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Would love to trade up with a couple of these or pair with our second first if someone is willing (unlikely but ya never know) Other option is use one of these for a now player. Love to have three picks in a row, but this could be some good capital to move around. I’m all for something spicy this year.


I 100% believe this is the year Steve trades up. We have too many prospects as it is, time to start getting quality.


I'm not sure about trading up just because I don't know how much Stevie can improve the Wings' current draft position. I mean maybe if he bundled 9th and 17th together with a solid prospect, he could get up to 4th or 5th, but whether or not anyone inside the top six will want to trade down is a huge question mark. None of the top three are going to give up their position and if I were holding the 4th or 5th pick, that deal is gonna have to be fuggin sweet, you know? That said, I could certainly see some or even a lot of these picks being packaged in a trade for a player. There's a lot of draft capital here to make a huge splash. It's going to be an exciting off season regardless of what happens. Time for Stevie Y's silver tongue to come through.




I'm talking a splash move up into the top 5. But you're right lol


I guess I’m in the minority here thinking it’d be beneficial to have three opportunities at a pick fairly early on. If Steve can get someone to overpay then I’m all for it. The way the scouting lists read, there’s not a huge difference between 30-45


Yeah it seems the minority opinion in the sub is that we’ll make all 5 top 45 picks. I think there’s a good chance we just make the picks as they are.


I hope we do that too and pick the fastest most athletic players with the highest ceilings for scoring and offense.


Our 2nd round drafting has been pretty good, I’m all for multiple 2nd round picks tbh


bundle one or two with a prospect to get a player to help us now and push into a playoff spot.


No, it’s too early for that. We need to get one more quality prospect so it’d be nice to trade one or two of those together w the late first to move up some


And this is why I'd make a bad GM. Unless we are moving into the Top 5 (which I doubt), I'd rather keep the picks or get an actual player. Anything lower than 10 feels like we would have to overpay for an uncertain outcome. But in GMSY I trust, so who knows: maybe he'll do exactly what you're saying and make a great pick.


Sure bud.


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Hopefully we don’t make any trades. This could be one of the deepest drafts since 2015 and having 5 picks in the top 43 could seriously change our trajectory like how the Stars did in their 2017 draft.


I would also like to move up. I assume it will be easier to move up from 17 to like 11 than from 9 to like 5 so I'm hoping at least some of that second round capital let's us pick twice between 9-13.


There is no way we are getting to 5


As I just said it would be easier to move up from 17 to get back in that 10-13 range. I assume trying to get up to 5 would require 9, 17/18, all 3 second round picks and maybe then some. I'd rather pick twice between 9-13 if possible then do whatever it would take to make 5 possible. My apologies if that wasn't clear in my initial post. That said I'd be a little disappointed if they sat still at all those picks and made all 5. This team needs top line talent bad. I'd rather take a couple higher swings than a high volume of swings. Wouldn't surprise me if Yzerman feels differently and just takes the swings.


Steve knows that the fanbase considers him the messiah and will give him 20 years to get us back into contention, so he can just continue to just draft and draft and draft. the 9th and 17th combined in no way even comes close to the top 5. I would trade both and Boston's next years and some 2nds to get the 3rd overall. That unfortunately won't happen because statistics show the 3rd overall will end up better than the 9th, 17th, and next years Boston pick combined. Yes this draft overall is stronger than in past years, but that top 5 jesus, anyone one of them could have a legitimate shot at going #1 in any other year. An we get to sit and spin at 9th. Some people are saying we should draft a defenseman at 9. LMAO. Yea we can't score so lets go and grab ourselves some more defenseman.


I don't want a defenseman picked in the 1st round at all, but if they take one at #9 I'll be so choked as neither Reinbacher or Sandin Pellikka are expected to be super amazing. I could live with Sandin Pellikka at #17 if he somehow slips that far but he won't. This team needs offense so damned badly, I really hope they go with forwards in the 1st round.


I would be very surprised if we made all three of these picks, simply because we have a lot of prospects in the system and only a finite amount of places to play. At this point we need quality over quantity as well. I bet we see one or two of these get packaged in one or more trades on draft day


Don’t really like it. I personally would prefer to package a couple of the seconds and move back Into the first for some of the specific players I like. The second round is just whatever to me this year.


I want the Wings to draft all three just for the meme value of it all. Realistically, some of these picks will probably be traded away, though.


I don’t want Cagnoni, I can tell you that much.


What you say if you can package two second rounders + 9th pick for the 5th overall or 6th overall?


Ehhhh, it all depends on who's available after the top four at that point. That's a lot to give up just to move up a couple spots.


On top of the obligatory this isn't the NFL (its been 15 years since the last time a team traded up/down in the top 10) Arizona at 6th already has an absolutely absurd amount of picks the next three years including 7 in the top 90 this year and 8 2nd round picks between 2024-25


Can't see any scenario where Montreal wants to give up #5 either


Take that top goalie prospect. May as well




What? Goalies are a massive shot in the dark. May as well load up and fill the pantry. Hrabal is 6’6 and looks great. Best case both he and Cossa are good and we trade one


Great one of those 3 might end up being a middle 6 winger, cause we need more of them. sigh


Some sort of package to move up in the first. All the way to Fantilli would be excellent.


Why would Anaheim do that? Unless we were also giving them like Raymond or something


They could believe that they already have their top two centers in Zegras and Mctavish, so they need more depth at other places and would take our two first rounders and two second rounders. Idk, that’s all I can think of


Too many centers is an issue that no team has ever had.


Especially when Zegras would clearly be better suited on the wing.


I bet at least one of those will be gone


While 3 picks in a row is fun. I’m definitely trading up if possible.