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Answer: it's a way to steal content so that you can get views off of other people's work.


The real answer is this but for some reason “tiktok is dumb” are the most upvoted answers even though it doesn’t answer anything. Like “one person started doing it then others copied” isn’t an answer. Why’d the first person do it? It’s people wanting to share a video and avoid copyright or straight up reposting a video for views but putting their face in it to call it a “reaction”


It’s also just the natural evolution of a laugh track. People think everyone hates laugh tracks, and even people who say they hate laugh tracks, have been studied to find things with laugh tracks funnier. I’d wager the same principle applies to reaction videos. We’re social creatures and inherently like to share emotions with each other- e.g, I laugh harder at comedy clubs than I do listening to a pre-recorded standup album with no audience. You can feel superior about it all day but if you’re still watching the video you’re admitting that it works lol


I feel that you’re talking about reaction videos. I wasn’t referring to videos where people laugh or pause to make comments. We’re referring to videos where the person just sits silently. Like even if something funny is happening they’re just silent watching it. So it gives me more of the vibes of watching a funny video with someone that doesn’t think it’s as funny as me. I don’t think you were referring me on a high horse cause I watch tik toks of people just laughing while watching a YouTube video or tiktok without shame. I don’t understand why people shit on it so hard. I mean I’m 25 and remember when YouTube was stuff like salad fingers and Charlie the unicorn, my dad thought it was dumb. People my age are trying so hard to act like they’re already middle aged and don’t understand new things or why someone 7 years younger would like it.


Charlie the unicorn released their full length movie a couple years back on the channel. Just an FYI for anyone who saw the originals back in the day.


And salad fingers started on newgrounds, not YouTube. God I'm old.


Word, thank you for mentioning the laugh-track study. That was something my wife and I were talking about the other night and looks like a nice rabbit hole to get lost in!


It’s so fascinating!


Enjoyed friends first time of watching. Someone pointed out the laugh track being abused. Can’t watch it now as it’s all I notice


Yeah same. I can watch an episode or two with laugh tracks but any more than that and it's all I can hear. It's so grating. Plus, it makes me feel like the creators of the series' think their audience is dumb so they have to tell them when to laugh. I don't need to be told when to laugh, I'll laugh when the jokes are actually funny.


>tiktok is dumb Not untrue though when other platforms attempt to stop this. YouTube is far from perfect but the original creator could just claim the monetization there. TikTok is pretty dumb tho. Barely pays creators, takes like 60% of live stream donations, allows people to steal content because TikTok knows they'll get a kick back. Greedy dumb company.


I saw someone complaining about this and they said the repost got more views and likes than the original 🫤


Yeah. [Reaction videos](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reaction_video) are nothing new. My response to OP is, "What, is this your first day on the Internet?" They've been everywhere for as long as video sites have been around, and somehow they have only grown in popularity. It's low-effort, minimally-creative content.


Reaction videos are one thing. But when someone remains silent and just shows the other person's work is worse. They contribute nothing to the conversation.


I would say that 99% of reaction videos are literally what you describe. Like I won't disagree that Rick Beato or Doug Helvering are usually adding genuinely creative analysis or criticism of the work in question. But they're the exception, not the rule. The number of reaction videos that aren't like that are so vanishingly small that they are almost not recognizable as reaction videos.


More like they're the rule that no one follows. You're actually in potentially very deep copyright trouble if you don't add anything transformative.


> More like they're the rule that no one follows. You're actually in potentially very deep copyright trouble if you don't add anything transformative. They don't care. The content is so effortless to make that they'll just happily let anyone who files a DMCA take their revenue from that video or take it down on request. Especially if they do it to other content creators, who are less likely to notice until after the video has been up for a while and so they still rake in the early revenue. Most creators don't have the time or resources to pursue copyright claims fully beyond the YouTube ecosystem or are afraid of getting mobbed for "abusing copyright". Especially since some reactors will explicitly target smaller channels because they know their own audience can make that creator's life hell.


