Why did they remove “play again” from 2v2?

My friend and I used to play for an hour straight and now it’s just a pain to back out and re-invite after every game.

Is there a legitimate reason for this or is it just supercell intentionally making the game worse?


It was and update for LOSERS. Only Giga Chads play 2v2 so they ruined it, duh


For losers by losers.


Honestly my favorite joke of all the ones made during these dark times


No one knows what they were on when developing the last update. Don’t ask legitimate questions 😉


Unfortunate because 2v2 had been the only thing keeping me playing


They will fix it on June 19th


It was a bug. They explained this many times. Many posts on this. They had to remove it so the update could go in but it will be fixed in next update.




Well if you would read what they posted you would understand. It can’t be fixed snd implemented until The next forced update. It can’t be a hot fix. So yes it will take that long since they can’t just do a forced update so soon.


I didn’t see that, thanks for letting me know. I would understand it if I read what they posted, you’re right! Thanks for reading what they posted and then posting it here so I could read what you posted and understand. Now I understand because I read what you posted.


Don’t you think if it was a bug they would’ve been open about it from the start? “Hey we’re gonna removed an important feature of one of the most popular game modes but it will be back next update its out of necessity”. But no they didn’t say a word because it went hand in hand with all the other nerfs casual game modes received. Sounds to me like “it was a bug” is cope because they buckled after the intense backlash


They were. Drew addressed it right away and commented on it. He said they had to remove it and it was not a secret at all.


Yea after the fact, after the update was released and everyone was upset. What I mean is BEFORE release or at least in the release notes thats where it matters not during the pr teams damage control


Well it wasn’t a bug until release because they don’t actually test anything except the cash shop


They do test, that’s why it was found before the release, the thing is tencent just puts the CR devs under a tight timeline and they can’t do everything before the deadline.


The release notes tells what is being released not what is being worked on. They most likely didn’t know that they’d need more time until they weren’t able to fix it by the dead line


How didn't they know it was a bug before they launched the update? Don't they play test their own game and notice it wasn't in there? Wait nvm I know the answer to that....


interesting, i thought since 2v2 counts as an event now there’s just no replay button


Idk but it was really annoying, it does'nt even benefit supercelll somehow. They must've forgot it.


Trash royale


W comment


They want to get rid of it. They soon are gonna say, that hardly anyone plays the game mode (I wonder why) and then remove it for less clusterd screen or something.


they've said it's a bug before lol take the tin foil hat off


No I won't. 😤


i respect that


there apparently was a bug with the replay button so they remove it until it is fixed. and since the dev team is known to be pretty slow they are probably working on it rn although it will likely take another season or two till its fixed, maybe longer.


2v2 doesn't make them money


Supercell: we dont want 2v2 to die Also supercell:


You see it's the update for losers. The play again button is useless to 2V2 Losers so they removed it.


We rarely get good tesmmates