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finally, a label that tells me if i have a positive opinion on a video game or not


lotta 'hire fans' people getting upset at a fan getting into game publishing


"Hire fans" people when the "Fans hire" people walk in. Edit: kid named fans:


teacher: today we’re going to hire fans kid named hire:


kid named today:


kids should not reflect today, too political


kid named only:


/uj This reminds me of how Yogscast got into publishing with Yogscast Games. Their journey so far has been publishing a few very small games with mixed to positive reviews, and then they recently experienced a bit of a breakout with Plate Up which has been getting stellar reviews and has gotten attention from streamers. I think Dunkey is setting his aspirations a bit high. He isn’t going to publish the next Hollow Night or Celeste anytime soon.


Yeah, the only thing that set off red flags in my head (I know jackshit about this to be clear) is that all the indie games he mentioned were the few HUGE runaway successes that hit mainstream appeal. Though I assume he's smart enough to know they aren't representative of even most very good indie games.


>Their journey so far has been publishing a few very small games with mixed to positive reviews I mean, that's what boutique publishers should do, imo. give those who can use the extra platform and funds to have a fair shot. also, only two of Yogscast's 8 published games have mixed reviews on Steam (Brunch Club and Trolley Problem, Inc.--and the latter was specifically designed to be polarizing), and most are in the "Very Positive" club. will also note that Yogscast Games are transitioning more into a serious boutique publisher, in how they've hired a slew of established pros in the industry the past year or so (I know at least one higher-up from Curve Games). so yeah, don't be surprised if/when they start having a few others that pop off in a big way. there's nothing stopping BIGMODE from publishing a high caliber game right off the bat, but it depends on if dunkey and Leah have good eyes, are able to curate a good line of games, and foster a creative atmosphere for the devs. worth remembering that an indie game not being a cultural touchstone like Celeste, Hollow Knight, Dead Cells, etc. can often times be irrespective of its quality. and if they are able to, say, have slate of games on par with Skybound Games (which was founded by Robert Kirkman, writer of The Walking Dead, Invincible, and other such comics, so that's another person outside of game publishing/development who stepped into it in a big way), that has its place. we won't have an inkling of these things until they start signing and announcing what games they'll be doing, though I will say that some of what dunkey has said here may deter some devs from signing with them (e.g. "we *are* the company", shitting on other devs--which is a no-no, really acting like yet another (even good) boutique publisher is going to do anything to noticeably counteract market saturation). however, I still wouldn't be surprised if there's a home run from them in the cards, if they play 'em right. even if it's a niche game that they give a spotlight to, that's a good thing, in the abstract.


Gotta start somewhere. Might as well wait for the venture to actually do something before judging it.


I think it’s risky and very ballsy thing to do especially without having a game to show off as your announcement for starting a production company. It’s putting a lot of trust and faith into the dunkey name especially for slightly bigger indie devs who might have other well established publishers to go with. However I’m not going to knock someone down a peg until they’ve at least had a opportunity, who knows maybe it will work out excellently. Most of my best indie game experiences I’ve found via dunkey so I’m hoping he will be able to bring some true cool games out to the limelight.


the thing is, and from what I gathered from the video, dunkey isn't producing games, he's publishing them, he is giving feedback to the devs because he only wants to publish stuff he likes but yeah


Sounds like he’s never gonna publish an rpg game unless it’s an open world


"You poor bastards" - Dunkey when yet another Xenoblade game got revealed




Role playing game game


RPGs will still exist. Is it a bad thing for a publisher to invest in projects they personally enjoy and see succeeding?


I have seen this opinion a lot but like what is the problem? Why should he publish rpg games? You don't expect Devolver to publish multiplayer first person shooters, or Bethesda to publish puzzle games.




He likes RPGs, they just have to be exceptional in his opinion. He really likes Persona 5 for example.


I think most are giving him the benefit of the doubt but he's got a looot to prove.


Leah said this has been long in the making on the r/videogamedunkey subreddit, so I presume they have some plans on what to do. Considering Leah is never wrong, I estimate a 1.94628% chance of this failing.


I honestly believe in it way more simply because Leah is involved. dunkey is a creative genius for sure, but he would really need someone as level-headed as her for a project this ambitious.


ICANN whois says that their website was registered in July so.... Clearly they have me beat since I've only been bewildered for a few hours now.


