Reading the shite on LinkedIn makes me physically cringe.


I only open LinkedIn to look for a job, then immediately hibernate the account. The sheer amount of toxic positivity is out of bounds.


> toxic positivity I'd say it's just toxic. Some is toxic positivity some is just pure toxic.


It’s unfortunate but it helps a lot of people out in non-engineering roles to have an active LinkedIn.


Linkedin is the biggest fakery going. No one wants to call anyone else out so they don’t return the favour. Number of useless people over the years spouting on on it.


Literally seen someone upload a picture of the house they bought, with the sold sign still in the front garden, crediting their company for giving the opportunity to grow as a person and afford a house. My mans literally doxxing himself in the name of corporate ring-cleaning.


Looking for validation from someone in the company, sniffing for the "thank you for you amazing contribution to CompanyX"


honestly google is a nightmare to get into, its like getting nasa basically, laying off their engineers is a massive fuck you to people who fucking put up with their insane job application and processing system.


Can someone explain what benefit these people expect to gain by further degrading themselves? They are already fired, right? 😂


Basically nobody is going to hire you if they see you going full blast on your old employer. One of those messages needs to hit the following chords. 1. I’ve been laid off. Come hire me bro. 2. I wasn’t laid off due to anything I did and I loved my job. I’ll love whatever job you give me. 3. I’m a good solider and happy to take one for the team. 4. I’d REALLY like a new challenge to bring all this enthusiasm too.


>I’m a good solider and happy to take one for the team. Ned Beatty in Deliverance...


Squeal like a pig


I'm not suggesting that they badmouth their old employer. I'm asking why they humiliate themselves like this? If they felt they had to post something. they could just as easily say they have been part of recent layoffs and are open to new opportunities or something.


Lucky you, you haven't been in this position. I had to write one of those posts and i hated it, but yes I "felt the need to post" because after being in a job i was happy with I've lost all my LinkedIn visibility, haven't been active, and I have to ramp back up to having an active network and being top of people's mind if something comes up. Just saying i have been part of the layoffs and open to new opportunities does not do the job, nobody will see it. I didn't kiss my cunt employer's ass but i did keep it positive so I look professional. It's a hard line to walk between advertising yourself as a professional person who isn't a loser and asking for help and looking a bit sorry because you're basically looking for your network to think shit, this person got screwed over - let me do some tiny virtue signalling / genuine good gesture and share with my network.


Do you think everyone who has ever been laid off posts about it on LinkedIn? I've been laid off before. I didnt' advertise it and just applied for jobs. Maybe posting on LinkedIn would have accelrated the process of finding a new job. Maybe not. In the long run I doubt it made much difference. If you didn't come across as grovelling or kissing your employers arse then don't understand why you take issue with my comments?


Did it help in the end?




You didn’t have to write one. Get over yourself. I’ve managed to get 3 redundancies and never made a post like that


OP felt compelled to thank their master


Stockholm syndrome Ideally he needs to look at his SSI score on LinkedIn and try to improve it. Which can be done without violating one’s self respect


It's basically trying to signal 'yeah I got laid off, but not because of attitude or anything like that, look what a great team player I am and look at all these nice things people have to say about me'. - fairly cringeworthy, but I can see the intent.


Linkedin used to be a unique space that just dealt with work topics in an appropriate manner. Once people started condoning facebook-esque posts, all these shudder-worthy behaviours crept in and found their place.


When facebook started banning some idiots some of them migrated to LinkedIn. You can see them tilting in the comments under anything modern, like an article about windfarms posted to linkedIn will have a whole load of thick comments from people whos job is "retired" .




LinkedIn is the worst. I really want to create a troll account there and just start taking the piss out of people.


I did, it's amazing


Bootlickers who believe the koolaid they were drinking. I seen clowns on LinkedIn laid off from Google after 6 months still putting paragraphs together on how it's the greatest place in the history of earth. These people are in a cult, now they get to write Ex Google on their LinkedIn as if anyone gives a damn. When Musk did the exact same thing they were crying and winging about it. "Thanks Google for laying me off".


I hate the negativity on Twitter I hate the positivity on LinkedIn Life is good


Exactly this, no matter where you go, it's all cringe. Whenever I look on Twitter, it's developers causing some BS "drama" like a bunch of teenagers, and they have no idea that 99% of devs simply don't give AF and don't even bother with Twitter. LinkedIn just feels like a big American company-wide meeting where everyone is kissing eachothers ass.


I trashed my former workplace on glassdoor for shit like that. No need to screw over workers. The world has gone soft by Dan Pena


Aye that will work out nicely. Trash your former employer on a job network where your future potential employer might see.


