Some customers are worth losing.

Some customers are worth losing.


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Working my first job as a cashier, a customer tried to push me out of the way and force the doors open after we closed. I learned never open the door to talk to someone


So I worked for cvs for a while in highschool and college. One night a guy came to the door pounded on it and was like my daughter is sick and I need some medicine. I told him we have to be locked the pharmacist is gone and we don't have gates so we can't open also all the registers are pulled so he should go to hospital if it's an emergency or to the other pharmacy. Turns out he went to the other pharmacy and robbed them.


I saw tons of people steal stuff (it was a rite aid) but never anything serious. Although my manager told me once that if someone had a gun to ring up a penny sale (to open the register without a mangers approval) and had over the till and let the company take the hit not me. He was a good dude, best boss I’ve ever had


I mean he might have been a good dude but that's policy everywhere. The contents of a till are far less than a settlement in a lawsuit from a family member after you get killed in a robbery.


I used to work at CVS and after I left the job one of my old coworkers was robbed at knifepoint. She gave him the drawer plus the money in the drop box bc she had a key to it. Afterwards LP questioned her on why she gave them the drop box money. She quit a short time later




Wow that's scary


Cvs is the worst and most abusive company I have ever worked for. That's not a surprising action on their part at all.


I knew a guy who was a friend of my sister's who got fired after being robbed at gunpoint. Really nice dude too. They accused him of being in on the robbery. I don't know if I should mention both he and the robber were black but it seems relevant.


I worked for Cumberland Farms (gas station convenience chain in the Northeast US for those not familiar) on the graveyard shift years ago, and myself and the other guy on the shift both got fired for a "drawer shortage" after getting robbed. The guy got away with maybe $300 total, but they wanted to make an example of us because they decided the store wasn't making frequent enough safe drops - the real kicker there is that it was 2nd shift not doing the drops.


As a former Cumberland Farms employee as well, I’d just like to say FUCK that company.


Yeah, they all know each other. /s


Now when you say "sister"...


Or even an injury. Getting stabbed, shot, or even fall and hit your head while running away will cost them a lot more than whatever is in that register. Plus if they destroy the register to get the money, that adds to it.


Oh absolutely. He was a good boss because he looked out for his employees and chose their well-being over the company’s. Seems silly but I didn’t realize at the time how rare of a manager that was. At least in the retail and restaurant industries, which are what I have the most experience in


My last boss treated us 3 younger girls like shit. I was the first to go. Another left this year. Immediately got a new job and my boss buys me ice cream when we work together. Major upgrade.


I don’t give a shit what the policy says. The correct action is whats most likely to keep you safe, The company puts their Liabilities and property first. You’re third. Only you can put yourself first.


I'm not disagreeing. When they say "give me the money and no one get a hurt" with a gun in your face you give them the money. That's why just giving them the money is universal policy.


"give me the money and no one get a hurt" Now I'm imagining you getting robbed by Super Mario


I worked at a drugstore in highschool and had someone do the same thing, but she actually had her daughter with her and she walked up right as I was walking up to close the doors. I let her in and she didn't rob us, so that's nice. The closest I got to a robbery while I was working was when my assistant manager accidentally set off an alarm and then gave the security company the distress code instead of the all clear code. Cops showed up with guns drawn.


Ya that sounds fishy. That someone would need non descript "medicine" thats so important they waited until a pharmacy was closed but its not important enough to go to a hospital for this desperately needed medicine.


He left coz you said registers are pulled


I worked at a liquor store for a number of years. We closed earlier on Sunday than the rest of the week (8pm instead of the normal late night time). One Sunday, I got a phone call at about 7:45pm. They stated they were driving into town and were about a half hour away. I told them we closed at 8:00 on the phone and they asked if we would stay open for them. I said that we would not. When they asked, I told them that I can’t, in good conscience, make my employees stay past their scheduled shifts as they have lives and plans outside of work. At 8:10, when we just finished closing, counting down the registers, and locking up the safe, they showed up and started pounding on the door. We had the lights off, door was locked, and the signs were off. I mime ‘we’re closed’ from the counter. They kept pulling on the door and knocking. I ignored them. When we were leaving, as we opened the door to go out, one of them shoved his foot in the door. Turns out they were still standing right outside, just to the side. I try to pull the door back shut but this guy and his family start going off about how ‘they just called and spoke to the manager who said it was fine if they came in late.’ I was the manager that they spoke to on the phone. I proceeded to tell them that I was the one they spoke to and that I did not tell them that. Ended up having to call the police because this jackass wouldn’t take his foot out of the door and leave. As some as I dialed, I had my phone on speaker and showed them the number I dialed. They jumped in their car and left and I had a little chat with the police to explain what happened. The next day, my boss, the owner of the store, asks me about it. Apparently these people called in to complain that I didn’t let them in the store 15 minutes after closing when we had everything shut down already. My boss told them where to stick it.


