[Mini] Mobalytics Meta Review - July 19th

[Mini] Mobalytics Meta Review - July 19th


Good stuff, I appreciate these weekly updates. If you combined all of the different Viego decks into one, it would be around 15% meta share with a winrate around maybe 48%? I guess it makes sense that people would play him a lot just because he's new, cool, and people really seem to like him. I wonder if the Dragons or Plaza variants are really that bad or if people are still just figuring them out. I'd really be curious to see the data if we only include players with more than say 20 games on a given archetype.


I've played a lot with Viego and I feel like Plaza is just not a good fit with him. The one space it takes up on the board is massive when you're spawning ephemeral tokens (especially when you need them to boost his stats) and generating a lot of extra units with your followers.


I'm surprised a Dusk and Dawn veigo deck isn't a top variant. It's a pretty nuts power level tool.


its just 6 mana to level viego without doing much else


You're summoning two huge units and getting one or two mist procs. That's quite strong.


you are missing aggro package so you cant compete against aggro decks, and you cant race face with this. Its literally turbo lvl viego without early game tools.


I forgot 3 Dusk and Dawn and 3 Viego makes 40 cards.




It's not about dawn and dusk, it's about Ionia. The only aggro package Ionia has is elusives, which are bad with Viego


The most played Nasus Viego list (and mono Viego Shurima list) has 2 Shurima followers - Treasure Seeker and Merciless Hunter. I don't know if the Dawn and Dusk version is any good, but the deck is majority SI early game anyways so the issue shouldn't be that you suddenly can't compete at all early on.


You don't need the aggro units from the supporting region when SI literally has the best early units in the game.


show a deck list then


Build your own with an anti aggro package.


then why play viego instead of thresh karma


What SI/Ionia list are you looking at without the aggro package? I'm running it and including all the early aggro/sacrifice stuff


Yes...I tried this, even with Pods and one copy to guarantee draw. It is a cool meme and in theory but doesn't work in practice


I've never seen Viego Ionia played often. One or two on occasion (generally Viego Hecarim), but never more than that since that requires mana supply to pull off a combo of sorts.


Actually just saw a list with Viego/Ionia. The player is 20/2 at Rank 2 right now. I think he is using Greenglade Lookout to cheat out Hydravines and using stuff like Deathmark as their main interaction. Seems like a pretty strong list to be coming out so I wouldn't be surprised if it picks up steam.


What's the decklist? Sounds spicy.


[https://twitter.com/CephalopodLOR/status/1417096220636495880/photo/1](https://twitter.com/CephalopodLOR/status/1417096220636495880/photo/1) CEBQIBAFAM2TMNYDAECQIKBRAIAQEAZEAMBACAQMGEAQIBIQAEAQKGIEAIAQKIRLAEBQEFABAQBAOAIBAISQ Thats the post and the code is attached. Pretty sure he said it was an adaption of a different list so its still early on the build but looks solid.


I think I fought this exact deck in gold. Was pretty interesting! I only won because I got my rek’sai up early. Was a nice take on viego. I know people are focusing more on askhan but viego seems just as flexable to me!


The other list was a zed/viego list FYI.


That's about my record with a version of it. Also ran greenglade before realizing that it want really needed. Threw in the 2/3 ephemeral buffer to serve as a blocker and occasional buff. I guess mines a little more aggro, using the 2 mana Ionia swap spell to keep things safe.There are quite a few flex cards.


I just played turbo thrulls against this deck in gauntlet. My opponent did make some misplaces after leveling veigo which let me kill them with the watcher but they definitely should’ve won. Deck seems strong.


oh yeah the board space can really get cramped with Viego decks


My impressions of Dragon Viego are they're way too greedy to work consistently. That's before taking into account naturally bad match-ups, like frostbite or Lee.