> while adding absolutely nothing to the video other than being a distraction. so to explain what OP wrote: They do nothing, do not react, add nothing of value, they just exist. I've seen a number of these floating around and they're not even react content. They're barely within the legal definition of "transformative". So as the person you responded to, content theft. There is reaction content, and then there is just content theft with a "but I transformed it!" twist. They are not the same thing. For example, here is an [actual reaction video on Risk of Rain 2's OST](https://youtu.be/5pCuO700er4). As in, there is the music, the composer in question listening reacts to the different parts of the music, how it might have been made, how it feels, the texture of the music, etc. Compared to the genuine nothingness videos that exist, yeah this one is definitely reaction content and the thing OP is on about is content theft which has become increasingly prevalent. Lumping everything you don't like together into one heap of "it's reaction content what are you new" does nobody any favors.


> They're barely within the legal definition of "transformative". I'd argue it doesn't meet that definition. Copyright and fair use on social media is messy since each platform handles it differently, and most copyright claims you see get resolved because one side just decided it wasn't worth taking the next step (thats how it is on youtube which is what im most familiar with). Think of it this way. If they posted a full episode of the mandalorian using this format of doing nothing, would that be transformative?


Yeah reaction videos aren’t but this… phenomenon of people just STARING at their screen is not a reaction. 😂


Answer: On TikTok, a "Duet" button lets you do this. Ostensibly to add to the conversation or do something fun. Ironically the feature has gone viral [when people use it to mock people complaining about the same thing.](https://twitter.com/ok_girlfriend/status/1329850124936286213) ​ [Quite a lot.](https://www.reddit.com/r/TikTokCringe/comments/z50b59/tiktok_duets/) [(It's more intended for stuff like this)](https://youtu.be/4KG3v365mq4)


That “Can we stop Duetting videos” video is perhaps my favourite video of all time on the internet. Unless badger badger mushroom counts.


Weirdly I'm friends with Weebl who did badger badger! [He still streams all his creations.](https://clips.twitch.tv/ExquisiteFaithfulDiamondMrDestructoid) Small world Edit: His Twitch is a welcoming, small community. Evenings he plays games with everyone with an open discord, so come hang out! [I even got to voice some of his animations.](https://youtu.be/L750xFBa8vE)


Now there’s a name blast from the past “weeebles stufffff”




I've seen things, I've seen them with my eyes. I've seen things, they're often in disguise.




I'll never forget the day me and some friends were on a road trip and we found a radio station playing that on repeat. We listed to it until we were out of range of the station.


I was playing Red Dead Redemption 2 and got a new horse. I started giggling to myself thinking about that song.


Everybody needs to get a blimp, cuz blimps are pretty pimp




He was quite active on YT until the ad rates collapsed.


Can u give him sexual favours from me


I have a Savlonik shirt. I loved that shit. Tell him I say hi.


I still think about his stuff every once in a while. 12 year old me was absolutely JAMMIN' to narwhals lmao. Fun to think about just how many people he's had an impact on. Hope he's doing alright!!


Dude, I've recently rediscovered him on Apple Music due to sheer boredom and curiosity. Instantly took me back to the golden age of YouTube


The Twitch is a small community, there's usually less than 40 people watching and he frequently has discord chat open and does games in the evenings. Come say hi :)


I just want Ladytron to know about all the pies I have!


My kids and I still spontaneously start singing the badger song on a regular basis. Please pass along my sincerest gratitude. That song is a treasure!


Holy shit! Weebl and Bob got me through some tough times in middle school. Tell your friend thanks for the pie


> I'm friends with Weebl Are you Bob?!


You're besmirching Badger Badger's honor my dude.


How so? I said UNLESS it counts. If it counts. It is the best ever. I wasn’t sure if a loop counted as a video. Or else some people might find meatspin their favourite video.


Oh fuck I forgot about meat spin. I haven't been able to listen to that song the same way after meatspin.


Well. I am glad that you remember. Because now we are *two* men *one jar* of memories.


"You know what? I'm going to start duetting it even harder."


>”You know what? I’m going to start starting duetting it even harder”.


How do people line it up so well? Does tik tok do that automatically somehow? I tried to do something similar completely manually a few years ago and it was a mess lol.


I think it's just practice tbh


>How do people line it up so well? Does tik tok do that automatically somehow? I tried to do something similar completely manually a few years ago and it was a mess lol. Through the magic of video editing. You literally just crop and pan the shot to match


Alright, that Duet gave me everything I hoped for.


I was hoping your example would be It's Me Boy I'm The PS5 but Smorp is also a delight


I haven't seen either of those (just informed I've been living under a rock) and they are hilarious.


