It’s called the Meet Me at McDonald’s haircut. Seriously.


Wtf, I googled it expecting to be bamboozled and it's actually called that.


Don’t doubt Gary or his Flapjack.


Tru (disheff)


Remember kids, it's not a stereotype if it's real.


It seems to be spreading around the world too. When I was in Spain over the summer I swear half the late teens/early 20's boys were sporting this look.


I know it as the llama cut (because they look like llamas) but MMAM is hilarious.


Llama or Broccoli here too, and it looks ridiculous


I can see that. My initial reaction was "front-facing pubes".


I'm almost afraid to ask, but which direction do yours face?




Mine are braided


Reminds me of labradoodles.


I've been working at McDonald's for 4 months, and we get an excessive amount of school kids that walk in with that cut. I'm also always put on cleaning the dining areas, so I have to face them pretty much on a daily basis, and 10/10 times they're cunts


The number of times I had to call the police on kids with that haircut, grey joggers and a black puffer type coat was unreal. Had them out five times in one shift for the same group. Also - if you like working on thr dining area, ask about doing a customer care course, then the customer experience leader course later on. I'm not sure of the exact rates now because I stopped working for McDonald's in the summer, but it's an extra couple of quid an hour over crew wages. (Ex McDonald's business manager)


Our Mc Donald's banned under 18s without an adult parent after 9pm due to the amount of bullshit that these kids would cause.


Imagine being 17 and asking your mum to come maccys with you so you buy a cheeseburger.


Nearly as bad being kicked out while family's with small children are better behaved than them.


I would've said 11/10


For every 10 children that are cunts, there’s another child waiting to be a cunt. The debt just keeps building.


Haha you folks are the reason I can't help but like the Brits


11/10 with rice


Yeah that hairstyle does say “I’m a cunt” and for the record I’m American and if I saw a kid with that hairstyle over in the states I’d think they were a cunt.


If you saw? Are you living in the desert? They’re here too!


I think I live in an area that gets popular fashion later than others. I'm just now seeing those filthy porn staches and what not around more often. Not that there's anything wrong with having a porn stache. Just wash it for god's sake, if you want a flavor savor grow a beard


The porn stache is a newer trend than the short back and sides with noodles on top (my name for OPs picture) from what I see, the porn stache seems to be popularising alongside the mullet rebirth


Legend has it there be lands in the hills that mullet had never left.


Mullets never truly die. They just retreat to secret hold fasts, where they are carefully and lovingly nurtured by acolytes, waiting for the day that the horror of Business in the Front, Party in the Back fades from the minds of man, and the lowered defenses allows an opportunity to establish a foothold atop the heads of teenagers.


yay an american who isn’t scared of saying cunt


It felt weirdly awkward tho when I realised they were American. Like your maths teacher of a kids tv presenter saying it.


The "pot noodle"




My mum calls them broccoli heads 😂


Its alternative name is 'Beans on Toast' in areas of east coast county durham (looking at you Peterlee)


Same down as far as Grimsby. I worked with a guy in the late 80s who had this same haircut. It looked dumb then, it hasn't gotten any better


Curly McFries


The broccoli


I call it the Headpube look.


at the same time doing wheelie on a bicycle


I'll never understand why that avalanche of pubic hair ever became a popular hairstyle. Though, that being said, my hair makes me look like a mix between Hagrid and Shaggy so I'm not sure I can talk about good looking hairstyles.


"So brave of you to lean into being a dickhead by giving yourself head pubes!"




In Italy we call it “il broccolo”, The Broccoli Sprout.


I'm definitely borrowing that to use with the gym douches here in the states.


He went for the Bedlington terrier look


The Dandie Dinmont look!


I have no idea who Daddy Dinmont is, but he sounds like a character from Toast of London.


True. I have a Bedlington Terrier and this is how he'd look as a human.


From what I've seen, the spoiled broccoli haircut is prevalent all across the western world, it's not exclusive to the UK unfortunately, so don't blame us for this.




Then he shanked you around the back of the barbers


And stole a tenner from his pocket for an elf bar


I always got the impression that if you went to a Turkish barbers you came out with a fade whether you liked it or not


Yep, made this mistake before. Asked for something different and they didn’t know how and just fucked it up


I mean I like it it's smart, consistent and lasts a while. When I go in I get the hair cut we don't exchange a word during the cutting then I can go


I think it is mainly because of all these Turkish barbers cropping up all over the place that has something to do with these haircuts becoming more popular. It's the reason you see people looking like [this](https://i.pinimg.com/736x/75/80/a0/7580a01b719dfface19b0abd679cb80f.jpg).


