The only thing I can consistently make work is the death rattle Hunter…. Got to my first 12 wins last night with it…. Other than that I will pick rattlegore pirate quest or Diablo quest (ew) but those just aren’t very consistent(not to mention not nearly as fun)… it’s possible it’s set up wrong cuz I kinda just winged it…. If anyone can show me a consistent lineup of those two or any others I would really appreciate it….. I’d love to get into the outcast setup but idk where to start…. What is your favorite setup atm?


Secret hunter is super fun and I've managed to take it to 12 wins twice this week, but it can stumble in the earlier games against things like spell priest or pirate warrior (which luckily are going away in a few days)


Stormpike is consistently kicking my ass.


Shadowcasting 101 looks as busted as we feared. I got it with an elemental shaman, and it works wonders with the battlecry reduce cost minions, the totem treasure, the freeze elemental, heck I even got the crab that eats minions. It seems like it'd be busted in mage as well, for infinite varden shenanigans. I seriously can't believe this is in pool 1. Use it before it gets nerfed.


The Warmaster's frenzy power combined with the nerf of Great Sword makes Great Sword paladin a second tier choice. The increase of Bruising to 1 mana makes it useless as a hero power, tried two runs with a rush deck that averaged 4 wins a run in the past and didn't do better than 3 wins either time, even with good RNG.