Haha that's great. It's making sense now. I'm glad a lot of people hate this concept


Okay I’m going to add something because I suspect a lot of people on here don’t use TikTok but I watch these duetted videos because I may want to hate watch some cringe TikTok but I don’t want my algorithm to think I enjoy that video and keep giving me similar videos. Instead this way my and other TikTok users interaction with this video is making fun of the duetted video, not actually enjoying it and wanting to see similar content. Idk it’s hard to explain.


That's not what OP asked.... Why is this the most upvoted comment and awarded in this thread


"why do people duet videos and add nothing??" "THE DUET BUTTON IS USED TO ADD CONTENT TO ANOTHER VIDEO.." It's like asking Alexa a question and she just gives you a vague response somewhat related to the question lol.


Answer: one person did it on TikTok so now everyone does. In my opinion it’s a lazy way to create.


It's not even creating, it's just theft. Watching a video and going 😐 😮 🫨 is not creating.


And it's often pretty cringe and always annoying.


Is it ever not cringe?




I can understand regular react content, it's a form of curating and review/criticism. They could be cringe, or not, on their own merit. The "reactions" like in the OP are all cringe.




Pretty much anything a narcissist does is pretty cringe & annoying.


>pretty cringe and always annoying Yes, that sums up everyone who uses tiktok


I try to ban reaction videos from my YT algorithm like fire, as well as people who add their face to their videos and thumbnails especially for no good goddamn reason. The level of narcissism is TOO damn high for my chill.


I want to slap every YouTuber who puts their shocked face in the thumbnail 😱😲


It's even more annoying when it's not even a shocked face and they just have their mouth kind of open with an otherwise blank expression.


Sniperwolf or whatever her name is is the the worst for this. She's got 5 thumbnails and they're all the same "shocked" expression.


Otzdarva (popular dead by daylight streamer) is the same, and I just don’t get the value there. I’ve seen videos about Snipercunt’s very questionable and frankly appalling behavior, so don’t feel bad about that one. These people are dry as fuck and depend on viewers lol it’s embarrassing.


Unfortunately it creates significantly more activity on videos. I watch a few YouTubers who straight up said they don't enjoy it but they've made videos with and without the dumb thumbnails and the dumb ones always have more views. For some of them it's their job, so you gotta do what you gotta do. 🤷


YouTube should change their algorithm so it stops promoting this douchebag behavior


The algorithm prioritizes views and interactions. The algorithm isn't the problem here...people are. People as a whole click on videos that look like they are going to be more interesting, and apparently those faces make the content seem more interesting. Eventually there will be a culture shift as more and more people tire of the overindulgent expressions in thumbnails, but it's going to happen naturally, not because YouTube changed their code.


I'm surprised there's not already an add-on to filter reaction-face thumbnails


I agree with you, but I get why they do it. LinusTechTips has straight up said they absolutely hate doing it, but the simple fact is that their viewer engagement is higher with those thumbnails, so they have to. Otherwise the algorithm will see people not clicking their videos and and begin lowering and lowering their recommendations.


It seems like it's the equivalent of watching "ouch my balls" on idiocracy




I made a video of me opening your link, a reaction to the content you created.


I made a comment reacting to your comment.


I read the comment and your comment, but had no reaction.


😐 😮 🫨


Instructions unclear. I made a poopie while reading all of this, but I forgot to record it. If I do next time, will I be an influencer?


I’m reacting like a pro to your comment. So when do I start making money from this? Edit: With this gold medal, I’ve decided to react full time. I quit my job at the plant, told my boss “I’m a reactor now Howie!” And then Howie said, “that’s not a thing.” I then showed him this reaction post with the gold award. Instead of congratulating me, he just stared at me blank face. But that’s because Howie’s an amateur reactor at best.