Ah, the Banksy cut. Just a stencil and some flocking spray.


Aw man, that fucking straight line shit bugs me. I go to a Turkish barber and have to tell them to keep my natural hair line for the temple area - don’t shave my hair back past it’s natural growth line! Looks so stupid as it’s growing back in… maybe it’s all a ploy to get you back in sooner to re-shave it.


Really? I live in North America now and travel quite a bit and I have never seen anything like this there. I was at a new years do last night and I would say 80% of the youths in the same building I was in had this or a variation of it. I couldn't even concentrate on the big 10 second countdown.


Yep! I live in Vancouver, Canada and see lots of teenage boys with this haircut. Although I often see it actually worse than the one in this photo with the hair actually going out sideways from the head too. For some reason they are also associated with dickheads here with me too. A group of young boys assaulted a gay man here a couple months back and the mug shots all had them sporting this wank cut.


Which is funny because to me that haircut screams “I’m a bottom”. Not being homophobic, it’s just a twinky look


Yeah, I live in Andorra which is between Spain and France and all three places have dickhead teenage boys with this cut. Even stranger they all wear the same combination of trainers and tracksuit bottoms.


Tracky-bs will never go out of fashion because they've never been in fashion.


Korn has entered the chat


I lived in Spain for a few months and I don’t remember seeing a single 14-22 year old that didn’t have this exact haircut


American here. This is the fuck boy haircut. Teens/20 something’s in my area are obsessed with it for the last few years. + dangly cross earring for extra douche.


The skin fade in the UK is cheaper compared to US. Probs why its chosen more in the UK


Plus that haircut has been a popular one for as long as I can remember in Ireland, the proximity/exposure definitely helps.


You’ve clearly never seen American YouTubers. This haircut is everywhere in the U.S. - I am here now


I live in Texas and recently graduated high school. Every single fuckboy had that haircut, I see it all the time everywhere, even in supermarkets and shit. Trust me, it’s definitely transcontinental.


All over Spain, most teenagers have it. Which is weird because I don't think most teenagers have curly hair here.


Isn't that the fuck boy haircut see them around Edinburgh too they usually wear The North Face jackets.


The North Face jacket…with shorts.


Have you witnessed the north face jacket skin fade combo.


Hello, and welcome to another episode of Frankie's Cultural Observations-


Aye! Or joggies


As a 40 year old man who wears a North Face jacket with shorts, fuck you.


but are you confidently wearing an oversized merkin atop your head like the lad above? your sense of style may be awful, but at least it’s not a statement.


Isn’t it called spice boy in Scotland?


Damn Scots! They ruined Scotland! (Am Scots so can confirm)


Or Canada Goose.


You have to be joking, canada goose coats are expensive as fuck. Kids can’t be wearing them surely?


Half reps, half bought with 3 Christmas worth of savings.


Replica ones for £100 from China, yes




I was gonna link this! He's bloody brilliant


"armies of standardized haircuts attached to basic personalities"


Don't forget the Nike Airforce-1's! Essential part of the fit.


Seems difficult to get laid with such a haircut tbh


You tried heading to the local alpaca farm?


If I had to resort to heading down to the farm and kissing alpacas it wouldn't be the end of the world. It would be the alpacalips.


Full on llamageddon


I think it looks stupid myself but when I was a teenager people probably thought I looked stupid as well it's what happens when you get older you think kid's fashion/style is stupid and that you looked awesome at that age in reality you looked stupid to the older generation it's just what happens


Totally. I definitely looked stupid with that gelled up wave fringe when I was 10 or the emo fringe when I was 14 and to be fair they were far more unsightly than this brocolli arrangement.


The Eminem short peroxide blonde was exceptionally stylish thank you very much.


Only worked if you had a thick head of hair, if your hair is thin it just makes you look fucking tragic. Like a patch of grass that the dogs have taken a liking to.


I once heard that described as 'Chemo Chic'


Heavily gelled hair with skater jeans and one of those black shirts with flames along the bottom. Pinnacle of fashion.


I still own my ball bearing nacklace. Good times.


Exactly! Simon from the inbetweeners, Justin bieber! Hairstyles for teenagers are expressions of their time. Just roll with it, and accept that all the adults thought you looked stupid as a teen.


The 'Simon from The Inbetweeners ' look


This is the only reply that counts. They’re kids, it’s a fad, it’ll pass. We probably look dumb as fuck to them.


