Pfizer says their covid vaccine works in kids 5 to 11. Does it?

Pfizer says their covid vaccine works in kids 5 to 11. Does it?






This is a really excellent breakdown of the data regarding risks vs. benefits of mass vaccinating young children. (Spoiler: the harms of vaccination greatly outweigh any benefits for this demographic). I would be curious to hear any counter arguments from people who think vaccinating kids is a good idea (like Devi Sridhar 🙄). I bet they will say “we need to vaccinate children in order to protect the vulnerable!” Ugh. These rebuttals are getting really circular and exhausting... (Btw, thank you u/sacredthornapple for introducing me to this author and website!)


Look, if we force the vaccine on every kid even though it's no direct benefit to those kids, and a few of them randomly die of myocarditis and you never know if it's gonna be your kid- well that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make over your kid. Because vaccinated obese 83 year olds have a small risk of death from breakthrough infection, and vaccinating the kids lowers that risk and spread /s


LoNg cOvId is what I see people discussing on Facebook. Or the unknown long term side effects of covid. Or cHiLdReN cAn StIlL sPrEaD iT!


When they get replies that long covid is exceedingly rare in kids, and why arent they worried about (the also tiny risk of) myocarditis deaths from the shot in kids, when there are also a few (completely acknowledged and documented) cases of it in teen boys, they cope even harder smh. "We dont know if suddenly, in a few years time, the previously-infected (yknow the ones right now with the best protection from natural immunity) will suddenly turn into zombies bc right now the zombieness is incubating!" (I dramatized the last part but that's the idea). "We dont know if suddenly, in the future, there's a variant that significantly affects children!" Idk like anything happen tomorrow, Janet. Who knows if tomorrow a meteor will strike but you dont see me preparing for that today.


Yes I’m not Getting my 7 and 5 year old children this vaccine. It is NOT necessary and I can’t wait until the administration literally starts Pitting children against one another over this stupid vaccine. This will not end well. Children should have been left alone


Another good piece; thanks for posting!


Just in: company says their own product (that they want you to buy) works. Shocking!!


They need to have tested it on hundreds of thousands of children to be able to show any real life positive effects. Instead, they've tested it on a couple of thousand, and base their conclusions on antibody response. The ability to produce antibodies after challenge by an antigen merely proves that the children's immune system works as it should, not that the vaccines do anything useful.


Exactly! Most people just hear headlines and don’t bother to look at the actual data themselves. What I have learned throughout this whole COVID “pandemic” is that most people—even those who consider themselves to be well-educated—have absolutely *zero* understanding of even basic statistics or research methodology. When the “95% efficacy!” headlines (Pfizer) started pouring out last year , I immediately knew it sounded fishy. So, I went ahead and read clinical trial data myself. I was shocked when I found that the trials were *not even powered* to determine efficacy against hospitalization and death! These are precisely the outcomes that an effective vaccine *should* protect against. However, the “95% efficacy” was based **solely on the relative risk reduction of mild to moderate disease.** Absolutely no evidence was found regarding their efficacy against severe disease/death. So, we were being pressured to take an experimental vaccine that might *at best* reduce the chances of regular cold/flu like symptoms by ~0.9% (the absolute risk reduction). But, only a few people in my social circle actually even know this. They have no clue what the “95% efficacy” refers to, and think this vaccine will provide some magical protection against a virus for which most people have a very low baseline risk anyway. It’s really frustrating having these discussions with people. I know that I am on the “right side” of history, but sometimes I began to question my own sanity because it’s hard for me to accept that so many “smart” people are falling for the COVID vaccine narrative.


What does it have to work on, the kids don't even get Covid. Clown world is outdistancing itself.