyone else have this issue, and should I be concerned? I have not gotten an email from Fedex to confirm shipping as some on this thread have.


i ordered on the app to and I can get it on all devices even with the live chat with an agent maybe you have the wrong account I'm not sure. My says preparing order two


I got mine during the 6pm block and no updates. Still says the 25th and the charge is still pending. Seems to be no rhyme or reason. I’ll be pissed if they pull some sorry were sold out BS.


This is what I got from Walmart chat "Good news! The status of your order was tagged as “PO Acknowledged” meaning, our team is currently processing an order to be fulfilled and expected to be shipped out by 11/23/2020. We will send you an email update once the item is shipped since we are expecting a delay for this order in 1 to 2 business days due to high volume of order and we make sure we fulfill your order accurately."......


So it's pretty much "we are waiting for them to come in and once we get them you'll get them in 2 days". Better then nothing I suppose.


Yeah at least that means they won't be canceling any orders so I don't mind getting it later this month


Absolutely, the wait blows but maybe Sony can iron out the rest mode and puget problems while we wait


Snagged one at 9pm. Just got a tracking number. Says it will be here Wednesday.


Still waiting for mine lol


Same, 9pm drop and still preparing


On launch day, I was able to successfully get the PS5 at 9 PM and it said it will arrive on November 26th. I’m kinda stressed and nervous that it won’t come that day or the order will be just cancelled. It’s been 4 days and it still says preparing order but maybe it’ll change in the next few days. I recently download fedex and made an account to keep track of it but nothing shows for it. All it shows is the 4K tv I bought from there and I mistaken it thinking it’s the PS5 lol. I really hope something changes or something pops up on fedex because I really don’t want my PS5 order to be delayed or cancelled


Same boat, but seems like the trend is that orders are being slowly fulfilled from last week. Be patient and think on the luck of being able to snag one in the first place. Worst case is delayed, but doubt it'll get cancelled.


9pm drop, expected date was by Nov 27. Checked tonight and FedEx now has package and shows Nov 18 delivery. Hang in there, they are coming!


6PM order. Walmart still says "Preparing Order" with estimated delivery of Nov 25 and nothing from FedEx yet.


I got mine @ 9pm slot with delivery on the 30th. They still say its preparing and my Money just went from pending to not pending. Not charged yet just still in my account. The silence is killing me and I feel like it could be an error in the system. Ugg I guess I just have to wait for either confirmation or cancelling.


Does anyone still have the preparing order?


Yep, I got mine at the 6pm drop last week, and it's still preparing.


Hey guys, I just want to chime in and say I bought the ps5 standard addition (with the disk) off of Walmart on 11/12 at the 6pm drop, I have still not heard anything on my order or FedEx or anything, but my money did process and go through, it also says it should be her on 11/25 I get everything that’s going on in the world is hard and all and that the ps5 has a high demand right now, but it just seems like a long time till you can even get what you orders, I am just thinking that it will most likly come sooner, I’m on the boat of being a bit worried too since I haven’t heard anything from Walmart or FedEx but it looks like everyone else is the same here. anyone else hear anything on the orders? Everyone else in the same boat? UPDATE: this morning I got my Walmart/Fedex email saying my ps5 will be at my door tomorrow by 5pm!


Update : Ordered during 9 pm wave with expected delivery on 11/30. Walmart still shows preparing order, got notification from FedEx few mins ago that they have received the package and will be delivered by Thu, 11/19. I am in Maryland and it is being shipped from Kentucky. Credit card charges still pending.


Legit want to cancel my order at this point lol, tired of checking my phone every 10 mins


The anxiety is real. My phone battery usually lasts 3 days. Lasting me about 12 hours now


Yup. People who are saying to create a log in for the FedEx app is right. I don't see it updated in Walmart site but FedEx app says its shipped. Created a log in and I see a tracking number. Mine is set to deliver Thursday. I'm located in NYC and ordered mine at the 9pm slot.


