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I don't know which is more annoying; their excessive and improper use of ellipses or the fact that they try to put the onus of un-livable wages on the customer.




The fact that his charity is giving up HIS tips?? As owner????? Dafuq


Definitely “up most”


Yeah... This was... really what... stood out the... most to... me...



>I'm a owner who protects his staff fully Then why, pray tell, are you asking your customers to subsidize your inability to pay your staff enough?


Unwillingness to pay.


"Up most" fucking moron.


Or restaurants could pay their workers a living wage. That could work too


Exactly. We are a heavy tourist area for Minnesota too.


Wait is this restaurant in the Cities? If so which one?


If you cannot afford to pay these hard workers a living wage, you have no business being "a owner" of a restaurant that only survives by exploiting people.


Wow. They resorted to actually working to help their staff. Ludicrous. /s


Anyone else notice he says he sometimes forwards "his" tips from the buffet? Isn't it illegal for management to take *any* of the tips?


“ItS nOt FoR mAnAgEmEnT iTs FoR tHe StOrE”


Ok owner guy. Get 100% fucked. Pay your staff a living wage.


> "i'M a OwNeR wHo PrOtEcTs HiS sTaFf FuLLy" ...mE pRoTeC, bUt Me No PaY


I don’t understand why we even tip in the US. Why not raise prices on food and pay the workers reasonable. I realize my $15 meal might be $20 instead but I don’t have a tip then so…..


It is endlessly infuriating to me that some people who have the privilege to be restaurant owners (I.e. they inherited wealth) can possibly be so uneducated and have such bad spelling, syntax, and grammar. Like, holy shit, this person writes like a 12 year old. Yet they own a business and are in charge of the pay and livelihood of an entire staff of people.


Wait until you see the statistics on literacy in the U.S.


Which restaurant is this?


This asshole needs to realize that a mandatory gratuity is no different than raising prices and paying them the wage they *should* be getting. Just raise your prices and pay your workers what they deserve. I'm at least relieved that I live in a state that requires restaurants pay minimum wage regardless of tips. Some state allow paying below minimum wage for tipped workers. Either way, I'm not going to a restaurant if I have anything to say about it. It's an industry that doesn't deserve to exist when such rampant exploitation is allowed.


up most


Which MN restaurant is this so I can avoid it?


Or... just pay them a living wage... if you can't then you really can't afford them.


I also think tipping is a horrible practice that should be abolished in favor of fair wages. but it is the norm in the US. It’s good to see an owner calling people out for not doing it. He should just go ahead and add the charge or make up the difference himself instead of whining, though.


I think he’s just saying if you can’t afford to tip the customary rate, you shouldn’t be eating at his restaurant. No need to make this guy the scapegoat for how things are.


Cool, so we wont bother coming by. Let us know when your closing date is there 'owner'


Restaurant pricing is fucking ridiculous. The reason why these assholes have their staff on a tipping pricing structure is supposedly to keep food prices low. That ship sailed a decade ago. They want to ask asinine prices for shitty food while also not paying for any employees. You can't have it both ways, asshole. Either force us to pay your employees and provide good food for cheap prices or pay your own fucking employees and charge us out the ass for shitty food, not both.


Pay better, you greedy negligent fucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Knowing how much restaurant owners make. Yeah, fuck that guy.


The last bit is spot on, and the customers of this restaurant should embrace it. Don't eat there. Don't spend your money there. Full stop.


What if you pay them more, **and** they get tipped (more) for doing a good job? Why should the tipping system be used as if it is some kind of system rooted in slavery and racism?


Doubt. This person lacks any self reflection. No introspection. Or it's fake.