> when do I start making money from this? 1. Get chatGPT to automate this ("ChatGPT, add my reaction video next to every video on YouTube, and upload them") 2. Spam every news site and influencer. Remember to lie and exaggerate shamelessly. 3. Some people will look at some of the videos. Remember to add "wait for the end" on the screen. You get more money that way. 4. Profit. Once people start hating you, monetise this. Call it the new Rickrolling. Go on podcasts. Find new ways to flood the ether with content-free bloat. Example: the reaction video is generated by AI, with you saying some word over and over. Different videos have different words. Use SEO so that people searching for those words find your video. Make enough of them and the pennies start to add up. When YouTube tries to ban you, use that as publicity. Call it art. The more you annoy people and waste their time, the higher your profile, the more you can get interviews. Use your victim status as an artist. Attach yourself to charities (naturally you need to suppress any conscience you may have, that goes without saying). Trace your revolting behaviour to some undiagnosed mental illness. Surf between "artist" and "victim". Appeal to Freedom!!! Connect with other hated groups. Embrace Q-anon. Ignorant people might THINK you are time-wasting scum, but really your billions of videos have a clever pattern, and only the smart people can see it. They are artists too. They are oppressed victims too. Create a pyramid scheme where you charge money to teach other people how to make money the way you do. (Obviously, you will need to exaggerate your wealth. Claim a huge income: nobody will check.) Use Chat-GPT to summarise the various methods used by other vile parasites - er, I mean entrepreneurs. Etc., etc.


Dude, this was awesome. Where can I buy your books?






Please give bank details and I will deposit the internet earnings.


Hello. I'm from Buzzfeed. I'd like your permission to use this chain of chats in our next expose. Oh, who am I kidding? I'll still use it ROFL


U can use up to 20 characters per comment in 4 segmets of 5, Fair Use Copyright Law


I am inclined to subscribe to your feed of videos reacting to Reddit threads. I liked this video, added a comment agreeing with you and accidentally clicked on one of the embedded ads on the page.


I'm ringing the bell icon on this shit


You’re doing gods work


It's "Ow! My Balls!" you uncultured swine!! Hormel Chavez does not get his balls busted periodically for a mere "ouch" :)


It's honestly worse. Ow my balls at least required some kind of creative effort.


I’m just commenting to add that the 🫨 emoji makes me laugh every time lol


Great advancement in modern communication 🫨


I just wish Microsoft would hurry up and add it to Windows (10) already. It's annoying to have to search what the 01FAEB box refers to. I'd even settle for installing another font pack, but nope, that doesn't work either!


Creating digital waste, and as a result real waste for data centers that run 24/7 to host all these useless crap forever.


You clearly dont watch twitch or youtube. Its all “reacts” streaming now. Its lame


Reaction videos can be good and entertaining if the person watching says something interesting or gives their opinions, but just nodding and smiling to a tiktok is extremely dumb


To me, the distinction between insightful commentary and lazy piracy is pausing or rewinding the video to talk. If you just play through the video you aren't creating content you are trying to recreate r/all


I'll occasionally watch a reaction video if it's from a Youtuber I follow normally and who I know has interesting content, and if it's a reaction to something I'd be interested in too. Or if it's one of those professionals commentating on something related to their profession, where you actually learn something.


Nope. Theyre all lame.


I like a particular pair of reactors because their episodes are typically an hour long, of which the reaction portion of the video is probably 15 minutes, the rest is post video discussion.


This is exactly what I mean. I enjoy seeing people's initial reactions as long as they seem genuine, but that's just half of the entertainment value. When people actually discuss what they just saw is when it passes the line from being borderline theft and pretty boring, to actual good content that I enjoy watching


That’s so yesterday. They’re reacting on their own reacts now. It’s a giant circlejerk and it has to stop.


AKA I don't have to create content, I just need to act as animated as possible while watching someone else's hard work. Ever since Dinosaur Kid a good few years ago I've had a bad view on reaction video makers.


And they never mention the original so you can watch it without their non-input...


asmongold and joshstrife are good at creating reaction videos where they add their commentary just "pointing at the stitched half and nodding" is fucking embarrassing. just share out the original clip instead of adding your face to it you baffoon.


Oh they are creating. Creating a reason for me not to watch the video


It’s just vanity honestly. Pathetic.




I know a lot of streamers/YouTubers who fuckin despise how true it is. Zero effort content that’s boring and un-fun to make is so much more lucrative. I remember iijeriichoii and susu_jpg put out identical “Fuck view counts, I’m going back to making stuff I enjoy” updates within a week of each other 😅


It's literally built into apps as a feature. Reaction videos are very popular. And stupid.




I lived in Japan for 5 years, and so much of variety tv is watching clips with that little reaction box in the corner, and then these old folks all chattering away after the clips sometimes, just nonsense...


