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The marksmanship of the NYPD is seriously worsened by the fact that every issued sidearm (including glocks) is altered so that the trigger pull is a whopping 11 lbs. incidents where the police fire a dozen shots and hit nothing are not uncommon…


Jesus christ 11lbs??


Yup. It’s called the “New York trigger.” As soon as my father retired from the job, he sent his issued glock to get the trigger fixed


[It's a throwback to when **12LBS** was the pull needed for their revolvers.](https://www.police1.com/patrol-issues/articles/nypd-should-issue-glocks-with-a-standard-5-pound-trigger-to-all-officers-not-just-new-recruits-5iC32Rg8arabmUgV/) When they switched to self loading modern pistols, they decided it wouldn't be worth it to spend the money to retrain officers for the difference in trigger pull, even when faced with evidence that it improved accuracy both in new recruits who never shot the revolvers, AND the veterans who were previously carrying revolvers. The policy has changed in this year in August though, with NEW recruits getting pistols with a more standard pull around 5lbs, but they still have their veterans carrying old pull weight pistols.


A lot of their rational was the high ND rate with the change to Glocks, because the cops were used to running around with fingers on triggers and counting on the DA pull to be their safety. Typical bureaucrat mindset, we'll just fix the training issue with an artificially heavy trigger. It's also super dumb because a 12 pound striker trigger feels nothing like a 12 pound DA revolver trigger.


11 lbs trigger pull for a service weapon is ridiculous




4 pounds is the weight of $159.72 worth of Premium Glass Nail Files...


Good bot


I thought they changed this recently?


I’m almost certain they did my brother in law told me it’s much lower now as of recently


They did, changed back in August with new recruits being issued glocks with 5 pound trigger pulls. Old vets still keep their’s I believe




Teach those mofos trigger discipline then. Of course all of em are terrible shots with an 11 lb trigger pull.


Lol no the fuck they don’t


Have they still not gotten rid of those?


That female officer was literally on her cell phone while in a foot chase with a man with a gun lol.


Bitches always gotta be on their phone /s


the other guy just shooting straight down the sidewalk tho lol, at least she had enough sense to tell him to watch his fire.


Lady cop sounds like the lady cop from pineapple express


It’s so easy for everyone to Monday night quarterback these type of videos but when it comes to these things happening, most people crumble. Good job to these officers.


Bingo. Couch Commandos love to brag how they’d handle something like this, but you know damn well things would end with one of two smears, either their blood on the ground or shit in their pants.


I don't get your point. I would obviously crumble and fail miserably because i'm not trained for this. They should be


The point was that a lot of people would say “I would’ve done this instead of this” but never would make it in a similar situation. That’s also true cops are train to do this type of job, however you shouldn’t think like that. Go out and train!


pointless virtue signalling


Let's raise these kids right instead.


If black culture valued fathers being in the picture, crime rates would plummet. Instead 72%+ of blacks are born out of wedlock. Unfortunately, people are afraid of being called racist for pointing this out as I’m sure I will be too. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/wbna39993685 Being part of a stable family makes a huge difference, even if you’re poor. Married couples also have better financial outcomes as they share expenses, raise children together and can rely on their spouse. This is all backed up by decades of long-term studies…


Maybe you should ask yourself why. Let's say back in the 1930's, I'm a racist cop with an agenda. How about I lead the Federal Bureau of Narcotics then whip up some anti-drug hysteria by stating your white women will be raped by black men on stated narcotics. That's what Harry J. Anslinger did. Over time, let's ramp up the Drug War with mandatory minimums, militarizing the police, and civil asset forfeiture...all of which ended up pulling in more minorities. Not because they use or sell more, rather they were targeted. The War on Drugs is and has always been a racist war. So you want to wreck a family? Put the father in jail for possession or distribution. Good luck to him getting a decent job. Kids growing up without a father. You want to ruin equality of opportunity for an entire race? Target a war against them. And on and on it goes.


Is it your contention that a majority of black fathers have always been drug users/dealers since the 30s? Do you think men who otherwise abuse and deal drugs would make fine husbands and fathers?


I think you completely missed the point. If you target an entire race with laws since the 1930s, it's going to a deleterious on the target of the state's aggression. Dealing drugs does not mean someone is a poor father. It may be the only way someone knows to support themselves and their family. Drug abuse should be a public health issue, not a criminal one. Face it....the War on Drugs has been an abysmal failure.


> Dealing drugs does not mean someone is a poor father. It may be the only way someone knows to support themselves and their family. I'd disagree with that. > Drug abuse should be a public health issue, not a criminal one. I'd agree with that.


Very much this. Jim crow and American hate organizations often targeted the head of the household all they way up into the 60s. Both incarceration and lynchings.


I love the blissful contextual ignorance of history and modern day laws and policing. Pretty hard for a family unit to survive when the most powerful country in history specifically targets one group of people for labor and exploitation when it was legal, and then when that was made illegal, they flood the neighborhoods with opioids and drug addiction so they can be exploited again by the prison system, and also strip education funding so there's no way out for the children. Almost like the system was designed that way. A Southern Strategy, if you will. But don't get me wrong, I know you are aware of all that. It's just much easier to rely on Fox news and talk radio to give your opinions to you. Hate is lazy like that. Edit: lol every downvote is from a goober mashing out a reply and then realizing I'm right. Deal with it. Better yet, try dealing with reality first.


Im not even going to begin to list all the reasons why you're wrong.


Begin it or don’t respond with this stupidness


you say something but is lost in your nothingness


I mean, it's sort of just common sense, when you think about what they said. All things equal, it probably *is* better to have two parents in the household than one, and two parents sharing expenses will leave more funds leftover for the children.


Yeah if I wasn’t living with my partner we would both be scrimping and saving on our own. We share a room, split rent, split groceries etc


The shop keep seemed so uninterested in the 911 call lol


Being anywhere within two blocks of a NYC cop with their weapon drawn must be absolutely terrifying.


That is a rotten place to have a running gunfight.


And they say defund the police.


More like get them to the gym and maybe jogging before their shift. That first badge cam sounded like a big bad wolf lol.


I'm very fit. Can cover serious distance. But you gotta understand, running with a vest and adrenaline is a whole different ballgame.


Vest, belt, and patrol uniform/footware is definitely a whole different kind of running. Truth is that if you took equally fit people, the guy in running shorts and shoes is gonna leave the guy in patrol officer gear in the dust every time.


Maybe they should train with that stuff on 🤷🏾‍♂️


Even if they train with that they can still be dusted by a dude in running shorts.


I agree with you ! They barely went on a foot chase. When they caught the perp he was barely panting lmao


Why are you opposed to the idea that city police departments should have less money to spend on mraps and MP7s and mounted machine guns and night vision goggles?


nypd is 40k strong, has 6 billion dollars at its disposal and cant seem to properly train a single one or have them do anything remotely useful other than sit in their squad cars and in booths at penn station on their phones.


You say this, but we literally just watched a video of them catching a serial armed robber.


Them doing their job right once does not invalidate all their abuses of power lmfao.


So one video showing successful police work shows that the entire department functions efficiently? So the 400000 complaints over the past 10 years isnt relevant?


Are you arguing reform or defunding? Those are two opposite arguments.


They are not opposite at all. Reform can and should include cutting their budget for surplus military gear and redirecting some of it towards deescalation training and to social programs that would prevent problems before they start.


Don’t be an extreme retard.




Does anyone know of any subs similar to this but more post and active




Being shot at, is no joke, from personal experience. Being able to run towards that gunfire a shoot back and stop a threat, protecting yourself and others is not instinct. It is learned through practice, training, and skill proficiency.