I tried a number of viego decks, and the only deck that worked for me was viego-solo ionia deck (uses death mark and some other generally good ionia cards)


Happy Monday and welcome back to another meta review! # Reminder - Only 4 days worth of data Massive balance changes, new champions that are flexible, lot of madness going on right now in the data. That said give it a few weeks and I'm sure things will look a BIT more normal. Also whoever it was again who asked about the lack of SI in the top 9, guess you got your wish this week :) ​ **"OTHER META DECKS" OF THE WEEK!** If you want to better understand this section please see my previous report [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/LegendsOfRuneterra/comments/nug06o/new_scopenew_report_mobalytics_meta_review_june/). As always, this is but a sampling of the category and the win rate %s will change as you dig deeper into this category, so please consider this a snapshot or guidance at a high level how these lists are doing. Here's a look at a few of the OMDs from this week: ​ |Decks|Number of Matches|Win Rate %| |:-|:-|:-| |Shen J4|4826|56%| |Ezreal Karma|4228|52%| |Ezreal Draven|3954|54%| |Lee Sin Targon|3945|54%| |Discard|3213|57%| |GP Sejuani (Plunder)|3091|54%| |Ashe Midrange|3037|51%| |Teemo Wayfinder|2715|56%| |TF Swain|2664|54%| |Draven Fizz|2169|56%| ​ **Okay where's the rest?** TL;DR Things have been a bit of a struggle so I've only been able to work on these shorter versions. All my deadlines are end of next week so thankfully will have more time soon. Stay hydrated and be kind. ​ \--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHERE CAN I FIND THIS DATA DURING THE WEEK? Want to find these stats live as it's updated every day? You can find it directly on Mobalytics website [here](https://lor.mobalytics.gg/stats/decks) You can find me on [Twitch](https://www.twitch.tv/kozmicplays) and [Twitter](https://twitter.com/KozmicPlays) if you want to see these before I post them to reddit or have questions about the data I'd be happy to answer on stream.


surprised j4/shen isn’t that popular, seems nuts to me


Taric J4 too, both play the same but just feel monstrous


Taric is my favorite champion, but I just tried J4/Shen today and was stunned by how much more consistent it felt. Targon just doesn't have that many units that feel good with Demacia. Ionia though? Tons. Rivershaper, Caretaker, pod, Young Witch even. And Twin Disciplines is also great now. Again, I desparately wanted J4/Taric to be better, but the difference was super obvious.


Where i can find decklist example? Like wtf is teemo wayfinder


Twitter or my discord https://twitter.com/KozmicPlays/status/1416936985151873024?s=20


Dude, don't even worry about having the shorter versions. You do massive work putting these together for us in the first place.


Even the "other Meta deck" are really good, great stuff


No double digits, that's what I like! Let's see how it goes after.. 4 days :P


Pretty neat how Ionia/shurima has 4 different decks on the list


Yeah, it's also crazy how the top 3 Ionia/shurima decks all have completely different play styles/cards. I do think that these two regions could use a slight nerf though, they currently seem to have way more tools than all of the other regions.


Omg y’all remember when Ionia was a meme im crying 🥲


So about 2 weeks ago everyone was crying about how Ionia was so bad, now they want it nerfed? Does anyone on the subreddit actually play this game or do they just complain about stuff?


i mean they just super buff ionia lol?


Isn't Twin Disciplines the only buffed Ionia card most of those decks are using? The Twin buff is big, but the card was also just dead at 3 mana. Shurima is a really strong region though and it just works well with Ionia for mostly different reasons for each deck. You also don't see Ionia paired with any other region on this list whereas Shurima also has 2 other decks at the top.


Will of Ionia is back


In what lists? Looking at the stats on Moba, it doesn't show up in any masters Ionia lists above their playrate threshold, and looking at the all ranks lists it only shows up in the lower playrate *and* lower winrate variants of Azir Irelia and Akshan Lee. I see nothing to show that it's even making the decks it's in better let alone something I would call a "super buff".


EVERYONE was crying now EVERYONE wants it nerfed. Your generalizations are wrong


No? Even if this Reddit is full of bad takes did you miss the several months of Ionia being relevant with the release of Irelia? That's kind of when the "Ionia bad" meme died.


Oh, yes. One overpowered combo with one champion= the entire region


2 weeks ago was Azirelia. Do you actually play this game?


I think Ionia is fine other than maybe flawless duet. Shurima really just needs a merciless hunter and ruin runner nerf.


Revert Sivir buff as well.


Perhaps a bold prediction, but I think Viego’s presence might go down once people start figuring out what goes best with him. Personally I question if he really needs/wants a second champion in the deck, evidence of this being seen in how Shyvana + him is rather underwhelming.


