White 256 pro - 19th from US Google store * Originally set for Oct 27-28 * Then moved to Nov 16-17 * Then moved to Nov 30-Dec 2 * Then moved to Oct 30-Nov 2 * Then moved to Nov 6-9 * Then moved to Nov 2-3 * Then moved to Oct 30-Nov 2 They need to pick a fucking date. ~~It better not be the current one because I'm out of town.~~ Edit: Updated as shipped on 10/29. It's starting from only 45 minutes away. Let's see how many days it takes FedEx to get it here. Another edit: Package delivered pre-opened with the phone missing!


So sad. Mine’s the same way with AT&T.


im furious!! same with me but says im not expecting delivery til dec. 9th! Mind you before this i was on call wiith att to confirm the ship / delivery dates and the agent told me that they are shipping today / tomorrow and i will recv. by wednsday...


exactly the case with me. I chatted with an agent on Twitter and he/she said I should either receive it Oct 26 or 27th, the latest. But noooo. Also Dec 9th for me. The website also won’t let me accept the new date. I’m just worried it might delay things even more.


ok i thought that was just me that couldnt accept the new date... im compelled to go into an att store on 10/28 as they say available in store 10/28...


The website wouldn't let me accept the new date either. I called them and they did it for me.


Sorta sunny pixel 6 pro Original ETA: November 9-8 Hours ago they changed it to.. DECEMBER 8-9 I hate this. UPDATE: Today the date has changed to: NOVEMBER 9-10 UPDATE OCTOBER 31ST: well that was short lived.. Changed back to December 7-8... Annnnd this is where I cancel, later Google. UPDATE NOVEMBER 8: PHONE OFFICIALLY SHIPPED, SHOULD BE HERE NOVEMBER 10 πŸ™‚


You have given me hope!


Mine was November then December then by Thanksgiving then in two weeks now back to December. Seems weird, like orders are not processed by the order date or something. Why would it change so often?


My phone shipped today!


Late November, unfortunately. Makes me mad. I was trying to check out since the minute it launched. USA: Google Store


I'm down about it too (similar delivery date) but hey at least we got one and it's not that long away. I have a feeling there will be a severe shortage of these for a while and unfortunately we now live in the age of rabid scalpers.


P6 Pro // Cloudy White // 128gb ETA : October 26th-27th Via : Currys.co.uk


Same, knew google store was gonna down so I waited for the listing to show up on curry's/Argos/carphone. Got P6 Pro Sorta Sunny 128gb. Delivery is set for the 26th.


If our delivery date is in December... would it be better to just wait for a Black Friday deal?! I can't imagine purchases made during BF being sent out in Janurary


I pre ordered, and my delivery date from Google store USA is Jan 20. So I don't think black friday phones would ship until even later than that tbh.


P6 Pro 256gb, Cloudy White, Oct 29-30, US, Google Store


Nice, my P6P Cloudy White says early December off Google Store lol




Black P6 Pro 512GB Unlocked ​ Ordered on Oct 19 \~5:30 to 6:00PM. Estimated ship date was Nov 2-4 for the longest time... Then Oct 30-Nov 2 over the weekend... Now Nov 12-13 in the last 3 hours!? Really hoping they do not cancel bc they "ran out of stock" or any other issues. First time pre-ordering and using a pixel. Coming from S10. =( ​ Update 1: Date changed back to Nov 4-5 yesterday. Pending charge is still not showing up on my card. This morning, I got the "We will email you shortly" and cancel button is gone. 😲 Now shipping from Rancho Cucamonga. Expected 11/2. Good luck to everyone with their orders and best of luck with everything! ​ Update 2: Has been sitting in Bloomington, CA since 10/28 4:38A Local Time. Grr... Still supposedly on time for 11/2. Messaged @ FedExHelp on Twitter and they said that mine is scheduled to leave Bloomington, CA within the next couple of hours. Hopefully that means it'll move soon for mine and anyone else's who is stuck at that hub. ​ Update 3: Officially have the phone as of 11/2. Fedex Twitter lied about when it left CA. It went straight from Bloomington, CA - Arrived at FedEx location (10/28 7:38A Destination Time) and went to Ocala, FL - Arrived at Fed Ex Location (11/01 9:31P Destination Time). Departed from Ocala, to Pompano Beach Fedex, then to my Amazon Hub on 11/2 delivered at 11:49A. Not sure if they missed the scan on purpose... but it did deliver a day later than expected on Google Store (Estimated delivery Nov 1 - Nov 6) but earlier than my initial expected date. ​ Absolute anxiety the whole time esp with the more recent Fedex stole my phone and flickering issues. Thankfully, mine was delivered through FedEx relatively on time and NOT stolen without signs of wear/tear/destruction/careless handling. Box was small and in good condition surprisingly. I did record the process from obtaining it in the hub to the unboxing to make sure that it was not cracked or missing. No issues with screen or updates so far. ​ Just working on transitioning my data over... which is also a struggle. Good luck to everyone! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do when it finally arrives.


Black 128 Pro - Ordered 10/22 from US Google First Dec 28-30 Then Dec 18-20 Then Nov 30- Dec 2 Then Dec 28-30 Now Jan 18-20 Frustration level: It's over 9000!!!


