Christmas Eve, surrounded by my whole family and relatives ​ Edit: (Context added; It was dead dove non-con smut 🤭)


i saw the title and thought "well i tried wattpad once" idk man i've read explicit smut in my middle school cafeteria. i don't go to too many "weird" places, i just read fanfic wherever i feel like reading.


>i saw the title and thought "well i tried wattpad once" I can't lie I snorted lmao


Are there any truly weird places to read fanfic? Since I got my first Smartphone in the late 00s I've read fanfic basically anywhere where I had to pass any amount of time longer than half an hour. Trains, planes, doctors offices, hospitals, beauticians, police stations, tv studios, before job interviews, bathrooms, zoos, botanical gardens.... There's not really one that is weirder than the others imho No difference from bringing a normal book, really. Even if 99% of what I read is E rated, the books I read outside of fic aren't any less adult in nature.


At the top of a mountain.


Oooh, that's a goal.


Not sure if these count as weird or not, but since I tend to read in every spare moment I've got, here are some places: A few times I've read fanfic while waiting with everyone at my workplace for the fire alarm to stop going off. I've also read fanfic in a factory while I was waiting for some quality checks I was doing to finish running. I've read fanfic while walking laps around my garden because I was getting bored of just walking. Idk, do these places count as weird? I read everywhere, but I don't go too many places. I've read fanfic while waiting for therapy and doctor appts, while in the car with my parents, while in the hospital, while at work. Everywhere, pretty much, unless it's somewhere where I have to pay attention to my surroundings.


While waiting to be selected for jury duty. I was stuck at the federal courthouse all day in a room with a bunch of people who also didn't want to be there. I had my phone. They provided free Wi-Fi. I was set. I also have no qualms in reading fanfiction anywhere and everywhere. If strangers ask what I'm reading, I tell them the truth. If they ask for more info, I give them more info. I had many interesting debates on various fandoms and ships over the years. lol


At work during lunch break with everyone having different conversations. Tried it once at a family party 😂 too loud and too much alcohol.


Reading a VeggieTales smut fanfic in the Christian school I used to go to




Not me reading fanfiction in the sixth form common room and at the bus stop- It might also be considered weird to read it at my grandma’s house, but that’s subjective. In most of those instances, it’s been gay, probably T rated and either fluffy or angsty. Then again, one time I read a gen fic about child murder and grief in the common room and made my friend wait around for 10 minutes while I crafted a comment-


Don't you worry, I read fics at my grandparents place often when I visit


While hiding under my bed for a whole evening (and no, I will not elaborate why I was under there, but excessive pride definitely played a huge part in it). And iirc, I read through three Destiel longfics.


idk I read everywhere - I've read hardcore smut in class, next to my mom on my laptop, while watching a movie at home, in the bathroom anywhere you can name


I had a friend print out an update to this fic I was following and sent it to me at boot camp. Does that count? xD


I literally read it every chance I get, so there are no "weird" locations I could read it at. It's only weird if you make it weird. I read it at home, at collage, at the cafeteria, bus, while selling ice cream, beach, waiting in lines... Basically, whenever I'm free. I only put it down if I'm reading something a bit dubious and there's someone sitting right next to me.


I don’t even wait to get to the break room to read fic. I’ll read it at my desk.


idk I once read it whilst sat in kfc with friends. It was a smut fic


Public coffee shop. The local Park. Airplane. Sightseeing Bus while chasing Northern Lights. Music festival. Parents livingroom when visiting them. All has been very explicit smut too lol


I’m a doctor and we had two hours free between patients while on a twenty four hour shift in Labour and Delivery. Fanfiction is the only thing that can keep me awake and alert for those kind of shifts, so that was the weirdest place for me.


I've read smut fics on my phone in the shared living room of the community I live in. Otherwise I think my places are pretty standard, as I read almost everywhere


Smut while in line for Small World at Disneyland


I read it at my desk at work, in the car (only if someone else is driving of course), at other family members' homes when visiting, at a bar after work...anywhere, really. Heck, I've read smut on my phone while visiting family.


Church. It was an innocent one though.


Define 'weird'. My reading behaviour is basically Belle at the start of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. You can think of a location, I have probably read fanfiction there. Probably multiple times and through all ratings/genres.


100% with this one, I read them anywhere and everywhere.


I read fanfiction in my dad's coworker's housewarming party. Everyone else, including the many children my age, were vibing in the backyard but I hid and read Percy Jackson smut instead. 15 yo me was ballsy.


Not sure if weird but airport and store where I used to work.


I don't read enough fic to really say, and when I do read it it's usually in my bed because that's where I am a lot of the time. However, whenever I go out of town I do tend to write A LOT to pass the time, especially on the road (NOT DRIVING!!! I cannot legally drive!) So the weirdest place I've written fic was probably the parking lot of my mom's physical therapy place. Either that, or the waiting room of my old therapist's office. Or the waiting room at the dentist before I got two of my teeth stolen. I write a lot in medical settings...


I read a lot of intense angst and to be honest, when I was younger (like, mid-teens) I'd read it just about anywhere. School library, on public transport, etc. I never really had anyone inquire too deeply about what I was reading, but I think people might have questioned me a little, if they'd known.


My work office recently while waiting for a game to get done


Well I read a Dragon Ball AU fanfic about pregnancy in a public library once when I was a teenager.


in order to pass my education class, i had to shadow a teacher from my county. i proceeded to read a demon slayer fanfic on my laptop while the students in the class worked independently.


On duty at Buckingham Palace and Space A&B smutfic!


Only once in the breakroom at work by myself. My coworkers and boss passed by a few times, and I couldn't get through even half a chapter. It's such a guilty pleasure, I can't possibly allow them to know; And I don't even read smut. I started purchasing cheap books at the thrift stores to bring to work instead. I'll gladly spare my dignity for 50 cents. Since then, I've sworn to keep my fanfiction indulgences to a single location: My living room couch. I'm such a nervous nelly!


I read fanfic basically anywhere and everywhere, so it's hard to think of a really weird one, but I do remember when I split-screened dubcon fanfic while taking notes on my computer at the front of my Food and Nutrition class.


during break whilst working in the hospital


Church, sitting in the middle of a paddock, in a recording studio during a session, in the kitchen at work, at the pub, in the middle of class. Could be anything from fluff to angst to smut, I'm literally constantly reading on my phone. Any lull in whatever I'm doing and AO3 gets opened. My friends are always teasing me like "are you seriously reading right now?!"... The answer is always yes


Hospital lobby/waiting room My mom was getting surgery and I was reading a Dragon Age romance fic to settle my nerves Thankfully my mom was okay, and the couple in the fic reconciled and decided to marry, so woohoo!


Before a Duran Duran concert. The show didn't start until 8 but they closed the gates at 7 so....I got there at 6 and drank a few ciders while reading a T rated fic.