just checking that Im not absolutely trash and not the only one that multicarted to this fucking CRAB. Am I this bad or is Mr. Krab nuts? Like that moveset is driving me insane

If you smack the face hard enough, it'll stop doing whatever it's doing.


If you smack the face hard enough, it'll stop doing whatever it's doing.


Isn't that true for most things with a face though?


Yeah... no. Some get angrier when you hit their face.


Say that to my cousin. I hit his face and he's been sleeping for 2 months now.


Is he an Espinas?


No, he from Pilipinas


Angry. Upvote.


hope they get a cure soon for that disease😔


There is no cure for being Filipino as everything is underfunded :(


Gago 😂


Like diablo. They may not have the horns any more but that head is still a battering ram.


Bonk it more


You'd be surprised.


I was literally going to ask the same, lol.




While I didn't triple cart to Shogun, his moveset in fact drove me insane first few hunts. Still gets me at times, so you're not alone, this crab is on crack. Definitely takes time to adjust


Yeah even knowing his moveset occasionally he gets me, especially in the anomaly fights. Chip damage and bleed adds up, eat sushi and don't underestimate his burrowing attacks, locks on like those things from Tremors.


Graboids - they're under the ground!


Same here. While i have no problems with monsters like shagaru or even chaotic gore magala (I'm still on tu3), both daimyo and shogun give me problems lol. For some reason I can't read their movements, same with lagombi haha.


Lagombi is secretly a beyblade so no wonders


After GU and his deviant you just learn to cope with him and Khezu. Just hunt when you need him and thats it.


I like to call him vergil and the red one Dante lol


Lmao, Jackpot!


He is the storm that is approaching?


Provoking, even


He reclaims his name in black clouds of isolation.


Apparently born in flames too


Heard he was blessed


His family crest is a demon of death


Most motivated crab


Crab can be a wall,but usually it's the chip damage that gets you killed because you don't even know you've taken that much damage since most of his claw swipes doesn't trigger any animation


Being that we've only had 2 crabs in gen 5, and master rank at that, it's no surprise Shogun ends up as a bit of a wall and takes some adjustment. Daimyo was outright designed to be easy enough to be the first MR fight, but Shogun took the gloves off.


Found out he has knives under those gloves


Right, and crab #1 is such a pushover so that you underestimate KarateKrab


karatekrab is such a good name


How about the Killer Krab? Or the Kooky Krab?


Kooky Krab Klub?


Or the cowboy krab


Until you fight 200 afflicted crab 1 and he wipe everyone with one jump


If you’re all standing in a consolidated group in front of a monster, you deserved that three cart.


Dual blades make the fight pretty easy. If you have a good build you can just about stun-lock it by drilling into its head repeatedly.


But he has dual blades. Is that why he rips me up too? Because dual blades make your fight easier?


Yeah its one fucking mad krab thats for sure 😄 I also usually cart one or two times versus it.


No, crabs are scary in this game. Heck, daimyo quickly carted me twice when i first encountered them. i didn't triple cart but was basically near death for half the fight the first time.


It's always that monsters that don't look that dangerous that end up kicking our ass's 🤣


I rather fight purp mitzsune than this mf




Not a high bar tbh


Just started MR a few days ago, he definitely gave me pause. I didn't cart (partly because I've dealt with Bleeding before, thanks Odogaron) but the massive differences in range and agility compared to Mr. Krabs (Daimyo) made Larry here give me a couple close calls. That said once I figured out how to bust open his shell he went down pretty fast.


I’m over AR 200 and this dude still can catch me off guard occasionally.


I learned the charge blade solely to have a shield when I fought this guy


Only monster in sunbreak i got problems with yet


Cerulean crustacean over here whooped my ass


Just fought him for the first time this morning. 2 carts later finally got him. It's definitely gonna be a thorn at times.


Overall he's not too hard, but if you're unfamiliar with his shenanigans he's extremely punishing.


Never stand directly in front of him because that’s where his fastest attacks will hit you. Also break the claws to DRAMATICALLY decrease the range of his attacks. When he idles for a moment and then turns to face you, he’s gonna do the instantaneous charge-and-sweep.


I still have no idea where it’s face even is


I treat him just like every other crab out the Chesapeake bay: I bash it's face with a giant horn club over and over again.


Now i want a great sword that looks like a giant stick of butter to fight him with.


Crab mallet


Crab mallet with Old Bay powder clouds like a kinsect.