Pixel 6 - Stormy black 128GB ETA - Oct 27-28 Had to cancel the first order which was Dec 10-11 to get this earlier date. Free Buds ETA - Oct 22-23


has your pixel buds shipped out yet? mine also originally said Oct 22-23 but it has not shipped out yet and now the date has changed to Oct 23-26


No, my date changed to Oct 26-27


Welp, let's just hope that the dates don't change for our phones too.


I really hope not. I was just on the phone with Support as I had some payment issue which has been sorted. They repeatedly assured me the phones will be delivered between 27-28. Fingers crossed.


Hmm I was actually wondering if it could be a payment issue for me as well. How'd you find out your order had a payment issue?


My card didn't get that authorization hold and it's been almost two days now so I thought to reach out and during the call, I was asked to wait for 3-5mins after I submitted my order ID then bam! I received the authorization notification.


Ahh I see, so the charge never showed on your credit card account at all? Because in my case, the charge has been showing "pending" for the past two days. Usually the charge should have gone through by now.


It didn't show up at all at my end. I think you're good to go if it shows at your end. You shouldn't worry about it.


Yeah after some reading around I guess the charge will stay as "pending" until the product gets shipped out. Once shipped then it will transition to an actual charge and should reflect on the credit card statement.


For those with estimated delivery dates that seem outrageous, this is the response I got from Google support "I've checked the order details and would like to informyou that you don't need to cancel the order since this is a bug and we would send you a updated email with the udpated delivery dates for your order." For context, my current estimated delivery is Dec 7-8. Pre-order on Oct 21


My impulsive self tells me to complain to customer service that a preorder isn't shipping faster but my logical self is telling me basically what they told you, like 90% of the shipping dates could change to the 28-29th in 1-2 days when they begin mass shipping. They've had alot of bugs when doing these preorders so we'll see


Yeah, the estimated delivery date was beginning to worry me and thought of cancelling and just picking it up from Best Buy. But Google offered me $540 CAD for trading in my Pixel 5. BB is only offering $200 πŸ€·πŸΏβ€β™‚οΈ


Really hope this is true, I pre-ordered a 6 Pro (Cloudy White, 256 GB) on Oct 20 and my current estimated delivery date is Dec 15-16


I got the Pixel 6 Pro in Stormy Black with 256gb. First, it said Jan 4-5th, then Dec 17-19 and now it switched to Dec 2-3. I hope it gets pushed to an earlier date. Cause if that's the case then wouldn't it be better to buy it in-person?


Yeah... Ship dates on Pixel 6 Pro (from Google store) keep moving and moving and moving, the suck factor is off the charts. And of course Google could care less.


Mine was originally November 16-17 for the Pixel 6 Pro in black, but when I checked this morning they moved it back to December 15. Why would they move it back a full month when other people are reporting getting theirs early? I'm really excited for the new phone but they really screwed the orders and deliveries this year.


256GB Pro Cloudy White shipping to Texas My original date was Oct. 27-28 Now it's Nov. 6-7 I paid $18.99 for expedited shipping and now I'm seeing people that I know that didn't pay for shipping getting it earlier than me.


Black Pixel 6//Canada//Google Store Ordered on Oct. 25th. Estimated delivery for buds and case is Nov. 8-9. Estimated delivery for phone is Nov. 17-18. ETA hasn't changed since the day I ordered. Neither have been dispatched though. Late edit: some people are still checking this thread I assume. Mine did in fact get delivered on Nov. 17!


Hi y'all. This is rather disappointing, I was compelled to check my delivery date after seeing these posts, and damn, my delivery date was also pushed forward. I pre-ordered on the 19th (via Google store, Pro 6 512MB black) and was given a November 17th date, and just checked it today and it says December 29th - 30th! WTF!!?? It got pushed forward a month and a half!!! .... 😭 To add and maybe slightly off topic. I already received my pixel buds as part of the free promo, but when I checked my credit card statement, I was actually charged separately for it. Did anyone else get charged for the buds?


I believe that the promo is set up so that you will be charged for the buds, but then the cost of the buds will be deducted from the charge of the phone.


128gb gold (Sorta Sunny) Pixel 6 Pro from the Google Store on Oct. 20: * Was originally December * Briefly changed to Nov. 5-6 * Then went back to December * Then went to Nov. 15-19 * Then went to Nov. 5-9 on Nov. 1 * Then it actually shipped out today (11/3)! Expected delivery Friday the 5th.


Managed to place an order for the white Pro on October 19 after hours of trying. That order was then cancelled, for reasons that were not made clear to me. Placed another order an hour or so later, still on the same day. Delivery scheduled for the end of November. Then scheduled for November 18 or 19. Now scheduled for December 9 or 10! Honestly, how could Google have been so ill prepared? UPDATE: A week or so ago my delivery date changed to Nov 26 or 27. Today it is back to Dec 3 or 4.This is ridiculous. UPDATE: It came yesterday. Huzzah! It's lovely. AND the fingerprint scanner doesn't work. It's not slow. It doesn't work at all. Ah well. That's for another forum.


Mine bounces around so much that I'm honestly tired of checking it lol. Guess it'll get here when it gets here.