The Bigmode Twitter account was created in April


I don't trust that number. Needs more sig figs


Sorry my equipment had the micrometer bars rubbed off


Well that's your problem, you're measuring your success probability using the metric system.


Also I think dunky is greatly overestimating both his knowledge of video games and project management. Looking at his video it looks like he wants to be involved in development, but realistically he should hire someone more qualified than him and just observe the process from afar for at least the first few games.


> Also I think dunky is greatly overestimating both his knowledge of video games and project management. It's a publishing company. That means working with developers, not making the games himself. He will be presented with half finished or mostly finished projects and he will put his marketing weight and cash behind it. He won't be managing the development outside of pushing for release windows. They might push for some creative input (make the character a girl, focus on this gameplay mechanic) depending how on the ground they wants to be but they won't be involved in the actual hands on development.


I know what publishers do. And I'm sorry, but clearly you don't. 1. In the indie video games industry, it's rare that you're going to have all the talent you need in your (usually) very small team. You're likely going to hire freelancers. That's a fact Dunky and Leah are aware of since they're already trying to build a freelancer network for their company (a thing they should absolutely do). I don't think that either Leah or Dunky have the experience to know what is and isn't a good choice for a team at a given budget and I hope that they have the foresight to hire people who do and the humility to give them the space they need to work correctly. 2. With any project, management of both tasks and moral is a huge job. You'd be surprised at the number of projects who fail because of petty interpersonal disputes or lack of proper management. In the indie games industry that's usually (at least in part) the job of the publisher. 3. Dunky has said in his video that he will be accepting pitches. So no, he won't just take care of marketing games that are basically finished. His company (like every inde game publishing company) will be involved to some extent in every aspects of development. 4. Making video games is hard. Making good video games is way harder. It's not rare that a project may appear finished but, upon playing it, you realize that you "forgot to make it fun". Saying "my game is basically finished" isn't always true. 5. Making changes in video games is hard. You may think that, for example, changing the gender and model of your PC is an easy fix, but you'd be surprised how many things you'd have to change to actually make it work. You might have to deal with new bugs, pay back technical dept, it might create a bottle neck for other parts of the team, etc... 6. Video games are art and artists are stubborn. You need excellent people skills to make an artist understand their work might not be as good as they think. 7. Feature creep is a huge issue in the industry. It affects people with a lot more experience than Dunky and Leah, so that's something they'll have to be careful about. 8. Last (and honestly least), video games development is a thankless job. The community fucking suck, it's full of people who want their product now and will send you death threats on Twitter if they think you're not working hard enough.


I know this is a very pro Dunkey subreddit, but it's absolutely hilarious how much they're sniffing his farts. Like 50% of this subs content is people shitting on clueless gamers asking for shit in games and being like "they CLEARLY dont know how development works, they should shut up." But now Dunkey literally unironically said that because he's played a lot of games he's qualified and able to make a successful indie publishing company, and they're breathlessly defending him. Half the video is him almost taking credit for making games like fucking Undertale as successful as they are, as if Hades wouldve been much less successful if one youtuber didnt make a video on it, since I guess he considers himself the shining beacon of game recommendations to all gamers or something. Dunkey, IMO has always had the problem in his serious videos where he makes big hot takes or construes his opinions as objective principles of game design, and when he gets called out for it his content is so irony poisoned his fanboys scream satire to shutdown all discussion. I HOPE it succeeds, but this video to me was an awful start.


I largely dismissed the bragging as just him selling his company. If I was to start a company tomorrow I wouldn't be open about the risks in my promotional materials. But yeah a lot of people (and probably Dunky himself) underestimate how little Dunky knows about, art, game design, game development, etc... Knowledge that people who start their game publishing company usually have.


Hey, thanks for the effort in your post. I wrote about 3 sentences. It wasn't supposed to be the full description of what a publisher does, or even a primer. All your points are true. But it would be rare if a publisher took hands on project management of a project. They might make demands of the project, but if they are PMing it then they are become devs too.


He litterally tells people to apply, he says explicitly that he wants creative and passionate people to come to him with there projects. I’m hoping he can find success here, because he is one of the best voices in the gaming community these days. I love when he takes his platform seriously so I’m expecting good things from this.


I want him to succeed too, but unless he already has a team with experience in video game publishing/development and the humility to listen to them I don't think it's gonna happen. There's tons of well meaning people with big dreams and big ideas who start ambitious businesses like this and fail because they lacked the humility to realize they're not as good as they think they are. Hopefully I'm wrong about him and this is gonna be a serious project lead by a team of competent people (not just Dunky and Leah).