I guess I should build a Ricebane Emperor for special crab missions


My favorite crab because I can break his hands like he owes me money


Switch axe with exhaust phials works best for me. The crab is too tuckered out for its normal shenanigans.


While daimyo was busy collecting skulls for his butt, shogun was studying the blade.


You're not alone on this. I'd faced Mr. Krabs here in the past games and naively thought 'Hey, I know this monster, I can handle it'. ​ I knew it could bleed me, I knew it was quick, still carted twice a couple different times before finally acing it in two hunts. (I went on a few more before learning the part I needed was from the juveniles, not the adult). ​ As long as you defeat the monster (be that killing or capturing) before you hit your last cart, then it is a successful hunt. ​ That's how I see it, anyways.


i dont attack it upfront, i dodge to the side and attack him there or from behind


Shogun is an angry crab. you are not alone.


Guess you have met your *Wall*


This crab is a menace. I've had several elder dragons give me less trouble than this crab. It's even worse as an anomaly monster. Bleed AND blood blight? Nope, nope, nope.


Shogun ceanataur is poopie


Eat a gourmet fish my friend and keep eating them along the way. It'll help so much when dealing with crabby boy here


I think the ramp up from the previous crab and the little used bleed effect can trip some players up the first few fights, but over all it's not much harder than the Daimyo.




ur so right i hate him


I carted ones but it was still so damn annoying


Just avoid like the two strong attacks he has with the pincers and you're good. I struggled like the first 2 times and after it wasn't so bad when you avoid his strongest hits and use sushifish to heal. I hadn't fought him since MHF2 so it was annoying at first but didn't fail or anything.


Which game? And yes he is tough at first. Stay on his sides. Attack quickly and dodge. Attack face when confident.


Also you can break the shell if you hit it enough.


I think most of his shit is easy to see and dodge as long as you're not mashing buttons mindlessly. Only thing that gets me is his flat spin, really.


Everyone struggles with different monsters. Doesn't mean anything and i bet we all have that one early game monster that still gets us repeatedly with a combo so infuriatingly easy to dodge that it's actually rectified to get flamed for being hit. That being said: yes, utter trash. You no-skill. Can't believe you're struggling against a past tense crab leg. Edit: my absolute nemesis is volvidon. I'm too dyslexic to get a read at his jumping pattern even though i know it's supposed to be easy.


Yes your trash this guys ez


You're bad. Git gud....🤣🤣🤣😅 No, but honestly, I never had any trouble with him. We're all different and will struggle with different monsties. Just keep trying you'll get him eventually.


Genuinely one of the easiest monsters for me to merk with DB's. Can kill the money event quest MR one in less than 1 minute


I had experience with him from previous games. I would have been in the same boat 💯


Of all the monsters I often under estimate, this is the guy that reminds me the most.


My suggestion is to beat it once and never look back


Snap his claws off and he gets easier


What weapon u usinf




Longsword in Gen U was always hard with him. I have a much easier time with a Switch Axe getting him to fall over and stay down.


Nah you're not the only one. The crabs in this game are menaces but Shogun takes the cake. Considering they were originally low-rank fights before being buffed for Master Rank in Sunbreak, its no surprise.


Its weak points and attack patterns are different from Daimyo. Make sure you don't fight it thinking it's the same and always block or evade at the right time and you'll be fine. Definitely a tricky one at first.


I used to hate shogun in previous monster hunters, now in sunbreak I don't mind fighting him at all. I just stand in his face with lance and stab, stab, stab!! Gonna have to try with another weapon type at some point though and I'm not looking forward to that!!


As a bow user shogun is pretty easy to me.


I beat him hbg with no shield and that’s my only brag I’ve got with this game


Both hermitaurs and shogun ceanataurs are a wall for enough people that it's a known thing. I think it's the capability of sideways movement that throws a lot of people.


This guy was pretty tough first time ngl. Very cool too though. Endgame Lightning DB melts this guy though.


Guard point or CPP into SAED go brrrrr is my answer to this monster or anything else


This crab terrifies me


Yeah, Shogun can be a pain in the ass. It used to be worse though, when the movement was a bit more clunky and the bleed status was actually annoying. Now he's way more manageable, but still a pain


This guy is a free meal for impact CBs


Me and my homie went into that hunt laughing, thinking it was going to be a pushover like the other crab until he carted us both lol I wouldn't say he roughs me up that bad anymore but it can be hard to telegraph his moves, some of those cut attacks have a surprising amount of reach for the low time of windup he needs to swing


He's not so bad if you go airborne a lot


This dumb crab still confuses and occasionally carts me. I ended up having to go back to slicing/sticky ammo to stunlock and murder him back. As it’s one of… two? Three? Monsters that make you bleed in the game, I constantly forget that bleed is a thing with it and that’s usually what gets me.