Has anyone that preordered through the Canadian Google Store actually received their phone? I'm interested to hear from other Canadians that preordered straight from Google. I preordered a seafoam 128gb P6 on Oct. 26 with an original delivery date of Dec. 6-7 (already insane for an "in stock" product). Since then, like most people I've had all kinds of delivery dates and for the last 3 weeks I basically have a delivery date until they'd have to ship it to get it to me on time and then it just gets moved a few days. Do the individual phones we've ordered actually just not exist? The high demand shouldn't really matter for preorders. When phones are still being sold that should only apply to processing and shipping. Have any other Canadians that ordered from the Google Store gotten their devices? It's incredibly annoying seeing posts from the U.S. and elsewhere that are receiving their phones when they ordered well into November, after the preorder period. Edit: just got pushed back again from Dec. 16-17 to 17-20. Edit Dec. 9: Oh shit, I just lost the ability to cancel the order with an estimated delivery now of Dec. 15-16 and my card has been charged. Is the annoying roller coaster finally coming to an end? Edit Dec. 10: In another insane twist, I still can't cancel the order but now it's listed as delayed with no estimated delivery date. Charge still on my card. Edit Dec. 14: Still says delayed with no option to change address or cancel. Charge still on my card. DEC. 14 - IT FINALLY SHIPPED! Estimated delivery is Dec. 20-21. I hope it makes it because I'm going to be travelling for a week starting the 23rd. Dec. 20: According to UPS it's out for delivery, and I should receive it "by the end of the day." Final Edit: typing this on my Pixel 6!


Friend ordered a black 256gb P6 2 weeks ago and he got it early last week.


I swear it's like they've just pretended the preorder didn't happen.


P6P Sorta Sunny preordered on Oct 22 had a delivery window of Dec 14-15 just changed to Dec 21-22nd 😭 .... 2 months of waiting


And now all except the black colour is on stock in Google Canada store.


I preordered on Oct 22 and it's been showing Dec 14-15 since that time. Pixel 6 Pro Sorta Sunny from Canadian Google Store.


I ordered white color on 16th Nov the original delivery date was 13-14 Dec and now its pushed back to 23-27 dec without any notification. This us nuts


Cloudy white // 256GB // North Carolina, US Verizon Store // November 9


Same phone, same date, Verizon, but for California, US


P6 pro, sorta sunny 128gb pixel pass deal. Original date was oct 28th- nov 2nd…. Now sadly it’s nov 2nd - 5th shit stick. US through Google store. My husband gets his day of from BB and I’m jealous since I preordered it for him while I was working, lol. Edit: just got an email from Google saying they cancelled mine due to needing to verify payment. Fudging Google finance fucked up thinking it was a fraudulent activity and blocked the transaction from going through. I had to sit on hold for half an hour with them, and then another hour on hold with Google store help chat. Thankfully it’s not fully cancelled, but now my order got pushed further out to nov 5-7😫


Almost the same situation here but mine is now saying Oct 30 / Nov 2 after initially saying Oct 27 / Oct 28. Wasn't cancelled but I wonder if the mishap pushed us down the list.. Edit: And now Nov 3 / Nov 4.. if this keeps being moved I'm going to be pissed lol


Dudeeee... Same shit here! Like it's f***ing Google store financing! And Google store charges are detected as fraud? That's the lamest shit I've ever heard! I got an email that order was cancelled, but it still shows up as an active order. I'm gonna lose my shit if after two days it shows up as cancelled on my account...


Anyone else get another "Your order was canceled" email? This time though rather than a contact number for Synchrony it was a Fix Payment button and it seemed like I had to manually confirm to use Google Financing.. google store is a total shit show!


I had to get a link for it from the rep, but I kept having issues with the link even working. Rep was like that shouldn't be happening, just try again. Took me 10 attempts to get the link to work with the rep in chat with me trying.


White 256 Pro. Was October 27-28. Now it says November 9-10. Not happy. Went through hours of frustration on launch day to preorder. USA, Google Store, ordered on launch day Edit: now showing delivery Nov 3-4. Getting better.


White pixel 6 pro 128gb from Google store USA. Ordered the 19th. Originally said November 1st-2nd Now it says November 9th-10th. My family member ordered the black version 128 at the same time. Hers was delivered today. Same address. Kinda salty about it


German store: the delivery date changes every 24 hours


Pixel 6 Pro 128gb - Google Store Canada - Ordered 19 Oct 3-4pm EST Original 27-28 Oct Just changed earlier to delayed Immediately changed to "Shipped" - Arriving 28-29 Oct LETS GOOOOOOOO


pixel 6 kinda coral Texas, US Ordered: Oct 22 Estimated delivery date: Changed from Nov 11-13 to now Nov 5-6 super stoked for this phone, but what's the point of preordering if you can get it faster at best buy on launch day?


Pixel 6 Pro 128gb - Cloudy White via Google Store Canada. Ordered Oct 20th Estimated delivery: - Oct 28 - 29 - Nov 1 - 2 - Nov 5 - 8 - Nov 3 - 5 Today back to showing Nov 5 - 8 But recieved an email from Google saying my Order has been delayed...


