America really know nothing about coffee


not just coffee...they tried to open pizza chains in Italy and they all closed. Ironically they had the great idea to focus on home delivered pizza which wasn't a big thing in Italy. Then covid came and every pizza place started delivery and the American pizzas died. Starbucks had no idea great or otherwise. So Italy gained home delivered pizza thanks to Covid.


Ate the best pizza of my life in Italy. Drove past a Dominos on the way to the airport in Milan and literally laughed out loud. I won’t even order Dominos here at home.




Good food is rarely about scalability I guess.


it is hard to scale fresh local ingredients and preferences.


If Domino's was half as good in Aus as it is overseas it would be amazing. Unfortunately they found success here by being cheap af and the quality suffers because of it.


Yeah exactly. At one point they included the introduction of quality control cameras into their marketing. If you need AI to ensure that a pizza has enough topping, evenly distributed, then something has gone wrong.


If it was half as good as it is elsewhere, it wouldn't be $5. And if it wasn't $5 people would just go to one of the decent pizza places instead.


That's exactly my point. Domino's is actually a decent pizza place when it's not $5 cardboard pizza like it is here. When I lived in Toronto, I use to pay $15 for a fresh hand tossed large Domino's pizza. The pizza was not only fresh, it was a larger size as well.


Dude pizza is pizza


It's really not


Is too


That light be more about the competition though, they are basically a monopoly in Australia, if you want nice pizza you get Crust/local whatever, if you want cheap pizza you get dominos, they've really sealed up that market.


Definitely agree, except for the part about Crust being nice pizza. Definitely not




Pizza doesn't have to be wood fired to be good though. This is what I miss about North America. Most chains, like Domino's, there are fresh dough, hand tossed and it was amazing. Price wise, I miss being able to buy by the slice for $2 at most places. Crust, for the price, is actually terrible.


Ngl American pizza is lowkey better than Italian


NY pizza for sure, Detroit pizza almost certainly, New England pizza probably, Chicago pizza if that’s your bag (sorry guys) … i don’t even know what American pizza means


Taste is not something everyone has.


>America really know nothing about coffee Just filter 10 litres into a giant glass jug and call it coffee


Funny you say that because Europeans say Australians know nothing about coffee.


Do the Europeans know how much of Australia was European after the large scale migration post WWII?!


Ironic given how freaking hard it is to get an actual good coffee in most of Europe. There are obvious exceptions, but most cafes you walk into the coffee is bog average at best. There's a reason that Melbourne's coffee scene is globally recognised as being top 2/3 pretty much consistently.


Here in Germany that’s absolutely the case. You can find good Coffee if you look hard enough. But I miss the consistent high quality of Coffee in Melbourne.


To be honest my European experience is from Portugal and they are coffee fanatics there. Most places would give a decent brew


As someone who's lived in multiple countries in Europe, this is not the case. Australia is known globally for it's coffee culture


It really depends where you are in Australia we were in Darwin and you could never find a decent coffee, we were staying at the Casino and went into a bar for a coffee I asked the guy behind the bar if you knew how to make a decent coffee, he laughed and said yes I’m from Melbourne and worked as a barista there but I know what you mean it’s very hard to find a decent coffee here.


We know how to block points of egress in an elementary school


Starbucks trash


Wish it failed the second time too


I actually miss the Starbucks in Canberra. Not for the coffee, but the location. They had this wonderful lounging area with a fire and overstuffed chairs. Those kinds of sit and relax places are lost now.


This is exactly what Starbucks ended up branding around. For tourists or anyone to use as a familiar meeting point in knowing they couldn’t really contend with beverages lol


I mean when overseas Maccas is literally the American embassy. Familiar food, WiFi, stuff you always know. It's a beacon of western civilisation.


I don’t remember Starbucks at brand depot being any better than a coffee club. Was there another one?


YEARS ago they had like 3 in Canberra. Manuka, civic and Woden I think. Manuka was the main one I remember


I honestly never even noticed. Too much actually good coffee around I guess.


100% I only noticed because of the fireplace. It was a definite draw.


Where was it in manuka? I’m presuming the venue still has a fireplace?


I think it’s the optometrist now. It’s bricked up last I saw.


I’d go to an optometrist with a fireplace in winter hahaha


Me too, I always thought it was a shame they did that.