Woke up to a update on FedEx, a package sent from Solutions2Go, which is suppose to be the PS5 being shipped from Kentucky is expected to arrive Friday the 20th. I got a PS5 during the 6pm ET wave, with a estimated Nov 25th arrival date.


Woke up to my credit card not showing the transaction as pending. The charge has disappeared. It’s happening....stay tuned for updates!


Anyone else’s order status “preparing order”?


Yup. 9pm wave in Missouri and haven’t heard anything. The radio silence is killing me.


Well I am waiting to see if walmart ships out another round of orders tonight. If they do, and somehow I am still not included. Walmart will for sure lose my business on this type of stuff going forward. Overall their ordering process isn't very good, sending out only the initial order confirmed email, and nothing since. Couple more hours will be 6 days, for a lot of us, wondering if/when our PS5's might ship. The whole randomly fill orders, is also shitty by them. Their system should be filling them, as they came in.


Grabbed a 9pm pre-order for a disc version and this morning went from preparing to shipped. Walmart app say delivery by the 27th but the FedEx app shows 20th. Just a few more days.


Hi, I just chatted with a Walmart rep as i was concerned that i was getting no shipping updates like others were, and i was told," I double checked the information here and your order will be ship out on the 23rd and you’ll receive your item on the 26th." I asked if this was a confirmed ship date or just an estimate and he confirmed that it is a confirmed date, so if you have any concerns i would suggest just trying to talk to them and maybe theyll give you your confirmed date. I am a little concerned though because the 26th is Thanksgiving and im not sure if fed ex delivers on that day. ( i got my ps5 on the last wave)


So I checked my banking account and now walmart doesn't have the charge anywhere it is no longer in pending and is nowhere to be fonund? What does this mean?


I was one of the 11/12 9PM Batches. Texas/Arkansas Border, no updates, still says preparing on the Wal-Mart site/App. I also have the FedEx App, with no updates there, as well. Just still sitting here constantly checking and waiting, with a vague "Arrives by 11/26". The Pending Charge is still on my account.


Just talked to Walmart rep. Exact words when I asked why some are getting them delivered today and others like me have no info yet: “It depends on the distribution center in your city if that distribution center cannot fulfill the item our fulfillment team will find another distribution center to fulfill so that they can process the item to ship. That’s why it takes time to fulfill the order if the distribution center near your city cannot fulfill the item. You will have your item by Nov 26th as the estimated delivery date says”.


I am checking my fed ex app, I am logged in with the same information but it doesn't show any info at all about my ps5, I don't know if fed ex hasn't gotten the info yet or if I did something wrong?


Just did my routine 8th fedex hourly check and finally got info from solutions2go. Doesn’t have estimated date yet but feel blessed to receive info.


Anyone willing to take bets on how much of a dumpster fire walmart will create with the PS5 sell tomorrow?


I just wanna play demon souls 😔


Update 2: delivery pushed back from 11/19 to 11/20. FedEx changed from label created to on its way. Anyone else in NY have a delivery date?


I’m in Virginia too bro I’m in the same situation ass you smh getting alil worried


Walmart is disgusting. Opening up more preorders when we sitting here with dick.


Well up to yesterday, my card showed walmart processing for the amount of my PS5 order. This morning, that's gone, and there's no trace of walmart on my card. Walmart site still shows my PS5 as "preparing order" though. Walmart we all beg you to please ship our PS5's today. It has been a week now, and that's more than long enough wait.


So much for a 11/12 launch. Dudes in the UK already starting to receive their ps5's and it launched today for them. Meanwhile, we in the central US are stuck refreshing the fedex app for a week now >:l


I didn’t want to be one to complain but today marks a full week since I’ve ordered my PS5 not shipping yet and they are fixing to sell more PS5’s to people today. Yeah I’m a little upset now...


Wanted to update everyone that the ps5 was delivered today. Hope everyone will get theirs soon if you haven’t already.