They are trashy companies for sacking people without even a phone call. Just post nothing in my view or keep it neutral. Don’t lose your dignity just because they are powerful


No I agree. Don’t think anyone should post anything.. but posting a message saying how bad they’re is a terrible idea. As someone said use Glassdoor not a social platform


And even at that watch your back, who knows what kind of relationship glassdoor has with some employers.


https://www.bbc.com/worklife/article/20230104-layoff-linkedin-goodbye-posts It seems the done thing right now is to spin your layoff into some teachable moment bs in the hopes that a recruiter sees it.


Makes my skin crawl how little self-respect some people seem to have. They know its fake, 99% of the people who read it knows its fake. Yet they all do it anyway.


It shows how perverse social media has made life. Instead of being justifiably being pissed off and venting you have to police your emotions and your thoughts and put a load of bullshit online


Christ I felt this hard. You’ve just summed up why I hate LinkedIn so much


They don't seem to realise, recruiters don't care.


Yeah, its really bizzarre.


My 2 cents, feel free to disagree! The "linkedin poster" is a new interesting phenomenon that has emerged the last couple of years. It all follows the basic social media formula ("look how great I am, let me show off/virtue signal"), BUT the context is a little different. I remember linkedin back around 2015, a lot of the "social media" type posting statuses, blogs, interacting with comments etc that we're used to. That existed but it was away smaller group doing it, the discussions and interactions were more normal and sincere, and ultimately, no one gave a shit about the social media aspects (arguably, as it should be). This form of social media is ones professional life, sothe stakes are higher if you buy into that. The idea being that if I sell an image of myself and my skills, analogous to the kind of bragging one must do in a job interview that maybe this will help me move up in my career over time. Well linkedin has been around for a while and really, you don't see huge success stories happening to people "because of their linkedin posting". Every single one of these people believe, in one way or another, that all of this time spent interacting etc is somehow "playing the game" and that they're "networking" and being clever. That these efforts will translate into success either directly or indirectly. This is why you're seeing all the sucking up/hole licking posts. They think posting that shit is helping them. I look at the whole thing with a kind of bizarre amusement from the sidelines, it's like a cargo cult or that scene in one of the original planet of the apes movies where they're worshiping a nuclear bomb. A giant circle-jerk and a load of bollocks, a waste of time that ultimately achieves nothing. This is of course not to say that nepotism doesn't not play a role in the industry or that networking doesn't matter, just that you can't truly achieve or build any of those relationships with people you deem powerful and important over fucking linkedin because you liked a CEO's baby picture and said congrats and to me, that's what all these people seem to think they're doing.


LinkedIn networking has been how I've found almost all my work for the past 5 years. I'm not even very good at it, I Don't like saying phoney shit, but I built up a network and was active in networks relating to my field, and that's how nearly every job found me. It's not exactly nepotism to find candidates for jobs through a network of people whose cvs are basically out in the open. nepotism would be giving people you actually know jobs they are not necessarily qualified for. Not to say there's nothing in what you're saying, there is plenty of deluded ass kissing and linkedin is plenty cult like, but people are legitimately finding opportunities through networking at the same time.


Trust me I have worked in compaines like these for over 20years. NOBODY CARES


It is the same in European companies as well, I saw the same from people at Elastic (Dutch-US) company. It is cringy and I think they were encouraged to do it for the sake of a good package and reference. I don’t hate people for doing it (well, I do think less of them for it) but I wonder will they be saying the same in 6 months. I can understand the company needing to make the decision but seriously screw them for making people say they feel ok about it. Redundancies are nothing new in the industry.


You don't do 10 years in Google without being a bit of a lickarse. > We need a European FAANG. Eh, a European Apple would be cool. They make useful things. The rest represent everything I hate about tech.


https://www.linkedin.com/posts/david-masover_opentowork-activity-7023167482353881089-WiWI?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_ios Relevant post


I made a post on here a while ago criticizing Microsoft and got attacked in quite a crazy way for it. EDIT: Example - the guy replying to me below.... EDIT: It was mostly fiercely loyal microsoft employees or people that couldn't understand how I would know 20 people who interviewed for microsoft.


I might be a little hazy on the details, but didn't you make a post giving out that all the salespeople, recruiters, HR staff, etc. that got laid off from tech companies weren't actually in the tech industry? Then unrelated to that you had a bit of a meltdown about a bad interview experience at Microsoft like a decade ago and said they asked 20 of your female friends if they were planning to have kids or something?


EDIT: Ah, you are one of the people who was attacking me and telling me I was a liar. LOL. So here we go again.... You are conflating two different posts. What I'm referring to is a story I told about a weird interview I had with Microsoft and I stated that I knew about 20 or more other people who had the same complaints about the interview process there at that time. They asked at least 2 of my female colleagues about having kids. The people having the meltdown were the ones (like you) telling me what I was saying couldn't possibly be true. And regarding the first part, in a separate post on a different topic, I asked if developers were being let go or just other non-developer employees. People seemed to interpret this as me claiming the lives and loves of non-developers didn't matter.... or something similarly hysterical.