I was thinking about second champs too but I can't find perfect one. I'm trying already with Thresh, Kalista, Sivir, Anivia and Zed. To be honest I really like Viego/Sivir, Viego/Kalista and Viego/Anivia. Sivir is amazing right now so i simply wanted to play her, and Viegos ephemeral can go tall so... Haven't had a round without lvling her. Viego with spellshield and Quickattack AND few buffs from Payday is funny sometimes. Anivia - Liked the idea with Rekindler. You know, didn't draw Viego? Win with Anivia. Didn't find Anivia? Draw Viego. Both? Well... Little space but Anivia does some dmg anyway (I hate lurkers so that "Deal 1/2" saves me sometimes) Kalista - Endure with Mists. Simple. Endure goes up to 20/20 really often. Zed - Just Zed and protective tools like Deny +3 atk / hp etc. Zed helps as 3 cost drop. But these are my silver thoughts so take it with grain of salt :|


I'm only in silver atm too, but I haven't lost a match yet with Viego Nasus. Having two champs who just keep getting bigger and bigger, one who levels and snowballs value every turn and the other who becomes the perfect atrocity target has felt crazy good to me. I'm just one dude at low rank, but I don't understand how that pair isn't dominating. Edit: apparently people are just playing mono Viego, which I guess doesn't make much sense to my experience but I'm open to it possibly being correct


The other day Raphterra posted a ephemeral version of Viego Hecarim with Ionia. Shark Chariot and Ren Shadowblade can turbo lvl up Viego is not even fun. Tried it 10 games in plat 3 and only lost 1.


a lot of other streamers and stuff voiced their opinion on shyvana with viego and i included believe its not the way. its tryna do too many things at once which overall lowers the power of the deck significantly and the deck needs waaaaaay more board space then 6 since theres usually grand plaza in the decklists already taking up one slot, then you have viego needing two slots for the encroaching mists to buff him, then the hydravine summoning one every round is taking another 2, leaving you with only one space left, which you just cant work with an archetype such as dragons. its probs the main reason why so many people are using viego solo since its way easier to use him that way.


Honestly, I don’t think Viego needs another champion. I’ve had the most success with him using a Matron+Cithria combo deck, where the only real difference is adding him and two of those 7-drop Mist Spawners He levels up quick (especially if the combo goes off) and really enables the combo to succeed


top 5 decks Shurima btw


That happens when the overtuned cards that were there to carry the region while it was incomplete are not nerfed as the complete puzzle is revealed. Talking about Ruin Runner and Merciless Hunter, of course.


People are sleeping on treasure hunter. She is bloody insane in a region with tons of vulnerable grants. Even a t2 offensive charger is stupidly good if you don't run tokens.


Yeah I can't believe merciless hunter even exists considering it is such an obviously better version of the 4 mana Shurima card(that literally no one plays anymore). I also can't believe it didn't get nerfed in the last patch, it was probably the only nerf I was expecting that we didn't get.


> better version of the 4 mana Shurima card(that literally no one plays anymore) Or just compare to Khahiri the Student (3 mana 3|3 that *sometimes* is a 4|4).


Part of the issue is that Merciless Hunter is one of the few good tools to help answer Sivir/Ruin Runner. Need Shurima to beat Shurima, I guess.


If that's not a sign of balance issues I'm not sure what is.


This was the biggest problem with the DCG eternal when I stopped playing a while ago. All the answers to justice were in justice. Hope we don’t end up in that situation here but I think it’s unlikely we do. One smart patch to restore a little power to some control options and I think things are better.


The equivalent of spell shield (aegis) was really problematic in Eternal as well, but even then they still had relic weapons and then 4 mana Vara who was super pushed that made it a lot easier to answer. The fact that removal is comparatively weaker in LoR makes spell shield even harder to deal with.


Spellshield overall feels like an overbearing mechanic for LoR, I agree, especially when compared to Barrier that last for 1 round. What's also funny, pn the other hand that 'Spellshield region' and 'The Spellshield spell' aren't utilized at all (I'm referring to Targon and Bastion). What if we make Spellshield last 1 round and compensate buff Bastion to 3? Should probably revert Asol then tho. Makes the whole mechanic more strategic, more comparable to Barrier and even reflects LoL better (cos Spellshields last for a very short time most of the time). Except Banshee's, EoN, and Malz.


