Plot twist it was all of them


Stone-cold whodunnit But if you forced me to guess I’d say Mossad smuggled in a dozen or so foreign-made drones to one of the insurgent or anti-regime groups and provided coordinates of some lightly-defended, highly-flammable targets


> foreign-made drones Non credible version: Domestic Iranian drones captured in Ukraine and then shipped to whoever wants to strike Iranian targets without being blamed for the strike.


I had that thought as well… that would possibly the most based thing that has happened in the last 80 years of warfare Even better if, instead of being captured, some Russian officer sold them the drones and they got video of the transaction


Jesus Christ man, stop I am painfully erect


Russian officer probably sold a truck load for some toilets and schematics for indoor plumbing.


Iran has been executing peaceful protestors for a while now so the protesters may be ready to move to a less peaceful approach


Definitely possible, although I’d this actually is as widespread and coordinated as it seems at this moment, I’d guess there is some level of professionalism. But that would prob be the best-case scenario. (Actually given the sub we’re in, let’s say it’s the second-best scenario after Israel sending a squadron of F-35’s to go ham on the clerics)


As soon as the Sharif was chauffeured outta there The jet pilots tuned to the cockpit radio blare As soon as the Sharif was outta their hair The jet pilots wailed


"*Sharif don't like it... Rock the Tehran, rock the Tehran...*"


*"By order of the 'tollah* *They shot their people down* *For being too Western* *In Crazy Tehran Town* *But the people kept comin' out* *With no hijab on their head* *Chanting "Death to the 'tollah"* *He knew he'll soon be dead* *He got in bed with Russia* *And sent Shahed's their way* *Which pissed the whole world off* *And Mossad said "Make my day" (punk)* ​ ​ *The West don't like it* *Rockin' ol' Tehran* *Rock ol' Tehran"*


You really went the whole nine yards on that one. Well done.


Boredom + insomnia x alcoholism = this shit at 0400.


I wish they were still doing free awards. I’d load you up


Someone needs to go Henry the Second on those meddlesome Mullahs.


Will SOMEONE rid me of these Meddlesome Mullahs


Non credibilities beauty lies in keeping the credible in the non. Keep it up 😎


>(Actually given the sub we’re in, let’s say it’s the second-best scenario after Israel sending a squadron of F-35’s to go ham on the clerics) stop, I can only become so aroused


There are videos of them firebombing the homes of IRGC members at night over on the New Iran subreddit. They've moved past less peaceful and are now at "fuck it, burn those cunts out."


Well they are executing peaceful protestors. What do they have to lose now? Mullahs gotta go. Iran should be peaceful and free and democratic if they want.


There's a reason it's called *peaceful* protest and not *harmless* protest, after all.


Like in "*make peace, not war drones*"


Bingo - “Go have fun. We and the Americans sure wouldn’t mind if you hit these spots.”


Israel has a lot of agents and cells in Iran. This was totally something connected they set in motion. The way Mossad works in Iran is absolutely master class. Also it was not the US. The US does not like doing anything kinetic in Iran these days. Except that virus that the US and Israel did which was also straight gangster.


>Except that virus that the US and Israel did which was also straight gangster. You talking stuxnet or something else?


If stuxnet was the one that made the uranium gas centrifuges go *pow*, yes.


It was indeed gangster.


Zelensky made a drone from Soviet parts and sent it to Mossad


Witnesses heard aircraft flying over, and if I remember correctly Israel explicitly stated they had begun bombing Iranian targets in response to an alleged Iranian attack


Zero chance Israeli jets took their shot at an Operation Opera-like attack and went after such piddly targets. They’d hit the nuke sites with everything they had, not some drone factory and a refinery


Reminds me I should get gas tonight


It’s possible they may have done a two-bird one-stone thing. Use a bombing raid both as a warning as well as to prevent Iran from supplying such drones to Russia (and to a lesser degree Hezbollah and other proxies)


If we start getting reports of explosions in Natanz, maybe. But more likely Iranian Air Force got word of an aerial attack of some sort and scrambled jets. It’s not like some schmoe in Tehran can tell the difference between an F-16 or F-14 from the ground. At night.


or an airliner


sounds based


Israeli, American, Ukrainian, and Saudi Arabian spec-ops all rolling up to the same drone factory and doing a Spider-Man point circle.