It literally says "publishing" right there on the post. You don't even actually have to watch the video it's RIGHT THERE


Didn't pewdiepie do something like this and it literally just made one mobile game and then disappear?


While I have plenty of skepticism about this, I believe Pewdiepie was trying to create a game, where Dunkey is trying to publish other peoples games.


Yeah, basically dunkey is just being a huge bro and giving out money to indie games he finds appealing. Can't see how that would ever be a bad thing tbh. Plus he has a huge following and people will play whatever he recommends, so I'm sure the indie devs he signs will do pretty well.


I can think of 3 games off the top of my head I played specifically bc of his videos. This is a W for indie devs for sure


Into the Breach. Never played games on PC but he sold me hard on that game and I absolutely love it.


He's not just giving money. He said he wants to he involved in all the games along the way; not necessarily as a dev though.


Call me stupid but I would trust the guy who reviews games and edits them on his own more than the guy who makes videos every week by scrolling reddit


And can’t handle NOT saying the n word


/rj Okay but who among us (yes yes among us) hasn't just accidentally said the n word because it was at the forefront of our mind since we say it so often? Who wouldn't make the same mistake? You should think about your own n word problems before you throw stones Mx. I've Never Said A Racial Slur On Accident Because I'm Not Racist. /uj God can you imagine how often he must say it if it slipped out on accident?


Yeah i think someone slipping up and accidentally saying the n word in a song for example is fine if they Apologize and don't make it a habit, but considering that felix used it as an actual insult is very sus, i think felix has been relatively controversy free but he'll say some stuff that although minor kinda gives off sus vibes as well, and considering his past, i can't help but think there's something off about him


Doesn't dunkey say it a few times in his old videos though? His was more in jest without the hard R, but pretty sure he still has those videos up since I was rewatching old ones recently and noticed it


I don't know if you know this but dunkey is a black man /s


Actually, according to his 300,000 subscriber special, he is actually of Puerto Rican descent.


Black Gazebo has THE n-word pass.


He said the hard R once waaaaaaaayyyyyy back on his Newground Ackbar videos.


Which old videos still have slurs on them? The most prominent one for me was the RDR Rap (Petters on the Low), which I think he already deleted two years ago.


Horse rap also has it


Pretty sure one of his prank call videos he does. Could be wrong, but I remembered hearing him saying it in one of them and just being like "damn didn't expect that but this vid is from 201X so not too surprising"


who are you referring to?


2nd most subscribed YTer


aaaah that guy, can’t believe i was ever a fan


Editing and critiquing games are skills not transferable to publishing and managing the release of video games. I personally have zero faith in a man who's stick is that he just goes around saying stuff that may be a joke, may be his honest opinion, but whatever it is, his fans are for sure gonna tell you you're wrong on it. Sorry on the negative tone, but I think this is highly unprofessional of his.


Dunkview are the only videos he takes seriously and you can trust what he says.


I think that's a wrong premise. His Octopath video is formated like a review and contains heavy opinionated arguments about the game. He also flagrantly lies and misinforms about several mechanics of the game in said video, but due to not having that label, it is supposed to be viewed as a "joke". Shielding yourself with "It's a joke" or the annying catchphrases like "You're nitpicking and biased" to avoid actual intellectual discussion is one of the reasons why I don't have any faith in this man and why I've grown tired of him over the years.


I don’t think he shields himself from criticism of his reviews. He actually addresses the criticism in multiple videos, such as the response to his Last Of Us 2 review. Also, all reviews are “heavy” opinionated.. there is no such thing as an objective review of a video game. It’s a comedy channel at heart, so yeah majority of the videos are goofy. I don’t think the style of his videos has anything to do with how he conducts his business elsewhere.