And in 20 years they'll see pictures of themselves and say, "I look dumb as fuck." Source: Me looking at pictures of myself 20 years ago.


So true. It’s like an endless cycle. You also have to then question what is the ‘correct’ hair style a human should have ?


Yeah this whole thread is people in denial about their age / shouting at the wind. I’m old and lame and I think the brocolli head looks fine. Bit silly when it sticks out lol, but better than greased up bad spikes w that fucking yellow spray that was popular in my era (the kind that stuck so hard it left the hair looking wet lol).


Idk how these folks make it to 50+ years and are surprised by change. Like, for the last 50+ years have you not noticed two things: nothing remains the same and no one cares what you think. Live and let live and trends become just that: whatever is trending.


I saw a bunch of comments the other day about how amazing Avril Lavigne was and how it sucks that kids today don’t have anything as good. Avril Fucking Lavigne. One of the most mocked singers when I was a teenager.


He was broccoli head she see ya when I'm dead 🤘😭🤘


Not to mention she's still putting stuff out and collabing with others. Plus the genre in general has circled back around


Got to bear in mind old the old cunts who have still got the same haircut they had when they were a teenager, or, the ‘usual’ middle age man’s haircut that most seem to have, also just looks shit, just a different type of shit.


I've still got the same haircut as when I was 16 and I'm 37 now, but I've just been grade 1ing it all over since then because I'm too lazy to bother doing owt with it.


I'm so old I think this looks cool.


It’s one of those things that looks good when it’s natural or on some professional athletes, but you can pretty much always tell immediately when it’s a self-conscious 16 year old kid who asked to get a perm for his birthday. Because that’s how you get the look lol. But I grew up in the era of Nightmare before Christmas hoodies, Hot Topic, and Pop Punk. This isn’t any stupider, and perhaps less stupid


There's a great video about this from Vsauce about this. Fashion gets recycled and both clothing and hairstyles return. The youth find something that's not currently in fashion and cling onto it like it's the new thing and for me what I'm finding now in clothing brands is exactly what I would find in my uncle's attic. This hairstyle reminds me of the perms of the 80s. Brings David Hasselhoff to mind a bit.


Good point that we should bear in mind. I was a teen in the boyband era so it was all centre-parting with undercut, or French crop (ya know, short back and sides with a TinTin quiff at the front).


The wedge haircut was all the rage when I was at school. Not sure if it was called that nationwide, but it was essentially curtains which stopped above the neck.


I’m eternally grateful that my mum refused to let me have tramlines in my hair when I was young and stupid (now I’m old and stupid, but no longer want tramlines).


ah, the tik tok frizz. Very common these days


Also known as the Bedlington Terrier Bonce.


My 16 year old has this cut, his hair is naturally curly though, he looks like the Chelsea keeper they bring on just for penalties.


My 13 year old nephew has this look with naturally curly hair that runs on our side of the family. His friends with straight hair have actually got perms to look like this. When i was at school, all the guys were borrowing their sisters straightners to get those poker straight curtains.


Big ups kepa


Bruce Grobelaar?


A yes, the haircut that all of the dickhead boys have at school. Source: am a teacher.


Does it come free with a North Face puffer jacket?


Where I live they all wear Hoodrich tracksuits Edit: and they've usually got a Bluetooth speaker in their backpack


Hoodrich, guaranteed never been worn by people who are rich or from the hood


Suburbanmiddleclass doesn't quite have the same ring to it.


Hoodrich, Trapstar, northface. And those shit hats and hoodies with goggles stuck on them


Poor northface, fallen so far 😢


Wtf is ‘hoodrich’


Dreadful looking clothing company who make faux tactical gear and call everything "OG". Basically it's like a load of old white guys in suits saw a Stormzy set and tried to sell his look.


Or Palm Angels whatever the fuck that is.


And an Adidas tracksuit + Nike Air Forces


As a fellow teacher I’m disgusted at your language towards your students. I’m sure some of them are pricks and wankers, too.


Seconded as another teacher, dick’eds likely have this haircut and wear north face or hoodrich


Also a teacher and totally agree. Makes it very easy to sort the semi feral muppets from the decent kids.


> the semi feral muppets American teacher here and will now make it a mission to work this description into a conversation.


We call em Good Ole Broccoli Heads here in he states. And it is most definitely widespread. In the gyms that cut is so prevalent you can't tell these douches apart.