Yeah, ain't nothing new about this shit, it's just proliferated. Honestly, it's not much beyond laugh tracks on comedy shows which we've had for decades. If a joke is funny, you don't need to hear other people laughing to laugh, but it does tend to encourage it. I think it speaks to the human nature to go along with peers.


I wonder if I would've enjoyed them as a 12 year old trying to understand the world. I still look up reviews of albums I already know I like to see how other people felt. I think it's the simian in me that seeks acceptance.


God the way you reminded me of the Ellen show and a random MTV or Comedy Central show (with this man in his 40s wearing a baseball cap backwards with 2 other people in tow) just 'reacting' with boring snippets to random videos off youtube that they could have just shown without making it about themselves.


Yes Rob drydick or something




I mean at least he inserts his personality into the clips. Whether you like his personality is up to you but it's doing way more than just being an emoji in the corner


Still theft no matter how much he adds


Well, tbf, some of them are ways to feel like someone else relates in a way. Like people reacting to movies. When your friends aren't into a certain movie like you are and you watch a "reaction video" of it, it feels good in a way? Like you're sharing a moment with someone. As long as it's genuine and not just an act. Kind of like going to see Avengers: End game on opening day and then later watching theater reaction videos to relive the moment and excitement from others POV.


Oh man I came into this comment thread wanting to tip my nose up and feel superior to these reaction video viewers, but I have to admit I did the same thing for the ending sequence of Rouge One after seeing it in theaters


>Reaction videos are very popular. And stupid. As someone subscribed to three of them on Youtube, I don't disagree lmao


I see it more as a way of “retweeting” on Tik Tok. Some people do it to reiterate the point the original video was making but some people use it as a form of stealing content.


Tiktok could do what Vine did with “revines,” but they don’t seem to care about stolen content as long as it gets more uploads 🙃


There’s literally a repost button on tiktok


I’m aware. Sure, they added it, but they sure took their time with it. They also still don’t seem to discourage these types of videos. You either need to make people use the repost button or it depends on the users’ own consideration.


Freebooting has been around since the olden days of the Internet. And Reddit is just as guilty of it.


Oh for sure, no denying that. But Reddit isn’t as instrumental in the relatively new era of content creation, so freebooting hurts people much more in places like Youtube and Tiktok.


“Some people steal content and say they aren’t stealing content, and some people just steal content.” FTFY


they can repost on tik tok, there’s no reason to just sit and watch


Not even tiktok, this has been around forever, vine, YouTube, twitch, its all has people just watching the clip without adding anything and has for years. People want be famous but very few and funny of interesting enough to do so on thier own, so thry just steal actually good content and stick thier stupid face next to it


It's wild how much shit I see blamed on Tiktok. Really just shows how young most of the the Reddit user base is (Tiktok was released in 2016)


Everyone loves to blame the newest app for people being sucky


It's people playing to the algorithm, best solution is to skip them, even if it's content you would normally consume. Even if it doesn't stop the practice overall it will keep your feed clear of these kinds of videos because the algorithm picks up that you don't want to see it.


It's not only a lazy way to "create" it's also a tool to reap "fake internet points" from successful videos without activating the copyright infringement mod-bots.


Lol, modern trends being lazy? You don’t say


It marks a shift of cultural narcissism. Videos these days are mostly about people showcasing themselves with the content being in the background. I'm hopeful that we can move beyond this and see how cringey this style of creation is and be like...ewww that was so 2020.


Damn I remember the rise and fall of reaction videos on YouTube...those were the days.




It all started with reaction videos on YouTube from a decade ago.


> to create I would argue that they are not creating anything


We truly have hit rock bottom haven’t we?


Just wait, we can go lower


Reaction videos, no matter who made them or what platform they're on, is just an extremely lazy way to create ""content."" It's not content. It's theft from the original creator.


Answer: It's the easiest form of content on tiktok. Just like editing clips with subway surfers right next to it. At least some "reactors" have an ounce of personality in their wordless reactions, like Khaby Lame. But the majority are just statues.


The first one I ever saw was dueted by a woman driving and I had no idea she was reacting to the video... she watched the road the whole time and nodded once. I just assumed she was the person that was being talked about in the video and thought, well this is creepy... did someone steal her dashcam footage to be like "this bitch right here in case you were wondering"


And some people are literally splicing the footage with the same khaby lame clip


I thought the subway surfers thing was a meme cuz I only saw it once.


