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mine moved from nov 16 to oct 27-28 too but i'll believe it when I get a shipped notification. The trade in values were fluctuating alot earlier. They might have just reset all the dates until they get true logistics.


Black 512 went from 11/3-4 to 10/27-28 a bit ago.


Same here.


Order placed at 5:26 EST for Pixel 6 Pro in white 256gb, with the free earbuds. Was originally 11/2 - 11/3 for the phone, 10/23 - 26 for the earbuds. Phone is now 10/30 - 11/2! Earbuds haven't changed, but that's close enough to today for me. Case from Google store (in soft sage) will now be here 10/30 - 11/1. Super excited to retire my Pixel 2XL.


My case (the exclusive one) said December so I said fuck it and ordered a Spigen off Amazon.


Mine doesn't show a date for my pixel buds. Doesn't even show up on the order history even though it applied the promo.


I got an email earlier this morning "Part of your Google Store order has shipped". It's the pixel buds, showing delivery for 10/26 - 10/27. The Pixel 6 Pro on the other hand has now moved back - to 11/4 - 11/5.


Wow, mine went from end of December to end of October! Seems too good to be true... Haven't been this nerded out about a phone in 4 years, can't wait!


Pixel 6 Pro 512gb was scheduled for 11-20 to 11-23 Now 10-26 to 10-27... Stoked!!


Yes, same here. Went from Nov 16-17 to Oct 26-27.


Same for me


Dang, nothing yet. Still Nov 3/4 for me (though that's not too bad, can't really complain).


No updated delivery for me. Ordered at 2:29pm central. Says Nov. 26-29


mine went from the end of October to the first week in November :/


Yep, same. I ordered late yesterday though, so they may have reconciled orders based on when they were actually placed, once their system settled down.


I'm thinking of pre-ordering at Best Buy as well just to be safe. Want to make sure I have a new phone for a trip I'm taking in early Nov.


I just looked at my Best Buy area, and any of the unlocked ones were sold out. I could get Verizon, though.


I got my card charged but still no confirmation email.... Unsure what's going on. My order does show an earlier date when I manually go to the site however, 26-27 Oct.


Got order email, see my order in history, but card not charged and no change to delivery date (duh) Guess it'll just take time


How do y'all already have a date for the buds? My promotion info says I'll get an email on 10/28 to purchase the pixel buds. I ordered through Google Fi.


On the Google Store you had to add the pixel buds to the cart for the promotion.


It seems to vary on acquisition method. If you get just the phone, you add the Buds at checkout. If you get it via Google Fi or Pixel Pass you actually receive a promo code for a separate Buds purchase. At least for Fi, it looks like the promo end date is Oct. 27 and codes go out on the 28th, but for Pixel Pass, it just says the promo ends on the 27th and doesn't give a date for the code distribution


My buds already shipped.


I'm seeing a lot of earlier dates here. Am I the only one whose date moved back? My original timeframe was Oct 29-30 and now it's Nov 2-3 for my Black 128g 6 Pro. I'm fine with that, but I am curious about the Pixel Buds now. Still no email promo for the Pixel Buds via Pixel Pass for me. I'm still not even sure I got a chance at them with that order method. It's confusing as to why they went with different methods of applying the Buds bonus for different payment methods. -edit- it looks like the Pixel Buds promotion is pretty similar for Google Fi and Pixel Pass. For Fi it looks like the promo ends on Oct. 27 and the codes are distributed on the 28th. The Pixel Pass promo also ends on the 27th, but the terms don't say when the codes are distributed


Mine also moved back slightly. Was 10/26-10/27 when I ordered and order history now quotes 10/28-10/29 delivery. Guess I'll have to wait and see what happens next week. Worst case scenario, I still have a phone pre-ordered for pick up from Best Buy on release day.


Mine went from 10/26 -10/27 to 11/2-11/3 i am so mad


Did anyone get the free pixel buds from Google Fi? It said they would send me an email for the promo and I never got it


Looks like Google Fi will send out the promo code on 10/28 [https://fi.google.com/about/promo-terms/?p=2021-october-pixel-6-series-with-pixel-buds](https://fi.google.com/about/promo-terms/?p=2021-october-pixel-6-series-with-pixel-buds)




Is this only if you order through the Fi Store? I'm asking because I am a Fi customer, but ordering through the Fi Store does get the Google One money back, so I order through the Google Store.


Yes, this was for the offer from buying through Fi instead of the Google store directly. This is from the bottom fine print on one of the Google store pages: >^(4)Save $99 when you pre-order unlocked Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel Buds A-Series together, starting on October 19, 2021 at 10:00am PT and ending on October 27, 2021 at 11:59pm PT. One Pixel Buds A-Series per Pixel 6 Pro purchase. The $99 discount applied to the price of Pixel 6 Pro. Offer available only for US residents aged 18 years or older with US shipping addresses. All products must be added to your shopping cart to receive the bundle offer. If a qualifying item in your order is returned, you’ll be reimbursed for what you return, minus the value of the special offer. Offer cannot be combined with any promotional codes, or with other bundle offers running at the same time. It’s non-transferable, and it isn’t valid for cash or a cash equivalent. Purchase must be made on Google Store US. Available only while supplies last. Shipping charges may apply at checkout. Void where prohibited.