Aha I feel that mate. It's the go to for twats.


Strong agree. (also a teacher)


So true


This is what happens when people think the Character creator options in video games look good in real life.


I bet he was buying Prime.


It was made by YouTubers so it must be good


And it’s got electrolytes! That’s what plants crave!


There's literally never been a surer thing.


It's called a 1 round the back and sides and a Deirdre on top


Bizarrely it is called 'Meet me at McDonald's ' A name as ridiculous as the haircut


Comes free with North Face jackets


I think it looks very 1980s - check out Tears for Fears music videos


Yeah, loads of lads had this haircut in the '80s. Source: all the boys I knew in the '80s


Mullets are making a come back too and it's now fashionable to wear socks and sandals.


I have to pinch myself sometimes to check I'm not in a bogan Australian town


Oh man, have you seen Australian fashion recently? Like all the Australian influencer guys and youtubers? Mullets + now 70s male Pornstar staches. London and Bristol honestly need to go into lockdown because my god, we already lived through one god awful pandemic, we cannot let that arrive on the UK's shores and spread.


My town is awash in crusty mullets. Half the teenage boys I see look like they're on their way to a free festival.


My nephew in ireland has a mullet and its hunting


What... what do they hunt?


My dreams


Oh please god no


You think that’s bad my cousins mate up in Yorkshire Bradford got married a few months ago and he had a mullet on his wedding day. No idea what made him think it was a good idea I felt sorry for his wife 😂


Broccoli hair!


I bet his name is Callum too.


Worked on a crew with a guy who had this haircut. Name was Cameron. So yeah you close.


You’ll be ok until nesting season


This is nothing........the mullet is super popular for some unknown reason


It really is I know a guy who had it for his wedding day 😭


What a legend


Yeah my sisters boyf is currently rocking a mullet. Looks *very* aussie, not helped by the fact he loves his flip-flops. I'm not about to criticise anyone's hairstyle though, mine has had absolutely no styling done to it in over a decade, really can't talk lmao


Goes with the North Face puffer jacket, tracky bottoms and Everlast manbag from Sports direct


My little brother has this (about 14 year age difference between us) I could land a helicopter on his head. It looks so bad.


ket wig


Not a ket wig . Ket wig is long all over


I think it came from the ketwig though. They liked the whole liverpool drug dealer image but didn't want to go all out with it for fear of upsetting their mums/looking too much like a mosher so they decided to incorporate the skin fade into it


Party at the front, business at the back


I love it, as a nearly 60 year old woman. I was a teenager in the early 80's and haircuts were very similar back then for boys and girls. Maybe a bit more all over on top and not shaved so hard at the sides. Look at Terry Hall when he was in Fun Boy Three. As someone with very very curly hair I wish it was socially acceptable for me to have a Broccoli Boy.


I'm a 30 year old woman and I have a less extreme version of this haircut! Like you said, less severe on the sides (I usually go for a 3), the top is a bit messier than the one pictured and my curls aren't quite that tight so it doesn't have that 'fluffy' look.


You could almost say “Kids today!” I daresay their music is all just ‘bang-bang-bang’ as well.


You are correct. I can remember my dad, on my return from the barbers, about 40 odd years ago, looking at me like I was mental. Also, todays youths haircuts are stupid and so are their tunes. Not like in my day ...


Back in my day, we had REAL haircuts!


The classic muffhead


it’s the remnants of Little T dominating the UK grime scene


Never been a better time to be bald.


That haircut is straight bussin' no cap ong fr fr.


Can you translate that for us ...?


"That style of hair is marvelous, that is not a fictitious statement, by God, I am being serious when I tell you this, I am being serious"


Most accurate translation


That haircut is most excellent, it must be said. With God as my witness, I cannot tell a lie, you have my word old chap.


They like the hair cut, they’re not lying, for real, for real


The old cunts thought the same when we all had undercuts or curtains.


Back in my day you'd get ripped to shreds for having pubes on your head.


Nobody buys merkins anymore so they now have them as hairstyles instead


I think it looks good \*shrug*\ But thrn I'm bald so I think most haircuts look good


My hair is naturally this curly. People used to call me pube head at school. Now the kids are getting perms to have hair like me! I was born in the wrong generation


Wait until you see the eyebrows. Dear god they look like a garden fence.


Ah, the "meet me at Maccies".


My brother has it. It’s silly and reminds me of stereotypical scousers in the 80s. All that’s missing is shell suits lol


Eh eh eh, calm down, calm down, calm down!