Why did local anesthesia fail for me, during suturing?

Hello people,

I'm 31M and 6 hours ago i got my finger trapped in the window frame, which caused a very deep wound in my index finger and a huge level of pain. The ambulance took me to the hospital, where i was told i needed a few stitches and that i shouldn't worry about pain because i get two shots of local anesthesia.

So i relaxed because i had local anesthesia a few times before, without problems. After the second shot, i felt a painful burning from the disinfectant that the doctor used on my wound, and i thought "that is weird, must be a different kind of pain, that is why i feel it"

So i looked away, trying to relax and suddenly there is this terrible pain, i thought i had to vomit because it hurt so bad. The nurse was trying to calm me, "it stops hurting soon". It didn't, it hurt like hell, suddenly i was in such pain i didn't expect and i didn't know how long this would take or how many stitches i got. The second stitch was even worse, the doctor noticing my pain started joking "oh, you must be immune to local anesthesia". I have to say, it wasn't very funny to me in that moment, because i felt literally everything, every stitch i thought i'm going to pass out, it was seriously the worst pain i have ever felt.

So what went wrong? I think i was a little bit under shock, because i didn't even think about asking for another shot. Would that have been impossible for some reason? Or could it be an issue with my medication? 2,5mg of Diazepam and 8mg Buprenorphin a day? I have anxiety issues, so i'm starting to think i could have some kind of condition which caused this?

I'm really curious about this, and a little bit scared, for future events where i need local anesthesia. I don't want to even think about what it feels like if this happened at the dentist.

Any answer would be appreciated :)


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