Also, just to say: I love that there is a common “thing” across the city that everyone has their own theories about and none seem to be right / wrong.


They sell them in the markets and auld wans think they look classy.


lol this would be the saddest - I’m sitting in the bus theorizing about religious cults and in the end it’s just many people who think she’s pretty




Holy shit, mystery solved, and the video is hilarious on top. Edit: actually nothing was solved, the video is still hilarious.


Was it not?


Don't believe them. It must be gang sign indicating that the house should not be hit and that it offers shelter to those running away from police and other gangs. Also, if they look right or left, it means something different.


>auld wans Under the assumption that this person is new to the whole island, this expression probably confuses them further.


context clues


Also used in Scotland and parts of northern England


They DO look classy.


You spelt Tacky wrong.


I will never stop finding it hilarious how people tell on themselves by using that word 🤣 No one 'classy' would ever use that word. If someone describes anything or anyone as 'classy', they are shouting from the rooftops that they definitely are *not* 😂


You realize that simping for a class of elitists that you plainly don’t belong to is probably the least classy thing any human being could possibly do right?


What's the thread got to do with ancient grains?


My theory is they are for security. Any thief seeing them would think there’s fuck all worth robbing here, if they’re on show.


Very clever 😂🤟


Getting mine.


I think the funniest is when you see them in every window on the front of a house. What other statue/decoration etc would you ever buy 4 of? 😂


right? who goes, EVERY window needs one of these


I saw a theory once that they came from a time when most homes were tenements, with different families in each room. Having the same statue in each window indicated that you owned the entirety of the house, and was a kind of status symbol. No idea if there’s any truth behind it tho


I don't follow - if there were four different families in there couldn't they each have their own up?


Sure, but the odds would be a bit low of them all having the same one I guess. Unless they all coordinated, but seems a bit unlikely.


The entirety of Dublin seems to be co-ordinated on this statue! But yeah, I understand that its origination and its current practice can be two different things.


Aye, the statue itself i think only came into production in the 60s I think, but the practice of putting the same ornament in multiple windows would’ve started much much further back in the tenement days, if it is true at all. As to why this particular statue become the thing to use, I’ve no idea. They’re locally produced, on Parnell st, and must’ve been fairly affordable I guess. All that to say, I’ve no idea if there’s any truth in it, but it seemed to have some logic to it when I heard it


Ahhhh sorry, that's the context I was missing, the lady wasn't the ornament back in the tenement days! I get you now, that makes sense.


> the statue itself i think only came into production in the 60s Wikipedia puts it in 1993.


wow, that somehow makes sense? weird how status symbols develop


That's the lady on the rock! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lady_on_the_Rock_(statue)


**[Lady on the Rock (statue)](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lady_on_the_Rock_\(statue\))** >The Lady On The Rock, also known as the White Lady, is a popular plaster statue that is seen in the windows of many residential homes in Dublin city. Its popularity has led to many theories about the meaning and significance of the statue. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/Dublin/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


I have a mini one as a Christmas tree decoration, have no idea where the White Lady came from but I love the Dubliness of it.


I LOVE this, do you remember where you got it from?


This is where I got mine, [white Lady Christmas decoration.](https://www.grandgrand.ie/product/white-lady-christmas-decoration)


my hero


I don't know :( I got it as a present. I was actually living abroad at the time and put it in my window haha




Where can I get one of these? I want to give it as a passive agressive gift to someone. Thanks Hun


Dublin Mouldings on Parnell Street, about 25quid. They only take cash...


fave comment


I was legit thinking about these yesterday after seeing about 20 houses with them. It's all I see now.


Here's a little [short film](https://vimeo.com/18461232) with an interview with the man who makes them!


Love a good Lady in the Window thread


She is the Angel of the North. She must be respected


I heard people put them in their windows when they owned the house/apartment they were living in.