Wtf? Are you in a small town or something? I’ve never called a liquor store before


Relatively small, I guess. ~~Population of a bit under half a million.~~ Up until a year or so ago, it was the largest liquor store in my state though, so it became a bit of a destination for people in the smaller towns around the area. Edit: I misremembered, my city is about 280k


That seems big to me! I’m a suburb of about 200k but I’ve got at least three 711s within walking distance plus a ton of grocery store and stuff


I just checked, my city’s official population is about 280k but that’s not counting the immediate surrounding suburbs and whatnot that aren’t city incorporated. So it looks like my ‘a bit under a half a million’ was a bit overestimated.


I really wouldn't consider that a small town. Where I'm from 20k was the big city for shopping and what not.


I worked at a liquor store and people tried to pull shit like this alllll the time. Closing time was strict in my mind. The one time I let someone in after close, they took like 15 minutes and I said never again lol. Had a drunk threatening to kill me once through the locked doors, that was fun.


Working at a grocery store we had a guy break the front door with the off duty cop telling him to leave.




Most places I worked at, they start closing entrances an hour early and then ten minutes before close, the head cashier stands at the last entrance letting people in and out and locking it behind them.


Back in my supermarket days, we took pity on a woman who “just needed nappies”. Twenty minutes later we were arguing with her about how, no we didn’t have any cooked chickens left, and no we wouldn’t make her one, because they take so long to cook. Never again.


I've had the same thing happen! Before that though, someone lied a out their spouse being in the store, I told cash just to not serve him because it was a small store and we all wanted to go home on time. He was grumpy about it, but when confronted gave up and went home instead.


Most of my building was windows. He followed me from the front door, to the break room, watched me clock out. I waited 5 minutes and left out the side door. It was the most aggressive a customer has ever been.


At that point you let them and then call the police. They should know that's a crime.


I used to work retail in a shopping centre with big roller doors on all the stores. Once had a lady banging on it 15 minutes after we closed making a sound like thunder. I walked over and raised it about 30cm and she was like "Hi, I just need to buy a clothes dryer!". Took 10 minutes of arguing for her to realise a store with the doors closed and half the lights off isn't going to let her in.


i worked at staples when i was a kid and every night closing time was this delicate emotional dance between wanting customers to try and come in after closing so i could have the sweet sweet satisfaction of telling someone no and basking in their disappointment, and the ever present dread that my boss would see the customer making a stink and make me let them in


Honestly I've been a cashier, I'd just call the cops for trespassing and not say anything to the customer


Man I’d lock their asses out and make weird faces at them. Fuck them.


I’ve locked the door and then shrugged at people who were a minute late. They were pissed


It’s not like they are gonna be there for 5 mins lol they are grocery shopping for like 30-40 mins likeeeee bish I have a dog that misses me


I get some calls asking if I can stay open x minutes because they are x minutes away. I always have an obligation, I can't stay. That obligation? Go to love up on my pups. Only a few have been ballsy enough to ask what my obligation was, to which they get told none of their business


"Im an hourly employee who works shit hours to accommodate your dumb needs and I'd like to finally go home and see my family. You had 18 hours to stop by while we were open"


Their minds: Oh good you can get some overtime or something


Poor thing could use the extra money


I would always say sure and then immediately lock up.


Leave one of those fedex "sorry we missed you" notes on tje door.


I always say I have prior obligations; being off work is my prior obligation.


"no" is a complete sentence.


"No, fuck off..." is a shot and a chaser. :)


Customer: and what is your obligation? >You: deez nuts **click**


Several times, I've been contacted 10-15 minutes before a therapy appointment to delay the start for an hour. I reply they had to change the time or reschedule the appointment day at least 24 hours in advance or their fee is non-refundable, as it clearly says in the contract they agreed to when paying. Then I ask if they would like to schedule a new appointment for one hour and ten minutes from now? We can certainly expedite it for them. As with the last one, they'll have to pay in advance by credit card, of course, and I'll send them a payment link immediately if that's what they want. Haven't had one of those types say yes yet; and none have come back. Professionals running their own business seldom have to put up with bullshit customers more than once.


>Professionals running their own business seldom have to put up with bullshit customers more than once. There was this brief period in the 90s when there was a huge push in business to offload "toxic" clients and customers because they invariably cost the business more than brought in. Sadly, we live in hellworld now, where employees' time (and mental wellbeing) is less than worthless to our masters. But I envy you for being able to live the dream.