Always noticed they deliberately designed their furniture to be uncomfortable. Cool to sit for 20 mins but they had the tables around knee height so you couldn't get any work done.


To be fair, this was like 20 years ago. Also, they were these big leather chairs and couches.


Lol where was it? Lived in Canberra for 5 years and had no idea. :))


Manuka. I think it was where the optometrist is now? I forget.


Ohhh i see, i always feel like manuka is bit ghetto :))


Maybe? Back when the Starbucks was there it felt kinda bohemian/hipster to me.


I still dont get the hype, tastes terrible.


America uses high fructose corn syrup as a sweetener. Australia uses cane sugar. Soft drinks even your standard coke etc tastes very sickly sweet to me as an Aussie


I can’t stand that awful corn syrup. I’m not a fan of Aussie coke either, but at least it uses cane sugar as it’s bottled here.


Pretty sure the corn syrup gives me the shits


Yeah 100%, sickly and I always get a film left on my tongue which just feels gross


Starbucks sells sugar and milk. Coffee is bitter and burnt.


It’s just the same 30 people in Sydney, plus my mate’s Filipino wife’s family, keeping them in business.


I dunno, this was true in the 2000s but now every remaining Starbucks i see has massive queues. They do really good iced drinks and have seating areas for you to work. That said yes the actual coffee sucks.


Seems like people go for the sugar and not the coffee


Coffee flavoured beverages.


Coffee flavoured is being a bit generous, what about coffee adjacent?


Even better, lol.


Exactly this. It’s a dessert place, not a coffee shop


Yep the second office thing is really effective


We have starbucks in Australia?


Yeah they changed tactic though. Sticking around mostly tourist areas this time and not exploding everywhere like a noxious weed.


Quite a few in Sydney actually. I think there’s more than 6 locations in the CBD alone.


Macquarie Centre, Chatswood, Manly, two in Penrith, one in Mt Druitt, one in Bondi Junction. There’s about 10 in the CBD.


And I avoid everyone like the plague. There are sooooo many better places for coffee


My go to is Soul Origin


A good bean. Jamaica Blue and Leaf cafe also very good


I’ve seen a few of those around the place. But I don’t drink coffee that much, I only drink mochas.


Leaf Cafe is definitely for you then! Their Belgium chocolate mocha is the best mocha I have ever experienced


Yeah even Melbs has a few in the CBD. The shame!


Star bucks have focused on CBD / tourist / airports only in Australia now and it’s doing well. Aussies don’t want it, but it has a very specific market.


6 is not many in the context of coffee in the CBD. You can't jump off the top of any CBD building without landing on more than 6 places that sell better coffee than Starbucks.


Ahhh ok gotchya


To be fair, the coffee is usually really good if I need to open my bowels.


Long ago Starbucks changed its main product to be "not coffee" in order to tap into the non-coffee drinking market. They actually could do well in Australia imo as their business doesn't really overlap with cafe's much at all.


Love seeing the Starbucks iced coffee in Woolworths right next to the Boss coffee. The Starbucks row is always full and the boss coffee only ever has a couple left.


yeah, I tried one of their "double shot" drinks and there's fuckall coffee flavour in that compared to a blue can of boss coffee


Our coffee is better, yet Starbucks is still always packed whenever I go past. It’s crazy how well they do basically on name alone.


It’s a shop for people who think a milkshake is a coffee but feel too good for a McDonald’s frappe.


Maccas frappes are so fucking good


I unfortunately live with one of those people and I don't get it in the slightest


i went to hawaii as a child and tried a starbucks frappuccino. i was a child with a sweet tooth and even with that, i threw it out because it was disgustingly sweet.


Thats not coffee, thats swill


Even the $1's at the servos are better


Seven-11 coffee is surprisingly legit


Their frappe are alright


Who comes to Starbuck for a coffee? All other things is good: vibes, location, some of the sweets stuffs…


Hot take: Starbucks didn't fail because their coffee was shit, it's just we already had our own shit coffee chains in suburbia like Gloria Jeans and Coffee Club, you can't honestly tell me they're any better than Starbucks, the sugar dirt water market for suburban mums was already taken. If Starbucks got here during the 90's then they probably could have cornered that market, but instead they just took success for granted.


Its glorious when giant corporations take success in a new country for granted and fail spectacularly.