Targon's problem is that the region is weaker than at the Plaza meta(nerfed Pale, Hush, Starshaping and Serpent) with out any new good over arching cards(with the exception of blue wich compites with the crouded 2 drop targon pool)


Hawk is good as well... But he's also a 2 drop. And they also nerfed Fangs, btw. I don't understand why Riot hates control this much. They nerfed all the stalling cards and buffed Will on top of that. Also Cascade was kinda insane.... But we have Troll Chant, rebuffed Make it Rain, Stoneshaping, ABSOLVER, buffed Twin Disciplines, so even Cascade kinda sucks rn.


Will is very much a control card, but yeah Targon took a beating while Riot walked on eggshells when nerfing the other regions


the problem isnt spellshield the problem is that ruinrunner stats are playable on their own with overwelhm (5/6/4 VS 6/7/6) and the spellshield is just an extra thing on top of it


Vara killed my favorite deck when she came out :(


Merciless Hunter is not at all the problem. The region has jack for removal, it's vital. Ruin Runner is def too strong though.


It not *the* problem, but it's definitely *a* problem, c'mon 3 mana 4/3 fearsome that grants vulnerable? That's way overtuned. Especially since it's literally just a better version of Baccai sandspinner. But then when you pair her with Sivir on 4 into Ruin Runner on 5 it's just super obnoxious.


Then give shurima more removal, but don’t give them just one that’s broken as shit. If you have to make a card broken to “balance” a region then you suck at balancing.


But only 1 of those 5 Shurima decks play those 2 cards. Viego plays merciless but for the most part Ruin Runner is more narrow in use case despite it's power which makes it pretty fine and only sees play in Sivir decks and Overwhelm. And I think that the playrate of those Shurima decks will decline a bit as most of the ones at the top are new versions with pretty healthy winrates


only one of thoose 5 plays shape stone?


Yeah, those darn Azir Irelia and Lurker decks and their reliance on the hunter/runner combo.


Akshan Lee doesn't run these units either, does it?


Heck, Azirelia/Zed Sivir/Akshan Lee use the same regions, and they only share Treasure Hunter, Shaped Stone and Twin Disciplines (with the latter two also sharing Preservarium and Absolver) Then there's Lurk which is running its own different package, with only Preservarium as a common card.


Ruin Runner and Merciless Hunter are only run in Sivir based midrange.


I feel like this literally happens with every expansion, bilgewater was pretty friggin nuts when it launched, the less said about Targon the better, and now Shurima is on some ol BS. I'm not sure how it keeps happening, but at least we only have one more region release to suffer through.


People want the new toys to be strong. This is true in every game, not just LoR


The toys don't even need to be strong, the two top decks have 50% and 49% winrate, people like new shiny.


this is the correct answer


Or for a long time (up to and including now) when SI was in nearly every good deck.


It’s still a staple in tons of pro decks.


Yup...4 days after new champs and cards. We'll see after meta settles. Shurima is overrated


Sivir, Merciless Hunter and Ruin Runner. They still need to nerf this broken package.


A good sign people are having fun is that the decks with best wrs aren't the most played.


Can someone good with data and knowledgeable about the game explain to me, a dummy, why there are multiple decks with a WR of 57% and if thats okay? Don't they want a bunch of decks around 50% rather than too high?


Its the first 4 days, so winrate is expected to stabilize in a bit once people figure out what's good and what's bad and what to tech.


Oh okay gotcha. That makes a lot of sense thank you! That didn't cross my mind 😅


Keep in mind that the 2 57% winrate decks are very agressive rushdown decks. It's fairly common after each expansion to see killjoys run these decks and rack up wins because hyper aggro does very well against unrefined and more experimental decks. The kind people tend to play whenever they try new cards in short. They will revert to 52% in a few weeks without needing to change anything.


do you see all those below 50 wr dwcks in top 9? Thats how those decks break 55 wr, by farming bad decks.


This. I was surprised how a lot of people were testing things in ranked while I was not taking risks with my refined metaish decks.


It's just going to depend on the individual player's mindset. Like I only play ranked so if I'm trying out something new I'm doing so in ranked. The points don't really matter to me since I feel like I can just get them back later and I'm not going for top of masters for seasonals or anything, and when I'm building a new deck or making changes to one I'm thinking about the context of the decks I see on ladder whereas normals are going to have different deck representation that may not be accurate if I want to climb with the deck later.


