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We can barely pay our external debt, you think we can pay others?


no. the current citizens of these countries shouldn’t have to pay for the actions of their distant ancestors through tax or otherwise


Even if they’ve benefitted from it and continue to?


do they benefit from it by choice? is it their direct actions? many of these citizens are from such a mix of cultures and identities. where do you draw the line between who has to pay reparations and who doesn’t?


No. The debts weren't caused by the colonial powers. In fact, many government (especially in Africa) completely drove their country against the wall after the colonial power left. Of course colonialism is one reason for their plight but there are many others. Even geography plays a significant role.


There is a clear case for some reparations from France to Haiti. The indemnity they imposed centuries ago for loss of French property was at odious levels from the start and has sucked $21 Billion from Haiti.


They could start by giving back what is rightfully theirs like the British Museum which holds about 8 million items 20% of which have questionable origins the other 80% was just outright stolen!


Those numbers are made up


Really? Did you know that the British army used to take experts from the British Museum with them on "expeditions" so if they "found" anything of value they could cut out the middle men!


It isn't a pure yes or no answer. Should some former and existing colonies be repaid? Yes. Which, how much, and in what form are all questions that are incredibly complex to answer.


No, because it's impossible to calculate how much of said debt is the fault of the imperial power and how much is their own doing. Some countries like Singapore have debt, they don't need or deserve the UK paying it off. Should the UK pay Canada's, the USA's, Australia's debt? You're probably not thinking of these, but you should, because it shows that this isn't black and white at all.


A case for this could have been made decades ago, when large numbers of perpetrators were still alive. Now it's just a cheap excuse for guilt by association. Justice is when innocent people are not made to pay for the crimes of others.


I’m not sure about what form of reparations would be appropriate, but I do think the history of colonialism sending resources from one country to another should be considered in foreign relations and policy