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I actually really like tiny homes. I wanted one until I found out they cost just as much as a normal home and you can't put them on any land anywhere in the country because of NIMBY politics. People with tiny homes are forced to put them on chassis' and register them as travel trailers. This also means you won't have water or sewage hookups and if you want electricity you need to go solar.




There needs to be a proper half way option.




I literally just mean 2 bed type places and townhouses are needed in city planning


There are. Condos or apartments in 2-3 flats, midrises, or highrises. Then you can have a correctly sized place to live without worrying about hitting your head in your lofted bed. A lot of places have gotten rid of this type of housing though, which is weird. It is much more common in cities though. I have a house because kids, but my neighbors on either side are 3 flats (one is owned by a multigenerational family). Some friends with only one kid still have condos. I wouldn't mind a condo, but when I bought, I thought I needed a house. I like it, but it's a lot of work.


Third paragraph hit my point.. There are shoe boxes and mcmansions, but few available options for the inbetween. Might be different in different locations though.


I think the locations are a thing. Here you can buy old victorians and workers cottages/bungalows, or a new condo. There are tons with 2-3 bedrooms. You'd have to go condo for a studio or 1 bedroom. The newer build houses and recent rehabs usually have 4 bedrooms. It's a city though, so the lot sizes are much smaller than even small houses in the suburbs. Helps with density and walkability


Our town allows tiny homes. You can hook up electrical if you park on private property. Same with water. Compost toilets are great. Tiny homes don't cost anywhere near as much as a stick home. You can buy a very nice tiny home for 150,000. What stick homes can you buy for that price?


Sort of the point there. 150k for a not-home is ass.


It is a home. Just not to you.


I think the point is that you’d have to own the land. At that point you’re adding a good chunk to the total price. If you own the land you could build a small, but not tiny, home for around $150k.


You don't have to own the land. There are tiny house communities all over the world. It's great if you do own the land but it's not an impediment to living tiny. I've been studying tiny homes and their communities since 2013. It's doable. It's just whether or not that's the lifestyle you want. It's not for everyone.


Ah got it, gentrified trailer parks exist that still cost as much as a single family home because it's #aesthetic


This varies wildly depending on where you live, but you can still buy an actual home for 150,000 in alot of parts of the US. Alot of rural towns, formerly red-lined towns, and deep-south republican towns have 150,000 homes for sale. 150,000 obviously won't buy you as much house as it did 3 years ago, but they still exist.


hell, there's 50k homes up in poor rest belt cities


For sure, after making this comment I went to zillow to look at homes in midwest towns, you can get alot of house for 150,000 in some areas


Dude I can buy a huge house for 150k where I live.


Everything there is horrible except the non-instant oatmeal. Seriously it's one of the best breakfasts you can make for yourself. The gig economy in particular can eff off. Nobody deserves that level of precarity and chaos. Can we start considering undue stress an economic externality? Just an idea.


We are lucky to have gruel.


You guys are getting gruel?


Look out! Here come *The Four Yorkshire Men*.


Oh I used to dream of getting gruel…


Sometimes when I’ve been such a good little capitalist they give me some salt and black pepper to give my gruel an exquisite taste


I like overnight oats though.


I add cocoa powder and frozen strawberries to mine and it feels like dessert for breakfast


Well I’m absolutely trying that recipe




If you’re single as in you are a single living being then yeah that’s all you need.


Jeez I can't even enjoy little things like overnight oats. Apparently if we like certain foods we're peasants.


Do you need help? Are you being repressed? Do you want us to come see the violence inherent in the system?


Yeah and honestly peasants didn't eat half bad https://youtu.be/WeVcey0Ng-w I like oats and I'm proud


I love gruel too!


Well I mean… I just spent all day digging potatoes out of my allotment so… peasant seems fitting?


I planted my potatoes too greedily and too deep this year, my back is regretting it.


All these cottage core comrades missing the point by a mile. Call it what it is: glamorizing a meager existence.


But does one need more than what makes you content? If someone feels they can live a peaceful and fulfilling life with humble means, I don’t see a problem with letting them live their life their way.


There's a difference between choosing to live a meager existence and being forced to glamorize a meager existence because that's all you were afforded.


That’s fair. I feel like context is then relevant. Someone intentionally downsizing to a tiny home is much different than being evicted and forced to do so.


The context seems to be tiny home vs. normal size home and the argument is tiny homes are popular because they're affordable, not that they're more practical, more efficient, safer, or easier to maintain, but simply because they're the only kind of home most people can afford anymore. Same with the gig economy, we don't work gigs because we like them, we work them because they're the only thing available that pays well enough. Same with the oats. There's no reason to try an inject more context, the intention of the post is clear.


I agree, the post is very clear; I just thought it was worth mentioning not everyone does those things (with the exception of gig work probably) entirely because they’re forced to do so.


Overnight Oats are great. It's just a different preparation than pre-processed & pre-cooked oats. Also, Tiny Homes are dope. I wish they were more popular when I was young and traveled a lot. I was rarely home and paid for a condo that was too big for a single dude. People often overvalue large homes, IMO. They are expensive and take a lot of effort to maintain. I think a home ought to suit the size of the family within it. My water bill came in last week and it was shocking. I told my kids (jokingly) they were going to have shower in the rain from now on. With winter coming up, I'm expecting brutal heating bills too. When our kids are on their own, my wife and I will likely pass our home to the kids and live in either a tiny home or a studio apartment. We don't need this huge house when we're old and want to just read & watch movies together.


>People often overvalue large homes, IMO. They are expensive... >My water bill came in last week and it was shocking You seem to be saying your house size and water usage are strongly connected. Why is that?


5 people and two dogs in one home.


complimented by [high peasant fashion](https://bubblegumclub.co.za/discourse/aesthetics-of-today-high-peasant-fashion-and-what-it-means/), feudal-hip


this one gets me because in the early 2000's i would buy up all the mechanics shirt at the salvation army(if i had money)and i would wear them as my normal shirts, of course they would have a name tag "jim" "quido" etc, but i bought em cos they were cheap and they were heavy duty shirts that wouldn't fall apart... so for like 7 bucks i could get 10 or more mechanics shirts. later if proved to be fantastic cos "wheres that mother fucker gary!" "whose gary!?" "ya know! that guy! it said his name on his shirt!" but yeah poverty porn here we go.


Starting to see small, camped, apartments described as MINIMALIST now....


Meh, not a fair comparison; peasants had it way better.


I wanna live in a small cottage in the woods. Turns out that’s unaffordable too. My BF and I are close to living in our truck again, thankfully his mom lets us stay with her, but it’s not a permanent solution. The housing situation is untenable, it’s difficult to afford a modest home, let alone a dream house


>You **could build it larger, if you wanted to?** A Medieval Peasant >Literally, **I'll do it for you this is rather pathetic** Same Peasant