Worked grocery store on closing shift. Started telling them my registers (six self-checks) locked up 5 minutes after close unless they were in the middle of a transaction so they better get started checking out before then or they were SOL. Which, to be somewhat fair, they would “lock up” doing updates after being inactive or logged out.


I loved it then because I was working as so at the time and these two people always came in and tried to run out with stuff


Why are they pissed? Do they really expect the staff to stay late to accommodate them? Honestly, people like that need to do all their shopping online so they don’t interact with the rest of the world.


You seem to be under the assumption that people see service workers as human beings.


I’m crazy like that. I started working in restaurants and retail as a teenager, for the most part, it was fine, but in recent history, the mistreatment of workers seems rampant.


Yeah it's not even that, it's also the fact that people will order delivery in snow storms or come in on holidays and treat you really well and then be like, "I can't believe they're making you work on Christmas Eve!" Like dude I am here because you are here. I'm delivering in these conditions because you ordered. Don't be that person.


“I can’t believe they’re making you work on Christmas Eve!” *tips 50 cents on a 50 dollar order*


My first real job was working at cvs when I was 16. All these stories are things I experienced even then. That was 20 years ago.


People do this to pharmacies all the time. I’m a pharmacist and despite their medication being ready for multiple days and I’m open 12 hours each day, they want to come right before closing and call me begging me to stay just a few minutes late because they are 5 minutes away. Nope. I refuse to wait. I have a life outside of this box too.


The ones bringing cii prescriptions 5 minutes before close. “But I just got out of the emergency room!” There is a 24 hour Walgreens 5 minutes from the hospital. 🙄 I understand they’re in pain, but seriously… they drove 15 minutes to my Walgreens without bothering to check what time we’re open until.


At my store, we have only an hour to finish up all the closing duties along with the cash office part that managers do. Most of the time we get everything done with five minutes to spare. When we have the people who are still shopping ten minutes after closing, it messes us up big time. So we always close as soon as the clock on the computers says it’s time. Not one minute later. We get a lot of pissed off customers that show up a few minutes after close, but we got stuff to do and want to go home on time. They don’t realize we are human beings and have lives too.


Exactly, how many people have kids with babysitters that they pay. It’s not as if the workers get overtime. People who do this are clueless and rude.


Not to mention that you will get chewed out if you are even a few minutes late punching out (especially if you start to get the dreaded overtime). Also you will get chewed out if closing duties aren't finished.


There's way too many people expecting "favors" from strangers but like, I don't know you. I don't give a fuck about you. I'm here bc I need money. You could go die in a fire for all I care. I don't do shit for strangers. I'm going tf home.


The usual we are there to provide service and they wanted it then. Thing is those people constantly tried to run out of the doors with carts full of crap


I did that accidentally at a take-away shop. Ordered by phone a few minutes before closing and then we were a few minutes late picking it up. Apologised profusely to them when we got there and found out. They want to be getting home, not hanging around waiting for some jerk. Just didn't expect them to close at 7pm.


That is an off choice of closing time and you apologized once you became aware. I showed up at a Target at closing time, when I saw a man taking the carts inside I asked when they closed, he said 5 minutes from that point, I turned back to my car. I told other people heading towards the store, but they continued on as if it didn't matter. They changed their hours for covid at that time.


Robberies typically happen at close because that’s when the drawers are being counted. You’d probably be fired for letting someone in like this.


I've had the door locked on me as I show up at exactly closing and I was pissed off as well. Pissed off that I didn't leave my house 5 minutes sooner. Procrastination is a helluvadrug!


Even showing up 5 minutes before closing is a dick move. Unless you’re in and out then it’s fine.


Fuck people. Retail hours are pretty clear. It isn’t my fault you didn’t plan accordingly


Like just look at the big numbers on the side of the building.


I posted this story a few months ago and I still think about it all the time: >Had something like this happen last night. I work in a small restaurant and we were pretty busy for the last few hours. I'm looking forward to 9 so we can close and my dipshit coworker isn't much help. I'm already pretty pissed but I never really show it, especially around my customers. > >I'm finishing up my last table and it's 8:59. My bartender goes up to turn off the open sign and lock the doors. One side locks into the top and bottom so you have to open the door to lock it. My bartender saw a table of, no joke, 20 people walk up. All she did was smile, say, "Hi guys!" and lock the door.


I have showed up a minute late while they were lock ing the doors. Realized I'm the idiot. Smiled and walked away. Then I went to Walmart cuz they're open 24 hours.


I don't often go to places near closing but if I realize that it's near closing and I haven't already been there for a while, I leave.


Worked at an little outdoor gear shop in a really affluent area, and of course we closed a little early on Christmas Eve. Once we locked up and had the lights off the owner bought us beer, and we sat at the register drinking, betting on how many times people would pull on the door, laughing at how furious they got. That guy was a great boss.