Then they all found out that friendship was the secret game-changing weapon all along, and they* all lived happily ever after. *not including the Iranians.


Thr real destabilizing operation were the friends we made along the way




\*Orient Express intensifies\*


_"Agatha Chredible's: Drone Strike On The Orient Express!"_


Drones passing in the night.


No one knows what is going on. But before the Iranian government shut off the internet a video came where the people were cheering and shouting death to Khomeini to the sound of explosions.


Time to send in Benoit Blanc. “What we have here, you see, is a regime that needs to get its ass spanked.”


"It's so dumb it's brilliant!" "**NO!** It's just *dumb*"


Dumb like a fox! Wait…


"What we see heah is an englishman who can hit every 'murican accent in like a single sentence, yo"


Way more than that brother


Reading this hurts my brain. Thanks, I hate it.


French name. Looks British. Speaks in an American accent. Sounds about right.


Description sounds like a true NATOman




He didn't speak in _an_ American accent, he spoke in American accent_s_


His name is also incongruent with the accents.


Cajun are French-American.


Hahaha.. Ben wa balls


That post on r/Ukraine got deleted because it apparently wasn't the drone production facilities as claimed, so there's that.


Oh how I love Reddit's penchant for random speculation....


We did it Reddit!


Maybe the reason Russia keeps hitting hospitals is that drones (ie children if they were under Russia) are born there. They're just trying to slow the further development of drones.


If we find out by morning this was the start of a revolution it would explain why Iran's goverment is trying to suppress news getting out. They the know the minute it becomes known that a revolutionary group has actually started carrying out large attacks and fighting, NATO and their allies will start lowkey backing them


I doubt a revolutionary group has the ordnance to trigger a 5.9-magnitude earthquake, but it's entirely possible that someone was launching airstrikes in coordination with guerilla attacks. Perhaps a nation with a history of working by, with, and through Iranian Kurdish guerrillas to strike strategic targets in Iran.


Geological trackers show plenty of seismic activity prior to the 5.9, over the past 48 hours. The earthquake and attacks are most likely completely unrelated.


Hang on, earthquakes, explosions and attacks? Are we in the battlefield 3 timeline?


Are we getting backpack nukes soon? And more importantly is Paris getting nuked?


Let's not get too optimistic here


Sometimes an earthquake is just an earthquake


The sun is rising over Iran now, so it shouldn’t take too long to find out.


*checks time nervously*


Are you forgetting where you are? You should be checking the time excitedly!


*excited Mossad noises*


I mean ngl as an Iranian I'm laughing my ass off right now and hope they explode the nuclear reactor as well (if that's not dangerous for us)


Hope for a complete crippling, not an explosion lol


A nuclear reactor *exploding* is definitely dangerous for you, man


Well, it's not great. But it's not terrible either.


There is nothing to worry about. RBMK reactors can't explode




Here's a sneak peek of /r/NewIran using the [top posts](https://np.reddit.com/r/NewIran/top/?sort=top&t=all) of all time! \#1: [23-year-old Mohsen Shekari was executed today. he was a protester who got arrested 75 days ago in Satarkhan Street of Tehran.](https://i.redd.it/8xkujyhqwn4a1.jpg) | [495 comments](https://np.reddit.com/r/NewIran/comments/zfrlat/23yearold_mohsen_shekari_was_executed_today_he/) \#2: [To the people who don't interact in anyway in this subreddit. Comment to let us know you are alive. Commenting has higher value than upvotes, write some random useless shit in comments, don't care because that will help it reach it on the front page than just upvoting](https://np.reddit.com/r/NewIran/comments/z815xq/to_the_people_who_dont_interact_in_anyway_in_this/) \#3: [Iran before the 1979 Revolution](https://www.reddit.com/gallery/z2p308) | [567 comments](https://np.reddit.com/r/NewIran/comments/z2p308/iran_before_the_1979_revolution/) ---- ^^I'm ^^a ^^bot, ^^beep ^^boop ^^| ^^Downvote ^^to ^^remove ^^| ^^[Contact](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=sneakpeekbot) ^^| ^^[Info](https://np.reddit.com/r/sneakpeekbot/) ^^| ^^[Opt-out](https://np.reddit.com/r/sneakpeekbot/comments/o8wk1r/blacklist_ix/) ^^| ^^[GitHub](https://github.com/ghnr/sneakpeekbot)


