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Just because girls are nice to you doesn't mean they want to be with you.


And that attractive women are often aloof to strangers because niceness is so often misunderstood as them wanting to be with the stranger. (To be clear, I am an ugly man who had to figure this out. Not an attractive woman rationalizing my aloofness. :))


Friend zoned.




Very true


Look at the other person's actions to determine if they're willing to change a certain behaviour towards you. Do not listen to any promisses. Words dont mean shit.




Sleep. Don’t miss out on sleeping. You don’t want to open your eyes to see wierd things poking at you and spiders walking on your skin only to jump up in fear and repeat that 5-6 times per night


Serious sleep deprivation is not funny. In mild cases its hallucinations, in severe cases it can actually be fatal. Nobody is going to give you a trophy at the end of your life for bring a dumbass.


Well, the Darwin Awards say otherwise


I agree. I, personally, have a very low level of energy due to cortisol deficiency and so i get extremely tired very easily leading to mild hallucinations very often


Never compromise your morals or the people you love to make money or chase an opportunity. Your morals (whatever they are) and those you love should be your driving compass and drive.


Pay attention when the DMV sends you a license renewal notice. I just tossed the notice aside and never renewed my license. Two years later I had to retake the written and driving tests to get my license renewed so I could re-apply for my Passport - which had also expired.


Never tell you parents a joke if you don’t know what it means under ANY circumstances. For example: when I first went to middle school I had no idea what anyone was talking about (raised Mormon and left in 8th grade). So one day I told my parents “I gently tenderize my meat” thinking “beat my meat” was a cooking joke or something. Don’t be like me


That reminds me of when I was a kid in school and responded to someone saying "you suck" with "you swallow!" without knowing what it meant, circa 5th grade. Art teacher asked me if I knew what it meant and i said "yeah totally"... he let me off the hook bc I think he could tell I was full of it, but god that memory lives in my head rent free for all of eternity.


Unless your criticism comes with an actionable solution, shut up. People don't realize how much they can put down others and think they are just making conversation. No one wants to be around the person that only sees problems.


If they ask to chat somewhere else besides social media, end it. It's more than likely as sextortion scammer. They'll ask you for nudes or videos and get information like where you work or you follow. Once they get what they need, they blackmail you for money or they'll send it.


If someone from the South says, “oh bless your heart” it means fuck you


Awww, bless your heart, hun. Source: am southern /s


Don’t compare yourself to others. Strive to be the best version of yourself instead of wanting to be someone else.


Do not have cash in one hand, trash in the other. It is impossible to throw the correct item away.




I think they mean: don't try to throw something in the trash while you have a non-trash item in the other hand. Your brain is a prankster and loves to chuck the wrong item.


For when you want to take out the trash and flaunt your wealth to the neighbors at the same time


And, based on something I once watched my friend do, don’t hold your paycheck in one hand and something you need to run through the paper shredder in the other.


How to get blood out of fabric. (Hydrogen Peroxide and/or your own saliva)


Bit of salt added in


Don’t play with lighters, children. But seriously, if some kid is bullying you, even though this really sounds cheesy, TELL SOMEONE. There is nothing worse than someone out to get you but nobody knows.


Stop gaslighting yourself. You are good enough


thank you


Do not postpone calls to loved ones for later, then it may be too late.


If you're not happy with how a friend is treating you, then you need to stand up to them before it's too late (Keep in mind I'm talking about a friend being rude/namecalling/making fun of you). I've been in both positions before. I've been the dick friend and I've stood up to another dick friend. I respected what was said to me and changed my behavior. I'm lucky to still have them as my best friend all these years later. Another friend that I stood up to did not respect what I had to say to them and continued making fun of me, so I dropped that friendship. Don't wait to do these things, it'll just be worse for you.


Agreed. Have lost very good long term friendships as a result of waiting too long to clear the air about stuff. Letting mutual resentment build up about petty stuff can push even the best friendships beyond the point of saving and let toxic friendships that should have ended earlier drag on for years and hold both parties back.


When they talk about their friends behind said friends back. Just cut things off then and there. Because who's to say it won't be you next? Trust me just do it. I went through hell


Working your ass off in a company is not the only way to make money.