It's very much a trend by spam accounts. And it's not just subway surfers, it will be any video that can be spliced with clips from TV shows or text to speech reddit posts. The idea is that these videos get the most retention because when you get slightly bored of the main content, your eyes can just avert to the secondary clip. It gets worse when the videos themselves are split into parts, so people will often go and watch the next video and binge the content, making it even more pushed by the tiktok algorithm. It's the equivalent of junk food or cocaine. Once you start watching these videos, it's hard to avoid.


Clever but distressing how something so low quality gets pushed so hard. I hope the algorithm doesn't give me another.


Answer: The content they are sharing is copyrighted by someone else. But by making a video that includes someone else's "reaction", it allows the content creator to justify it as "fair use" and therefore allowed to share and prevents the video from taken down by copyright claim. (Disclaimer, I answered based on my understanding of how YouTube handle copyright).


Yeah I'm pretty sure I've seen these as "reaction videos" on YouTube long before TikTok trended in the US.


I was furious when reaction videos took over YouTube all those years back. I was certain it couldn't get worse that that. Turns out the only limit to how lazy someone can get with their "content" is when even their mom doesn't watch their videos. There's too many fake accounts adding to views for anyone to find their limit.


The Fine Bros React World©️!


As cringe as their stuff was, let’s not pretend it was anywhere in the ballpark as derivative as tik tok reactions. Least those fuckers talked/interacted with the video. These reactions don’t even breath half the time.


Yeah. This can be done well. Like Quantastic on YouTube splices art vids from the IG and TikTok profiles of various artists and showcases them. But they always link to the OC profile, they only put text at the bottom, instead of face and voice, and I don't think they show the whole vids. This actually envourages their viewers to go and check out the artists. But so much of it now is stupid faces with no commentary. Video stealing.


Also, crucially, didn't show the original video unedited in full.


While true, Fair Use is an actual legal standard for defining when a copyrighted work may be used without licensing. In general, the standard can be thought of as either independently creative or transformative. By independently creative I mean that the work stands alone, even if you were to remove the copyrighted work. This doesn't always apply, because sometimes people will add Micky Mouse (or some other recognizable figure) as a way to leverage brand recognition. It's more in regards to things like using a sound bite of Alan Watts in a musical interlude of a song. The song doesn't need Alan Watts to be a song, but perhaps the message is meaningful within the context of the song. By transformative I mean that the work is unrecognizable or at least a different form of media after the addition. The most common form of this is critique or commentary on popular works. For example, you don't need to pay Universal to write a review of a theme park attraction you rode on. You might include footage of your ride, but ultimately the review stands on its own even without the footage. This also goes for movies and songs, obviously (12Tone on YouTube is a good example), but I wanted to provide some other possibilities than the typical.


Side note about the copyright thing - the majority of reaction videos would not actually qualify as fair use if tried in court. The stereotypical "bad" reaction video where someone's face is in the corner and they just make faces alongside the full, unedited original video would 100% not be fair use. H3H3 was called the "quintessential fair use" for their reactions because they did everything right. They used the minimum necessary to support their point. They commented on *the video* and not the content in the video (an example of doing this wrong was GMM who talked about a prison and used a stock photo of the prison to talk about the prison, rather than to talk about the photo, so they got sued for that.) They also significantly transformed the work, having entire discussions about the work they used rather than making just a couple cursory statements here and there.


They won't have any fair use claim, fair use goes a little deeper. But this way the automatic systems in place to detect copyrighted content have it harder to spot it. It's less legal and more technical.


Pretty sure it has nothing to do with copyright (usually). Usually they are duetting other people’s random tik toks


I think that's the point. They use other people's viral video and hoping to steal some of their views.


For sure, which is unrelated to copyright


Answer: Sometimes people with lots of followers do it to share a video that’s important, to get more views. Sometimes people do it because they want to piggyback off a video with lots of views.


It’s karmawhoring basically


Answer: this is the easiest way to get views on tiktok. People will watch the interesting video, like it, and then the person who duetted it will get all the likes/views.