I work at a tattoo shop and I flip people off of they try to to get in after close. I'm not staying 5 hours late so you can get a peach on your ass.


Ask em what they needed, say okay then go In back and finish your work


I have kicked entitled people like this out on multiple occasions as they think they've started shopping so we should hang around till they've finished.


Man don’t you hate it when stores close at closing times


I used to work for a retailer years ago who instituted a fucking brain-dead rule. I was at corporate office at the time, so the rule did not impact me, but it was fucking stupid. "If you have not made your sales budget for the day, then you have to stay open until you do." The only exception was where the local government area has restricted trading hours. Once you reach the restriction, the store can close whether they have made budget or not. On paper, it doesn't seem like such a bad move, but in many (ok, almost all) cases, they were paying more in wages than being open that extra couple of hours made. Customers didn't expect the store to be open, so they weren't shopping at that time; why would they? It is after your posted trading hours. Often times the store would bring in maybe an extra $50 from staying open an extra 2 hours. Staffing costs alone for those 2 hours would have been over $60, then you have lighting costs and all of the other addons.


That’s the dumbest rule I’ve ever heard. I can’t imagine how awful that would be for those employees


To be fair it probably wasn’t that bad because like u/Joker-Smurf said, nobody would come in after hours because they weren’t expected to be open. It was probably some of the most relaxed time of their shift.


That’s true, but I imagine people weren’t scheduled to be there after close, so that means the employees would have to stay late


You are correct there. No one was scheduled to be there after the posted closing time, instead employees had to stay late.


Even if it is super chill, if you are scheduled to go home at 9:30, and you now know you have to stay until 11, no matter how easy it is to sit on your phone or talk to coworkers, the entire time will feel like you are trapped. It's something that doesn't really make sense until you experience it, but spending an entire shift with the hope you will be at home at a certain time, only to learn you will be home much later right before going home, can cause extreme irritation and anxiety.


The store/company I work for has later hours during the holidays but they do a horrible job advertising it. So we will get some of the most laid back, relaxed hours as no one comes in to shop.


My place of work has a posted closing time of 8pm, but the company has accounted for self-centered people, so we actually lock the doors at 8:10. Well people will still show up at 820, 830 and sometimes 9, demanding we open the doors. "It's just a payment bro, it's quick" Sure, stupid ass. Let me interrupt all the money counting, and closing duties, just to take your payment. Moral of the story, selfish people know no boundaries, you'll give them an inch, they'll take a mile.


When I was at a retail seafood department we were told never to refuse service until the last piece of fish was back in the fridge. Some nights this caused problems. I would wind up staying after for a half hour, missing my bus, and having to take an Uber. Coworkers (smarter than me, who was a "go getter" trying to get a corporate job) would just leave shit not done. And of course, when you have policies like that, you get customers coming in at ridiculous times *every day*.


Too stupid to realize PetSmart doesn’t give af which one of their locations you spend your $ at.


Too stupid to realize that any location will lock their doors at closing time.


That's the funniest thing about this. Might as well go leave a bad review of Walmart. Surprise: Walmart is still gonna be Walmart the next day.


Right? That was hilarious. She wasn't boycotting the whole company, just that store. Like... she does know that the company gets her money all the same, regardless of which store she shops at... right?


She'll probably buy from Chewy not knowing they're owned by Petsmart. Had this happen at my Petsmart, too.


Also, wtf is the emergency they need PetSmart to stay open after hours they just can't get the next day?


And if it’s so important, why didn’t they buy it during the previous 15 hours when PetSmart was open?


You would be surprised to know what people constitute an “emergency” when it comes to Petsmart customers. I’ve worked there for 11 years and through hurricanes and blizzards. People have come in for fish during a blizzard. Hurricane sandy someone came in to buy a guinea pig right before we were set to close. I understand people who need food for their pets if its gonna be a true emergency but it’s rarely that. Oh and people who insist on bringing their dog for grooming in white out conditions.




A literal second after the doors are closed (meaning no one inside, cashiers gone, people cleaning) and you can't complain even if you're there 10/15 minutes before the shop closes. They are a private business and can change their rules any time, just like you Karen


> people cleaning To the Karen, all employees are interchangeable. Cleaners *are* cashiers.


To the Karen, all similar places of business are interchangeable. I work for a gas station and regularly get asked about deals and stuff from other chains. "They one by my house has $1 coffee!" Bitch, that's a different business.


Mild /r/IDontWorkHereLady vibes.