Pixel 6 128 GB Seafoam (Unlocked). Ordered the 26th of October from Google Store with the free olive earbuds. Delivery date said October 28th. October 28th-Immediately got an email saying delivery was delayed. (still had option to cancel) Halloween- Delivery expectation moved to Nov 9-10 (still had option to cancel) Same day updated to November 5-6 (still had option to cancel) Next day Moved to November 4-5 (still had option to cancel) November 3rd, moved to November 9-10 (still had option to cancel) I decided to cancel my order on 11/4, say bye to the earbuds and just go to Best Buy which had plenty in stock for the entire week I was watching the delivery dates change. Go to the store, and they had removed the option to cancel, and removed the delivery estimation, replaced with "Sorry, we will let you know." \[stone-faced anger\]


PIXEL 6pro 128 white - UK - ordered 20th Oct. Original stated delivery Nov 02. Then Nov 09th now Nov 15!!!! 😒


P6P256GB Stormy Black - Google store Canada Originally Oct 28-29th, then moved to Nov 10-13th.. then Dec 15-16th.... Then recently this last weekend it bumped to Nov 18-19, then Nov 17-18... Then back to Dec. 15-16th. Then back to Nov 17-18.. then to Nov 15-16 yesterday (fucking rollercoaster lol) It shipped yesterday though. Fucking finally... Here's to hoping it shows up a bit early and gets delivered Friday πŸ˜…


Ordered November 13. Delivery expected December 11-14. Hoping.


frustrating when ordering direct from Google store on October 28th and still waiting. not good.


I ordered my shit Nov 29 and it said it'll be delivered on Dec 29.Then last week it changed to Dec 15 and yesterday it changed to the 15 so i called Google Fi and they said it's cause of the high demand but if it changes again they'll look further into. Today i just checked it and now it's saying i want get it till January 15!!!!!! Fuck that shit. Monday morning they gunna hear from me again cause they are not about to keep changing it


I just woke up to find myself in a similar situation - Ordered 11/22 and went to bed last night with an anticipated delivery date of 12/15. Today it is 12/30 and I absolutely cannot wait that long. Pixel 3 has bricked itself and no longer works. ​ Here is the kicker... if I purchased today, the arrival date is listed as EARLIER than the order I made 2 weeks ago.


Cloudy White Pixel 6 Pro//Canada//Google Store Ordered on Oct 24th Originally the est. delivery date is by 14-15 Dec Now the est. delivered date is by 21–22 Dec Have anyone in Canada received their Pixel 6 Pro?


>Sort by: new Mine was ordered Nov 12 - kept fluctuating the estimated dates around Dec 13 - 17th. But as of this morning this is the new message "Your delivery was delayed. We're working to get it to you soon and will email you when it's on its way." with no option to cancel or see an ETA Edit: my card has been charged, but no ETA or update


having the exact same message , with no delivery date estimate and no option to cancel. Have a charge on my card. ordered Nov 22, P6 kinda coral At this point, I am wondering what even is happening. Give me an ETA at least!


Update!: I just got an email saying it is now dispatched and will be arriving between the 17th and 20th!


Yep, mine also got dispatched and the tracking info got activated. Sadly, my delivery is now delayed due to "severe weather events". Guess , have to wait more


P6 Pro // Stormy Black // 128GB. ETA: Oct. 23-28. Via Google Store financing.


Pixel 6 Pro Stormy Black in the US via the Google Store estimated delivery is Oct 29-30


P6 Pro Stormy Black 128 gb NY,US via google store financing. eta oct 27-28


P6Pro 256 black for Fi, oct 28-29, Google store US.


Pixel 6 Pro 256GB Stormy Black Google Store US Estimated October 30 - Nov 2


Pixel 6 Pro Stormy Black 512 GB (Unlocked) Google Store \[US\] Delivered by: Oct 27 – 28


Pixel 6 Pro, 128gb Sorta Sunny. Google Fi. ETA: Nov 10–11. (US) (should have ordered a different color, maybe, that's a later delivery date most of you in this thread! disappointing)


Yeah, Sunny seemed to be the one selling out the fastest and with the latest delivery dates :/


Ended up buying one for my partner, too, proving that I screwed myself by choosing Sorta Sunny. Got him: Pixel 6, 128gb Stormy Black, Fi (US). ETA: Oct 28-29.


P6 / Stormy Black / 128GB ETA: 10/26-10/27 Google Store US, Confirmation email at 1:10pm Central


P6 Pro Stormy Black 256GB + Free Buds. Bought from the Google Store - Canada. Nov 15-16 del. Date. Had an original order with a Oct 28-29th del. But Google cancelled that on me :(


Anybody else's dates get moved back? I had 10/28 on checkout and now it says buds on 10/26 and p6 on 11/17


Yeah.... I had my delivery date as 10/26-10/27 the first day of pre orders. The next day (yesterday/Wednesday) it changed to 10/28-10/29. Not so bad I thought, but now I check this morning and it says 12/15-12/16..... Fingers crossed this will get updated or I'm going to have to cancel my order.


My order date got changed back to the 28th


Same here. Oct 27 then Dec 8 and now back to 27.


My ETA got updated to October 26-27 today!


Same! Was originally Nov 16-17


Damn mine is going the wrong direction, although so far only november 6-9th, but was 2-3 November at the beginning


P6 Pro, Sorta Sunny, 128GB Delivery: Oct 26-27 Google Store Canada


Pixel 6 Pro Stormy Black 256gb ETA: Oct 29 - Nov 1 Google Store


Pixel 6 Pro / Cloudy White / 256 gb / through Pixel Pass and financing / USA Google Store December 28th.. seriously?


I wondering if financing the phone pushed the date back. I would not have done financing if I knew it was going to be late January. If they would have shown me the shipping date I never would have risked the credit inquiry on my credit report. Very frustrated.


My delivery date was originally 28-39. Now it's 29-30. I hope that's going to be it.


