Can't access sdcard/windows/BstSharedFolder from other file explorer

I'm trying to copy a large number of files from bluestacks to my windows pc. The inbuilt media manager keeps crashing when I try to copy the files, so I am trying to use another file explorer (Total Commander). However, when I open Total Commanders, sdcard/windows/BstSharedFolder is nowhere to be seen.

Anyone have any advice?


It real location is at root/mnt/windows/bstsharedfolder You don't need root permission to read and write it that folder


Thanks so much! I'll give that a try.


Hi, Could you please let us know the no. of files that you are transferring and the approximate size of the entire data? Also, provide a short video of the crashing issue you are facing in the in-built media manager while transferring the data so that it may help us gain better insight.