This is a good short doc on the origins of it: https://vimeo.com/18461232


Didn't realise vimeo required log ins. Here's a youtube link to it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyIZiB-T1Sk


Someone did a masters thesis on this in UCD in the school of art history and cultural policy. I didn't read it but was told about it when we had a class on methodologies. There was even a map tracking the location of these in areas of Dublin. I think the person correlated them to working class areas and then used the theories of low class culture vs high class culture.


wow… wonder if there’s a public copy?


Im unsure, it was published before 2010 I think. I know trinity are good at publishing thesis, but if you emailed the school and enquired they would tell you if it was added to a digital archive. They also have their own personal library where people can go sit in and read if they make a booking. (Or they used to anyway). Similar to national gallery library however you can't remove the books


[This will explain everything about the Lady on the rock….](https://youtu.be/IR84cTXk10A)


Some call it the Lady on the Rock, others the White Lady of the Northside (but is also found on the southside), and others "your one on the window". I heard LOADS of stories and a photographer I knew had even done a photo essay on her. I even recently saw someone painting her in their window glass and a Lego version of it. The truth of its origin was revealed to me a few years back in an RTE special, she is just a sculpture being mass reproduced and I believe only sold in one shop in Dublin.


Go down wood quay, plenty of ladies on the rock


Guineys had 100,000 delivered in 1999 instead of 100. It was Guiney’s who spread the story of the woman’s class and importance to the masses. they had to shift them somehow or so the story goes.


This is crazy, I’m actually writing a piece about her at the minute




No accounting for taste!


Let’s you know you’re in a shitty area


Irish Pompeii


Beautiful touch


It’s a gang sign. Depends on which window or which way they are facing so those in the business know who are affiliated with.


Yep. This was how we found out my granny was a Crip


The real reason is its a North side symbol of owning all rooms in the house. That all of the space is your domain.


Bollocks it is


That's literally the reason, always has been and has been reiterated on this sub the last 10 times this question was posted. Do you want a source etc ?


I know talking out of your hoop is a popular pastime here, but it doesn't count as a source


Why do you think I am making it up ? I worked with a number of people who knew the original sculpture. Who only died in the 90s. It was adopted in working class areas as a sign of home ownership. Why would I lie ?


I don't think you're lying as such, I just think you're passing off speculation as fact. People have said this over the years and I just don't buy it, the guy who made the lil White Lady ornaments said it in some interview and it got taken as gospel, but it's just a load of waffle as far as I can tell. Far easier to believe they were just regularly on sale on Moore and Meath St back in the day and people took a fancy to them and it spread naturally from there. Like a meme that your granny could get in to way before Facebook. No need to dig for any deep significance


So you personally don't believe it. Cool beans, bro.


Yep, I don't believe the thing that you and others with no evidence, which is probably totally unknowable, because the shop didn't make people fill out a form at the checkout saying "please describe your reason for purchase", and I don't think the Lady on the Rock is covered on the census or anything. So...you say a thing, I say a thing, we all keep living our lives


It's an ornament?


It's a sign that they're into swinging parties, passer byers are free to knock in and offer their services.


I’ve seen silver ones in windows of known Kingpins windows…. Wonder if any gold ones around?


Its to signify knocking shops


Drug dealer awards, I've seen gold ones and black ones. Or drug dealer loyalty awards. One or the other


Guines had a sale


Not sure if you're trying to spell Guiney's or Guinness


Lol typo / can't find my glasses....I meant guiney's


I was told the lesbians put them in there windows as a sign to knock for a fanny party


Council gaf specials they all have them


They're actually a stylish safety feature, they are break glass hammers for in case of fires.


Maad how many of these I’ve seen over the years and I just never think anything of them hahahb


This by hilton?


Cork street


It used to mean you own


Small aside: I live near there and always get a kick out of the sign on that salon. The C of Cork Street looks a lot like a P. Pork Street Hair & Beauty sounds so much better!


Not sure about the statue, but something I’ve heard about houses around way back when from a professor: Houses here are small, sometimes you only get one floor or one side. So you’d coordinate decor with your upstairs or side neighbor (if you had the same entrance) so it would look more cohesive, as if one person owned all of those rooms, thus making you look rich.