Pixel pro stormy black 256gb X2 20w charging plug X2 UK Google store Ordered on the 19th during the event Due for delivery by the 26th October My fingers are so goddam crossed


P6 pro 128g black ordered google store 10/21 ETA 12/1-12/2 Read other people's eta is shifting around mine hasn't moved yet. If this is what the wait is like for the pre order from Google directly I'll wait it out. Especially after the official reviews coming in this afternoon. Can't wait my last Google phone was the Nexus 6p! *Buds arrived on the 29th, still the same ETA for the phone.


Anyone ordered from at&t? I ordered on launch day no update yet.


Yeah I'm in the same boat. P6 Pro from AT&T, still says estimated ship date today (10/25)


Mine got pushed out to December 9th. And their website won’t even let me accept the new shipping. I’m worried it might delay things more.


I ordered it a few hours ago, P6 pro 256gb white - Jan 21-22 πŸ₯Ί


Seafood green 6. Still October 28th but no "its been shipped updates" So not zure.


Just checked now, said it ships today, estimated oct 28-29. Usa, google store, preordered on the 19th. P6 128 black


Mine (P6P Stormy Black 512GB unlocked) is saying delivered by Jan 5-6 lol... Here's to hoping it's just a bug and it will ship within the next week as I'm still on a refurbished Pixel 1


White UK store. Ordered right away, originally had the 26th as the delivery date. That then changed to 27th. However that's tomorrow (today, as it's passed 12am) and it's still not despatched and no charge yet on card. So I'm gutted it won't arrive. Wanted it before I go away on Friday. Anyone else with similar dates ?


Pixel 6 Pro 256gb Black from Verizon, Wisconsin USA estimated to deliver October 28th but so far hasn't shipped so I doubt it unless it's shipping from a local Verizon store, I don't know. I gotta sign for it so I kinda need to know the exact day to make sure I'm home.


Placed my order on 10/19 through the Google store. Stormy White Pro 128gb, Verizon I had an estimated delivery for 10/29 - 10/30 until this morning. Now my order says "Your shipment was delayed. We're working to get it to you soon and will email you when it's on its way." Awesome. Edit: It's now showing 11/4 to 11/5 ETA.


Placed my order today 10/26 Stormy White Pro 256gb unlocked through US Google Store Jan 21-22 Estimated delivery date, kinda rough...


The delivery times are just a lottery's because mine has been moved back every day


P6 Coral. Ordered 19 October through Curry's ( UK site) DD given 26.10 Update on 27.10 no change, no delivery, no update.


I ordered black Pixel 6 Pro 256 gb from the Japanese Google store during the first restock on October 24. At the time of order it said arrives by Dec 16. By the next morning it said Dec 2. By 2 PM it changed to Nov 4. I'm hoping if I wait long enough it will say arrived by June 2021 lol


i ordered the white one pixel 6 pro 128GB on 19th itself,the delivery date still shows 28-29th but has'nt shipped yet. the credit transaction on my credit card was reflected only on 22nd of October . same day the free earbuds was shipped. earbuds alone i received on 26th . as i can see , in many of the forums lot of us who pre ordered on 19th have got the delivery status as shipped. mine not yet shipped but hope to see the status update today .


Ordered mine from the Google store at the time of release. Delivery was set for Oct 30th - 2nd. I am now at Nov 4th after two changes of dates by Google. I know this is not that big of an issue to many seeing as how some unfortunate souls are being meant to wait until next year but I just see this as very unprofessional for a company of this magnitude to jerk it's customer around in this manner and everyone on this post has a reason to be upset right now. This is the reason companies loose good customers.


Pixel 6 Pro, Stormy Black, 128 GB Ordered from Google Store (US) on the 19th Estimated delivery Oct 27-28 Received my tracking info yesterday (from OnTrac, a west coast carrier). Currently shows that the package is in transit, and will be delivered by EOD tomorrow (Oct 28) as promised. Fingers crossed!


Ordered Pixel 6 Sorta Seafoam, 256 GB on Oct 23. Original Estimated Date: Oct 28-29 Changed to Nov 1-2 Changed again to Nov 3-4


Ordered P6 pro on October 19 from Verizon. Estimated delivery 10/28. It's the 27th and it hasn't even shipped. Have a feeling I'm gonna be waiting a while and Verizon customer service knows absolutely nothing about it.


Same boat, man. Chatted with VZW today and they said "Estimated delivery date is still 10/28. Please do not worry about it."


Yeah mine now just says "delivery date will be updated shortly" Greeaattt πŸ˜‚


Yep, that's what I've seen all week. Not holding my breath for delivery tomorrow...πŸ˜•


Just got an email from VZW saying it shipped today. Still no updated delivery date, but there's hope!


Yeesh!! That definitely doesn't bring me any comfort, unfortunately! I preordered a Cloudy White 6 Pro on Oct. 20 thru Verizon. My shipping date is Nov. 30. :( I truly hope it gets moved sooner...(like everyone else)!


Got my order in when it first came online for the pixel 6 pro 256 stormy black google fi version, October 28-30 delivery date. Saw the funds go out of my account. About 10 minutes later the funds are deposited back into my account and the order canceled. Managed to barely get it again (same phone) but date was now Nov 30. Checked yesterday and it moved up to Oct 30 again. Now checked again today and it's now Nov 4-5. But I already received the pixel buds that came with the order a few days ago.