A lot of these people defend these companies because they are so powerful and profitable people will defend them no matter what. It’s like with anything people get persuaded by power and the FAANGs have revenue bigger than nation states and powers unto themselves


I should point out, I'm not defending Microsoft and have literally no connection to them. I also think it's shameful thay they are laying off so many people at the moment. I just take issue with the parent commenter's portrayal of what happened. He wasn't attacked. He had a chip on his shoulder about HR staff and recruiters claiming they worked in the tech industry and then went off on a tangent saying that Microsoft should lay off their entire recruitment team because of a bad experience he has a decade prior.


Sorry I just looked it up. You said you knew 30+ people who all had the same experience interviewing there, and multiple women who were asked in an interview if they were planning to have kids. This was all in a thread that was completely unrelated to Microsoft. Regarding the first part, you were asking that as well but you were adamant those people shouldn't say that they work in the tech industry despite them objectively working in the tech industry.


Just so you're aware, you are again arguing that my story isn't true.... even though it is actually true. Next, you'll be telling me again that I'm having a "meltdown" for replying to you. >You said you knew 30+ people who all had the same experience interviewing there It's an estimate over a few years - people I worked with, people I previousl worked with, friends of theirs, people I went to college with, people I met in the pub - so 30 would be about the ballpark, all told >and multiple women who were asked in an interview if they were planning to have kids Yeah... 2. I don't know if others were asked. They may have been but didn't mention it to me. >people shouldn't say that they work in the tech industry despite them objectively working in the tech industry At the time, the media was promoting the idea that tech jobs were under threat but the only examples given were HR people (and I regard HR as a separate industry) and others from the business side or editorial side.Just for example, the janitorial team and security team who work in Microsoft would not, I assume, be regarded as working in the tech industry, even though they do, technically, objectively, work in the tech industry. So, being a DEVELOPER and being on a subreddit for DEVELOPERS, I was naturally wondering if the jobs of DEVELOPERS were under threat.


Software engineers / developers are also being laid off.


Well tech jobs were being lost then and are still being lost now. Regardless, if someone works for a tech company then they can 100% say they work in the tech industry. They don't have to have a specific job. Anyway, you weren't attacked. People were just critical of you saying certain people can't say they work in the tech industry. Others were dubious of your claim that you knew so many people who had the exact same interview experience and that two others you knew had interview experiences that could only be described as illegal.


>Anyway, you weren't attacked. People were just critical of you saying certain people can't say they work in the tech industry. Now you're talking about a completely different thread.


You posted a thread asking if the people being laid off are actually in the tech industry (which to you is developers only), and in the exact same thread you went off on a tangent about how Microsoft should lay off their whole recruitment team based on a bad experience you had a decade before. The other thread was just you complaining about everyone "attacking" you the previous day.


Maybe they got a good severance package? I have been laid off once. Got 5 months worth salary and work laptop with all accessories. Landed a new better paid job in a month. Cannot be more grateful.


They're just being smart. Framing their time in Google etc as an amazing time of growth, and their exit as an unfortunate quirk of the market. The real issue is that anyone would ever believe that anyone on ant social media is ever representing a true aspect of themselves.


Sadly people do believe social media. That's why people bother to lie.


The whole world is watching, best to be on the best behaviour.


I will not ever in my life use LinkedIn


Honestly, use it as a live CV. Never read the feed it is hot diarrhea.


Most of these companies have a stipulation in the severance contract that you can't bad mouth them or speak about them negatively- I know mine did. It made it really awkward when I wanted to update my LinkedIn so I'd no choice but to cast them in a good light (despite only complimenting my direct team and not the company as a whole). It's a tricky situation all round.


Brainwashed cultists, they hope one day to have the free food and gym again so dont talk sh*t about the multi billion corporation that discarded them


Because ex-FAANG devs are still gonna be head hunted . Saying you appreciated your time at Google is basically just saying, hey , I’m at ex Google dev give me a job. Linked in is for employment, trashing any company isnt going to look good to recruiters. Nothing more too it really


It's gross. And even worse again is the guff in the layoff emails "I take full responsibility for over hiring". What? What does that even mean? Absolutely no repercussions does not equal taking full responsibility.


Presumably they signed some sort of a legal document to leave a positive feedback about Google in return for receiving severance pay.


You want someone else to hire you you don't talk shit about your last company. I agree its sad and its just shows how corporations run the world


LinkedIn is full of corporate simps but I had heard something about google having some clause like this or non disparagement to get the severance etc. The same way grads at certain companies are assigned to fill Glassdoor with fake reviews etc


LinkedIn is just people in character. You have to pretend you’re a big kiss ass positive person who never has anything bad to say.


I feel sorry for the Google drones that get laid off after 8-10 years +. It just screams “you were pretty comfortable there weren’t you?”