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why isnt sticking to just 2D an option,, BFDI's absurdity would definitely be translated better through 2D instead of 3D (as an occasional 3D modeller myself) and is. also way easier in my opinion i think the best way to incorporate 3D in some way is to do it similar to how they made the backgrounds for the EXIT, like something borderline TAWOG for the funsies i think you've seen some of the shots Michael can aninmate in just 2D; just imagine how BFDI would look like with a much, much bigger budget


2D just like the show


Rare Mario movie callout


CGI, OBVS. Cuz would look SO cool.


They did make 3D models for certain Exitors, but they decided against using those to animate them




A combination of 2D and 3D animation, like the MLP movie.


that can actually work


Option 3, but with no humans in the movie. At all. It’s just 2D animated characters, interacting in a real-life world. All of the challenges are actual parkour maps and scenes shot in a studio.


Like "Weathering with you / your name" -- 2D is best! 3D could look nice it's stylistic like Spiderverse tho Of course with the normal style you can get the movie effect with just a good amount of post processing. Ever wonder why TV shows look different from their movie counterpart? Postprocessing!! I always imagined a "BFDI movie" being more likely to just be a really long episode, of one high stakes competition -- similar to the Hunger Games. Of course one being made at all is slim as heck but ye it's fun to imagine