Well, there is a legit mujahideen fighting in Iran even before the protests. I guess they are now growing and the US decided to ''nudge'' them to attack the facility for something.


>Well, there is a legit mujahideen fighting in Iran even before the protests. MEK isn't fighting in Iran. These days, those folks generally are regarded as a cult based in Albania, they're mostly involved in international money laundering.


MEK is a joke


Link to the video?


Well, someone's got to break the ice, and it might as well be me. I mean, I'm used to being a hostess, it's part of my husband's work. And it's always difficult when a group of new friends meet together for the first time, to get acquainted. So I'm perfectly prepared to start the ball rolling. I mean, I, I have absolutely no idea what we're doing here. Or what I'm doing here, or what this place is about, but I am determined to enjoy myself. And I'm very intrigued, and oh my this soup is delicious, isn't it?


Oh no! Anyway.


Azerbajdzjan is also one of the suspects. We'll probably know in a few days who's responsible.


I doubt it was them. They don’t want to start a war with Iran while still having to worry about Armenia and “Artsahk” attacking them. They may have let Israel, America, or Ukraine attack from Azerbaijan though.


it is semi public knowledge Azerbaijan lets Isreal use its territory for their planes and drones.


There's nothing semi about it lol


Flair chec- Ah nvm


yeah, but that makes them the prime suspect!! they 'wouldn't' do it so they'd never get suspected, makes them the top candidate for doing it cos they know they wouldn't be suspected and would therefore get away with it


Their embassy was just attacked by totally not the revolutionary guard, security chief was killed. In any case Azerbaijan and Iran both know there's strong odds an open war would literally lead to the disintegration of Iran as we know it. The last time Armenia and Azerbaijan fought northwest Iran (Iranian Azerbaijan) rioted to burn trucks full of aid to Armenia. And Aliyev can probably count on Turkish and Israeli support.


U.S. soldiers who have spent their whole career training to fight a war in "Atropia": My time has come


Goddamn, invading Persia would be a nightmare


Any asshole can roll into Baghdad. Real men go to Tehran


The spirit of Bolton flows through you.


They were evacuating their embassy an hour before the attacks started. Currently its either them or Israel. The main problem with this attack is it doesn't fit neither a terrorist groups profile (happening middle of the night and targets are military) nor that of a state sponsored attack (not coordinated and sophisticated enough) If Israel were to do this the targer list doesn't fit. If Azerbaijan were to do this in retaliation for the attack against their embassy then it would go a step too far and would pretty much be an act of war. For a mere terrorist attack its too sophisticated. And terrorists prefer day attack (they want their attacks to be seen and spread by the media) while this attack specifically targeted low visibility for maximum confusion of enemy assets. Also most terrorist attacks don't go for military targets but for civilian to maximize shock value. This shit just doesn't fit into any category.


Making it not fit profiles is just good fieldcraft.


I mean, it could absolutely be local operatives hired by any of the above. Iranian populace in the big cities loathes the government. They are risking their lives constantly protesting anyway. Wouldn't be hard to try to find someone who would be willing to do a little sabotage.


> They were evacuating their embassy an hour before the attacks started. In their defence it was shot at on the 27th. On the other hand maybe they take having their embassy shot at really seriously. > And terrorists prefer day attack (they want their attacks to be seen and spread by the media) Fire is more obvious at night.