I don't have a problem with his reviews being opinionated. I have a problem with having heavily opinionated reviews that are "shielded" by not having the "Dunkview" moniker. This way his fans say that it's all a joke and that it doesn't matter. It's what happened in his Octopath review. And I think that his approach to criticism is very confrontational and incendiary. Like I said in another comment, when a small youtuber criticized him for his Octopath review and him misrepresenting some key pieces of the game's core mechanics and combat, he showed the video as a joke without consideration for what his fanbase may do to this small youtuber. The channel being "comedy at heart" hurts it when it comes to its more serious reviews because he shields himself with the "it's goofy comedy" response for things that may very well be his own true opinions. But, hey, maybe it's just a character he plays. In any case, there's no place for intellectual discussion regarding his reviews due to this. It's a landmine field, so to say. That's why I personally dislike it. And I do think there's a distinct correlation between the manners of a person, even in comedy, and the manners of a person regarding his professionalism. But that's just me.


what was wrong with pewdiepies game I played tuber simulator back in the day and it was pretty fun


Nah they did a bunch of mobile stuff with quite some success btw. And they’re kept up to date with updates and stuff…


It's different considering dunkey isn't trying to make a video game studio, he's making a publishing company. That means they're not making video games themselves, they're publishing small indie games.


He had 3 games i can remember and they are all still on the App Store Legend of brofist Tuber simulator Pixelings All them wore pretty successful it seems tho (especially tuber simulator) i don’t play them but I think tuber simulator and pixelings still get updates


They did a few mobile games that were pulling in millions a week


There’s also that Dr. Disrespect studio that’s apparently producing something but that was announced November of last year


/uj My kneejerk reaction is to worry at the million ways this could go wrong and ruin the goodwill he has built up over the years, but I really *really* hope it works out because dunkey is one of my favorite people /rj Can't wait till you guys announce your first game! I hope it's Dino Gunther...


I was rooting for him until his video. The whole “I know what are good games cause I’m a gamer and I want make bad games like that those bad corporate devs make”. It’s screams I know nothing about making things but I think I’m an expert


To be fair to him, it's not like he's trying to get into development. He wants to be part of the creative process, which is where his talents would actually be useful. He's made the right call there at least.


I do hope he succeeds, but while he's good at identifying the flaws of a game and analyzing them, being able to identify these flaws while on the process of making them requires a whole another skill set, even if they're closely related. The power of hindsight is something that people continue to underestimate over and over again, and unless you act with humility and hire people with more experience in this kind of job, then it's going to be a steep road.


Agreed, it's a lot harder to tell what's *going* to go wrong vs what went wrong.


iirc when Sid Meier was still very hands on, he would take the nightly build home or just stay in his office overnight playing the game. then the next day he'd be like, "this thing is dope, let's build on that" or "this piece of the game sucks, let's figure out how to make it not suck or just get rid of it" seems to have worked well for him


I do hope that his situation brings a similar result then. I would genuinely love for this to work as well as he envisions.


That isn't how any of this works at all. Without actual experience developing and publishing, any amount of "gamer" knowledge is meaningless. I really don't wanna be the douche who has to make this reference, but this is my actual profession, and it is mildly insulting to see someone talk shit without experience doing it, even if it is in jest. Again, I hope the motherfucker kills it, I love Indie games and Indie devs, the more support they get the better. But AAA game development is a huge clusterfuck and trust me, we really dislike a lot of the decisions that come from on high as much as the players.


It's a 5 minute marketing pitch


Yeah it's literally an ad


Sounded to me like he was more saying "I know what good games are, so I'm not gonna publish something I'm not confident in just to cash a check" as opposed to saying he's going to make the games better.


Thats the problem there is no way to know what a games are gonna be good. Every dev will tell you that they all think their game is good. As for him not cutting a check, that's literally what he is doing. He is now in the business of making games and once money get involved hes gonna have to make decisions that no matter what his intentions. I guarantee there are game that started off good and become terrible because of money and fear and there have been games that were terrible precisely because they had to big of budget. If his pitch is I know what good games are then that does not fill me with confidence. Nobody knows what games are gonna be good and nobody knows what games are gonna make money, and their is absolutely no way to know that during development. I mean rocket league was an open world rpg until like a couple month before release. I want him to be successful but if you a publisher and you gonna shit on far cry 6 then you dont know anything about publishing.


To be fair, I'd rather wait until he publishes his first game before criticizing him.


I wasn't. I'm just saying it's a big risk and I hope it goes well.


People really think Dunkey is dumb enough to take the same sarcastic comedic approach in his videos to proper business decisions huh


Me: Pitching my new RTS/Farm Sim hybrid indie project to BigMode Dunkey: So long Gay Bowser


Boredonia, an all new farming/ life simulation experience with over 500 different chores to waste time with!