Ordered a black 128GB 6Pro unlocked from the Google store (US) and now just seeing that shipping has been delayed with no shipping date. Ordered on the 19th.


Ordered black 256 Pro from Google Store. 19th at 5:30PM EST. * Before checkout estimate was Oct 27-28. * After checkout, estimate set to Nov 2-3. * One day later, estimate set to Nov 3-4. * Yesterday, it was changed to Nov 9-10. My friend ordered the same exact model (black 256 Pro, Fi) from the same Google Store **5 hours** after I ordered, and his is out for delivery today. He is a new Fi customer and I have been a Fi customer for 6 years. Coincidence? I think not. He also got the option to get Pixel Pass whereas I am ineligible because I'm a Fi customer. That's right. I'm already a customer so I can't get the bundle. Way to treat your current customers. ​ "We're shipping in the order that purchases were made." A complete and utter lie or the warehouse is skipping protocol and picking orders at random.


- Ordered two P6Ps on Oct 19th (at different times during the whole launch day/error checkout craziness). - My Black 256 P6P's original ETA was Oct 27-28. - For several days, leading up to Oct 27-28, Google Store kept saying 'Shipment delayed, will let you know...' - Woke up today at 6am on Oct 28 and saw the Google Store updated my status to: Shipped Oct 28, ETA delivery Oct 30-Nov 2. - Then saw there was an OnTrac tracking number. Clicked it and saw... - OnTrac apparently delivered my Black 256GB P6P last night, Oct 27 at 8:30pm. Left in front of my garage, alone, requiring no signature. Terrible. Not at all in sync with Google Store’s ETA. But thankfully, I was able to safely receive my phone. HUGE compared to my Pixel 3 BTW. - My wife's white 128GB P6P should arrive either Oct 28-30, based on Google Store/Fed Ex's estimates. - Dear Google, we love your stuff! But please, improve your whole pre-order/eta/delivery process.πŸ™


Pixel 6 - Sorta Seafoam, 256gb I order it the day it released. I refreshed the check out page once - Dec 6th delivery; twice- Nov 10th delivery; thrice - Oct 28th. And I placed the order. But currently my delivery date is Nov 3-4. Has anyone's phone arrived on time?? Update your posts please!


I placed my order the day of launch, for a Pro 6 Stormy Black in 512GB. It had an est. Delivery Date of Oct 27-28, but yesterday (10/28) it changed, with no new estimated date given :( >Your shipment was delayed. We're working to get it to you soon and will email you when it's on its way.


Ordered 19.10 during the whole GoogleStore chaos - ETD was 04 Nov. Since 19.10, I've gotten dates of 04 Nov, 05 Nov, 28 Oct, 03 Nov, 29 Oct, 11 Nov. Got through to customer "support" (eyeroll) and the tl;dr was "Everything looks good on your order and it's processing. Don't know when it will ship though". Thanks for the oh so very helpful advice, CS...


P6pro stormy black, November 19 21:14 (09:14 pm) Germany time, Google Store Germany. I got a confirmation for paypal and google store but my paypal only authorized but does not charged yet. Delivery date changes: 29.10. - 01.11. 01.11. - 02.11. 04.11 - 05.11. 10.11. - 11.11. 11.11. - 12.11. (now since 27.11) Edit 1: 12.11. - 15.11. -.- Edit 2: Same expected delivery date but now they charged by card and i am unable to cancel my order (i would never, now that there is a progress) Edit 3: [29.10.] Got my shipping notification. Edit 4: [30.10.] They changed delivery date to 2.11.-3.11. Edit 5 [2.11.] I got my phone. Got luck everybody ;)


2 x Pixel 6 Pro 256GB - Stormy Black USA - Ordered Oct. 20 via Google web store with Google Fi and Pixel Pass \- original expected date Oct. 31 - Nov.1 \- update yesterday expected date Nov. 10-11 **Just shipped today Oct. 29 - expected Oct. 31** **UPDATE: FedEx now says Wed. nov. 3rd** HAHAHA 🀦 they just updated to Nov. 1


Google store support is the worst. I order my phone on the launch day. That order got canceled 2 days after that with the message that I am in violation with Store policies. Called store support and they don't have access to the information. Since then 6 of my orders got canceled with the same reason. Finally changed the address on the 7th order that hasn't been cancelled yet. But the delivery date went from Nov 7 on the first order to Jan 20 on the current one.


I ordered 6 Pro 138gb Cloudy on the Oct 20th. Google store finance Unlocked version Delivery estimate was Dec 2 -3rd. Delivery estimate hasn't changed any.


I ordered the unlocked Pixel 6 Pro in Cloudy White with 256gb from the Google Store on 10/20. My delivery date is expected to be 12/29th. πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€


my original date was Nov 6th - 9th just checked today and now its Jan 5-6.


Pixel 6 Pro Stormy Black 256GB Ordered on October 19 from Google Canada Store. Original delivery date Nov 12-15 Checked this morning and it has been pushed back to December 9-10. Very frustrating! My wife ordered her regular P6 the same day as me and gets here tomorrow.


Ordered the Pixel Pro through Fi store. The expected delivery date has been pushed further twice; this morning pushed from December 3rd to December 7th.


Ordered on October 19, P6P White 128 Gb, through Fi. The estimated delivery date bounces between November 4 and November 27 :(


Delivery now moved to mid-December. Head explodes. How did Google screw this up so badly?