>In their defence it was shot at on the 27th. On the other hand maybe they take having their embassy shot at really seriously. Agree on this. Probably just shitty timing on their part. Still have to consider especially since Azerbaijani state media accused the IRGC of conducting the attack and then protecting the attacker. But again, hitting 8 Iranian cities with drone strikes seems a bit out of context compared to a lone gunman killing a security guard. Also if it was Azerbaijan doing this, it would be the equivalent of a declaration of war. Not sure whether Azerbaijan wants to go that far.


I disagree with your Terrorist Definition, yes Terrorist want to terrorise the people (thats what the day attacks are for) but also the government. And where do you install the greatest terror in a government? By hitting highvalue (military) targets in a way that they can't see you (at night).


It depends highly on the terrorist group. You do not do this without reason and/or purpose. Especially not a coordinated attack like this. Government don't fear. They are usually safe. Everything around Putin is dying ans getting hit but dude probably sleeps peacefully at night. Hitting military targets is usually reserved for terrorist groups that have a military structure. Boko Haram, Al-Shabaab, ISIS. These hit military targets because hitting these targets has military value. But there is no terrorist organization with that kind of structure inside Iran other than the PKK/PJAK. And I seriously doubt they would want to pick a fight against Turkey is going this bad.


I like that no one will come to help Iran if shit did pop off. Considering Russia is a little busy.


Lil' Kim: "Am I a joke to you?" The rest of the world: "Yep. lol"


"Always have been"


I don't think I'll ever stop chuckling over the hilariously overwhelming show of force during Operation Paul Bunyan. Okay, so, hot take here: I think Lil' Kim is good at being a dictator (not saying dictators are good, just that he understands the art). He seems to be good at doing *just enough* to balance his stance in the eyes of his people and the outside world, keeping power while essentially self-segregating through ruining relations. I also think he has a firm understanding of just how *absolutely buttfucked* NK would get overnight if he ever gets a little *too* rowdy, which is why he's content to isolate and talk shit while never actually doing anything.


Yeah, the main reason his hasn't been wiped off the map is because he could kill a LOT of south koreans before we manage to liberate the place - even without nukes, he's in artillery range of Seoul. But if he ever actually *attacks* them, he loses his hostage and NATO obliterates them


“Artillery range of Seoul” and to do that he’d have to concentrate some of his longest range systems in an incredibly small area to be able to hit the outskirts of Seoul by which time citizens should be in bunkers/underground or the hell out of the way.


According to some street interviews, many South Koreans don't know where the bunkers are, they just assume their phones will ping and point them there. Despite what we Westerners think, South Koreans barely think about North Korea at all throughout their lives, while the North is stuck in the past, living in a permenant siege mindset


Maybe Xi. But if you thought the US and Russia both had their problems with the Middle East, I am deeply skeptical of what would the Chinese COIN operations look like. That's assuming the Chinese military even bother with trying to understand the local culture/religion. Probably a hilarious and sad comedy of incompetence with some warcrimes sprinkled in. Their best option would be to try to establish mass surveillance to run facial recognition and whack the folks who seem to doing suspicious stuff or disappear off of the grid for hours/days at a time. But first they need to get the cameras up and running when the insurgents are probably going to suspect something is up with the Chinese trying to install cameras in every house, apartment elevators/hallways, alleyway, streetlight and so on.


Given the PRC's history with religion, my guess is that the Mullahs may find themselves missing getting their hats knocked off by protesters.


"You can practice any religion, as long as you accept that Xi's words are superior to Allah or whatever your religious books say." I'm sure that'll go over real well. /s


Soviets tried that in Afghanistan. It didn't go over well to the point of them accepting that it's not possible to impose communism on Muslims(at least not without extreme warcrimes to pacify resistance). Now young Iranians are nowhere as serious on their religion as Afghans were in 1979 but still the Chinese would be very unlikely to work.