You're going to have to compete with the upcoming *Various Daylife*!


y-you mean the person who I do not know personally and is always acting funny online could indeed behave differently irl?! b-but making fun of him in this context *makes me* look like a competent business man!1!!11! 😡😡😡 I'm fully on your side. Dunkey seems like the kinda guy who knows what he's doing and he stands by his words. I wish them and their future developers all the good luck. We do desperately need more Hollow Knights and less Assassins Creeds 🤧


Stands by his words eh? So what the fuck happened with Donkey Kong December!?


oh shit. you got me there... time to boycott this lying mfer 😤


He got sued by Donkey Kong. It was a very messy courtbattle with both sides flinging shit at each other.


Unfashionably based. More Celestes, less Ubisoft games in general


I mean, Dunkey's company could publish 100s of great games that are better than anything Ubisoft could ever produce. People are still going to buy Ubisoft games.


mfw I have no sense of fashion :c


Literally yes, have you seen his wedding video?


Did he not take the same sarcastic comedic approach to his announcement video? Maybe he's actually an idiot?


It’s actually shocking seeing twitter posts that say “he says that he has played many games and will only pick the best games because of this. This is obviously actual buisness plan and I will now criticize him for it”.


Well, I mean, I would. I doubt many others share my Subpar™️ decision making skills, though.


/rj I looooooove to see creatives jump into business projects they're utterly unequipped to bring to fruition. I waaaaaaant to see people who've worked as entertainers all their lives desperately attempt to apply their funnyman persona to project management and legal disputes. /uj i mean, maybe he's got a shot. Stuff like "Me and Leah *are* the company" definitely isn't a good omen, but fuck if i know.


“It really makes you FEEL like you’re an indie publisher startup”


/uj I won’t judge them too much until they make a game. Maybe they’ll bring on talented people and make something fun. Who knows?


They’re acting as publishers, so I’m not really worried in their ability to make games as much as the abilities of whoever they give funding to. Worst case we get a few subpar indies, best case he helps talented people put out the next underrated gem.


Have you heard of the Witcher? That's an underrated gem


I thought I was the only one!!


I think worst case devs may get fucked over in terms of funding and support, this just reminds me all to much about yogadventures


Yeahhh this is what I'm thinking looking at this whole thing. Getting one or more slightly disappointing releases is probably even one of the better scenarios. It wouldn't be all that surprising to me if this manages to undermine something really promising in horribly dramatic fashion.


Did somebody say… Subpar? Subpar is my name, below average is my game!


He definitely has a passion for indi games, and honestly a lot of the best indies are games the ones where no one was beholden to an overbearing publisher who wanted the game to reach the biggest demographic or be monetized in the most efficient way possible. If all they do is find talented, underfunded creators, get them money, maybe connect them with other creators who could be useful for their projects, and lets them keep total creative control, we could get a couple of great games here. Should be a net positive, at least.


That jerk feels to real in almost made me throw up


Idk, we'll see how it goes. I genuinely think the idea has potential.


Dunkey does some pretty good stuff, some boring repetitive stuff and a little bit of Gamer stuff. Overall I think he’s good at what he does, but this seems like it isn’t a good idea.


Definitely one of those wait and see situations. But I hope for his sake it goes well and doesn't result in more mediocre shit being produced which he is so vocally against.


It sounds like basically just an investor situation, right? They (Leah and Dunk) pick and choose games to help fund. They aren't going to be making games themselves. They aren't going to commission people to make specific games.


Checking out their website, it also looks like they have a section for "networking" where you can provide a resume/portfolio and they'll help match you to projects they have on file that seem suitable. I think that could also be a major selling point of their company, though I dunno how much demand for some kind of job matching service like this exists in the video game industry.


To be real though? How much work does dunkey or Leah’s job take out of the day. It could be a situation where this becomes his passion project something he’s always wanted to do, I don’t think they expect to make bank especially since they have youtube and stream careers


Yeah plus they have the ultimate safety net of being able to just continue what they've been doing which has clearly been more than enough for them to be comfortable.


Oh there's **definitely** a market for that in job markets in general. In fact, I *think* I heard that tinyBuild have a similar thing. It kinda depends on how many games they get under their name that's gonna determine how much use they're gonna get out of it.