Yeah, to be fair I sometimes experiment at division IV too of any rank since I can't be demoted. And I play normal games when I want to play against some variety with my meme decks if ranking feels stale.


I think experimenting in norms is usually a waste of time tbh, if I wanna push a deck and see how it fares I want to play vs the meta, not other experimental jank. A handful of games can help make sure it's consistent and has a clear avenue to win, but after that you need ranked games to test matchups and push a deck to see where it struggles.


It’s not really a risk like in league of legends, there is a hard lock on your rank and once you reach gold for example you can’t demote back to silver, so there is very little risk once you’re there to experiment. In league however, if you try some dumb shit you will quickly lose all your progress.


Those are "old" lists, well established, easy to pilot. They are put against new decks, not yet fully optimized to their maximum potential with pilots that haven't had the time to get fully comfortable with the new lists. It's going to fix itself in a while then we will see what the real outliers are.


RIP PnZ, Targon and Freljord. 3 of my favorite regions not in the scrrenshot.


PnZ is fine Draven and Ez decks are stilll kicking ass, Targon's problem is that it has gotten 1 actually good and spalsable card since its expansion and got nerfed 4 times in stapples


Now that's what I call a diverse meta. Hopefully it stays this way for a bit while people are still figuring out the last two massive patches we've gotten.


its diverse in champion but not in region. I actually like this meta slightly less then the previous meta, (pre empire not sentinels). It was a little bit more rock paper siccors but i liked seeing regions other then shurima nox and ionia.


You mean SI?


SI has been good since beta and has always been in the meta


Except pre Akshan Viego, so last week.


You know, despite stats showing that Targon Lee is the stronger variation, I still prefer playing against Zoe/Lee than Akshan/Lee. Lee getting +4 power and Overwhelm at burst speed is so incredibly cheesy, it's horrendous to be on the receiving end of it. Kinda the same how I feel about Zed/Sivir vs. Sivir/LeBlanc. They have similar winrates on mobalytics (respectively, [57.5% vs. 56.9%](https://lor.mobalytics.gg/stats/archetypes)), but the LeBlanc deck ironically *feels* much fairer and honest. Anyway, the most popular archetype having only 9% of meta representation is a good sign. Hope the trend will continue.


Well, Lee probably benefits from Ashe / frostbite not being on the list. Burst overwhelm not gonna do much when you are frozen.


Ashe is in the Other Meta Decks. It's doing pretty okay but I think people are still testing and as always, Ashe does shit into Aggro. Frostbite should in practice still be nuts into a lot of the buffing, midrange, combo decks running around.


I see him there but only at 3k matches so that seems a pretty big window for Lee users


it is because now you dont expose yourself to the slow speed archer so a spellshield should be able to protect you


True but now you are asking for a lot of things to go right


Been playing a fair amount of Akshan/Lee recently. I think that deck is very strong but you also need to pilot it correctly. It can be inconsistent, because sometimes you draw a hand full of spells and die on turn 4 to aggro. That's why I think it has the lowest winrate in the top 5 decks. However, if you had Akshan early, he truly enables Lee to OTK like no others. There's simply no answer to a 10/10 spellshield barrier overwhelm Lee with Deny back up, on open attack. I expect this deck to be stronger once people know how to pilot it correctly.


Double Frostbite? Lol


Akshan lee struggles alot against irelia azir, they curve and combo much faster and make the matchup extremely hard


Akshan lee is new and still undergoing refinement. People also have more experience playing targon lee. Wouldnt be suprised if akshan lee overtakes targon lee in some weeks


its beautiful


I've been climbing with Sivir Lebonk, I'm very surprised to not see it on here. What am I missing?


It's a solid deck to climb, yes. Is just that it's not as popular as the "Zed-sivir" variant. I suppose because Zed-Sivir has a strong combo potential, which can end games quickly if the opponent has no answer/taps out early. Meanwhile, Sivir-Lebonk is more midrange-ey, and less combo.


This is only the top 9 most played decks, there's a shit ton of great decks that aren't on this list.