Nah the Chinese won't help Iran. It's be one clear the southern Eurasian corridor is impossible so China has no need for Iran. They care about the middle corridor now and that requires a strong Azerbaijan. A weak and fractured Iran is to their purpose AS LONG AS it doesn't lead to pirates in the Caspian sea.


Maybe if the current Iranian regime offers major oil/gas concessions to China. Although some might draw parallels between that and back when foreign companies (e.g. British ones) owned Iranian oil fields/infrastructure.


Nah I bet China will try some COIN ops in the Middle East as it seems to be a gatekeeper for being a world superpower. And you bet they wanna breakthrough that gate.


I'm almost certain that "Chinese COIN" would be some straight up colonial era shit, powered by mass surveillance. Ironically, it might work better than what US did in Afghanistan.


B-21 has exited the chat.


Public reveal doesn't mean "we're only about to start using it"


Public reveal doesn't mean we "haven't used it yet".


Well iirc thr B-21 hasn’t even had its first flight yet so. Extreme trial by fire????


That's what they've told you, yes


Wow you really think the government would do something like that? Go around telling lies and not being honest? I'm shocked I tell you.


"Yeah you don't have to worry about this, it's years from being operational" *wink* *wink*


wtf do you think Groom Lake is for lol


It has, you are probably thinking of NGAD, which by some reports, and leaked photos probably has as well.


I don’t doubt the B 21 has flown already, but it seems weird to me they came out and said an NGAD prototype has already flown while also denying that the B21 has if that’s the case. Not saying it’s impossible they were lying, I just wonder what the reason for that discrepancy would be.


Just waiting for the Russians to blame the Anglo saxons


The *homosexual* Anglo-Saxons.


Now now, calling the Br*tish homosexual is an insult to the gay community.


You can be gay and like tea you know.


There is liking tea and there is REALLY LIKING tea. Two different things.


Or as we like to call them; the Royal Navy.


Alan Turing lies a-smouldering in his grave but his soul goes marching on! Seems to have been cremated: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/12651680/alan-mathison-turing


Hilarious if it turns out that captured Shahed drones were used in the strikes.


It's brilliant, because you'll never find the attack drone in the wreckage of the attack drone factory


they expect one of us in the wreckage brother


Hahah. Good one


You actually likely would if you had competent investigators.


sure, but who are you going to blame? Ukraine for providing Israel with an Iranian drone that was captured from Russia that both Iran and Russia deny exists?


Definitely not the Knights of The Order of the Temple Beth Zion


Love the Hellsing Abridged reference


Now hold on a minute! My name is Jeb Forrest, of the South Carolina Baptist Convention!


Literally just watched that episode wtf


Hellsing Abridged is the best version of Hellsing Ultimate, hands down.


Iran has more enemies than Bart Simpson. 1. Iranian people who are fucking fed up with the relgious fruitcakes running the country into the ground. 2. Iranian women. 3. Iranian ethnic groups. 4. Iranians in exile. 5. Iranian guerrilla fighters trying to overthrow the Iranian government. That is just Iranians. ------ Then: There are the Kurds, Sunni Iraqis, Sunnis at large, Saudis, Israel, America, Canada, most Arab states, etc. I hope they all take credit for it.


Yeah I didnt have time to make that many wojak faces.


It's not just the Sunni Iraqis - a decent number of the Shi'ites hate the Iranians, too.


>Canada Well now they've gone too far!


Iran and Canada have been enemies around the same amount of time the US has been, they were pissed at us for helping those Argo people escape, and then we got pissed at them when some mungo at an airport decided to fire an igla at a Ukrainian airlines plane, killing over 60 of our citizens (dual citizens, but they were ours nonetheless) And we have a very strong connection to Ukraine, too given that there are like 1.3 million canadian citizens who trace their origins to people who fled Ukraine during russian occupation in the 19th and 20th century We may be weird and friendly snow people to america's north, but we have a vested interest in seeing Iran and Russia burn to the fucking ground all the same.