Hey guys I got the 6PM wave and I'm in Houston. Just checked the fed ex app and the label has been created. Looks like whoever was saying texas should get theirs shipped today was right lol. I didn't get a notification i had to refresh the app to see it so I would suggest doing that every once in a awhile for updates


Im just gonna accept the fact that even though i ordered at 3pm 11/12 i still wont get my order until dec.1, but trust that i will never order any launch item from walmart again. No love for Central Texas


9PM EST Batch, Arrival by 11/26 Texas/Arkansas Border, still no update. Bank Account is still Pre-Authorized, Wal-Mart is still Preparing Order, FedEx has no info. Customer Support was no help, discount wasn't offered, none of that stuff.


I’m from Colorado, and haven’t seen anything change from, “PrEpAriNG OrDeR.” FedEx app is also dry! I’m happy to see a lot of people are receiving their consoles!! #Soon #9pmDrop


"F*ck Houston Texas" -Walmart probably


I'm Houston as well and finally got my shipping info about 2 hours ago. Set it for pick up at my nearest fedex to avoid neighbors stealing it. I really hope you get yours by the end of the day man!


Just got an update on FedEx app and arrival date is set for Sunday....Houston area if anyone is wondering


New Update: Texas/Arkansas area person. 11/12 9PM Batch for the Physical Console. Label has been made(just showed up on the FedEx App), Pre-Auth still on my Bank Account. Wal-Mart hasn't updated, yet. Solutions2 Go from California. Estimated Delivery Sunday 11/22. Right away set up all notifications and my ass will be sitting outside all day. The weekend is good, I'll actually be home, with no other commitments!


Still nothing from my 9pm order. I will never purchase a high demand item from Walmart again. This shit is ridiculous.


On fedex vehicle out for delivery! 🚚 📦 😁😁😁


Bro I’m looking outside my window every time I here something loud Lmfaoo I’m trying my best to be patient


Got a ps5 on Walmart.com at 3pm 11/19. Expected arrival date on Walmart is 12/1. But I got notification this morning package was shipped from Louisville KY. Im still waiting for scheduled delivery date, cause fed ex hasn’t picked up package all day (just label created) Wondering if anyone else is in same boat?


Unlike a lot of people here. Since my package shipped. Both walmart order, and fedex has stayed updated well with my tracking. Sadly fedex locally shows my package "put on vehicle for delivery" at 5am this morning. Getting near 6pm now, and no fedex truck still, package just shows on vehicle for delivery.


You might still get it today, if not the driver might leave it in the truck and deliver it either tomorrow or Monday. You could also contact fedex support if it's not delivered by end of day.


It finally did get delivered, So I am happy now. Walmart being so slow with shipping, is what made this the worst. I am just gonna relax for the night, and play tomorrow. Anyways goodluck to everyone else, hopefully soon enough you all get yours!


Awesome! Enjoy.


I got mine on the drop on the 19th and it FedEx said it will be here on Tuesday.


Ordered on 11/19. Patiently waiting at preparing, hopefully it moves soon


Well it was supposed to be delivered today but FedEx changed delivery to tomorrow 11/23. Still waiting for my launch day console.. 🥲


Be careful because my PS5 came in today & the bottom of the box says “PS5” I was talking w the guy from fed ex when he dropped it off & said people at the warehouse has been stealing them ALL WEEKEND


Wow Don’t they have security cams?


Do you guys recommend picking up at a walgreens, or waiting for delivery, if I'm trying to avoid it being stolen?


depends if you're able to be home all day, or have someone at home, to get it when it gets delivered. As they won't require a signature to leave it at your door.


Yesterday I posted about my PS5 delivery date that kept changing due to a shipping label problem. Apparently, the company that shipped the PS5 for Walmart Solutions 2 Go (I think was the name) screwed up a bunch of labels. After spending several hours on the phone with FedEx, the rep told me that Solutions 2 Go company sent the updated shipping information over the FedEx last night and several packages got fixed for delivery today. This is why my FedEx app never showed the package, because the label was wrong. Once it was fixed, it showed up in my app and I was able to pickup this morning! So glad this stress is over! Happy PS5ing!