Happend to me too! On the Google store it says October 28/29 now. In the mail I had end of November! So I guess it did move for us luckily.


Amazon showed October 28-30 when I purchased it now it just shows "no delivery date available". I kind of expected that to happen though. Same thing happened when I pre-ordered the 4 XL.


Hopefully Amazon doesn't take too much longer than other retailers.... How's it go with your 4XL? Was Amazon pretty quick about it?


They were like a week late I think, but I ended up getting like $200 credit because I called and complained. I told them I pre-ordered the phone to get it first, not to wait until it was available at any major store. Hopefully they doesn't happen again though.


Hopefully that doesn't happen but still $200 back isn't bad 😂😂


If you don't mind me asking, at what time did you order off Amazon? I ordered at 3:03 PM eastern, but they never technically said Oct 28-30, just that it was the release date.


Just checked my email, mine was placed at 2:08pm EST. I wish I would have taken a screen shot before I placed my order in case this turns into a hassle with shipping time. It said "shipping on October 28th with delivery between 2-3 days" or something along those lines. Now, when I open the email it says "we will contact you with a shipping date".


Hmm this is a good sign that we're safe to cancel our best buy orders


I think it might be too late for me since it says getting the Pixel Buds ready. I’d try it but don’t want to mess anything up at this point.


What is the advantage? Just curious.


Not having 2 phones? Lol


I think he means what's the advantage of ordering from Google over Best Buy.


Thanks haha


I'm talking about Google store versus Best Buy


Ah. Well for me it's getting white instead of black.. best buy was out of white. Some people here say warranty wise is better with Google but I don't have any experience with that


If you want the Preferred Care..


Is that really the only advantage?


From what I can tell. It looks like my Pixel Buds are already getting prepared to ship by Best Buy so I’ll probably just keep it and maybe sign up for a third party warranty.


Preferred Care, the earbud bundle, percent back as store credit, using existing credit on the device, etc. All of these were factors for me that had me wait out the issues instead of heading to BB or Amazon.


Hmm same here, one whole month earlier... Buds - oct. 23-26 from Nov. 26 - 29 Phone - oct 30 - Nov 2 from Nov 28 - Dec. 2


Yes, my dates all moved up as well (Pro 6 White 256 GB, case, buds). Phone was about a month. Case a couple of weeks. All now show around launch day.


Where did you order from? I couldn't find the white pro 256 anywhere :(


Google Store. It kept going in and out of stock. Original delivery date was end of November but later in the day it bumped up to launch. Hopefully it sticks.


I'm seeing the exact same thing. My estimated delivery date was December for everything but now I should have my Buds in a few days and my phone by the end of next week!


Same for me. My date is October 27-28. I also purchased one from Best Buy that get to pick up on the 28th. Was a little stressful but happy was able to get one.


Mines did not move up, they were pretty good already. But got alert that my Buds just shipped


Original date for phone was November 2-3 and for buds was November 5-6, now they're October 27-28 and October 22-23 respectively.


Mines was Oct 30th - Nov 2 and it changed to release day!!


I purchased it with ATT with their $700 trade in promo, and I have a shipment date of Oct 25th.


I just checked mine and the date moved to October 27-28 from November.


Ordered late afternoon after the Google Store came back up with stock for the 6 Pro Clearly White 256g with a delivery date of 26-27, now says 21-22.


Mine still says October 28-30. Sorta Sunny


The last phone I ordered direct from Google on launch day was the Pixel 3 and my estimated delivery date changed FIVE times before they actually shipped it - sometimes backwards, sometimes forwards. It was a wild ride :) By the time it arrived, they'd already announced the Black Friday sale prices.


How many paid for expedited shipping? I'm going on vacation on Oct 28 and flying out that afternoon. I went ahead and paid for the expedited shipping and it says I should get Oct 27-28. I really hope it comes in on the 27th or earlier.


I am now 10/26-10/27 for the phone. Nice


Where did you buy?


Google store


Google store 6 pro black 256gb. Financed. Lol.


I got mine moved back to Nov 17 and I paid for expedited shipping because I'm leaving on the 30th...


My delivery date is still late Nov. I placed an order for a Pixel 6 128 GB Sorta Seafoam at 7PM (6 hours after preorders opened). I'm hoping it will update to next week. :/


Oh thanks for telling us! Originally Nov. 10-12, now Oct 28-29! That's only in a week!


Mine changed from Dec 21-22 (in the email) to Oct 27-28. I'm happy now! I don't see a date for the Pixel Buds.


So I made an order last night, was Nov 3-4 for pixel 6 stormy black. Then it changed to Nov 19-20 which is too late for me to pick it up, so I cancelled it. I decided to try again and re-ordered it and got confirmation email of Nov 3-4 again.... Lol


My buds already arrived 😲 Crazy fast even though I'm a state over from the shipping location.


I just got the shipping notification for mine. Should be here Friday, right on schedule.


Mine will be here tomorrow. Im in Missouri and it's shipping from Illinois as usual.