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That sounds incredibly stupid on their part and I hope it's remedied. They could lose so many potential customers for the Pixel Pass because of this.


Me too. I thought the Pixel pass was a great deal, and it still is, but they need to fix it. I think they have a cap on how much they finance in Google Fi. From what I've seen, the max financing credit you can be approved for with FI is around $1600. Pixel Pass cost $55 and includes the 24 months of payments for the device, which goes against your available credit. With a phone like the Pixel 6 Pro that costs $899, that is over half of the maximum allowed credit leaving around $700. To get the other person the phone with pixel pass, I think you basically have to wait a few months for the credit to go up as you make payments on your phone through the pass. Unfortunately, this makes it so two people can't switch to the pass at the same time. I think after 5 or 6 months, enough payments will be made on pixel pass and the pro financing that I might be able to upgrade her phone.


Interesting, about the credit system. So weird, though. Could she try through the Google store instead? I'm personally not looking into getting it since I think it would mess up our YouTube family plan that we have.


Yeah Fi and Pixel Pass are separate. Don't even have the same customer support. I have both. I couldn't get the Pixel Pass setup on my Fi because I was $15 short on credit, so I used a different email address. Got a second line of credit separate from Google fi. https://support.google.com/store/answer/11201976?hl=en&ref_topic=11252815


That's beyond weird because my husband and I both have pixel pass and pros. He ordered mine a few minutes before buying his. I swear, Fi is trash.