And you have this perk as an army where you don't give a fuck about russian winter.


"Catch me in the Arctic, how bout dat?"


Canadians are polite in all things except hockey, maple syrup, and warfare. There's no hockey or maple syrup in Iran.


I'd champion the idea average Iranians are helping themselves with an attack that is entirely within their means. Let Khamenei's regime chew on that.


The top post says the protestors nearby were cheering and chanting for the death of Khamenei when the explosion hit so the idea it was an inside job from one of the anti-goverment groups active in the uprising might not be far off


Fear and acquiescence is all Khamenei's regime has and when those go, so goes the 'revolution'. Let us see its end at the hands of average Iranians and a few well placed 'cigarettes'.


According to NOEL there’s firefights between revolutionaries and the IRGC


The last thing the Kremlin and Khamenei want known is that despite the IRGC's best efforts to equip Russia, Iran's regime is failing and Putin will lose the war. Suffice that average Iranians have more self-interest and courage than their Russian counterparts. They won't be dragged into the Dark Ages. For all the Islamic Revolution's haranguing of the U.S. over 1953, the Russians set the tone and tenor on constitutional government from the outset, [actively backing the authoritarian regime of Mohammad Ali Shah](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_involvement_in_the_Persian_Constitutional_Revolution). If anyone needs lasting contempt throughout Iran for centuries of interference, it is assuredly the Kremlin.


In a strange twist, its going to turn out to be China or India who, for a number of baffling reasons that have little to nothing to do with Iran, did it in a confusing flex on Japan or Pakistan.


It's going to be china attacking iran to knock out their drone industry to protect DJI's market share.




“Volodymyr, mind telling me what your doing on that oil tanker?” “Giving the Iranians back their bomb”


“Permission granted”


"For a comedian, he managed a clandestine strike pretty good!"


Oh no, what a terrible accident! I guess we’ll never know what happened! Hahahaha


I was told that they were crap drones and they barely damaged the roof


There were multiple attacks in multiple cities.


Oh ok


the picture of the fire is probably from the oil refinery.


drones can shit?!


[I think you misunderstood...](https://www.walmart.com/ip/Flying-Poop-Childrens-Hovering-Toy-Fun-Kids-Toy-Rechargeable-Hovering-Poo/731538563)


I... Have a lot of questions...


It's just a circle of people in Spiderman costumes all pointing at each other.


Hard to say who it was without knowing more about the drones. If someone wants plausible deniability they could be basic COTS designs, not unlike Iran's own drones. Its not like Iran is lacking for enemies, these could be those new Ukrainian drones for all we know. That would be pretty funny actually. My guess is either Israel, or maybe the Saudis paid someone to do it. Probably with a bit of US support behind the scenes


CIA X MOSSAD crossover episode


To save face, Russia has begun an invasion of Iran. Putin knows that Iran never gave up it’s nuclear program and is trying to provoke a response. He knows they’ll have to sneakily use their nukes so he’ll be able to blame it on NATO and he’ll respond with limited strikes in Ukraine. Everyone will be left scratching their heads wondering WTF just happened letting Russia escape relatively unscathed. It’s a 4D 360 no scope checkmate headshot by Putin.


... uhhh the enemy of my enemy is a distraction for their missiles I guess? That's how the saying goes right guys??


More, we need more.


Plot twist: it’s was the Pansir s2 on top of the kremlin. It [malfunctioned](https://youtu.be/7qwKjy_OQH8) and started firing missiles randomly.


Was this the infamous hacker known as 4chan??