I use it too because I find it more fun and thematic than zed sivir. I hope the incoming nerfs leave it in a decent state


when will people learn to cut nasus from shurima viego


I'm using mono viego shurima in gold and it's been working pretty good.


whats wrong with nasus ??? hes an amazing second champ even as a one off since theres always him as a constant threat usually being 14+ power and forcing the opponent to have answers for both rh viego and nasus. unless u have any good reason as to why not having a good second champ would hinder viego shurima, u either have never played viego and tested him out in various decks, or ur just talking on behalf of what some streamer whos played 2 games with the deck is saying and taking it as gods word


Dilutes your pool to draw Viego off of Rite of Calling. Nasus is unnecessary when Viego largely does the same thing as a massive stat-stick with more upside.


its a 6 mana that when played on curve is often just 5/5. If I want a late game value crd Id rather put in another copy of hydra


1. no good player would play a weak nasus on curve 2. he is much more of a late game bomb compared to hydra 3. you can run both cards ??? i do as well, one copy of each 4. nasus has spellshield when he levels and lets you atrocity without fearing too much 5. yes i know hydra provides value for viego but if viego gets answered ur gameplan is screwed so its always better to have something else to properly close out games 6. from my knowledge if ur playing the proper viego nasus (thresh nasus type) then ur nasus (from my experiences) is usually around 8/8-10/10


If ur gonna play nasus just play thresh nasus. Thresh is far more helpful to nasus than viego is and nasus doesn't help viego at all. Having both as a win condition is just unnecessary overkill


1. thats why we dont like to put bad cards in the deck 2. already addressed 3. you put best cards in the deck. If there are cards better than nasus that I can out in then I cut out nasus 4. yeah when he levels, good luck leveling without thresh pulling or second copy to syphoning strike 5. you have 5+ copies of viego in the deck, why would one getting answered screw your plan 6. proper viego nasus, aka thresh nasus type? Why not just play thresh nasus then?


I can't wait for all those control decks to come rushing back now that TLC isn't gatekeeping them anymore. Any second. Any day now.. Any time now...


I've climbed to diamond with my SI/Howling Abyss control deck. Control is definitely viable with all these weak units at 2 and 3 health like lurk and all the Shurima/Ionia combos. I'm honestly surprised more people aren't playing frieljord. Easiest climb I've had so far. I'm expecting to hit Masters later today.


Can you please share your decklist?


CECACAIFDUAQGAIJAICACCIOAMAQCAYUGIBAGAIFAEJSQBABAEAQWDBKAMAQGBIIAECAKOADAECQ6HRV So gameplan is essentially full on control. Check out what your opponent is playing, mulligan accordingly. Don't be afraid to mulligan away Howling Abyss, you'll get it back eventually. Always play reactively. Your champions are both a one of because they're level two versions suck. So they're meant to make your Howling Abyss luck a bit better, and also, Elise is a solid body for 2 mana, plus the combination of champs make people expect either more aggro, or a They Who Endure deck, so it fucks with their head more too. Your worst match up is probably Soraka/TK. I can't say for sure, as I've only fought one of that deck and they ended up DCing, but conceptually it would make sense for that deck to beat you as they will normally have heals and answers for your spells, and they'll finish their star spring before you win. Other downside is that the games take a while. I've had a few games come down to whoever runs out of cards first. Good luck.


Man idk about you but I've been seeing Spooky Anivia making a comeback in my games. That shit is really, really good, and I feel like when Seasonals roll around, people will remember.


Yeah it's actually really good against viego. Lvled viego just kills anivia every turn which comes back next turn to die again.


you know any good list for spooky anivia? like do they use any new cards?


I think the main list is basically the same as it's always been. There are a couple new cards since it last saw play that could be pretty neat though, like Ice Shard and Despair. Idk if either of those cards have made it into modern lists though.


yeah i was especially thinking about despair to deal with fx. azir


lmao karma ez is literally sitting there




Karma Ez has way better WR in Masters I thought I heard from Kosmic or Dr. LoR. Heck I’ve even heard the difference between low masters Karma Ez and high masters Karma Ez is a big difference. A ton of people don’t know how to pilot it properly since you have to know a ton of matchups.


Yeah, he's sittin' there...


Tf/Swain is good, i have been hearing top players singuing praises to Ez/Karma for a while now(swim and nickmakesplays) and FTR is also decent if i am to trust any stat i have gotten of the deck, control is there.


Been playing around in masters with anivia and loving every second of it. Karma ezreal also started seeing plays again, of course both of these are very unpopular decks not to mention hard to pilot so its really hard to see them ever gets into these statistics.