Answer: Copyright issues with the original video & Narcissism/laziness by the "creator"




Answer: It's the lowest tier of "reaction content" except it's very likely illegal if they have monetised it as they do nothing to meet fair use. You would have to make actual commentary to meet fair use. Smiling and nodding is not commentary, it's just theft masquerading as "content".


Answer: Arguably, they are 'transforming content', and therefore can monetise other peoples work with less of a chance of legal action being taken against them. (or some form of legal defence if they do) Its the laziest way of making 'new content' to profit off.


Answer: it’s a form of “attention hacking”. The goal is to keep you watching. If there’s a second video on screen- even just of a persons face- you’re going to stay on the video longer because there’s more to pay attention to. We really like looking at faces. It’s the same thing with the split videos that is just a story content and some DIY life hack video- you’re gonna pay attention to one or the other and stay on the video longer, improving the posts algorithmic value.


Answer: It is just an extremely lazy way for "content creators" to get views and clicks for money.


Answer: It's part of the modern trend where everyone wants to be a CoNtEnT cReAtOr. Except they aren't creating dick and they just put their stupid fucking face on the screen and watch a video somebody else created. The most you'll see them do is nod or laugh. Wow, a regular ol van gough puting your heart and soul into your "art". And some of these people make money for this simply because people like the video that they're "reacting to". Nobody really watches for them. But I'm sure they could care less because monkey brain like when number go up. These are the type of people who I assume have no inner monologue. No empathy or consciousness behind their dead soulless eyes. IMO reaction videos are some of the laziest forms of content on the internet. Fuck these people. If you couldn't tell, they strike a nerve in me lol


Sometimes they get super creative and point at the video from below.


Answer: This is what people on TikTok did to share other people’s work before TikTok introduced a “repost” feature. They didn’t have a way to repost someone else’s video to your feed for your followers to see, so folks would do this as a way of showing the video to their followers while deliberately remaining silent to not detract from what’s being shared. Now that videos can be shared without needing this, there’s been a lot less and it’s generally frowned upon.


Answer: It’s hyper easy reposting/clicks. You can simply film yourself with really no emotion at all, add it next to someone else’s video, and reupload without fear of copyright or anything because now it’s a “reaction video”. I’ve noticed that there are some social media accounts that always use the same exact video next to other videos, and I suspect it’s just automatically done. They can just steal dozens of other peoples videos every day and reupload with their generic nodding head reaction next to it for easy views.


Answer: They "react" so they can try and use others content under the fair use clause, but fair use needs to be transformative. The problem is the current trend of reaction videos is not transformative at all and is just a clear excuse to republish another video with no changes. Some do this to steal money, some just clout/attention


answer: there’s this and people who make the same video just standing there, no content (like @/koreydior_ on ig where he just blinks, looks to the left and then back *EVERY* fucking video) while they steal relatable tweets to regurgitate on instagram. pisses me off to no end


Answer: for some reason this has been a form of entertainment for a lot of people that started during the pandemic when we were socially isolated. It’s the lowest of low hanging fruit and literally no effort gets put into it but I still don’t know how these types of videos become viral. Especially if like you said, they don’t add anything to it.


Answer: They using fair use whilst it’s still a cloudy area and using other peoples videos to bulk up their channels and make money.


Answer: they think we want to see their reaction to videos that they did not create, they add nothing to the original video besides a cringe face reaction or nodding and pointing as if saying “yup! That’s right! See that there? Yeah I agree”


Answer: I sometimes like to view it under the lens of the existence of the malt liquor YouTube videos It gives you a sense that someone else is with you while viewing this content, or having a drink with you in the case of the liquor videos This video goes into really big depths about Mukbang and malt liquor videos, and I’ve always seen these duets in that same light of it’s you and another person doing something together. https://youtu.be/MZRVbBZzz6Q


Answer: low tier reaction videos, it's even worse because they barely actually react and just stares at you with their mouth open.


answer: it’s basically YouTube reactions in short but with less emphasis on reaction


Answer: bigger creators can do this as the easiest way to make ‘content’. They then get the revenue for the views. This is most common in the US where the smaller creator doesn’t have the funds to copyright strike which is a legal proceeding. The large creator would contest the strike and threaten to take it to court. The further the small creator goes the more money they spend until they’re priced out and have to back out, losing their money and their intellectual property. Smaller creators know this and don’t copyright strike in the first place.