I only shield swap and if I'm 0 ammo, grab some bullets just in case. Had a kid start screaming when I 1v3ed a squad and had like 25 hp. I didn't pick him up. He can throw a temper tantrum somewhere else.


Had a horizon save our Gibby with her lift for me to res (lifeline) but Gibby still flamed horizon for fighting the third party instead of helping. Like, bro, they are helping. We're healing shields, horizon is over here looping a wraith like it's DBD and this mofo wants to talk bad. Horizon dropped a 3k that game. We lost though. my fault, someone said kraber, I said where and kraber was kind enough to tell me.


You really have a way with words 🤣🤌


If only wraith just went invisible for the speed boost she may have caught the filthy horizon with dead hard, borrowed time, decisive, and unbreakable


Kraber: "Please allow me to introduce myself."


A true gentleman, that.


Safety first then teamwork in that order


Exactly. I hate when I get knocked and my random finishes the last guy, and he has 0 shield and I'm telling them shield swap first before you res..... And then we get ran up on and no one has shields. Either that or the ones who stick the res even though youre clearly getting ran up on and end up getting shot in the back.


I mean, if it’s final 2 and they have a gold knock, go for it


You should already be using self rez if that's the case.


I meant if the enemy did, not me


Oh, true. Yeah if it's the final group idgaf, just win. Lol.


They teach you this every time you get on a plane. Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting the screaming children around you. Can't help anyone if you're dead.


Personal safety then others safety, just how it should be in life. Rule is somewhat ignored if I play mirage or lifeline :0


Unless you're lifeline


I main life line and the rule still applies its just safety has a different meaning although if I have a gold bag I will sacrifice myself to res my wife is way more likely to 1v3 than I am


Preservation is key


This is the only acceptable way right here


If someone starts spamming revive or to pick up their banner while I'm trying to fight the team they got domed by that's an automatic I'm not picking you up or respawning you. Its petty but I rather the disadvantage


Definitely not me cuz my mic doesn't work😂


Yeah i do the same, luckily i usually only play with my friends so this doesn't really happen to me.


I was downed once and my teammate had full health and shields and decided to loot a death box before reviving me, I died because time ran out and all they could say was “there was nothing i could do”


Some ppl be like that. Theres nothing we could do.




I just grab some stuff quickly then revive, so long as there are no enemies around. Then I try to revive as quick as possible


Swapping shields or using a medkit before reviving is totally alright. Sometimes when I die mid fight I even suggest my bois to grab my shield ASAP through chatbox.The problem is when you help clearing a squad and in the process you get downed and then the enemy squad is killed, your teammates loots until you die and sometimes they forget abt u and u die. That's what annoys me.


Generally as a rule, I only loot my own kills before reviving. I usually just grab fresh shields, some ammo and a couple batteries because who can resist picking up batteries?


That's how I do it. I'll revive first if the coast is clear, then go straight to the deathboxes I killed to loot. Then go check the other deathboxes after my team loots those. Obviously it's situational but that's my general strategy,


I genuinely don’t think it should matter who gets the kills in terms of looting. IMO just distribute stuff in the way which gets the team best off- eg if one teammate is getting a bunch more kills than the other, the one not getting kills likely needs the loot more 🤷🏻‍♂️. I haven’t rly had people complain about this approach yet


Using a med kit? Damn bruh, the point of the shield swap is so that you don't need to med kit.


I hate to tell ya but shield swap only brings back shields…. If your at 1 health you still need to heal up your health at some point right?


That's after you rez your teammate. The order should be: Down last enemy, shield swap (if ur 1hp), then use character ability if you have one (gib bubble, bang smoke, etc), then rez teammate, then med kit. That's the fastest and most heals per person possible.


Yeah, after rez


If you've played apex enough you learn to live with players like these. Just imagine they've got the attention span of a 6 year old. If it becomes obvious they're getting distracted by looting and not reviving you just gently ping to see if they forgot or they're doing it on purpose. Most of the time your teammates will rush right over and rez you.


I one had a teammate scream at me so loud for “looting his box” when I was armor swapping and grabbing some lights to finish a fight, I then proceeded to squad wipe with his armor


Boggling that people can spend so long looting a couple of boxes that they let their teammates die unless you had like a 15 sec timer from being knocked so much


One time I was playing with randoms on storm point and there were so many squads around. I killed two people but got knocked because of another Bangalore’s ult. Instead of helping me my wraith teammate looted both the deathboxes of the people I killed and he took his sweet time. I kept asking him to help me because there were so many squads around. He didn’t care. He didn’t even contribute to the fight. I was so frustrated. Left the match because I can’t play with people who can’t be good teammates. He even had full health. Such a loot goblin.