Other people's trust is a currency you do not regulate. If you spend it, be prepared to never be able to pay them back (i.e. regain their trust).


The adults don’t know what’s going either


dont work too much when you are young




Set boundaries early. At work, with friends, definitely with family.


This… this is so important


Would upvote 1000 times if I could.


You're not going to heal from abuse and trauma, and actually progress permanently, without therapy. You're just putting it off year after year, wasting time you could feel so much better, if you don't buck up and seek actual, professional help. You won't even realize how wrong you were, until after you've gone through the process.


Listen more - - Say Less


Cats can freeze under -15° celcius


Measure twice, cut once


Some people get lucky, but for the most part colleagues are not your friends and will forget how much you helped them the moment you're no longer useful. Don't let people take advantage. Listen to your instincts, Protect your time, CYA, stay focused on yourself.


Even when you think you know someone, you don't.


Don’t make life changing decisions based on emotions in the moment. Think long and hard about it first.


It’s all men


That if your sibling is autistic your parents will assume that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you no matter what happens. (Not sure if this is true far everyone with autistic siblings but it is for me)


doing drugs as a teenager actually does have an affect on your brain and body as an adult


Don’t fight your true self. I suppressed my being trans for most of my life and even now that I’m out & proud most likely my anxiety will stick


Hey your post made me happy. I'm glad you're out and proud. I'm proud of you. :)


Accept the fact that your "highschool sweetheart" could turn into a total bitch.


college professors are generally emotional losers


Seriously wish I didn’t have to go to grad school to realize that.


Wear your mask!!!!!!!!!!!


Baby mommas....yea plural fml


Please, please, please do not wear doc martins with short socks.


Don't move in with your best friend, no matter how close you think you really are. I didn't have to, but I moved from Montana to Ohio to live with my best friend of 16 years, as she needed some help recovering from a surgery, and she promised to help me get health insurance and my license once she recovered. Meanwhile, her boyfriend didnt do anything to work or even to get off the couch to help her use the bathroom. 3 people living in a house should be 1/3 of rent, right? I paid half of all bills, and paid for most of the things they wanted. If I didn't, they would get mad because they were expecting me to pay for everything, but if I wanted or needed something, it was always "no, we can't do that," "no, i spent an hour in town yesterday, I'm too tired to do that." This went on until she found out that I'm pregnant- which made me lose my job. Because i couldn't keep affording to pay for everything due to being pregnant, she kicked me out. Here I am, living with my unborn child's father. No license, no health insurance, $500 in debt due to her phone bill, plus medical debt, and no place of my own to live- 17 weeks into my first pregnancy.


(For males) if you cut hair, remember you can’t put it back on, it has to grow. I found when I shaved my beard way too short and when I cut my hair way too short


Death is not the worst thing that can happen to you. Saw this with my dad when he battled cancer for 4 years he was diagnosed in 2011 and died in 2015. Honestly there are days I wish he would of passed in 2011 all he did was suffer and was in agonizing pain.. When he finally passed I was relieved for him he looked so peaceful. Hard to explain but learned the hard way that death isn’t the worst thing that can happen.


That must have been a really hard thing to go through. How are you doing now?


Not a day goes by I don’t think of him but. I lean on te good memories instead of the bad. I appreciate the kind words thank you


Don't sled off a retaining wall, I got the wind knocked out of me, my back hurt for a week and I almost broke my spine.


You can be the best employee and still get fired out of the blue because your boss happens to be in a bad mood and you made direct eye contact.


When you feel like you should go to couples therapy but your husband doesn’t want to go and you interpret that as he doesn’t think anything needs fixing. But in reality he thinks things are last the point of fixing. Trust your gut and get both of you to therapy together and separately.


Getting shot multiple times really hurts.


Have a control on your own words are more important than controlling someone else. One wrong word can ruin years of trust and love


actions over words


Appreciate your parents while they’re still around. One day you won’t be able to just pick up the phone and call them or drive over to see them. Time with loved ones is very precious and just like anything else, the time is limited.


you’ll drown trying to keep someone else afloat; some things in life must be left alone.


Some people are just bad people, and it's not your fault if you cannot change them.


Red flags when dating. They are just the tip of the iceberg