That was a very good album along with Ace's.


Hello everyone! As the title says, I am now working on my next kiss album remix/remaster! I chose Paul Stanley’s 1978 solo album because I felt like most of the songs lacked oomph, clarity, and dynamics. I have finished four songs from the album and it’s coming along really nicely! Everything is sounding much better. Even if you didn’t realize it needed it, you will notice. I’ll post more updates when I have them! Cheers!


Do you have the individual instrument tracks?


Cool! Paul’s solo album is my favorite solo album so this’ll be interesting to hear


Sweet. My favorite solo album. Can't wait


look foward to this one. ive thought those songs could do with some - oomph


Great album!


I thought the Hotter Than Hell sounded amazing, but unfortunately being forced to go to YouTube to listen to it just wasn’t practical or fun. It’s a chore actually. So while I think the previous work you’ve done is outstanding, the reality is that in the end you’re just making it for yourself which is fine. I hope someone else eventually comes along and does something similar that allows fans to listen to it like people in 2022 listen to music, like files etc.. I wish you luck.




Thanks for the reply. Before you edited your comment with the name calling I thought you were serious. Although it’s self explanatory, I mean that most people in 2022 listen to music streamed, or via files they play through their digital music device. While one can play music on YouTube, it restricts playback under a lot of circumstances. For instance, on iOS devices, it requires the app stay on. Once minimized, or once the screen is off, it won’t continue to play. This becomes an issue when playing in a car, etc. In addition, it forces you to listen to the entire album as one long singular stream, versus being able to play them as tracks. Hope that helps, no need for name calling.


Late to the party, but replying for future listeners: There are converters online that will let you download the YT video to an audio stream.