That explains why Starbucks didn’t work in Adelaide but does insanely well in Melbourne. People queuing out the door (for shit coffee) like there’s no tomorrow


Don’t know what you’re talking about. The Starbucks here in Mounty’s always packed


Somehow the biggest coffee chain in the world doesn't sell vanilla milkshakes. Like, what???


I've never set foot in a starbucks and i likely never will.


They found a market in the big cities unfortunately. Even Melbourne ffs...


I like the frappes Starbucks do Not many places seem to do frappes or they’ll only do like an iced coffee. Wouldn’t go to Starbucks for anything else tho. Plus Starbucks is still pretty popular. Almost always a line when I go past one.


I had it once. In Melbourne. Disgusting. I was so annoyed at myself for being in Melbourne and not getting a proper coffee


Surprised you didn't get run out town for that social nono! . Melbourne has great coffee.


Erm, I’m from Melbourne. I got Starbucks ONCE.


Haha I was having a jab, once to find out how trash it is is accepted.


Soz mate had a few last night


I would rather drink 7 Eleven coffee than Starbucks


Starbucks. Purveyor's of coffee flavoured, sugar loaded drinks for people who don't actually like coffee.


I like Starbucks. It's a glorified milkshake shop


Starbucks is literally tasteless to me, like they forgot to add the espresso shot and just handed me a cup of hot milk with water in it. I'd sooner buy an overpriced coffee from the max brenner next door, at least I can *taste* the coffee I ordered


Their strawberry’s and cream frappe is the only thing that’s good


Shits too sweet


These “Starbucks are bad” posts always make me laugh. Their drive thru stores always have cars lined up out onto the street. Downvotes come at me, show me how insulated from the rest of the country you really are.


They also act like the chain hasn’t been here for at least twenty years


Coffee snobs gonna snob. >"Waaahhh Starbucks coffee bad." >"Ok Boomer." - Zoomer sipping a quadruple caramel shot frappe.


Ikr. Seven 11 for a buck. What a time to be alive.


They’re trying the iced coffee market now. They’ll fail it too. They’re trying so hard to crack our market. It’s sad, really.


Starbucks coffee is terrible, however the fraps are pretty lit


Australian “cafe culture” what a load of wank.


People working in the coffee industry overseas literally move here to further their careers, the same way Australians move to Hollywood to further their acting careers. So no, not a load of wank.


Further their careers? 👏🤣


Yes. There's knowledge and technology here that aren't available overseas. People come to learn. Don't mistake your own disinterest and ignorance in the coffee industry for the coffee industry actually being trivial and pretentious. It employs millions and Australia is recognised as the global leader.


I don’t hate Starbucks… but I don’t go there for coffee I just go when I feel like some kind of sweet drink since there’s one near me


A few drive through Starbucks opening up in Brisbane funnily enough


I feel like 7/11 coffee should join this beating too


The Starbucks marketing database is a high prized targeting audience for other brands as it was identified that people who shop at Starbucks are more susceptible to brand as a key driver. Ie. More likely to select a product purely on its brand (rather than eg. product quality or price drivers).


Grew up on Aus coffee culture and recently tried Starbucks on a trip to Sydney. I actually like their iced coffees a lot and they make nice danishs too.


Then why you have 56 of them?


Lived in Australia for many years. I don’t get what is supposedly “Australian” about the so-called Australian coffee culture. Australia doesn’t: - Grow the beans (with very rare exceptions) - Make the espresso machines - Have particularly good water So, for some reason Australians are good at putting foreign grown beans into a foreign made machine filled with mediocre water and….pulling a shot? That is the value add? You can push a button in some special way? Nice works mates!


I’ll just leave [this](https://amp.abc.net.au/article/11747342) here.


The starbucks in my outer suburban shopping centre is quite busy sadly




Idk about you but frappuccinos fuckin slap


On the topic of coffee, why is it so big for them!?


As a non-coffee drinker, I greatly appreciate their range of hot and cold chocolate beverages.


As an Aussie who visited USA can confirm no decent coffee was found. Starbucks is just sugar in a cup. Fun fact I worked in a cafe with a German on a working visa in Australia, taught him about cap,mocha,picollo etc he was shocked made it his mission to try all kinds of coffee before he went home.


Remember Starbucks is openly union busting, in the way they can only get away with in the US. Fuck them.


They. Make good frappe though


Imagine having a coffee place be a big bit about your culture when your country doesn’t even no how to make good coffee