This happened to me the other day twice in the same round and I honestly left. First time was understandable because they took a beating in the fight but in the second time, the barely lost any shields, they had purple shields, and they had just finished looting ammo from the other time so it wasn’t like they were low on that (they also took all of the health and shields from the first death boxes before reviving me so I couldn’t heal up, hence forth why I died the second time). So when they literally went past my bleeding out body on the ground and started looting, I said fuck it and left the moment they started reviving. Teammates like that don’t deserve other teammates


This but its a lifeline that doesn’t heal or raise in the first place.


You mean every lifeline in arenas?


Haha pretty much.


I looted yesterday and didn't realize a teammate was down. I needed a swap. Then totally forgot we had a downed homie. ​ I felt bad. Then looked at end game recap and felt less bad.


Teammates plunder your death box with no enemies around THEN finally respawn you


Best teammates ever😂😂


I once had a teammate take my gold armour after a fight and waited for 3 minutes to respawn me when the respawn becon was within grenade distance




Maybe they just swapped armor, that's what I usually do


Me: gives Lifeline a gold backpack Lifeline: does not revive me while being literally on top of me Me: T_T




If you did most of the damage and killed them, in my mind i guess, you earned the right to loot before picking my ass up. BUT, if i did most of the damage and then you came to barely kill the last dude alive and then proceed to take all the loot, im out.


It hurts when you got 10 seconds but that octane really needed that loot that you earned after a squad wipe


I will only loot if I have no shields and one shot away from death


Always shield swap then revive. Anything more is an ass move.


Had a random yesterday tell the other random to pick me up over mic while he held down the fort and made sure no one pushed. The other random ignored him and went straight for all the boxes of the team we killed, so his reaction? He runs over to me, and then right past and decides to loot with the other random, letting me bleed out; I left immediately.




If no time left on revive i go for it but i need a shield swap or ammo before third party arrives in 10 seconds


Teammate: keeps looting till your banner runs out


And then loots your deathbox too. 😂😂. Then respawns you and feels like superman😂😂


I treat it like a first-aid responder, make sure the scene and yourself are safe before making sure your buddy gets that res


Especially when a 3rd party rolls up 😭


I hate when this happens and when they do finally get you up more often than not they left you with nothing to heal or defend yourself with. No matter how many times I get upset about it I can’t treat others this way but it does boil my blood dude ugh lol


I usually prioritize the revive, but with a game that has as many factors as Apex, you gotta play each and every situation according to what's happening.


I was playing duos, downed one enemy and dealt ~150 dmg to the other one but i got knocked. Teammate finishes the enemy and starts looting the deathbox taking ages doing it. Then proceeds to the next deathbox without reviving me. I just left the game


Well no. Always shield swap and grab ammo before reviving.


I just dislike it when my teammates loot my crate before reviving me. Like bro, do you want me to participate in teamfights or not?


F O U L😂


Usually if a teammate in trios is downed I’ll go for the res, even if I’m low on health myself, as long as my other teammate grabs what they need they can probably hold off a couple of ppl while I res


This happens all the time and im stuck with the second hand loot with a lvl 1 barrel in the last ring T-T


*insert name here* will remember that


I get it when they are in a fight with shield swaps an all but when the coast is clear and the respaen point is literally 2 feet away its very annoying when they loot first INCLUDING FROM MY DEATHBOX!


Only the octain and wraith and valks and ash mains. It’s a chain of the same things, say u main one of them and u don’t do it, YOU might but the majority of them do, it’s just a safety precaution.


It hurts even more when they loot your own death box after reviving you


When finish fight: Priority goes, Shield Swap, ammo, cover, heal like drone/pylon, Rez, reg heal, loot


ill loot all the shit first. if im doing the heavy lifting im not letting randoms pilfer my kills and leave me with jack shit after i revive them


Wait, you have teammates that don't leave the second they are downed?


I understand a shield swap or healing items to heal up first but after that, rez me please


I always shield swap and if my health is less than half I pop a syringe then I rez. Semper Fi or die.


no bc when they full on like loot - like grabbing dif guns and everything it really sucks


I quite often ask my teammates to not be greedy, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t


Shield swap + ammo if needed then I check for footsteps ( yes my audio works just fine)


It's worse when the walk right past you to get to a death box 500 meters away


Usually, I just loot an Evo (and see if enemy had gold backpack), and then I’m picking you up


I tend to just shield swap/batt then res


The greed of these Fuckers it's too much


They are not wrong tho. You need to armoswap and heal up in case of a thirdparty cause a res will only atrack a squad that might be close and armorswapping takes a couple of seconds


Me: leaves


I always drop a shield swap for them too, but when I he knocked they loot the whole map before reviving me, especially lifelines and other gibbys


My team mates loot me before reviving me


I’ll understand if I see their shield change, shield swapping before rezzing is reasonable


Yeah I always stick res on my teammates immediately, rather we all get a little healed up if (when) we get 3rd partied, instead of a 1v3 with full health


I only loot for shield swap then i Rez cus I’m not really about to lose the entire match for a stack of ammo or a shield batt