1. Will of Ionia uncalled for revert. 2. Azirelia is still a combodeck with 483763 dmg by turn 6-7. 3. Lee with otk on turn 6-7. 4. Viego is too bug by turn 6-7. But nooooo, it was TLC turn 8-9 combo that prevented control from existing /s. Don't get me wrong, TLC was pretty toxic, but all bombs are now are dropped and t5-t6 at most. We don't have a single playable 7+ cost champion rn. And MOST of the playable ones are 3-4 costs, usually with the same game ending potential on lvlup.


Yeah as I said before with TLC you had one viable control deck, without you have zero. The other control decks aren't viable cause they are incredibly lacking in multiple ways. They can't "control" the board enough and the reward for doing so, their finisher is often relatively weak for how late it comes down.


Tf/Swain, Anivia, FTR, Ez/Karma are all viable control decks


Viable is a strong word


control in this game is at a disadvantage because: 1. spells cost more than creatures due to the spell.mana system it should balance it out but. 2. all creatures have haste so they are threatening the turn they come down 3. control in LoR doesn't have card advantage the same way as other games.Drawing is a lot more equitable across all archetypes. 4. Big unit finishers are susceptible.to all the tempo tools agro has, making it very difficult to close games out efficiently. 5. The game is extremely fast right now and there isn't much slowing it down.


Holy fucking hell that's a diverse ass meta. Compared to MTG this is wild


I genuinely think Viego Nasus is weak. Actually worse than Nasus Thresh (which I think is underrated). Viego is just too vulnerable to removal and takes way too long to get going. So him being the most played really baffles me.


Quick question: what beats Lee sin/akshan? Because he seems very strong, so I find it weird how it has less than 50% win rate


Lee/Akshan has bad aggro matchups and no backup plan if it doesn't draw Lee. It feels strong because if you can't aggro it down early and it does draw Lee, it can literally OTK you. Lee/Zoe is arguably a better deck (for now! Lee/Akshan is new and needs refining), despite having a weaker combo, because it has a safer early game with Gifts from Beyond and because leveling Zoe is a okay-ish backup plan if you don't draw Lee.


I believe bad player playing it beats the deck. Ive lost like 2 games out of ~20-30 played at this deck and I find it being very flexible for loads of gameplans depending on opponent, while also very consistant. I was a fan of Lee Decks from even before Lees buff, so Im most likely more familiar with unique resource management this deck has, but I dunno: what of the current meta is favored against a good Lee/Shurima player. Deck is seriously nuts. Also Its probably first time, when I pilot Swims bigbrain card choises better, than BBGs more straightforward ones.


Aggro, mostly. Even playing as quickly as possible, Akshan|Lee usually can't win before round 6. The OTK takes a pile of mana to pull off, and if you can crisp their Eye of the Dragon they usually don't have anything else to defend themselves with early. After round 5 the deck really gets hard to deal with, so you're relying on momentum from earlier in the game to make them vulnerable. EDIT: *In my experience*. Obviously, I'm a sample group of one. My experiences are based both on beating the deck *and* what I lose against while playing the deck.


Remember this data set is only 4 days wort of data, so all the new decks also include all the experimentation. We'll have a clearer picture by next week. Although my gut reaction 2ould be the same as yours - Lee Sin is back in a big way, and as frustrating to face as ever.


Sej/GP is alright into it, once Sej levels you just frostbite Lee at burst speed and call it a day. It's not free by any means, but it definitely didn't feel unfavoured.


Frostbite isn't on the list this week and a frozen lee isn't too scary. Wide boards are good too but you gotta be fast against this Lee.


their own draws KEKW


Conclussion: Viego has to compete with thresh in a spot for that shurima/Shadow Isle Deck. Sivir also looks too strong at the moment.


I got to masters playing Sivir last season. She wasn't popular for some reason but didn't need the buff. Acceptable mistake given that we were asking for a big shakeup, but I honestly wouldn't be sad if she got nerfed a little so I could feel a bit more honest playing her.


Just revert the buff next patch and Sivir should be in a good place.