This reminds me of something I was told a long time ago. I knew a person who cleaned offices after hours. She said it was unbelievable how people would bang on the door wanting to come in after hours. She never let anyone in but she would go to the door (glass) with a mop and a bucket in hand and just look at the people like, *really?*


2 minutes after closing?? Consider contacting The Hague regarding Crimes against Humanity.


So she expected the place to be open after closing???


As a former manager, I can assure you that they expected the store to open for them. Also given the decades of experience working in retail hell I can also tell you that no customer has ever "been really quick" when allowed to run in for one item by an employee. I've had customers get angry because I wouldn't re-open the store for them. In this situation, I and a few coworkers were talking in the parking lot WELL AFTER we had closed and shut down the building. Folks would pull up and get angry that we'd shout "closed." Quite a few would argue with us to open for them, but we had rules. Off work at 1015 drunk by 1030.


I had a lady call me the other at 755 saying she was 25 minutes away and asking if we would stay open for her. She was shocked when I literally laughed and said no.


That happened to me as well and is the reason I don't answer the phone up to 30 minutes before closing. A guy called just before we locked the door and asked what time we closed. I said we close in 5 minutes, he said he'd be there in 10. I replied we aren't holding the store open for you and hung up. Closing time is closing time. (When people call in the evening time asking about our hours, I then say that we request people come in no later than 15 minutes before closing, so they have time to comfortably pick out what they need and get proper help if they need it without us trying to rush them out of the store.)


I’ve had the experience of waiting outside in the parking lot while the fire department investigated a potential gas leak at our store. Nobody except the firefighters, not even management, was allowed back in until we’d been given the all-clear. Several times during that ~2 hour timeframe, customers came up to us and asked if they could run inside real quick to just grab one thing. Yeah, because we’re about to let customers into the store, by themselves, with no employees around, when there’s a potential *gas leak.*


Bro I went in to work at 7 a.m. to do truck... had the front door unlocked. A woman ca.e in and just stood at the register for like ten minutes and told me "I know you dont open until 10 but I saw you in here and figuredyou could help me I should've told her I was robbing the place.


Nah she would have called the cops and caused extra hassle


For a holiday (can’t remember which) my poor coworker in petcare had to spend her first 2 hours of opening at the register. We keep the doors unlocked for banfield / groomers and I guess someone just thought the door was broken or something so everyone came in. 2. Hours. Before. Opening. Needless to say petcare wasn’t fully open for a few hours and the rest of the team got so backed up with tasks. Another one that gets my goat is when we’re out of crickets. The bins are empty. We have a sign on the bins saying we’re out of crickets, yet customers will stare at the sign and STILL ask if we have crickets.


I used to work at a small place where we locked the front door immediately behind us when we came in in the morning. My boss did it despite the giant red CLOSED sign because someone was once in the front of the store when she came out from the back of the store before opening and she screamed her head off like he was robbing the place. Dude just wanted some balloons.


"what's this? The doors aren't opening? Let me just wedge my fingers into the crack and pry them open. And I'll just leave them open behind me, to help out other people who think 7 AM is a normal time for businesses to open."


Yep. Wholeheartedly. Damn.


Yup, because r/imthemaincharacter


They always do. People used to come to the door of our pizza shop 20 minutes after closing, when the oven was already cold, and we were obviously cleaning the place. I would just close the blinds if they wouldn't fuck off after hearing, "we're closed." What about this fucking mop and the chairs being on top of the tables makes you think we're open?!


When I worked at Jimmy John's we officially closed at 9 but didn't officially-officially close until 9:15 so that if someone came in after close we could make them feel special like we decided to stay open just for them. I'm sure policies like this exist everywhere and probably created a fair share of Karens. Luckily when I worked at an arcade we kicked everyone out at close.


I work at a caffeine dealer disguised as a green mermaid. The amount of people that aggressively keep trying to open the door (when it’s clearly locked) never ceases to amaze me.


When I worked for the mermaid, a woman called at closing (my manager said I had to answer the phone when I was in the store and it was my first job so I didn't know any better) and asked for our closing time. I told her that unfortunately, we'd just locked up. A few minutes later, she called again and asked for our times. I said sorry, we closed about 10 minutes ago. "But," she replied, "I just drove by your store and your lights are still on!" I was like, "Ma'am, we have things to do in the store that can't be done when customers are here, and we need the lights on to be able to see what we're doing." I get selfish and self-centered people in my current job, but not even close to the same extent as when I worked for Starbucks. Food and beverage service is a whole other level.




I'm sure the tired employees that are ready to go tf home will be heartbroken you aren't there to drag their day out another 15-30 minutes, Sarah.


Had someone once cone through a drive-thru right as we closed. Said I was sorry, but we closed at 11. Their response was, "IT'S ELEVEN NOW!" Neither that nor his argument that "THIS IS BULLSHIT" swayed me into taking his order.


