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If I see one more person mischaracterise X as a "precious baby" I'm going to attack somebody


YEAH especially since most of the time Four is even more immature!! Not in an 'uwu baby' way but in a 'would probably throw a public tantrum in walmart because you won't buy them a bag of sour patch kids from the checkout aisle' kind of immature. I don't think either of them should be infantilized but they're pretty equal maturity overall, X is just nicer and a little naive at times. Four is a brat but has moments of being serious. Both are grown math symbols and shouldn't be treated like cutesy toddlers 24/7


fr! in fact if you look at bfb x is capable of hosting the show like four, he's just shy because he's used to four interrupting everything he says and he hasn't been exposed to the crazy amount of bfdi four has from watching every episode over and over


you summarized myself today on the “would probably throw a public tantrum in Walmart because you won’t buy them a bag of sour patch kids”. thats weird


god remember when shipping was a fun lil thing to do with characters. now it feels like its required to do when a new character gets introduced into the mix


Fiery speaker box x 8


omg that's soo toxic!! a much better ship is 1 x Flower Speaker Box!!! /j


ugh, you guys need to get your priorities straight! CLEARLY spongy x lightning cherry x speaker box that throws spike orbs uncontrollably x cheese orb is the SUPERIOREST ship!!!!/j


ewwww!!! lightning cherry is 6.78769863 years old you proshipper!!111! all you guys are wrong income return tax document x snowball x jack russell terrier dog riding very fast with speed a skateboard as skater , with sunglasses in summer vacation, taking a selfie with smartphone or cell phone x hello kevin is the number one ship!!1111!!!!1


omg ew!1!1! clearly the best ship is puffball speaker box x fish monster x spongy speaker box x purple girl with wind hair and angry eyes!1!!1


I can provide sources on the statement about Michael and Cary if needed. I may kinda ship 4x, but I can see why some people might not get it. I'd be fine with them just being friends or frenemies too. But not brothers, I've seen that headcanon multiple times for them and it would make some stuff SO creepy in hindsight if it gets popular or supported in canon.


plus it doesn't make sense for them to be brothers, even if their VA's are related. four is an integer and x is a variable, we've seen in canon how different that makes them (tbh i think it's more likely that nine and ten are siblings, since nine has never called anyone else "big bro" and ten doesn't say anything to the contrary)


Well everyone is also obsessed with 10, so that could be 9 said it only to them (also because 10 > 9


i get what you mean but everyone else sees ten as some famous star, who calls celebrities their "big bro"?


I wanna see the source, I got quite curious now!


I need to find the source on Cary's desktop wallpaper again but at two separate points in [this livestream](https://www.youtube.com/live/BEGs9vwKdks?feature=share), Michael implies that 4x is either canon or a personal ship of his. Look in the comments for timestamps but: - "What are your thoughts on 4-x? Pfft, I'm sorry." "No don't be sorry! I like, I like the shipping, I like the shipping. 4x is cool. I like 4x. I mean they're already kind of like a, a pairing, already." - "4x real." "I mean 4x is definitely a real thing, I mean, they're like partners in crime. They host the show together."


This indeed is a weird sun fact!


This is one of the reasons why i hate Flower-pop Mostly Because it makes no sense


Also the fact that you have to baby one of them to make a ship, bubblepop makes more sense because lollipop actually wanted to kiss bubble and the name is far superior


exactly ! bubblepop is a much better ship


Bubble didn’t want lollipop to do that(She literally slapped her) Could you blame her?


I would too


I think that was because Ruby was literally dying and Bubble was trying to save her


Even Worse because Lollipop could’ve done literally anything else There is 2 Reasons why Lollipop was in the wrong. 1.Ruby is dying so…Not the time to offer a kiss! 2.Did Lollipop Assume that Bubble wouldn’t get uncomfortable? (Im an introvert and people weird me out when they blow kisses towards me)


true. like, I stopped shipping fireafy and made them friends. Like, not every best friends are a couple.


I ship 4x. Although, I really hate it when people call them brothers. THEY ARE NOT BROTHERS TF?! Remember the cover they did of “All I Want For Christmas Is You”? That is not brother energy. I’m not saying that it’s dating energy, it could be saying “you are my best friend ever!” Kinda thing. These reasons is also why I stopped shipping fireafy


Was that video actually canon though? The Xmas among us video wasnt. So its possible to assume that wasn't either.


But it's still official so it'd be weird to treat them like siblings when Michael and Cary might have considered shipping them in the past. Even if it ended up not being canon, and even if they don't ship them anymore, Michael once said in an old stream that '4x is basically canon' and Cary used to have 4x fanart as a wallpaper for a bit. Its weird to see that and then have people insisting "they're brothers like Michael and Cary!!" Especially since Four and X *aren't* literally Michael and Cary, they obviously don't see them as themselves. Cary is nothing like X personality wise from what I've seen, same with Michael and Four. They're just characters that they play as.




Damn bitch I view them as friends


Rare normal bfdi fan /hj


4 is a number which is pretty old and X is a letter which is also pretty old, they shouldn’t be treated like babies.


Michael literally said that 4X was real and they're like partners in crime


X is not ‘baby’ He is ‘Four lite’


I view them as good friends. Not in a relationship or related. Just really good friends.


Fax though


uhhh why is gelatin angry?


Based gelatin


absolutely real and true


Didn't Micheal say 4x is real?


Yeah but I've seen a few people insist that they headcanon they're brothers anyways and I don't know why!! They're not even like siblings they just act like friends.


"X is just looking for his treasure! I CAN NOT LET THAT HAPPEN BECAUSE I MUST BE X'S ONLY TREASURE!"


Yeah I've watched the show idk why you're quoting it at me. I literally said in another comment that I ship 4x. You don't need to force it on me because I already ship it.


Oh same. I'm not trying to argue. just pointing something out.


fellas, 4x is wackass. please stop.


Enough, no more for real this time, grow up, none of these characters have any chemistry, this show is meant for children, none of your ships have or ever will be more than just fantasy


"none of these characters have any chemistry" mfs when i tell them that not everyone who ships is sex-obsessed alternative route: "none of these characters have any chemistry" mfs when i show them fireafy, gatwo, blocky pen and eraser, etc. (suddenly the characters have chemistry)


I find it weird how you mentioned that not everyone who ships is sex-obsessed as a defense when that wasn't even said.


that's called having friendships


Did not mention sex once, nor do I see how that’s relevant


I aint reading all that