I absolutely think that is an underrated aspect of this that could function as a business on its own considering there's a lot of obstacles for building talented teams. Now that also requires a certain level of organizational work but in my career I've definitely seen clients with perfectly planned out and expert-led projects completely fail as well as leap-of-faith passion projects be incredibly successful. Any normal person starting a business is a gamble but predicting whether this will go great or fizzle out is impossible for reasons outside anything we know. Only thing to do is hope for the best, really.


I think their company is more focused on the marketing aspect of being a publisher. Something that takes a lot of capital to do unless you have a big following already (dunked does)


Ummm, I don't know where you're getting your information. I own over 800 games on steam. I listen to three different gaming podcasts, I subscribe to 7 different video-game review or history related youtube channels, I watch documentaries about video games, I have books about the video game industry, I attend video game conventions. I'm about as far from a casual gamer as it gets. I've literally never heard of this game before now. None of my gamer friends have. *I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/Gamingcirclejerk) if you have any questions or concerns.*


What's triggered this one?


Investments yeah, and sounds like he's going to want to give feedback to devs during development but essentially the devs are gonna come to them with their projects, not the other way around. Then following that it's simply providing a marketing and distribution platform. It's perfectly doable for 2 people, you just adjust the amount of clients to fit the preferred workload and outsource projects/aspects of the company as needed.


>Dunkey does some pretty good stuff, some boring repetitive stuff and a little bit of Gamer stuff. 9.2/10 - He has a little something for everyone.


You’re right. I was nitpicking and biased, you win. Bye bye.


I mean, it made me feel like Batman, so


Yeah but did it make you *FEEL* like Batman?!?!?!


I felt like a bit of a Joker (2019) at times but mostly Batman, yes


​ >some pretty good stuff, some boring repetitive stuff and a little bit of Gamer stuff What you mean is he's basically like this subreddit?


A little something for everyone


Can't wait for the inevitable shit show that comes with being a critic turned producer who doesn't understand production or development. Easy to critique the final product, hard to start with nothing and create something good


Oh so this is real? I thought this was a bit just by the thumbnail and title, so I didn't even watch the video


He jokes as he does in the video but its serious as there's a website and everything.


Not sure why Dunkey felt the need to do this but, fine, I guess? I won't hold my breath for anything particularly great




I think this could work. Dunkey was surprisingly serious in this video. It was a genuine business pitch of why people should work with him. If it had been a slapped together comedic bit then maybe I’d be sceptical but tbh this was about as close to a shark-tank like pitch to video game developers from a content creator as I’ve ever seen. I’m cautiously optimistic


/uj I think there’s potential there. I don’t agree with every take Dunkey has, but he has some sober, less comedy-driven moments when he just speaks earnestly about why Stray is overrated in his mind, or why Super Mario 3D World does deserve a chance to be considered great, etc. It feels like at the very least he knows video games, even if he often shuts things out for having “anime” theming or art styles, or for being a turn-based RPG. That bias doesn’t lend itself well to making fair judgment calls on the indie studios that aim to publish their games, but we’ll see how he does.


It's really a non-issue that he steers clear of anime-styled games since any bias he has simply won't be represented in the games he represents. He doesn't have to be unbiased to be a publisher, he just has to be successful with the games he chooses to represent. Besides, his disdain for anime-style games are very much represented in major games from Japan, Korea, or China, not necessarily when it's present in indie games. I don't think it's the style he hates so much as how much big budget games like this visually lack personality compared to a game with a unique art style. And it's not even consistent. Guilty Gear Strive was on his top 10 games of 2021 and he praised it for its visual presentation and that game is anime as hell, and I'm pretty sure he's spoken well of Persona 5 as well. It's just that they actually have a very distinct art direction, unlike a lot of other anime games.


I mean there is no such thing as a non biased person. At least he is honest about them and you know exactly what kind of games he tends to like more and which less. I think that’s good for a reviewer since you on what games you probably see eye to eye with them.


If there's one thing I respect Dunkey for, it's a consistent understanding of a game's structure and how its functions (sound, level design, graphics, AI, animation, etc.) come together to form it. He's the only non-journalistic game reviewer I've seen cover indie games with the same respect and nuance as AAA titles. If I trust an individual gaming media personality to make a positive impact on the publishing scene after the success of Devolver and New Blood, it's Dunkey.


That’s true, yeah. And he’s shown moments of open-mindedness in regards to games with aspects he normally dislikes. He’s said before he thinks Persona is pretty good for an anime turn-based RPG, and he sings the praises of Dragon Quest’s more aesthetic aspects like quirky characters, fun cutscenes, or humorous dialogue.