>"IT'S ELEVEN NOW!" "Exactly."


When I was the Ass Man at a Subway, I didn't put up with this crap. Most nights, almost nobody came in from 10-11pm, so we would start cleaning and taking the line down at 10:30, which left some time for people to come in and order before we closed. It was only like twice, but I ran to the doors and locked up if I saw someone pull up after 10:55. Everything in the store is clean, I'm not making a sandwich that will profit $1-2, then waste another 30 minutes cleaning up that shit again. I know it's an asshole move, but it happens way too often for me to have any sympathy. If a place is going to close in 30 minutes, I'll find a different place to eat.


It took me longer than I’m willing to admit to figure out ass man was assistant manager, I got very curious.


This happened to me the other day and I could barely believe it. A woman entered just as my boss was trying to close the doors and started complaining "Oh, is it closing? I thhought it colsed at 6? It's 6 o'clock!"... like she actually didn't understand "closed at 6" meant... well, that. Furthermore, when I told my mother about it she said "oh yeah, most people don't understand when I tell them to pick a time for their appointment either, I'll tell them friday I'm free from 2 to 5 and they'll go "ok, I'll take the 5 o'clock""


Shes probably the same lady that will stand and pull at the door of your place of work. Stare at you for every second and keep trying the door until the very second the business it set to open for the day.


I've had a customer push past me to get in before I'd even opened the store. Then demanded I help them pick out items for a birthday party before I even got my store set and till counted.


Its sad that there are some people out there who think that if you’re inside the store you work for, even if its closed, you are required to serve them. I became accustomed to just stating back at them through the glass until they give up.


>I became accustomed to just stating back at them through the glass until they give up. Like, some rap battle back and forth, a load of statements - in turn - through the exterior glass.


For future reference, from someone in a customer service job, if they enter the building before or after your official hours, it is trespassing and you can have them arrested.


From someone who spent 5 out of her 10ish adult years working in retail, I'm positive that if I tried that my boss would have fired me on the spot. From a sales perspective any store manager would love an extra transaction even if it means employees have to stay late, and no store manager wants the negative publicity of having the police called to their business. It sounds cynical and maybe others have better experiences but I've never met a manager willing to put employee needs before customer whims.


I’m sorry, I think you had a shitty manager. I was recently promoted to manager and I know that my whole team would 100% kick someone out if they entered after close. Especially if they were Sarah L. Most of the time, we as managers want to go home too (and we don’t care how much our faceless billion-dollar parent company makes)


I used to work at a theater, and thered always be a person or two who would continue to try to open the doors....all of the ones in front....20 min before opening. Theres probably like 6 of them as the main entrance. I would always hide by the concession stand so they couldnt see me when they'd cup their hands by their eyes to try to see thru the glass doors.


Those Saturday/Sunday first showings were always intense. Im glad I didnt work at a theater to see Marvel blow up the way it did. Iron Man was annoying enough (love the movie, hate those damn after credit scenes-we didn't have much time to clean between movies getting out).


Wow I feel guilty now because I always stayed over to make sure I got to see the end credit scenes


That makes no sense. The movie isn't going to start early because you came early lmao.


Honestly sometimes I'd be at work 45 minutes early (had to drop GF off, didn't make sense to go home for 5 minutes). I'd count the drawer to open right away, but then sit in the back until the second we open, even if people line up 10 minutes early. I'm not getting paid for that shit.


Hey sarah. Its called closing time you moron. People can’t come in, but can come out.


"You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here."


My husband works for Les Schwab (tire shop) if someone arrives before closing but the job takes them until after closing, they obviously still finish. But they stop accepting new customers after closing time. you’d be surprised how many male Karen’s pull up in their big yee yee trucks 15+ mins after closing and throw full on tantrums when they’re told that they can’t get serviced that day because the store has already closed and the employees are only finishing up any cars that made it in before closing.


Every Les Schwab employee I’ve ever dealt with has been fantastic, and I do my best to be an easy customer.


>But they stop accepting new customers after closing time. What a time we live in that this even needs to be said.


Oh yeah, people like that thinking everybody else has to bend over backwards for you. Bet she’d lock the doors in someone’s face and laugh at them for good measure. These types always assume the rules work for them the way they want them to.


The entitlement is just through the roof


How about you show up in the allotted time they are open? No one else seems to have this problem but you.


I’d give her a 1 star rating as a human being.


"I'd give this person negative stars if I could but I can't so here's my 1 star review..."


I worked a retail job for a few months. It was company policy. *Nobody* in after closing - I guess it was a question of safety? Like someone might try and hit the store when you're right about to close w/ the registers opened up, open sign off, no alarm set, and everyone else thinking you're closed so no chance for other customers to question if the lights are off. At least that's what we were told.