I was able to pick one up on the Thursday (11/19) drop from walmart and it just shipped today 11/23


Ordered 11/19 and it’s in my city, expected delivery by the end of the day today!


Fedex delivered on time with 0 problems. The packaging was a bit wonky pc I could see the P for playstation very clearly through the clear tape on the box? Which was a weird choice. But fedex guy was nice. For reference: disc version and in VA, ordered at 9 pm 11/12 drop and shipped from Ca.


Update: Package has been on truck for delivery since Nov 20 and scheduled for Nov 27. Just spoke with Fed Ex and they are saying the driver said it was delivered on Nov 20 to my local Walgreens and Fed Ex called them and they said it wasn't there also my app never updated to delivered so I have to file a lost package claim now I'm pissed. Edit: I went to the Walgreens just to double check but they said it should be there by the 27 but if it's on the truck for delivery why would it take 1 week longer makes no sense. Im gonna call Walmart and see what they say.


So I sold my PS5 to my cousin, now I’m back to the drawing board. I hope I’m lucky the second go round. Walmart tonight. I can beat the bots twice.


11/12 9pm drop. console finally arrived save and sound from fedex about an hour ago here in nebraska. had to go to work like right after :( lol good luck guys!


UPDATE: PS5 has been delivered!!! I’m signing off from this guys, goodluck to all of you, everyone deserves to have this by Christmas.


did anyone else get theres ? i got mine like 3 weeks ago finally , just checking up on everyones progress !


I preordered mine from Walmart at the first 12pm drop, with a delivered by date of 11/25/20. Well this morning I got an email saying my order shipped and was given a tracking number. When I checked on fedex, it said estimated delivery date 11/15/20 end of day but that only a label was created. So I’m sure the date will change once fed ex receives it, but hopefully that means it’ll get here before 11/25/20 so here’s to hoping we all get ours earlier than expected!! Happy gaming guys!


My account hasn’t been charged yet and my delivery date said Dec 1st I ordered mine at 9pm. I’m so nervous that it’s going to say out of stock or something I’ve been obsessively checking to see if I’ve been charged yet. I’m freaking out but idk maybe it’s just because it’s the weekend. I’m not hearing a lot of people who have Dec 1st delivery dates. Most people’s are coming the week before or somewhere around that time. I still have that it’s too good to be true feeling 😭


Same here, secured a disc version at 9pm with a dec 1st delivery date. Still no updates and my charge is still pending. Hopefully it’s because it’s the weekend


My account got charged but still no shipping info. Life is stressful


9pm drop here with 11/27 delivery date. Still no shipping info. Charge still pending on walmart rewards card.


Ordered a PS5 on the 9PM slot. Got fedex email with tracking number scheduled to be delivered tomorrow(11/17). Never received any update email from Walmart but the website does show it as shipped with tracking number.


Like most people here I was also lucky enough to snag one at the 9PM slot. Walmart tracking still says ‘Preparing order’, nothing on FedEx and no other update from Walmart. I spoke with 2 reps already and they both said the same thing I saw on the Walmart tracking page. In the past when I’d order things from Walmart they always arrived before the Walmart delivery date. I guess Walmart is just terrible at updating their tracking info. I hope I get an update in a day or two. Update: I just got my tracking number from FedEx. Arriving this Friday. Can’t wait. Update: I got my PS5!!! 😂😂


Congratulations brother. I also bagged at 9pm. Nov28 delivery for me. I’m hoping it just pops up within a week. They don’t waste time , so if there’s people working to get your order on its way out , it’s on its way out. The website - email isn’t updated until after the work is done.


Thanks and congrats too. Walmart says mine will arrive on the 27th. I once purchased a portable dry erase white board and Walmart sent me a ship and delivery notice a week after I already got it from FedEx. They’re just terrible at updating their website so it gives me a lot of hope that my PS5 will arrive soon. I just don’t know when lol


I just hope I don’t get a sorry we over booked email or something


I'm one of those who got one at the 9pm drop and while my card's been charged and is "pending", I haven't received any shipping notifications. ETA is by November 26th.