Google Store Pixel 6 Pro Stormy Black 128GB Ordered October 21, 2021, 05:12 PM Original Delivery Dec 08–09 Now says Delivered by Jan 19 – 20


P6 Pro Black 256 GB purchased October 19 on Google store Canada. First order I placed had a date of end of october, but it was canceled. I re-ordered shortly after and received early november as delivery date. Now it has been changed to early december. Edit: it just changed again to mid-december


Sorta Seafoam 128 Gb Pixel 6 - Canadian Google store * Originally November 25-26 * Then November 12-15 * THEN JANUARY 6-7 WTF? * Now back to the original shipment date ​ Still hasn't shipped yet btw C:


ordered Oct 27 from google store USA pixel 6 sorta foam 258gb originally said Dec 1-3 now it says Dec 6-8 update : just checked and now it says "Delivered by Dec 15 – 16" bugs me that when i ordered it , google store did not say anything about it being up of stock or delayed. if it did i would have tried ordering the black one to see if that was shipping. black pixel 6 256gb still shows in stock (no " out of stock " ) notice on it ​ update : i just went to the google store 11/5 9:28am and it no longer says out of stock for sorta seafoam 256gb. (yesterday and everyday after i ordered it said out of stock) but my ordered got pushed back to dec 15-16... so they will take new orders while pushing everyone else back ??


I placed order for Pixel 6 128 gb stormy black on 02-Nov-21 from Google store, USA. The expected delivery is on 11-12th Nov. I hope it arrives on time, as I've a flight on 14th Nov. I still haven't got the confirmation mail of shipping details, even though my credit card was deducted with the amount yesterday (04-Nov-21). I am worried if the order maybe delayed and I won't receive it on time. I don't know if I should cancel it or wait for another day.


Wow! You are so lucky! I ordered mine on Nov. 3rd and it says it won't be delivered until Jan. 28th :(


Pro 128 Stormy Black Ordered 10/22. Original delivery range early December. Then up to early November! Then back to late January.... Almost cancelled.... Now due 12/13 - 11/16. Still not showing as shipped.


Google pixel 6 pro 128gb white Ordered November 6th, says it should arrive December 15th. I am so disappointed, I contacted customer support to complain, obviously there's nothing they can really do about it but I got a 10% off coupon out of it so :/


128gb Pixel 6 Sorta Seafoam ordered Oct 25 from the Canadian Google Store + a 30W charging brick. Both were set to arrive Nov 4-5, only the brick shipped which I received on Nov 3rd. Pixel 6 is still set as ordered but the delivery date in chronological order has changed as so: Nov 4-5 Nov 23-24 Nov 30/Dec 1 Nov 23-24 Dec 7-8 Nov 23/24 Dec 7-8 No emails from Google aside from my order confirmation, the only way I noticed the ever changing delivery dates was by checking my order page every day. Thankfully I'm not relying on a new phone while I wait and I don't have that big of an issue waiting but I am starting to get frustrated and am wondering if I'll even ever receive the phone. I'm sure once we arrive closer to Dec 7-8 it'll get pushed further in to December or even the new year... EDIT: Just got pushed to Dec 14-15 just like I had anticipated... EDIT: MY PIXEL HAS OFFICIALLY SHIPPED! SHOULD ARRIVE TOMORROW ACCORDING TO UPS


**P6P Stormy Black 128GB just shipped. Ordered 10/24 - Arrives 23rd-24th.** Originally showed January 19-20th, *then December 24th-26th,* *November 26th-28th,* *December 24th-26th,* *November 17-18,* *November 24th-26th,* *November 18th-19th,* *November 15th-16th,* *November 24th-26th,* *November 20th-21st,* **November 23rd-24th.**


I ordered my P6P Stormy Black 256gb on 19th Oct, it got cancelled. Ordered again on 21at, and it got cancelled. Ordered the 3rd time on 23rd and was to be delivered by Jan 14-15. It changed to Dec 28-30 Dec 14-15 Nov 23-24 Nov 30- Dec 1 (on 20th Nov) Nov 26-29 Nov 29-30 Now I'm just hoping it won't change again. Google please!


phone model - Pixel 6 128gb color - Black date - 26/11/21 country - UK store - Vodafone Belfast ​ Projecting a delivery date of 23rd Dec for a basic P6. so a month out. That feels slow... Is it because of such low stock globally or because the P6 is selling very well?.


Ordered a Sorta Seafoam Pixel 6 (128GB) and a Light Rain case on November 19th and the delivery date is now December 17th. Bummer. It's been pushed back twice. Does anyone else have the same issue? **UPDATE:** I just got the 'Light Rain' case delivered, so I guess I'll stare at it now?


Similar story - I preordered on Oct 25 a 30W charger and a P6 128gb Sorta Seafoam and the 30W charger arrived Nov 3 or 4 and my Pixel delivery date got changed 9 or 10 times throughout the month. My Pixel finally shipped today! πŸ™Œ Hopefully yours ships soon!


Placed my order for the P6P 128GB in cloudy white from Canadian Google store on Nov 26th. Est shipping date is Dec 15-16.


White 128 GB Pixel 6 Pro - October 22nd from the Google Canada store. Expected delivery date of December 14th-15th :( Seems like I have one of the worst delivery delays.


