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Urban DictionaryA hot mess.

When ones thoughts or appearance are in a state of disarray but they maintain an undeniable attractiveness or beauty. A person who is a handful, he/she is a piece of work, and or a colorful character. An intoxicated attractive girl dressed in a sexy outfit and heels that make her unbalanced dancing seductively while acting very drunk. Often seen stumbling outside of bars/clubs, slurred speech and unable to keep eyes open for long periods of time. A girl who manages to look stunning when other girls would look badly dressed, messy, dirty etc. What does hot mess mean in Urban Dictionary?: whenever people ideas or appearance have been in a situation of disarray nevertheless they keep an undeniable attractiveness or beauty.; a derogatory term.

When a gorgeous gurl says she is a "hot mess" it can mean the total opposite. She looks absolutely gorgeous n hott. Definitions tagged with hot mess. I was at the mall today getting my phone repaired when this total wuhbuff came up and stood next to me at the kiosk and tried to spark up conversation. A mom who will never drink hot coffee without re-heating it in a microwave. The mom who's husband, children and fellow-moms shake their heads at because they all know. The mom who forgets to sign permission slips/bake for the bake sale/everything. Most likely, your shirt is dirty if you are a hot mess mom. The Hot Mess Mom most likely has sent.

If something is yumsause, then it r good. If you yumsauce something, then it becomes yummy. Developed by the GD og gaia online. This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of hot mess is. The slang word / phrase / acronym hot mess means. Online Slang Dictionary. A list of slang words and phrases, idioms, jargon, acronyms, and abbreviations. What does hott mess mean in Urban Dictionary?: A hot mess is a negative thing. Imagine a mess, stinky clothing, bad locks and include hot to it sweaty stinky clothes. It really is somebody who is. Hot mess definition, a person or thing that is a mess, as in being disorganized, confused, or untidy, yet remains attractive or appealing: He’s a hot mess when he wakes up in the morning! See more. 11.12.2009 · Urban Dictionary - Word of the day Face Base Face Base The point in a romantic relationship when pictures of the couple begin to appear on Facebook, and or when the relationship status changes to "In a relationship".

Urban Dictionaryhot mess mom.

What does Cuban Hot Mess mean in Urban Dictionary?: generally a brown haired mexican. occasionally cuban hot mess's forget to provide men and women tacos. in. What does hotmess mean in Urban Dictionary?: HOTMESS: you have gone far above becoming in pretty bad shape. You attract attention to yourself in such a.

What does Hot Mess Walkin' mean in Urban Dictionary?: A warning weep for which folks are alerted of an incoming Hot Mess. This is intended to pay for men. What does hot mess hash mean in Urban Dictionary?: the loud obnoxious behaviour of a tall Puerto Rican feminine whenever drunk; behaviour to include yet not limited by.

The rollout of the Obamacare website was a hot mess. The occupation of Iraq was a hot mess. The GM ignition switch debacle is a hot mess. Roger Bennett of "Men in Blazers" referred to the Mexican National Futbol team as a hot mess, because the team was in chaos, and fired three successive head coaches. What does Hot Mess Trifecta mean in Urban Dictionary?: women that possesses no attractive features whatsoever exactly what therefore ever.A female which has had a trifecta of ugly: unsightly face, no. Hot mess definition is - something or someone that is emphatically a mess: such as. How to use hot mess in a sentence.

What does hott mess mean in Urban Dictionary?

What does hotmessery mean in Urban Dictionary?: whenever unique occurring simultaneously, are hot messes. Similar to hot mess show. hot mess n. Slang 1. Something that is in a state of confusion, chaos, or disarray: "The plot is a hot mess, with Newton fielding multiple story lines, dual time frames and too many conspiracies" Marilyn Stasio. 2. A person who appears disheveled or behaves in a disorganized or chaotic way, especially one who is nevertheless considered. 19.06.2010 · I heard this southern slang for the first time last year, and love the term! I always picture a big mess on the stove, all boiled over = hot mess. Then someone else told me it was more like a steaming turd = hot mess. I like my mental picture better. Ads for the second season of comedienne Amy Schumer’s sketch show, Inside Amy Schumer, promised viewers one thing in bold capital letters in advance of the premiere Tuesday night: “HOT. MESS.

hot mess Bedeutung, Definition hot mess: someone or something with a very untidy appearance, or that is not well-organized. 29.09.2019 · I heard several of the enlisted men make the statement that Company C had provided hot mess for fully a thousand men of other units during the second day of the recent drive in and around Cheppy and Charpentry.

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