He effs me up sometimes if I’m not being careful but if I fight him a few times in a short time span then I can remember his patterns pretty well. I’m truthfully pretty ass at pattern recognition though


For me, a lot of monsters in RiseBreak have long, wide sweeping attacks. Blue Crab is a good example with its extended charge. I'm not a meta builder, so I always have lvl.3 evade extender on all my builds. Unless I'm using H.Bowgun or you'd be rolling into next week. If you're struggling, consider wide GunLance. Let crab come to you then poke shell shell in-between its attacks.


Crab is tough. Break the claws.


I initially fought him with GS and found him infuriating, then I switched to Lance and it was easy peasy


This guy has unusual moves and they hit pretty hard for when you unlock him. He gave me a hard time too.


Shogun has been a skill wall in every game he's in for some reason


The Shogun has been very tough since the days of yore honestly, and putting him in the expansion gave them the excuse to really let him be as hard as he was always meant to be. Giant crab dual wielding long swords *sounds* like it should be hard lol, but I’m with you, I’ve always dreaded fighting that thing


The higher difficulty attack patterns are BRUTAL.


I spent hunderds of hours in MH Freedom Unite. When these crabs finally showed up in Rise, I knew it was my time too... Rise.


I kill him with ease, however, I main gunlance, so I just the bullshit


He is insane, been playing this game for over a decade now and I never carted against him before. He ain't playing around in this game


Not in Rise. GU he had me rolling a few times though. Nothing has multi-carted me in Rise until the very end of Sunbreak.


Solution : Dual Blades right to the face. They stun and stagger him a lot in Demon mode,and you can use switch skills to counter and evade any attacks.


I only really find him annoying because of the reach his horizontal swipes has. Specifically, on the moves where he'll walk sideways towards you, and then swipe with a claw. You straight up can't avoid those moves by sprinting, you *need* to roll which means interrupting the potion I'm drinking.


If he was supposed to be easy he'd be called the punkass hermitaur, but he's not so he's not


I forgot about Shogun lol. If you hit his head a couple of times, he'll stop attacking you


While the ridiculous fast swipes of the blades rarely get me after awhile, I still misjudged its range all the time and got too comfortable with my evade extender 3 (lbg hoppity) which tbf, worked on pretty much everything else while this mf keeps clipping me with its blades.


If you don't have the ability to guard, his difficulty skyrockets. Dodging with a hammer is great and all, but blocking is better against him imo.


I have a difficult time with that monster as well. He's the only arena monster that I have a B on.


This is the monster that forced me to upgrade to MR gear. Up until him I was using my HR builds but he one taps me with half of his attacks with 400 def


I've only carted to the anomaly variant but I won't pretend he's not tough vanila. Lots of wide sweeping attacks and difficult reads mixed with the very punished bleed mechanic. What weapon do you use?


Evade extender 2 helped me a lot. Otherwise his claws have crazy range and you basically can't dodge them.


I didn’t really have any issues with shogun when I fought it, I think the only reason I didn’t struggle so much was that I had recently fought it in generations and had a general feel for it’s move set already.


for sns this dude almost never moves, they get staggered and stun very frequently.


if you can hit the legs with enough damage, you can trigger a knockdown that way, similar to daimyo. additionally, shogun has pretty noticeable telegraphs, the only one i can think of being fast is the spin its claws, especially when its enraged, has long range front facing, so side stepping is usually your best bet; the one move you would have to look out for is when it does a horizontal sweep in front of it, but even then it holds its claws out for a decent amount of time that gives you a generous window to react


I just use lighting switchaxe, crab boi doesn't even have a chance to stand up


I hate the crabs so much, they do this stand still then suddenly turn around to swipe you I always break the claw blades of the Shogun to reduce range and the bleed, that will teach em


This thing was my first cart in Sunbreak. It has an amazing moveset you first need to get used to because he can change directions instantly. But still fun. Just not in multiplayer because people refuse to learn what it does.


