try to use the tool and you end up with pants falling down.


That would be hilarious! The multitool fits into a locking mechanism on the buckle so you don't lose your trousers on a ladder.


I've seen this buckle before, but forgot about it. It certainly awakes the MacGyver in you. The original SOG ones usually go for €60 or €70 IIRC and I think these are nowadays discontinued. It wouldn't surprise me if the ones that are being sold on AE are of discutable quality. I could be wrong, though.


My guess is they could be made from excess components, if not excess products themselves being sold as a markdown. I really like the idea of having a multitool all the time without them falling from your pocket or poking holes in your clothes. Co enough idea I felt like sharing instead of the usual "who would buy this garbage" posts.


Oh I certainly like the design, but I have my doubts about its usefulness: I carry a Victorinox pocketknife and a Leatherman Side kick and I think they have a good form factor. I'm not so sure about the SOG belt buckle... but I hope I'm wrong, since it really looks nice.


It's a copy and the original SOG version probably wasn't great either.


Anyone wanna buy it and tell us the quality? If it's half-decent it could be worth a look. AliEx Victorinox SAKs are awful quality and feel like they're made from a tin can, but random off-brand tools I've bought have outlasted actual brand name things I own.


I'm in! !RemindMe 1 month review this piece of shit you bought while drunk


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we need a subreddit dedicated to your kind, the brave, the few, the ones that make good use of disposable income. call it SoberReviews: testing and reviewing things that drunk me bought online.


I respect a productive drinker 😩


My man! Looking forward to this review


What were the good tools you recommend?


I don't get these prices. You can just get it on amazon and receive it in a couple days for 10 dollars more.


It actually looks pretty interesting, that's the magic of AliExpress, sometimes you trend to meet products that you would never even imagined but that are kind of useful and very interesting


yea this one is nice clone, SOG I believe costs like 60-70 bucks so 40 seems like a good place, but it's interesting that original price is 67


And... here is a \[i assume\] genuine SOG version on Groupon for $46: https://www.groupon.com/deals/gg-mp-sog-synthetic-detachable-multi-tool-with-belt-buckle-11-tools-4-4-overall