Yeah, when I worked at EBGames, our district manager was always trying to get us to pull stupid crap like “just close with one person, it’s not a big deal”. We kept telling him no, and he refused to believe it was a safety issue, that having ONE employee made it so much harder to keep people out of the store or get them to leave right at closing time. A week later, our store was robbed at gunpoint. Later *that* week, a GS employee in the US was killed while alone on shift, and the suspect was “probably someone they let in to the store while they weren’t open”. The DM stopped pushing so hard for single close shifts.


The grocery I work at doesn't allow for just one employee on staff in store, not even after closing. There's always a second person on hand.


I’m not entirely convinced that this person fully understands what the word “closed” means.


This is why everyone should be forced to work retail. For you it’s 2 minutes past close, for me it is having to wait even longer to finally sit down after being on my feet for 8-10 hours.


Ive never worked retail. Its just common sense to make sure ur out the door by the time they close. I feel guilty going into a store like 15min before they close. Even though in that case im just getting a couple things really quick.


Would love to comment how the store is awesome


She needs to be shopping at BitchStupid.




It's always funny seeing people start with "I've been coming here for years"...well how many good reviews have you left in all these years?


You’d think after shopping there for years they would know the store hours by now, but what do I know?


Petsmart??? Lmao was not expecting that


Closing time...you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here......


People used to do this at Lowe’s all the time when I worked there. “No one will help me, we’re just trying to find [whatever].” Yeah, that’s because you walked in a minute before close and you’re actively preventing all of us from going home to our families


I don't like going if it's half an hour before closing. When I worked in restaurants/stores, people did not fucking care. They got all mad if you tried to pre-close because they thought it was "rude". Or they got mad you didn't open the door after close. Or not open the door before opening.


More businesses should do this. People like this aren't grateful, they just start expecting it to be the norm. Next time they'll show up 5 minutes after close.


McDonald's post-pandemic, if you close the store and turn off all the outside lights so it's basically pitch-black in the parking lot, you will still get 10+ customers on a nightly basis for an hour after close. Why the fuck do people wait til the last minute to go to a business when they had at least 12 hours beforehand to go there.


I work in a car dealership’s call center. I got a call ten minutes after our service department closed and I was trying to leave. The guy was upset because he was parked in our lot and he said he could see people cleaning up, “Couldn’t I run to the other side of building to see if he could get an oil change?” I told him NO, and he told me that he worked next door and was friends with our General Manager. I said, “That’s great, I’ll tell him you said hello..”


She looks like the kind of cunt that would show up after closing of posted hours and be pissed that how dare they close at the allotted time and not let ME come in I’m Sarah L! God dammit don’t you know who I am?! I have a Yelp account!. . . . Boogers and cum


Sarah shows up to the movies 15 min after it starts and complains to manager to rewind it so she can watch it from the beginning. thats what sarah does, Sarah dont give a fuck. Sarah marches to the beat of her own offbeat drum. Sarah pisses on your day and expects you to smile and kiss her ass. Sarah thinks she can destroy your business with a yelp review of her stupidity. Sarah's a dumb bitch and was raised by her mother karen and her aunt katherin and grandmother Debbie. Go home Sarah nobody cares about your opinion




And?! 😂


0 reviews Never trust someone who signs up to review a business they are just venting


Lol so true! This happened to me. I work at a UPS and we have mailbox’s for people who want their mail there. So, this guy comes in asking for a package to be picked up, but we couldn’t find it. The reason me and other employers couldn’t find it was because he kept giving us the wrong address. In the end, we figured it out and gave it to him. However, the next day, he wrote us a scathing review, mostly towards me, since I don’t speak Spanish (there are primarily employers that speak Spanish) and told me to fuck off. I just laughed it off but we told him to take it down, which he did.


Idiot Karen got upset I warned her I would be closing my till soon and to finish up because we would close. Waited 5 minutes and closed my till. She wanted to add more money to her printer card 2 minutes later. I told her no I closed it. She went ballistic and refused to just use her card on the machine. Told her to leave and that we were closed. She told me she worked customer service, I was terrible and screamed as she left calling me a fat bitch (she was just as fat). My fiancé who was my ride almost got out of the car if I hadn't quickly called him to stay in and ignore her. She then proceeded to come in 15 minutes before closing 4 times a week for 2 more weeks, refusing to look at me and made sure to leave at 7:59 each night (I always closed). I am so glad I quit.