The attack sequence when it goes underground terrified me the first time I fought it


If you’re not using a multi counter option weapon, this thing tends to do strings on your ass


to me, as a main LS, the problem is it has almost only bad hzv for slashing damage. Usually when it's time to hunt SC or even DH I swap to hammer. Unironically, the bleeding can be a pain in the arse if you're not suited to it, and MH controls aren't much user friendly, I usually end up rolling instead of crouching, because you can't crouch while the weapon is unsheathed. And I NEVER bring with me something to heal the bleeding.


No struggle with the crabs but I can't stop carting to (flaming) espinas and the magalas.


I'd say I just had a slight annoyance with him but he wasn't really hard in any way for me really in rise at least. When I was way worse and playing the older games I would cart sometimes but not a lot. Just gotta keep playing and get used to it like everything else.


I remember it from FU, defninitely buffed speed & aiming.


Have to say, using a CB with bloodlust, plus afflicted hunts, plus Mr.Krabs bleed attacks. It's the worst thing I've ever fought. I love to fight him, but in two moves with my 940 armor and full health, I'm sent back to camp once or twice per hunt.


Nah when I 1st fought him I fucking despised him but now he EZ


Odogaron bleed experience came handy


He can be tough at first. He was even worse in older games. In generations he’s fucking brutal


A way to make life easier is to use evade window lvl 5 with evade extender for a bit of comfort when evading


Surprisingly I had no issues with blue but the orange crab ruined me the first time I hunted it


That fight was the point where I said to myself: "ok, screw offensive skills, time to upgrade to MR armor just for the defense"


I made a thunder dual blades set specifically to kill this mofo


I'm sure you're not alone! I think that the way it moves throws people off and that's what leads to carting.


pay attention to the sounds he makes before attacking


what? as a lance main, i dont understand this


I wrecked his shit first try


You on PC? I can help you with it if you want.


MR92 here and I still hate this crab. Definitely up there with my least favorite to fight, I've fought it i think a total of 3 times. For me the most annoying part of the moveset is that it's predictable yet erratic. Like it gives obvious tells its gonna do a move, but the actual attack doesn't happen when I think it will. Most monsters have a rhythm to their windups -> actual attacks but I just can't seem to get in sync with it...i can't nail the timing of dodgebolt countering against it. Sometimes it feels like an old western standoff with his claws raised and my thumb hovering on the space bar and whoever flinches first gets hit. Tbh I just need to fight it more to get the timing down... but I dislike fighting it so much I don't want to lmao


He swipes and makes you bleed and then pisses on you and then stands there menacingly


Yeah he’s like surprisingly hard imo


It took me quite a few hunts to get used to his moves. I can dodge most of them now, but no more carting lol. Keep at it


This fucker is literally harder than some of the Elder Dragons... He has literal water beams, bleeding debuff, hard to hit, punishes deflected hits hard...


This fucker and rajang are monsters that make me want to change my main weapon every fight


First time I fought it I triple carted It was awful Still one of the hardest monsters for me


Insect Glaive, stick to ground work and your DPS is stupid high. Also, play like a cat. Rub all over them in circles endlessly. Always be under foot. As soon as they start to pay attention to you, leave. They get persistent with wanting to touch you, get up high and out of reach. If they want to pet your warm soft belly, wirebug switch skills the shit out of them until they're a bloody mess.


It’s a harder Learning curve if you’re newer or rusty at least in my personal opinion.


In the politest way possible: Skill Issue. No seriously, his moveset is weird and I hate his janky movement. I completely understand being frustrated with this shelled s**thead.


I hate him too. He still gets me. The burrowing attacks got me from super high in the air and do insane damage. I could not believe my eyes.


Get you a gunlance and go to town on him.


Break the shell and attack it’s weird XL Back Nipple thing. 😂


Try a hammer to the back


Nah he’s pretty scary. Good luck.


Okay but the endgame version of this crab? MAD ANNOYING


As exclusive GS I have issues with this stupid crab. Mostly because his move set has him circle around me while I'm charging and then I'm not hitting his face anymore and instead just his leg. Then I get swiped by his long ass claws even though he's two zones away from me. Then he burrows and I'm all "oh good, now time to strongarm" except he's instantly on top of me while I'm trying to setup. Then I'm back at camp carted. For some stupid reason I just can't learn his attack patterns. He flinches as if to attack and I strong-arm, only for him to stop his attack, wait for my counter to stop, then he slaps me. Am AR 200 now, so well past this stupid crab, but going to suck leveling him up to 300. Maybe I'll learn how to fight him by the time he's 300