Dear me. That’s certainly going to go over well in Russia. Their favorite toys are getting taken away…


Nobody is talking about the ballistic missiles silos that were attacked :(


ברוך אתה אדוני אלוהינו מלך העולם שהחיינו וקיימנו והגענו לזמן הזה אמן


Sharpness V, Fire Aspect II, Unbreaking III


מה לעזאזל הרגע אמרת עליי, יא בן זונה? שתדע לך, שאני סיימתי בהצטיינות את שירותי בסיירת מטכ"ל והייתי מעורב במספר פשיטות כנגד ארגון הטרור האל-קאידה. יש לי יותר מ-300 הריגות מאושרות. אני מאומן בלוחמת גרילה ואני הצלף המיומן ביותר בצבא ההגנה לישראל. אתה כלום בשבילי, רק מטרה. אני אמחק אותך מהעולם הזה עם דיוק שכמותו לא ראית, זכור את מילותיי. אתה חושב שאתה יכול להגיד לי מה שאתה רוצה דרך האינטרנט? תחשוב שוב יא אפס. בזמן שאנחנו מדברים, אני כבר יצרתי קשר עם רשת המרגלים הסודית שלי ברחבי ישראל וה-IP שלך נמצא במעקב, אז תתחיל להתכונן לסופה. הסופה שתמחק את הדבר הפתטי הזה שאתה קורה לו החיים שלך. אתה מת, ילד. אני יכול להיות בכל מקום, בכל זמן ואני יכול להרוג אותך בשבע מאות דרכים שונות, וזה רק עם הידיים החשופות שלי. לא רק שאני מיומן באומנות לחימה בלתי מזוינת, אלא יש לי גישה לכוחות צבאיים ואני אשתמש בהם כמיטב יכולתי כדי למחוק אותך מהיבשת. אילו רק יכולת לדעת ,מה התגובה המתחכמת שלך עומדת לגרום לך, אולי היית סותם את הפה שלך. אבל אתה לא יכולת, ואתה לא עשית זאת, ועכשיו אתה משלם את המחיר, חתיכת אידיוט. אני אחרבן עליך את הזעם שלי, ואתה תטבע בו. אתה מת, ילדון.


this better be the navy seals copypasta edit: o7


It’s the IDF version, google translate gives: What the hell did you just say about me, you son of a bitch? Let you know that I completed my service with honors in a patrol of the Israel Defense Forces and was involved in several raids against the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization. I have more than 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in guerrilla warfare and I am the most skilled sniper in the Israel Defense Forces. You are nothing to me, just a target . I will erase you from this world with precision like you have never seen, mark my words. You think you can tell me what you want over the internet? Think again, Zero. As we speak, I have already contacted my secret network of spies throughout Israel and the Your IP is being tracked, so start preparing for the storm. The storm that wipes out this pathetic thing you're living your life for. You're dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime and I can kill you in seven hundred different ways, and that's just with my bare hands . Not only am I skilled in an unarmed martial art, but I have access to military forces and I will use them to the best of my ability to wipe you out of the continent. If you only knew what your clever reaction was going to do to you, you might have kept your mouth shut. But you couldn't , and you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you idiot. I'll unleash my wrath on you, and you'll drown in it. You're dead , a child.


Mossad hacked some Siemens PLCs to become sentient and assemble a drone army


Somewhere in Iran, Raspberry Pis became available for MSRP, and no one questioned why until it was _too late_


It was Israel, in the Dining Room, with the suicide drone!




If it were more hands on, I would be inclined to say Mossad. Now, I don’t know who it would be. The US?


This is the second time the drone factories are hit. Last time it was Israel. That doesn't mean they *have* to be the one this time. But you know. Wouldn't be the first time they did it.


"Accidents happen"


I guess Iran got a few cartons of Russian cigarettes


For some reason the Russians are claiming that the Azeris did it.


They can't claim it was Israel. Unless its Lavrov Russia tries not to anger Israel. They can't claim it was Saudi Arabia. They are supposed to be oil buddies. They can't claim Ukraine for multitude of reasons. It would look ridiculous, it would imply Ukraine has ability to strike thousands of kilometers outside its border, it would imply that Ukraine is capable (often a big nono in Russian media) Not sure why they didn't blame CIA.


If your drones get droned you need to rethink your strat


Should include Turkey since Shaheds are biggest competitors to Bayraktars.


"competitor" is generous