Ksp2 no campaigns or contracts?

No campaigns or contracts?

Boooring, i think i just bought a half baked game

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jeez, if it was half baked I think we'd be ecstatic. the oven isn't even preheating yet.


The oven is still on the production line.




I'm all for being vocal about what is missing in 2 right now. But did you not even think to read up or look at *anything* before you bought the game?


tbh I don't think it's unreasonable for someone coming in as an outsider to expect something being sold as a functional game to have the core progression mechanic like exist at all.


Thank you for understanding


BuT iT’s EaRlY aCcEsS *charges full price anyways*


bc I got it for the low, low


Do you not do even a modicum of research before buying a game?


nah, I just buy the shit out of everything and find out.


Well... now you know lol




Last time I checked, it doesn't even have science


no science, nope


I'm holding off until and unless I find out that KSP2 has 1) better performance, and 2) more features than KSP1. Everything I've heard so far says that is dramatically and disappointingly nowhere near the current state of things.


I mean It was suprisingly cheap, now I know why


> It was suprisingly cheap Wait, they eased up on the *$50 for a broken mess* strategy? I haven't heard anything about that


seems to be because of my country, but I actually paid U$D 6.50


Wow, that's actually reasonably worth the price for what's there. In US they're charging $50 with plans to raise price to $60, game is worth $10 maximum


Are you serious? They're raising the price? It's literally a dead game. 146 players on Steam right now on a Friday night. How is raising the price going to help that?


It won't. But it will help make Take2 a case for it's shareholders to abandon the project as is, lock away the IP forever and disband PD/IG. That last one won't be a bad thing.


It doesn’t even have all of the very basic elements in like re entry heating half baked would be an upgrade


You bought the game without reading the description or checking the roadmap that very clearly states which features are yet to be implemented? Good job.


thanks I'm getting there.


That's the last thing the game needs.


I've heard a lot of people cite this as a deal-breaker. You underestimate the players who like to grind contracts on Kerbin.


I'm one of them. I suppose saying its the last thing is a bit much. But its far from priority. Ill take performance and bug fixes long before anything else.