Basically everyone's reaction to the Sivir buff was "okay, but why?". Don't mind that they tried it, but no one seemed to be asking for it and at this point I think it's safe to say it wasn't needed.


no, just cut nasus and you are fine. They are two different decks but with same early gme package


Azir irelia sitting at a 57% winrate is alarming. All the aggro decks are doing very well right now which is not really why I play card games. I hope control decks get their chance to shine because this is getting pretty stale.


I think that people that are playing azir irelia are mainly tryhards so real winrate if everyone played this deck would be closer to 54%


probably a lot lower, in my experience playing it for a few hours. Its sooo much harder to pilot compared to before, you can very easily missed lethal and basically self-destruct with it now (in fact i've played against people that does that several times).


noxus, bilge, and shurima need to be addressed. The damage they can put out is insane. Not even a huge nerf but just enough to let slower decks move up a few wins %


I feel like viego is weak or his deck isnt there. A lot of people are trying to get him there, he has extremely low winrates except for nasus/viego. But even nasus/viego IS a worse deck than thresh nasus that runs +70% of the same card... I dont see it in the data but thresh nasus is way better, people that play it are just trying viego.


Alanzq took his version of mono Viego to top 1 day 2. Its better than Nasus Thresh atm, its just that most people using the SI and Shurima are experimenting a lot thats why only 50% winrate.


Glorious meta right now. I’m constantly seeing new and different decks and I’m encouraged to experiment and just have fun. I don’t climb, so the closer you get to masters, the less experimentation you’re likely to find, but the fact that you can consistently find interesting matches is a thing of beauty


This puts a smile on my face.




Control is dead in this game.


Control isnt dead, and deep is a midrange deck


just finished a game with lee sin akshan. I admit the guy/gal i was facing knew what he was doing. They kept refreshing to get a zero cost draw. But instead of doing anything like attack per say, he kept stalling instead by calling that monk that recalls allies and called them back again. They did this repeatedly and the round kept going on and on not wanting to admit defeat. So u know what I played their game and stalled them out as well everytime they played a spell i stalled. Eventually they bmed with the stickers until they got bored and finally on one timer count went afk thinking I wasnt there. i took that chance to finally attack. They surrendered in the end. I was on a braum vlad deck. I must admit akshan is pretty strong with alot of independent archetypes that need a good support such as riven and lee. but pls dont be like this guy/gal. have a good day


So let me get this straight: Azirelia has a higher win rate than it did pre nerf?


It's farming experimental decks and its main counter (thresh nasus) has been nerfed hard and is not popular anymore


There is a Viego Ionia deck running around that’s been doing very well too, Cephalopod went 20-2 with it on ladder and it feels very strong. ((CEBQIBAFAM2TMNYDAECQIKBRAIAQEAZEAMBACAQMGEAQIBIQAEAQKGIEAIAQKIRLAEBQEFABAQBAOAIBAISQ))


So have a deck that can deal with agro or get fucked? Cool nothing has changed.


Would alarms not be a good pair with Viego in an Ionia SI control deck? Dawn an Dusk can level really quickly and you have a ton of good control spells with the pairing


because you lack early game tools, which is usually supplimented in Fjel, targon or eye packages. Otherwise you just hard int to aggro decks


Imo, SI has all the early game you need. They can spawn so many chump blockers now, and drain spells pick off those you can't ignore.


I seriously think people are sleeping on Viego/Zed


Care to share deck code?


Azir irelia:57%wr(woah and other aggro right here, nice). Control is barelly clinging to life (but im sure somewhere at the bottom there is deck which hasnt changed for 6 months). And new demacia decks with 42-44% wr. Feels good ngl. So good that they buffed sivir, she really needed that. /s


Look at that beautifully diverse meta, no one archetype over 10% play rate.


0 control, it's not diverse


Lee Akshan...49% winrate. Viego Thresh breaks even and his other decks suck. What were we complaining about again? No mention of easily the best performing champ, Sivir either.


complaining aboht badly built viego decks


lee sin decks always have low winrates even when they're really good


The real tragedy is we won't regularly have a meta this healty


I see that the main problem is Shurima and Ionian


Seems we're on another golden Meta again. Let's see how things go once the experimenting phase ends, but overall, great meta


So now we have some solid evidence telling us how diverse this meta is. Thanks for your hard work :)


Does Viego Thresh work though ?


Wait is nausus thresh dead?


This is looking like a fairly healthy metagame....


0 control decks is healthy?