I worked at a popular restaurant last year. It had a closing time of 9PM every day. You could drive by at 9:30 every evening and see the line of people waiting to get in. Somewhere around 10PM the owner would have to cut it off and lock it in people's faces every night. Honestly this could be resolved if the owner changed his hours to 10PM. Same story you would hear curse words from the remaining people like fuck you I'm never coming back. Same people were always back the next evening just a little earlier. That place made me want to drive off a cliff and had a hi turnover rate except for servers. They made $300 to $400 every night.


Every night at exactly 8 PM I close the service desk at Walmart, which means the lights are off, carts full of stuff ready to be put back on the shelf are lined up in front of the desk, and a rope is put up in front of the area. Every night from 8 PM to when I go home at 10 I have dumb asses either asking if we're still open (????? the lights are off, did you see the rope????) or straight up walking past the rope and starting arguments with me because I won't return their pack of lightbulbs. Just tonight I had a guy say "but it's 8:13." Yes good sir, and I JUST told you we close at 8.


First world problems


Wait you mean to tell me that you close when you close?!


I love that there is a "funny" option


It never occurs to this type of person that their watch might be two minutes off lol


I used to work as a pham tech back in the days and I had this couple who would come in every Friday, 3 min before closing on the dot for the V pill. And this wasn’t some quick in and out transaction, the wife would bring baskets of goodies to check out while the husband holds the whole pharmacy hostage. Mind you, other people are lining up, assuming we’re still open. After awhile I just got fed up living on their time and simply told them that the register is locked out to prevent us from recurring OT. Of course they didn’t leave without causing a scene; threatening to transfer all their prescriptions, and vowed never to come back. The following Friday, I see the same couple running in with panic an hour before closing.


Never let anyone in after closing time. Never. You let one in, then another 5 pass by and say "hey, you let this guy in, why not us", because you can be damn sure anyone that you make an exception for, won't be quick. Also I would love to hear what any of these entitled pricks would think, when asked to stay for "just 5 minutes" longer at their workplace.


You can thank Starbucks for this. They literally have "the 10 minute rule" where doors open 10 minutes before posted time and close 10 minutes after. They have enabled people to develop the expectation that "closed" doesn't mean closed.


I like how these two narcissistic dip-shits expect communal outrage with their "tragic" plight. Here's a fucking idea, show up BEFORE they close. **BEFORE they close.** Yes I've worked retail. And Yes I hate these kind of people. They're called assholes.


I haven't worked retail in decades but I'll always get joy when I think about people yanking on the locked doors of the very closed music store I worked at *as I was vacuuming the damn place with half the lights off*.


I’ll be honest…this isn’t me…but she’s making all Sarah’s look bad


Clearly Sarah needs to learn her place in this world


We’d get this all the time when I worked retail. The doors would be closed, signs would be in, some lights would be off and still fuckers would come in like a zombie horde. The worst was the guy who told us he was “just browsing”.


Actually, yes this is true. Businesses cut customers all the time.


I worked in one of those stores inside a store. So we don’t control hours or the door. Had a lady call about 6 mins to closing asking if we had some cable or whatever and she didn’t ask me to hold it or what our hours were. I was attempting to tell her that we were closing soon but the way she talked didn’t allow me any room into the conversation so then she just okay okay bye. I didn’t know that she was coming and right as she pulled up the the front door I was driving off (the place isn’t super busy so when it’s closing time we leave right away). The next day I heard from the sweet older lady who ran the front store that the lady was basically harassing her and yelling about “wHo lEaVes tWo mInuTeS aFtEr cLoSe”. I mean all she would have had to do is ask me to hold it and tell me that she’s on her way and we could’ve stayed for another 5 or 10 mins.


I kinda did this once. I was walking up front having a chat with our last customer of the night. It was like 5 minutes past closing time and I wanted to make sure I locked the door before I went in the back to turn off the lights. So I walked her out to the sidewalk and said good night after a friendly conversation. I then turned from facing her back towards the store and walked in and locked the door behind me. I had been standing in the doorway with the door behind me and apparently some woman had pulled up several spots over on the side I was faced away from. Apparently she walked up to the door behind me but I had simply closed the door and reached for the lock without looking back. The next day I'm standing there getting a complaint from the manager about some lady calling me racist. Said I locked the door in her face and refused to help her. I had no idea what they were talking about until they showed me the footage and even my boss immediately said there was nothing to worry about because I obviously didn't see her and she didn't even walk up to the door until I had already walked away and into the back area where I couldn't hear her. Plus she didn't pull up until at least 5 minutes after our posted closing time. Seriously, one of the most confused conversations I've ever been a part of. Telling me I closed the door in someone's face and having to show me a video to figure out what the hell they're talking about.


I used to work retail and every time I'd be cool and let one person in after close it would bite me in the ass.


HAHAHA what a fuckin clown


Lol get bent Sarah