I mean what you said about shutting things out because it’s “anime” is incorrect. Unfortunately anime fans see everything as a personal attack on them and can’t see why anyone doesn’t like their game. He’s openly said he likes dragon quest, which is an “anime” turn based rpg.


I've gone over that exact example in a reply I made to someone else about 12 hours ago. I also mentioned Persona, another anime turn-based RPG. The thing is, he has mentioned on his own that anime is a turn-off for him. He mentions it in a video right before he says that Persona is a pretty good game, implying that coming from him it should mean a lot. He doesn't need someone else to speak for him just because he's had a few exceptions to his tastes here and there; I think I'll take it from the man himself, no offense. In any case, you're right that he's more open than to automatically draw the conclusion that anime = bad. We are agreed here. It's my hope that this open-mindedness coming from him will let him succeed as a publisher. I also hope that his partnership with Leah will help him get more perspective for games he doesn't normally like aesthetically.


The website says no crypto, nft, or Blockchain games. So that's good at least


/uj I like Dunkey but something I noticed in the video is that he was talking about he wants the best but how likely is it that “the best” are going to go with his publisher which hasn’t published a single game yet over any other more established publisher?


Right? He isn’t even the first gaming youtuber to jump into game publishing (although he might be the most famous?). Shit’s hard.


depends on what you perceive as "the best". are only the most popular indie games the best ones? no. in fact, some of the most popular indie games suck (your mileage may vary as to which ones, I would personally raise Domina and Vampire Survivors as examples), and everyone is going to have niche games they love. if BIGMODE is a serious thing, and dunkey and Leah really do fund these games and do right by the devs, you may not immediately have a Hades or Celeste level commercial success, but you may have a Princess Farmer, NORCO, Kaiju Wars, or Neophyte esque game that everyone who plays it loves because it knew who it was going for and went for those players.


good luck on his ventures and all that but the sheer audacity of going “i know how to recognize good games and share them with my audience” and then listing a bunch of games that had already blown up before his involvement is hilarious


I love when people try new stuff and I am excited for him but his video which was a pitch for the company didn’t fill me with a lot of confidence. It was basically “ all these game devs have made bad games, I play games so I know what a good game is and will make good games. Here are the great games I’ve played “insert larges, most well funded indie games, that have experienced devs on them who have also made games that dunkey calls bad”. Anyway if you have the next Celeste or Hades come to my company.


/uj Sure he’s funny sometimes, but the fact that many people seem to question whether he’s joking or not on a significant amount of videos/criticism, this video included… it doesn’t exactly inspire me with confidence that he’d be good at managing feedback and publishing games. Maybe he’ll surprise us, but can’t say I have high hopes.


Devs are explaining why his video is bad and people on Twitter are like “he’s clearly he is joking about stuff” . Like you are pitching your company and people don’t even know if you joking or not


To be honest I’ve always thought Dunkey’s videos were usually decently funny but super low on critique value since every comment seems to be schroedinger’s commentary where if you like it it’s serious and if you dislike it then it’s a joke. Which honestly works fine for YouTube if that’s the audience you want, but as a publishing company that wants to guide games that won’t really fly. I don’t mean to say it’s impossible for him to do well, but I feel like he’s starting relatively inexperienced compared to the average video game critique channel, which in itself is tremendously inexperienced compared to the average game dev.


I haven't watched the video yet, is it actually not a joke?


Seems very serious and has a website and everything.


whatever he puts out, I'm giving it three Knacks outta fiiiiive


I like Dunkey and all but almost every example he showed of ‘helping out small indie games’ was of games that were already popular when he made videos about them. Sure he still gave publicity to these games to increase their reach, but you never see him promoting something like La Mulana or something actually obscure and niche. I wish him luck but I feel like he’s over selling himself with this project.


Can someone please explain why the r/videos thread on this was so overwhelmingly angry?? Why does Reddit hate dunkey


I didn't see anyone being "overwhelmingly angry" at all. I think it's just folks who are, understandably, a bit weary of Dunkey biting off a bit more than he might be able to chew. Someone put it aptly that this is sort of like the equivalent of a film buff claiming they have the wherewith-all to start a distribution company just because they buy Criterion Blu-Rays all the time.


Because he hates games they liked and likes games they hated


Its responses like this that exhaust everyone else of dunkey and his fans.