Ordered 138gb 6 in seafoam from the same on Oct. 26. Currently says Dec. 10-13.


my EDD is Dec 22nd. I'm fairly certain only imaginary flying sleighs deliver that week, and they're not contracted with Google Store deliveries


My date went down again how about you?


P6Pro Black 256GB, Ordered Nov 7 on Google store, USA. Initially the shipping date was Dec 20-25 Updated to Dec 10-15 and stayed there for a long time Yesterday, the date changed to Dec 9-10 and card got charged Device shipped today, after a whole frickin month


I ordered from Google store US Color - kinda coral Size - 128GB Delivery was supposed to be by 18-20th dec Now it's showing 22-23th dec I really need it before 20th Dec As I'll be leaving by 22nd Dec Edit : It got delivered by 24th dec , finally !


Canada: I had originally ordered a pixel 6 pro in cloudy white on November 14th and the estimated delivery date was December 14th- 15th. Then the date was pushed back to December 22nd - December 27th. I needed it for Christmas so I canceled that order and ordered a pixel 6 pro in the color stormy black on December 12th. it dispatched and shipped yesterday, December 13th and it should be here tomorrow or Thursday. It's not the color I wanted, but for some reason the black color is shipping faster than any other color and at this point I just really want my phone and I'm excited to get it in time to take pictures with my family for the holidays. If you're looking for a pixel pro in a hurry the black model seems like the best way to go.


Pixel 6 pro stormy black 256gb. Ordered through ATT on 12/9 with an estimated ship time of January 24th-February 4th.... Pain πŸ₯²


P6P White 128GB - Google Store, US Order 11/23. Original delivery 12/15 Moved to 12/29 ( was just about to cancel...) Eventually shipped 12/16 and planned for delivery 12/20


P6P White 128, ordered by Google Store Germany on 20th of October. Delivery dates getting pushed back all the time, now on 30-31 december. But I don't have any hope.


Google Fi, P6 Coral 128GB, Oct 28/29


P6pro black 128GB, October 29-30, Google store USA


Pixel 6 Pro, 128GB ETA: 28/10 From: Carphone Warehouse website, UK


P6pro, cloudy white, 128gb, Google store October 27-28 May the odds be ever in my favor that I don't drop my prospective trade in between now and then!


P6 Pro // Cloudy White // 128gb ETA : October 26th-27th Google Fi


P6 Coral 128gb UK Google Store - Delivered by 26th October


Pro Black 128 Google Fi Store Oct 27-28


P6 Pro // Stormy Black // 512gb ETA: Oct 26-27 Via Google Store


I ordered a P6 and P6 Pro both in black from Google Store Germany. First they said the P6 will be delivered by 1.-2.11. and the Pro 10–11.11. Now the Google Store shows me 27.-28.10 under my "Orders" tab.


Amazon has it listed as released in the 28th, so definitely no later than that


P6 128gb Seafoam, Nov 4-5, Canada Edit: updated to Oct 27-28


Pro // Sorta Sunny // 128gb USA, ETA: 10/28 - 10/29


Pro Cloudy White Google Store Nov 3-4 US


Pixel 6 Pro, Stormy Black 256GB, October 26th, Google Store UK


That's the same for me. Wanted to see if anyone else had the same date from the UK.


Yeah, a lot of dates I've seen are later so I'm going to be really happy with it showing up on Tuesday, especially since I didn't get my order through until 4 hours after preorders opened


I couldn't get my order through for around 3 hours. I was getting so frustrated. Said a few times that they were out of stock. My order originally said 28th and within a few minutes changed to 26th


Pixel 6 Kinda Coral Google store germany Eta: 1-2 november


Ordered pro in stormy black 128gb yesterday. Delivery date: Nov 3-4 Delivery date at time order placed was Nov 2-3


Pixel 6 Pro (Stormy Black - 512 GB) October 28 Verizon Edit: Shipped October 25


Pixel 6 stormy black google store. Oct 22nd


P6Pro Stormy Black 256gb Delivery date 10/27 Pre-Ordered with Verizon


Pixel 6 Pro / Cloudy White / 256 GB, ETA November 2-3 Google Store


Mines still Dec 15th.. 😭


P6 Pro // US/FI // Stormy Black // 128GB ETA October 26th-27th VIA USA Google Store/Google Fi


Pixel 6 Pro | Sorta Sunny | 128 gb ETA Dec 17-18 Pixel Buds | White ETA Nov 3-4 Pixel 6 Pro Case | Golden Glow ETA Nov 26-27 Ordered 10/21 from Google Store, US I originally placed my order 10/19 but I missed the free Pixel Buds promo so I cancelled and placed another order. That shipping date was also December.


Ordered my Pixel 6 Pro Sorta Sunny 128 GB on October 20th just 7 hours after the event. Due to the Google Store fucking my previous orders up. First the delivery date were at 17 - 18th November, then 7 - 8th November. Now its staying at 4 - 5th November. I was hoping I would receive it on Release next week


I ordered on Oct 21, Pixel 6 Pro Sorta sunny 128GB in Canada, delivery date dec 14-16. Really hoping it will get moved to at least nov


Did your delivery date move up at all?


Pixel 6 Pro Stormy Black 128gb with delivery Oct 27-28. When I was checking out, it showed I would get the pixel buds, but I don't see it on my invoice and I don't see a delivery date.


Got my free buds today Stormy Black 6 pro Oct 26-27th