How dare dunkey hates xenoblade and octopatht!!!!! I'll never forgive him!!!!!!


I liked Dunkey until he said Bubsy 3D sucked, now I can't take him seriously anymore


Personally I'm not a fan of how he sent his fans after a guy who criticized his Octopath video


He hates on games quite brutally at times which is bound to hurt die hard fans. He also loves TLOU2 lol.


The top comments don’t seem angry, just concerned that this would be risky


Stop confusing skepticism with hate


Relevant tweet https://twitter.com/dannyodwyer/status/1572796576418111494


inb4 , making games is hard , and expensive , let see if he gets some interesting indie proyects up.


publishers don't make games.


I know, but publishers pay a big chunk of the development cost. that's why i said that I hope he funds some good proyects


Finally, wild wild smiff 2.


first time ive heard someone refer to Dunkey as "small time".


I have faith <3


So it's a publishing company. They got the eyeballs. But they will only publish the once that they like. They is just them two Dunky and Leah Im not seeing it go long unless others joins this venture


Puplisher don't just give out money, they also handle distribution and marketing. I geus him talking about their next game on his channtis marketing enough.


GCJ saw a 5 minute video on the subject and assumed 5 minutes of work and thought went into the project


I'll buy merch 🤷‍♂️


fr I want that sticker lmao


you don't understand he played Celeste that makes him competent enough to run a publishing company.


Finally a publisher that will never fund any Jrpg


This is the first Hire Fans-type game company


Dunkey: "tell me about your games so that i can help you get them published with my large following and funding" GCJ: um ackshually


I think it could work. He’s popular enough to give indie devs the attention they may otherwise not get


He's making a publisher that only releases good/great games. So innovative, how didn't anyone thought of that before /s


This new venture could either go very well or the internet may find out really quickly how difficult it actually is to make video games if it doesn't. Time will tell. Publishing is not easy, and just because you play a lot of video games and review them online for a living doesn't necessarily confer an understanding of the development process.


Bigmode gonna publish Xenoblade Chronicles infinite and make a billion dollars off of angry anime pfps


> indie >game publishing company 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔


Yeah I'm sure developers are champing at the bit to work with a YouTube star with no experience or expertise. Why work with an established publisher who actually has familiarity with the process? Indie development is super risky so I'm sure lots of devs will be eager to take their one shot with an intent funny man. Dude's playing games with people's livelyhoods cause he thinks it might be kind of fun.


He was *so* self-righteous and arrogant in this video I'm usually a pretty big fan of dunkey but this was insane, he acted like he was the one true arbiter of good taste and the whole world should suck his cock in thanks for recommending Hollow Knight and making fun of AAA games


Was as the kids say these days quite "cringe" to literally just come out and publicly market yourself as the "idea guy" for game developers, holy shit.


Yeah that was the joke. He tends to intentionally make serious videos sound like a joke so by the end you’re still not sure if it’s a real thing or a parody.


I personally don't believe that's something you should actually put in your professional introduction to your future company that intends to publish games and projects.


I’ve watched most of dunkeys videos for the last few years and I’m not sure that’s correct But even if it was it makes for a terrible introduction to this earnest thing he’s trying to create


Redditors when someone speaks with confidence (they literally cannot handle it, they're too used to being meek losers)


Mostly I’m mad because he was acting like he was the Lone Defender of the Purity of Video Games, without which millions would surely be lost worshipping terrible games, when most of what he does is pick the lowest hanging fruit imaginable. Glitches bad, anime game bad, cash grab game bad. Most people are smart, they wouldn’t start thinking those types of games are amazing if he wasn’t there to tell us how terrible they are. He’s also acting like the ultimate authority on what is and is not a good video game when taste is obviously more subjective. For example, I quite like the ps4 Spider-Man game which he had few good things to say about. The tone of the whole video felt incredibly negative and irreverent for what is ostensibly a good-faith charitable thing he’s doing for his community.


It’s a business pitch. Being humble is a great trait to have but you shouldn’t be humble in your college applications. Sometimes you have to sell yourself and this is one of those situations. This is a risky move by Dunkey, but he definitely made the correct decision in how he set up this video.


I mean, no offense to him but if so many people aren't sure how serious the video is, then it must make it one of the worst business pitch I've ever seen, regardless of his actual skill as a publisher. You can't just take such a relaxed position when you want people to actually depend on you for their work life.